Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grinding Can't Start Soon Enough

I am so looking forward to the upcoming grind the first and foremost reason being turning it into  the $2000 goal, but it will also keep me from having to deal with certain individuals.  Looking over things it looks like my poker day will have 10-15 tournaments a day.   Four $3 rebuys another four $2 tournaments and possibly four to eight $1 tournaments each day.   I'll get started at 9 in the morning and depending on how I feel each night the last tournament I play may start at 9pm, may start at 10pm, or it may start 11pm who knows.  

I won't start the actual grinding until Wednesday as Tuesday I'm going to be busy running around.  To Walmart to pick up my phone card and a wireless mouse which I refused to grind without plus a few other personal items, then I'm going to have to make it over to Harrah's to make my cash deposit for at the cashier cage so Tuesday will be just busy getting things done.   After the $200 deposit there is going to be absolutely no money left over for the month of November, but since I plan on grinding and not going out in a social aspect it's what I'm willing to do.  And speaking of social aspects boy did I escape something.

That woman that I was going to get together with and take to the concert on November 8th I told her I was going to have to reschedule to at least December.  There was no problem with that as she knew what was going on in the household financial situation, but it's what happened after that.  This is the woman that I was talking to when I was in Tennessee the one that seemed like she was trying to get me involved in a relationship with her when I decided to go forward with things with Misty.  She's the one that I had in the past referred to as Stacey, but after I had to put our date on hold we were talking a couple of days later and to make a long story short, her backing off and letting us simply progress as friends was a sham.  She hadn't changed and after that phone conversation it was aplaying arent to me her plan was going to be trying to turn me into some instant family guy.  

This woman happens to have grandchildren and at 43 this is not unheard of, but that subject somehow came up.  We were speaking in mostly hypothetical, but just from the way she was talking all of a sudden it seemed very obvious that friends was the last thing on her mind so I decided to throw in a quick test.  Keeping it in a purely hypothetical situation I told her if I was involved with somebody and the grandkids were to come over for the day then I would just head out for the day so that the grandmother and the grandkids could have some time together.  She freaked, absolutely freaked about the mere thought of that.  She started going off about how this would be a major problem, she would expect that person to take part in the activities with the grandkids and all of this bullshit and I'm thinking to myself son of a bitch they were right.  Why would she freak on me in that way if she didn't have other ideas the whole damn time time and not just  chillin as friends as what I thought.   Her idea of a fulfilling day is at a park pushing little kids on swings and down slides and watching them play.  OMG 20 minutes of that and I would be looking for the nearest exit, but this chick had plans on turning me into some instant grandpa.   

My test was nothing but the truth. Kids are not my most favorite thing in the world.  I don't have them, I don't want them, I never did want them, and I never will.  I prefer to spend my times with adults doing adult activities thank you very much and the idea being trapped in the house all weekend long with a few kids running around screaming at the top of their lungs is about equal to having multiple tooth extractions without novacane.   I know I'm in the minority on this and to most people that would be a great way to spend a weekend, to me the thought of it is enough to make me throw up. There is no way in the world anyone could ever get me to put up with that.   Well, after she freaked about my entire attitude I decided to lay back and not contact her because up until this point if she didn't hear from me by 5 or 6 at night she would be burning up my phone practically demanding where I been.  I haven't heard word one from her in two days lol.  She's still on my facebook but we have not communicated so much ad a single word.   I think I dodged a major bullet here.

