Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grinding Can't Start Soon Enough

I am so looking forward to the upcoming grind the first and foremost reason being turning it into  the $2000 goal, but it will also keep me from having to deal with certain individuals.  Looking over things it looks like my poker day will have 10-15 tournaments a day.   Four $3 rebuys another four $2 tournaments and possibly four to eight $1 tournaments each day.   I'll get started at 9 in the morning and depending on how I feel each night the last tournament I play may start at 9pm, may start at 10pm, or it may start 11pm who knows.  

I won't start the actual grinding until Wednesday as Tuesday I'm going to be busy running around.  To Walmart to pick up my phone card and a wireless mouse which I refused to grind without plus a few other personal items, then I'm going to have to make it over to Harrah's to make my cash deposit for at the cashier cage so Tuesday will be just busy getting things done.   After the $200 deposit there is going to be absolutely no money left over for the month of November, but since I plan on grinding and not going out in a social aspect it's what I'm willing to do.  And speaking of social aspects boy did I escape something.

That woman that I was going to get together with and take to the concert on November 8th I told her I was going to have to reschedule to at least December.  There was no problem with that as she knew what was going on in the household financial situation, but it's what happened after that.  This is the woman that I was talking to when I was in Tennessee the one that seemed like she was trying to get me involved in a relationship with her when I decided to go forward with things with Misty.  She's the one that I had in the past referred to as Stacey, but after I had to put our date on hold we were talking a couple of days later and to make a long story short, her backing off and letting us simply progress as friends was a sham.  She hadn't changed and after that phone conversation it was aplaying arent to me her plan was going to be trying to turn me into some instant family guy.  

This woman happens to have grandchildren and at 43 this is not unheard of, but that subject somehow came up.  We were speaking in mostly hypothetical, but just from the way she was talking all of a sudden it seemed very obvious that friends was the last thing on her mind so I decided to throw in a quick test.  Keeping it in a purely hypothetical situation I told her if I was involved with somebody and the grandkids were to come over for the day then I would just head out for the day so that the grandmother and the grandkids could have some time together.  She freaked, absolutely freaked about the mere thought of that.  She started going off about how this would be a major problem, she would expect that person to take part in the activities with the grandkids and all of this bullshit and I'm thinking to myself son of a bitch they were right.  Why would she freak on me in that way if she didn't have other ideas the whole damn time time and not just  chillin as friends as what I thought.   Her idea of a fulfilling day is at a park pushing little kids on swings and down slides and watching them play.  OMG 20 minutes of that and I would be looking for the nearest exit, but this chick had plans on turning me into some instant grandpa.   

My test was nothing but the truth. Kids are not my most favorite thing in the world.  I don't have them, I don't want them, I never did want them, and I never will.  I prefer to spend my times with adults doing adult activities thank you very much and the idea being trapped in the house all weekend long with a few kids running around screaming at the top of their lungs is about equal to having multiple tooth extractions without novacane.   I know I'm in the minority on this and to most people that would be a great way to spend a weekend, to me the thought of it is enough to make me throw up. There is no way in the world anyone could ever get me to put up with that.   Well, after she freaked about my entire attitude I decided to lay back and not contact her because up until this point if she didn't hear from me by 5 or 6 at night she would be burning up my phone practically demanding where I been.  I haven't heard word one from her in two days lol.  She's still on my facebook but we have not communicated so much ad a single word.   I think I dodged a major bullet here.

So that's all for now.  Four days till I make the deposit and 5 til I start hrinding.  Have had a few extremely small cashes on the freerolls so I've got a little over a dollar on wsop so tomorrow I'll play a $1 tournament.   During this past week I had it up to $3 at one point so I played three of the $1 tournaments, but nothing in 2 and in the very last one I bubbled the money finishing 4th with the top 3 getting paid.  Take care and be well everyone and soon enough I'll see you at the tables.


  1. im not cut out to tolerate kids either

    1. noooo SHEEEEEEEEEEEEIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! also water is wet

  2. just get a p/t job already. most ppl here in Colorado that r on SSI seem to work at call centers and SHEEEEEIT. u get to sitdown and can work 4-6 hour shifts which leaves plenty of time to grind/donk at poker.

  3. That is a really long schedule. Isn't that really bad for your legs?

  4. ordinarily it would be bad perhaps but I'm not in a seated position when I'm playing online I'm laying down legs stretched out and sometimes elevated whether that be on a bed or on a couch and it happens to be the way I'm most comfortable playing online poker as well. the schedule may also be reduced. I've been keeping an eye on the $1 tournament I planned on playing and they are sporadic at best two of them never went off because they didn't have enough players the 2:15 p.m. had over 30 players but the 3:15 p.m. only had 4 at least to start with and I only plan on playing these if there's at least 20-30 players in it. I'm may completely take those out of my daily schedule altogether unless I can see some consistency in them going off