Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 3 And Back To Even

Day three saw me bounce back, a decided change in my daily schedule, a trip to a strip casino, & a bomb scare all rolled into the same day.

I started out planning on playing the 10:30 a.m. tournament and when I got there they only had 3 people sign up for it.  This was the second day in a row albeit for different reasons that that tournament has been cancelled, but I decided because of that I might as well get the extra sleep in the morning so I'm not even gonna bother playing or even trying to play that 10:30 a.m. tournament as of right now I will take the extra sleep.  Once the bankroll grows then perhaps I can replace that with the 11 a.m. $65 Treasure Island tournament or perhaps a $50 or $55 at Ballys or Harrahs, but that's not about to happen at this time.

So with the 1030 cancelled I consulted Poker Atlas and saw that the Hard Rock had a $45 tournament that started at noon.  Figuring I had planned on buying in the 10:30 a.m. for $10 and the 2 p.m. for $20 which is a total of $30 I would spend the extra $15 and go to the hard rock for their noon tournament. Grabbed the bus from downtown and over to the hard Rock I go and when I get the players card and all that fun stuff I get over to the poker room with seven minutes to spare just to find out they have zero signups for their noon tournament.  I was very surprised by this figuring how close the Hard Rock is to the strip if not actually completely on it that they would have zero sign ups for a tournament.  The casino itself seemed fairly busy with people coming and going, but that will be my one and only trip to the Hard Rock.

So I go back out to grab a bus back downtown I get on it and we get over to McCarran Airport and all of a sudden there was only three or four of us, the bus driver evacuates the bus because of a bomb scare.  Not so much of a bomb scare as a suspicious package.  Bottom line to make a long story short somebody has left some sort of bag or backpack behind on the bus and in this day and age of terrorism and let's face it Las Vegas being a viable target she had to evacuate the bus.  Of course the four of us were sitting in the bus shelter about 20 feet away from it so if it actually did blow up we probably would have been all dead anyway.  We were  only off the bus for about 10 minutes and the old guy that had left the bag on the bus accidentally was at a bus stop further down the street and he retrieved his belongings.

So back downtown I went and decided to enter the 3 p.m. $45 tournament at the Golden Nugget.   Admittedly I made a couple of mistakes early and if not mistakes then ill timed bluffs that did not go my way.  With simple pure aggression and a a jackon the river with my AJ vs Villain's AK, I was able to chip back up beyond starting stack and when we were at the final 9 of this tournament which only got 15 players but first place was paying nearly $400 I got dealt AA.  I was in seat 3 in the cutoff and a woman in seat 7 goes all in while I'm sitting there with pocket aces.  I had her covered and I too went all-in to isolate her wanting and a heads up situation and everybody else folded.   She flips over KJo the flop was 89T.  Out loud to the entire table I said, "Oh oh."  Sure enough the turn was a 7 and to add insult to injury the river was a 6.  I was pretty much crippled and finally shaved all in as the big blind with KQo against a button open raise.  He had ATo and I could not get one of my two live cards and was out of the tournament in 9th.

It was about 5:15 p.m. at this point and I knew the $10 rebuy at the Plaza had just got underway at 5 and with 15 minute blinds the worst I would miss was 2 levels as I had to go get a replacement player card. I jumped in albeit late, but the tournament turned out well as we chopped at three ways for $57 each so that was a $47 profit in that one making me up $2 or the day.  The $25 Deepstack had already started before the 5 p.m. ended so I jumped in that one just a touch late as well but since the deep stack has 20 minute blinds I made it in on the second level.  I ended the first break what about 11,000 from a 10000 starting stack but when level 5 started within the space of a half a dozen hands I went from 11000 in  chips to 40k where I stayed for an extremely long time.  We got down to 4 and made a deal.  4th ended up taking $120 and the other three of us ended up walking away with $150 a piece so overall the day was $127 profit.  That brings the syake bankroll back to $505 going into today. 

Had to wait for the maintenance guy at the apartment today to come by and fix some things and I would have made the 2pm tournament but as I was walking out to the bus stop the damn bus showed up 4 minutes early. Who would have thought they would be here early lol.  I was going to play the 3 p.m. at the Golden Nugget instead but the second bus that I have to take to get downtown never showed up and whenever possible I do not like to enter a  tournament late.  I'm at the bus stop at Lake Mead and H street as I dictate this waiting for it to eventually get here, so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to hang around downtown for a little bit, maybe grab myself another deep fried Twinkie which I had my first deep fried Twinkie yesterday.  Oh my god that thing is to die for it is the absolute bomb.  Still not sure about trying the deep fried Oreos or not.   Just not sure how good that one sounds.  Today I will play the $10 rebuy and the $25 deep stack.  If I  end up cashing in the rebuy and out early in the deep stack then I will probably jump in the 10 p.m. $45 Golden Nugget tournament.   Definitely two tournaments on tap for today possibly three.

That's all for now.  Have a great day and night guys and gals and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. told ya . fRIED tWINKIES r the SHEEEEEEEEEEEIT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ive never been in lake mead and H street nor would i ever go near it, thats a horrible neighborhood too.

  3. You will now officially be angerisagift's hero.

  4. The dirty water hot dogs if they are still 99 cents at the fried twinkie joint were pretty good quick eats. I used to wolf down a couple whenever I was moving from the Binion's poker room to the Golden Nugget or vice versa.

    1. The Dirty Water Hot Dogs sounds like a cool name 4 a grunge band

  5. they call them the All American hot dogs and they are $1.50. The deep fried Twinkies and deep fried Oreos are 99 cents