So that's all for now.  Four days till I make the deposit and 5 til I start hrinding.  Have had a few extremely small cashes on the freerolls so I've got a little over a dollar on wsop so tomorrow I'll play a $1 tournament.   During this past week I had it up to $3 at one point so I played three of the $1 tournaments, but nothing in 2 and in the very last one I bubbled the money finishing 4th with the top 3 getting paid.  Take care and be well everyone and soon enough I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

$200 To $2000

I decided that I really need to take care of business and that means doing what I need to do regarding poker.  It means the initial deposit of $100 is now going to be $200 on WSOP on the 3rd of November.  It also means that when I grind it up to a reasonable bankroll I am going to have to deal with the electronic tables no matter how much I may dislike them.  It's not a matter of what I like or don't like it's a matter of what needs to be done.  100 buyins is my comfort level and that's what I'm shooting for so with an average buying at the Plaza of $19 then turning this $200 into $2000 is what I need to do.  $200 which will give me nearly 35 buyins for the $3 rebuy that I plan on grinding 4 times a day apparently. It's still not perfect but it's a damn sight better than $100 deposit would give me.  I will also be grinding the $1 and $2 tournaments, not for their potential to increase the bankroll all that much, but for their potential to give me additional buy ins to the $3 rebuys which will cost me $5.73 each.

So let's talk the tournaments on WSOP that I will be playing. Originally I was going to forgo the $1 and $2 tournaments because sometimes getting only 4 players in, but looking over the completed ones that they had yezterday I saw that only happened once and all the other $1 and $2 tournament they had at least 20 players in. Sometimes, as in the $1 tournament for example, where they only have 20 people first place is only $10, but a $1 investment if I could win it or a few of them would turn into additional buyins for the $3 rebuy and since they will not interfere in my playing the $3 I realize I might as well not let them go by. 

That's going to wrap it up for now. Between now and the 3rd I'll just play the freerolls and try to make a little something happen.  The 3rd can't get here fast enough for me though.  Take care and I'll see you at the tables

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ironing Out An Approach

Well my last post where I somewhat outlined what my approach was going to be when I make my deposit on has being pretty much been tossed and unfortunately I feel that I will have no choice but to play the $3 deep stack rebuys guaranteed prize pool tournaments. I looked over the $1 and $2 tournaments that have been completed this morning and this afternoon and unfortunately they just do not offer enough of a money return.  Most of them have 20 or 30 players paying maybe $20 for 1st, but it's just not enough to try to accomplish or grind a legitimate bankroll. 

If I am going to grind a legitimate bankroll online and with sporadic live play it's obvious I'm going to need to be playing in tournaments that offer higher rewards, either that or I'm going to be living in Las Vegas for the next 20 years trying to grind this up.  Not exactly why I came here.  

With that said each tournament will cost me $5.73 and that counts the initial rebuy to start with a double stack.  I see there are about 5 tournaments a day in the $3 range and if I am successful and can grind up some profits another 5 or 6 in the $5 range which would be a little less than $10 for each when buying for those.   I'm going to have to run very hot very quickly or I could go through that hundred dollar deposit in just a few days time, but the way I look at it there really is no choice in the matter so I will simply do what I must do. 

I actually would like to eventually turn into a No Limit cash game player, but let's face it if I go the route that Rob from Robs Vegas poker does and his standard $200 buyin oe the route the Trooper does as I believe he buys in for the $300 max that is most prevalent in this town. A live cash game bankroll is 50 buyins so you're talking a  $10,000 and $15,000 bankroll respectively.  No matter how you look at it I'm a long way from being able to grind 1-2 live, but it is something that I would like to see happen eventually.   In a perfect world have the bank roll to grind 1-2 No Limit cash games and add a few $125, 30 minute blind level tournaments in each week.  A long road to be sure, but I'm someone that adamantly believes you must always have something to work towards.  Goals is what keeps the mind sharp and alive.

I'm going to wait till November 8th to make that deposit at one of the Caesars properties.  Since I'm going to be out and about that night anyway I figure best to take care of everything all in one day.  So from now until then I'll just be playing the freerolls on  If I can pull off a win in one of the 6:45 p.m. $100 freerolls that'll be worth about 20 bucks and would give me three buyins for the $3 rebuy which could possibly get me started earlier than expected.

Out of the $822 that I will get for my disability payment the beginning of November, I figure Misty is going to need about a $200 loan plus my regular share of $290 so that the rent is paid.  $100 for, $100 for that concert date I've got, and another approximately $130 in other expenses that I've got which will include a wireless mouse for my grinding as I can not stand using the built in mouse control on a laptop.

Monday is my birthday and I will still be at my friends house cat sitting and will be going back to my place sometime Wednesday.  Misty seemed rather insulted that I wouldn't let her make me a cake and cook that special dinner for my birthday so I agreed to let her do it when I get back.  I originally thought I could just dodge it altogether.  I'm turning 48 years old and quite frankly birthdays when your middle age is something you try to avoid at least for some people.  It's just another reminder I'm getting closer and closer to the big 5-0 and I'd prefer not to be reminded of that little fact lol, but friends being friends I suppose they have some enormous need to celebrate these special days. 

And as for, if not my immediate future, but just a little bit down the road, and this is not poker related but more living situation related, I would like to rent a place somewhere downtown or near the Strip.  Even if everyone gets employed, the fact of the matter is I want my own space at some point although I will have to admit if everyone does get gainfully employed and contributing the cost per month is going to be very hard to ignore.  If you figure 5 people splitting a $670 rent, $110 cable payment and $66 electric bill rounding things off your talking $850 split five ways is only $170 a month plus food and that is impossible to beat, but quite frankly with the attitudes that I receive about what I'm trying to accomplish, my goals in the live poker scene and online, I'm not sure if the inexpensive monthly cost is going to overcome that more than a few months longer.

That will be all for now. Tomorrow is sunday football and will be nice to be able 2 watch that uninterrupted as over at my place always seems like something is needing to be done.  It's so nice and quiet staying here at my friends house watching her cat and that's another reason why I see a move within 2 to 3 months happening.  Take care all and I'll see you at the tables.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Need A Plan

I need to come up with a plan that will result in something that reasonably resembles a bankroll other than a couple of hundred here and there each month.  Variance and tournaments is rough under the best of circumstances and the fact that with electronic tables too many players are much more free of will to push a button to simply call, kind of the way they play online, and well obviously players that make mistakes like this are exactly the ones that I want to play against it  only adds to that variance.  I need to play tournaments that are not on electronic tables, that have real cards and real chips involved, but unfortunately the cheapest that I am going to find in Las Vegas is $40 and $45 not counting any single $35 rebuy tournament over at the Hard Rock each evening.  Standard bank roll for tournaments considering the number of players faced I believe would be 100 buy ins. 100 buyins is going to allow me to get through the variance, overcome the swings that are inherent in tournament play, and cannot be avoided.  Unfortunately in order to do that I need $5,000.  That would be just a touch over 100 buyins based on an average buyin of $45.  How the hell am I going to do that on disability is the big question.

I was given the opportunity Friday night to possibly take the first step towards that, as Miss Alysia Chang who has been burning up the tables of late so much to the point that they are doing a pat-down search looking for lighter fluid and a match before they let her near a poker table, was kind enough to stake me to the the Friday night $125 buyin. $12,500 and starting chips and 30 minute blind levels.   I massively enjoyed playing in this tournament and only wish that I could have produced a profit for her, but I probably software playable hands in the first two hours and unfortunately one of those hands was where I had trip and is only to be beat by somebody else with the trip 9th and a better kicker. my single hand of KK could get no action and I was just royally card did.

The actual structure of the tournament was absolutely awesome. In excess of $10,000 in  starting chips, 30 minute blind levels which I absolutely loved playing as you can afford to be extraordinarily patient, the progression of the blinds themselves not even close to outrageous as at the fifth level we were only at 200/400 two and a half hours in.  I loved everything about the tournament with the exception of not cashing in it for her, but I can't thank her enough for the opportunity.  It was so very much appreciated and it's been a pleasure meeting her and another new friend name Michelle in person.  These two ladies are real class acts. 

Have had some health issues.  Major flare up of my venous stasis condition in my left leg and to a lesser extent of my right leg as well.  Blood pressure of 193 over 73 ready to skyrocket through the roof.   and to top things off a nice case of bronchitis which has me completely gasping for breath after walking 20 feet down the sidewalk. I so need to give up smoking.  Doctors have me on an inhaler 4 times a day and prescriptions of an antibiotic, a water pill which is nothing but fun running to the bathroom eight times a day lol, potassium pill, and just for good measure a steroid.

So what's the poker answer. I can see no answer other than grinding online with only occasional live tournament and trees here and there in the hopes of possibly getting something good in the process. however, money is going to be a problem. Myra Main St lost her job and she is already hard at searching down another one, but the fact of the matter is that's as friends and roommates we are going to pull together during this crisis and that means at least a $200 loan from me to her the beginning of November. I've also got a date with somebody here in town on the 8th so I'm trying to set aside money for that and have enough to put a minimum of $100 on and simply play the $1 and $2 tournaments to start out with, but being careful I do not get into a tournament that only has four entrants as happened previously.  Don't get me wrong a tournament with only four people entering it is much easier to win, and the one time on that I entered a $1 MTT that ended up only having 4 people register for it I did infact win it, but grinding it out for over an hour to win $2 and change was not my idea of a fun time.   I think it'll make it worth my while I need to wait to the very last minute to register and make sure these things start out with at least two tables and 3 would be better and let late registration add even more people to it to create at least something worth winning.   I would like nothing more than to be able to grind the $3 Deepstack rebuy gtd tournaments that they have 4 or 5 times a day on, but in order not to be at a complete disadvantage it would require me starting with a double stack.  That would be close to $6 per tournament and if I tried that with just $100 deposit that is not very many buyins, so I'm going to have to start off slow and low. I'm actually not going to be at my place for 5 days as I am cat sitting for a friend and staying at her place while she's away out of town.  I absolutely love cats and her cat is such a sweetheart and it's going to give me the opportunity to at least grind the freerolls without any interruption from all the people at my place so this actually works out good for both of us.

That's all for now.  For the next five days I am going to be relaxing at my friends house and playing freerolls online while taking care of her her place and of course her cat.  $5,000 looks like such a long way from here and let's face it it really is, but nothing ever gets started without taking the first step.  My birthday is coming up Monday, but I have no special plans for celebrating. I did tell my roommate misty that she could make the case you wanted to and make a special dinner and all that crap it would just be a couple of days late since I won't be back till Wednesday. I don't understand people sometimes Here I am telling her it's not necessary you know save the money don't worry about it and yet she takes it as a personal affront if I don't let her do this.   November 3rd I will get my next pay from disability and no matter what I am going to put at least $100 online  and start grinding tournaments.  So take care everyone, hope your weekend is starting out on a great note, and I'll see you at the tables.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lost The Stake

Well I was absolutely sick about it but I lost the stake.  I ran into a horrendous cold streak where I ended up going zero from my last 8 as it turned out in tournaments and I felt that since it was going so bad that the best way to get the profit margin turned around was to grind 2-4 limit, but unfortunately the ice.  age just continued there as well as I got beat with a full house at least 5 times lost with a flush to a higher flush twice has twice and it was just completely ugly.   In the $45 daily at the Golden Nugget the very first hand I got dealt pocket fours, flopped a set, turn the boat, and the nine on the river gave my opponent runner runner higher full house. that is just one example of the many I ran into.

I was completely sick about it when I had to email Chris and tell him what happened and figured he would be massively upset at me, and the only thing i could say is that I had tried my best.  Every decision at the poker tables that I made was the correct one but still went against me and Chris was very very understanding about it.  I felt bad because I had let somebody down.  If it was my own money I would not care half as much but since somebody else trusted me and I lost that made it 100 times worse to me.  Maybe that sounds silly to some of my readers, but that's just the way I am I can't help that.  Chris said to me in the email that if I want to try again in November to let him know.  I don't know if he will still feel the same way come November since I lost this one and that would be  totally understandable as I was even shocked of his offer for November in the first place.  If he so chooses to want to take a second chance on me, I will be adding $250 of my own money to the stake money and if he doesn't wish or choose to  try a  second time then I will be returning to the tables with about $250, but with the realization of the mistakes that I made which will never be repeated again.

The primary error that I made was not playing through the tournament struggles that I entered and trying to jump ship to another version or form of Poker. While it is true that I have had much success in limit hold'em in a live setting over the years the fact of the matter is my specialty is tournaments and I should have just stuck with the tournament because I know it would have turned around that was the error that I made. As far as arrows at the tables there were none that I could think of with just one exception and I talked to a couple of fellow players about it and they told me that it was the absolute correct move which I thought so and I'm trying not to be results oriented but I will lay out the scenario are you guys here and you tell me what you think all opinions are welcome. The situation was we would a

The situation was we weredown to the final eight or nine people with the top three getting paid various I'm sitting on about $32k in chips from a 7000 start which put me roughly in about 6th place at the time. blinds are 800 and 1600 with a 150 chip ante  I'm in the big blind with AQo and by the time it actually got to me there were 5 limpers.  I took my AQ and I shoved right there.  The dead money in the pot was just way too much and if I had just raised with all those limpers I would have had to have raised to over 10 grand anyway at the bare minimum which would have been 1/3 my stack so I shoved, I got one caller and he had me covered by about 350 chips total and he called me with 77.  I did not improve and was knocked out of the tournament.  In my mind his call was absolutely horrendous because I could be doing this with 1010, JJ, or QQ.  Even if I only had 2 overs which I did if the board two pairs he's going to end up  counterfeited very likely.  The limp/all-in call was a horrendous move on his part that worked, but the question is is the move that I made also an error. approximately 9000 dead money sitting there it was a move that needed to be made considering the stack sizes, my position in the hand and overall tournament standing, and  considering the action before me. What do you guys think?

Well that's all for now.  If Chris is still wanting to take another run at this come November I am going to accept.  I figure if he stakes me to the same amount a second time Plus adding the $250 of my own money that will be a $750 start for tournaments that have an average buyin of approximately $19. that's two $10 rebuys, a $20 tournament, & a $25 deep stack in which the $25 deep stack has a $10 add on for $7k in chips after the first break.  That would be over 35 buyins and I feel that if I in fact have a $750 start for it that I most definitely can turn that into a profit. It may not be a quick profit' it may take some time, but it will be a profit.  If Chris does not want to take the chance then I will definitely enter November with the $250 which I understand is only 12 buyins and I will simply hope for the best.

That's all for now. For the next two weeks or so I'm stuck in the apartment grinding freerolls online.  It is what it is but at least it's only a couple of weeks before I get back to it.  So take care of everybody and give it a couple of weeks and I'll see you at the tables.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 3 And Back To Even

Day three saw me bounce back, a decided change in my daily schedule, a trip to a strip casino, & a bomb scare all rolled into the same day.

I started out planning on playing the 10:30 a.m. tournament and when I got there they only had 3 people sign up for it.  This was the second day in a row albeit for different reasons that that tournament has been cancelled, but I decided because of that I might as well get the extra sleep in the morning so I'm not even gonna bother playing or even trying to play that 10:30 a.m. tournament as of right now I will take the extra sleep.  Once the bankroll grows then perhaps I can replace that with the 11 a.m. $65 Treasure Island tournament or perhaps a $50 or $55 at Ballys or Harrahs, but that's not about to happen at this time.

So with the 1030 cancelled I consulted Poker Atlas and saw that the Hard Rock had a $45 tournament that started at noon.  Figuring I had planned on buying in the 10:30 a.m. for $10 and the 2 p.m. for $20 which is a total of $30 I would spend the extra $15 and go to the hard rock for their noon tournament. Grabbed the bus from downtown and over to the hard Rock I go and when I get the players card and all that fun stuff I get over to the poker room with seven minutes to spare just to find out they have zero signups for their noon tournament.  I was very surprised by this figuring how close the Hard Rock is to the strip if not actually completely on it that they would have zero sign ups for a tournament.  The casino itself seemed fairly busy with people coming and going, but that will be my one and only trip to the Hard Rock.

So I go back out to grab a bus back downtown I get on it and we get over to McCarran Airport and all of a sudden there was only three or four of us, the bus driver evacuates the bus because of a bomb scare.  Not so much of a bomb scare as a suspicious package.  Bottom line to make a long story short somebody has left some sort of bag or backpack behind on the bus and in this day and age of terrorism and let's face it Las Vegas being a viable target she had to evacuate the bus.  Of course the four of us were sitting in the bus shelter about 20 feet away from it so if it actually did blow up we probably would have been all dead anyway.  We were  only off the bus for about 10 minutes and the old guy that had left the bag on the bus accidentally was at a bus stop further down the street and he retrieved his belongings.

So back downtown I went and decided to enter the 3 p.m. $45 tournament at the Golden Nugget.   Admittedly I made a couple of mistakes early and if not mistakes then ill timed bluffs that did not go my way.  With simple pure aggression and a a jackon the river with my AJ vs Villain's AK, I was able to chip back up beyond starting stack and when we were at the final 9 of this tournament which only got 15 players but first place was paying nearly $400 I got dealt AA.  I was in seat 3 in the cutoff and a woman in seat 7 goes all in while I'm sitting there with pocket aces.  I had her covered and I too went all-in to isolate her wanting and a heads up situation and everybody else folded.   She flips over KJo the flop was 89T.  Out loud to the entire table I said, "Oh oh."  Sure enough the turn was a 7 and to add insult to injury the river was a 6.  I was pretty much crippled and finally shaved all in as the big blind with KQo against a button open raise.  He had ATo and I could not get one of my two live cards and was out of the tournament in 9th.

It was about 5:15 p.m. at this point and I knew the $10 rebuy at the Plaza had just got underway at 5 and with 15 minute blinds the worst I would miss was 2 levels as I had to go get a replacement player card. I jumped in albeit late, but the tournament turned out well as we chopped at three ways for $57 each so that was a $47 profit in that one making me up $2 or the day.  The $25 Deepstack had already started before the 5 p.m. ended so I jumped in that one just a touch late as well but since the deep stack has 20 minute blinds I made it in on the second level.  I ended the first break what about 11,000 from a 10000 starting stack but when level 5 started within the space of a half a dozen hands I went from 11000 in  chips to 40k where I stayed for an extremely long time.  We got down to 4 and made a deal.  4th ended up taking $120 and the other three of us ended up walking away with $150 a piece so overall the day was $127 profit.  That brings the syake bankroll back to $505 going into today. 

Had to wait for the maintenance guy at the apartment today to come by and fix some things and I would have made the 2pm tournament but as I was walking out to the bus stop the damn bus showed up 4 minutes early. Who would have thought they would be here early lol.  I was going to play the 3 p.m. at the Golden Nugget instead but the second bus that I have to take to get downtown never showed up and whenever possible I do not like to enter a  tournament late.  I'm at the bus stop at Lake Mead and H street as I dictate this waiting for it to eventually get here, so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to hang around downtown for a little bit, maybe grab myself another deep fried Twinkie which I had my first deep fried Twinkie yesterday.  Oh my god that thing is to die for it is the absolute bomb.  Still not sure about trying the deep fried Oreos or not.   Just not sure how good that one sounds.  Today I will play the $10 rebuy and the $25 deep stack.  If I  end up cashing in the rebuy and out early in the deep stack then I will probably jump in the 10 p.m. $45 Golden Nugget tournament.   Definitely two tournaments on tap for today possibly three.

That's all for now.  Have a great day and night guys and gals and I'll see you at the tables.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Stake Days 1 And 2

I wish I could say that things started off fantastic with the $500 stake, but unfortunately the complete opposite was true. the first day I went 0 for 4, and after getting knocked out of a tournament extremely fast I went and played some 2/4 limit holdem over at the Golden Nugget where I seemed to run into every conceivable donkey call and miracle flop and ended up losing $82 in the casg game.  I also sat in a $0.25 / $0.50 No Limit cash game at the Plaza for the expressed reason that I was told they were going to be randomly picking 2 seat numbers for the free entry into the $25 tournament. My session in that cash game was breakeven, but my seat number was the first one called so I ended up getting a free entry into the $25 deep stack.  As soon as that happens I am almost immediately left the cash game as my mission was completed lol.  Losses on day 1 were $122.  Two of the four tournaments I took bad beats on when QQ lost to 77 when Villain flopped a set and knocked me out and in another I was all in with AQ all in vs A6 on an A24 flop who goes runner runner for a straight to knock me out.  Starting out on a cooler was what I was hoping wouldn't happen.

Day 2 the 10:30 a.m. was cancelled because the guy running the poker desk screwed up on his shift starting time. Only three of us hung around the poker room and because of that he got on the phone with the poker manager and the poker manager gave the three of us a free entry in the 2 p.m. $20 tournament.  Not that it helped me any as I did absolutely nothing in it.   While we were hanging around watching football waiting for the 2 p.m. to start, one of the guys contact the poker host into using is 50% discount and got an extra large pizza which he shared with me and another guy so it was a nice lunch as the three of us just hung out together watching some football and eating pizza.  
I played the 5 p.m. $10 rebuy and with blinds of 250/500 had only 2500 chips left but I fought my way back and we ended up chopping it three ways for $50 a piece.  The new $25 deep stack was cancelled tonight, but the Poker manager told me that this would be the last night for the $40 deep stack and since it was only $15 more than I was prepared to spend anyway I played it, but was out within the first hour.   The $25 deep stack seems to be the way they want to go and quite frankly I think it's a good idea as the first night I saw that we had three full tables.  Nothing could go right for me today with the exception of the $10 rebuy and even that was a struggle.  When it was all said and done and the smoke cleared today was a break even day.  So the stake bankroll is $378 from a start of $500.  I am hoping that the come back I made and the $50 chop is a sign that I'm coming out of this cool run that I started out on.   Waiting on the $100 withdrawal from wsop to hit paypal so I can send it to my checking account.  I have used a small amount of money for expenses which will of course be replaced, but the $500 stake will be used strictly for poker and I will take care of expenses on my own.

In conclusion before I post a few pictures that I've taken recently I want to say that I absolutely love living in Las Vegas, I love playing poker, love the Fremont Street Experience, that place is an absolute blast.  Now that I'm in Las Vegas you couldn't pull me out of here, but this city has some very sad aspects to it.  Just look around and you see a massive homeless population and I really do feel bad for them and it just seems to be so many.  As I was leaving the Fremont Street Experience to head to the bus stop to head back home tonight at about 11:30pm I pass by two young  gentlemen who were definitely having a worse day than I was as  there were two policemen and they had one of the young men in handcuffs.  I guess his Saturday night didn't end on a very high note.

And before I wrap it up a shout out to Alysia Chang.  You warned me going in that I would run into people playing live who had not seen a bathtub it what seemed like an excessive amount of time.  OMG 2 so far.  I mean really people, a little hygiene goes a long way.  Ughhhhh.

That's all for now. Its just after 2 a.m. I need to be up by 9 to get ready to grab the 9:40 bus to make it down to the plaza in time for the 10:30 a.m. tournament.  On all their tournaments down there if you sign up a half hour before starting time they give you an extra 500 chips.  I'm going to pass that up for the 10:30 a.m. as since its Sunday if I were going to make it I have to be down there by pretty much 9 o'clock because of the Sunday bus schedule.  I'll forgo that for an extra hour or hour and a half of sleep.  Gotta hit the shower so should be asleep by 3 for a solid 6 hours of shuteye.  I am really hoping to cash in two of the tournaments tomorrow so that I can hopefully get this stake amount back up above $500.  So take care one and all, below are a few snapshots of downtown and the Fremont St. Experience for those of you that may never have been to Las Vegas that read this blog, are even if you have I hope you like the photos, and I'll see you at the tables.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The $500 Stake

I got a message sometime yesterday for a guy who I will forever keep confidential and will be referred to by an alias only. I will refer to him as "Chris".  Chris got in touch with me and gave me his email and asked me if I would be interested in a stake for poker.  I was very touched by this offer and figured that he might be looking to stake me to a couple of  live tournaments and hopefully I can make some money for both of us which would be great, but Chris had something else in mind.  His thought, if I was acceptable to it, was too transfer to me $500, and from this point I play what I feel is best what I feel is going to get us to our goals.  He would like weekly updates which is only natural, and I'm free to blog about it, but what I do and how I utilize the stake is my concern I have discretion.  if I were to lose the $500 I do not owe him anything, but of course that would end any future staking relationship that we may or may not get into.  If I am successful, I will turn that $500 into $2,000 and then I will send Chris $750 of that $2,000 giving him a 50% return on his investment and quite frankly giving me $1,250 to continue my poker journey with.  I am very touched and extremely appreciative of the offer, and decided to accept.  The money was transferred to my paypal this morning and I immediately sent it to my bank account which according to PayPal will take 3 to 4 business days, could arrive as early as tomorrow, but at the latest will arrive by Wednesday.  Assuming it does so, come Wednesday, I'm back playing live again.  The only question is what is the best approach. 

As much as I dislike the electronic tables it looks like that's the way I'm going to have to go.  I will simply look at this as I have to put my time in and the better I perform the more I make the faster I can get away from them, but having to start out on the lowest rung of the ladder just like any job that you go in entry-level it's what needs to be done.  I could take the $500 and play the $45 tournament at the Golden Nugget or at the Linq or a variety of $40 tournaments but that would only give me 10 buyins at the most and while it may be enough we all know that coolers can dictate things far differently than what we might wish.  They happen and they happen to everybody and I'm not so arrogant as to think that it's not going to happen to me that's why bankroll management is so important, that's why multiple buyins are so important.  if I play all 4 tournaments at the Plaza, 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. if it goes off then that is a total of $60 in entry fees per day with an average buyin or ABI of $15 that gives me 33 buyins and the best chance of success.

As the bankroll increases I can also increase a buyin here and there. For example when I reach $1,200 I can then on Thursday and Saturday night play the $45 tournament over at the Nugget since on those nights the Plaza has their $35 Deepstack and if I'm going to spend $35 on a tournament I'd rather spend $45 at the Nugget than $35 on an electronic table so with all that said as soon as the transfer from PayPal hits my bank account I will be back at the Plaza on a daily basis grinding a minimum of three tournaments a day and possibly 4 tournaments a day 5 days a week.  It will all depend if those 9 p.m. tournaments actually go off as scheduled and how tired I am.

I don't like the way the Plaza plays around with their so called guarantees, I don't like how they make up their own rules regarding the guarantees, I don't particularly enjoy electronic tables, but then again I'm not in a position that I can do much about it at this time.  My whole purpose my whole focus is going to be to make to get that $2,000 as fast as possible utilizing correct bankroll management and bringing my A game with me every minute of every day.

I no longer am grinding online.  Still have 5 freeroll tickets for being a new depositor, but I withdrew $100 and they're going to send that to my paypal account and that will be used for expenses.  As soon as the money hits my bank account.  I'm going to be out so much during the day playing that I'm not going to have time for online play anyway.

That's all for now.  A big thanks to my backer Chris.  Take care one and all and I'll see you at the tables.