Monday, October 19, 2015

Need A Plan

I need to come up with a plan that will result in something that reasonably resembles a bankroll other than a couple of hundred here and there each month.  Variance and tournaments is rough under the best of circumstances and the fact that with electronic tables too many players are much more free of will to push a button to simply call, kind of the way they play online, and well obviously players that make mistakes like this are exactly the ones that I want to play against it  only adds to that variance.  I need to play tournaments that are not on electronic tables, that have real cards and real chips involved, but unfortunately the cheapest that I am going to find in Las Vegas is $40 and $45 not counting any single $35 rebuy tournament over at the Hard Rock each evening.  Standard bank roll for tournaments considering the number of players faced I believe would be 100 buy ins. 100 buyins is going to allow me to get through the variance, overcome the swings that are inherent in tournament play, and cannot be avoided.  Unfortunately in order to do that I need $5,000.  That would be just a touch over 100 buyins based on an average buyin of $45.  How the hell am I going to do that on disability is the big question.

I was given the opportunity Friday night to possibly take the first step towards that, as Miss Alysia Chang who has been burning up the tables of late so much to the point that they are doing a pat-down search looking for lighter fluid and a match before they let her near a poker table, was kind enough to stake me to the the Friday night $125 buyin. $12,500 and starting chips and 30 minute blind levels.   I massively enjoyed playing in this tournament and only wish that I could have produced a profit for her, but I probably software playable hands in the first two hours and unfortunately one of those hands was where I had trip and is only to be beat by somebody else with the trip 9th and a better kicker. my single hand of KK could get no action and I was just royally card did.

The actual structure of the tournament was absolutely awesome. In excess of $10,000 in  starting chips, 30 minute blind levels which I absolutely loved playing as you can afford to be extraordinarily patient, the progression of the blinds themselves not even close to outrageous as at the fifth level we were only at 200/400 two and a half hours in.  I loved everything about the tournament with the exception of not cashing in it for her, but I can't thank her enough for the opportunity.  It was so very much appreciated and it's been a pleasure meeting her and another new friend name Michelle in person.  These two ladies are real class acts. 

Have had some health issues.  Major flare up of my venous stasis condition in my left leg and to a lesser extent of my right leg as well.  Blood pressure of 193 over 73 ready to skyrocket through the roof.   and to top things off a nice case of bronchitis which has me completely gasping for breath after walking 20 feet down the sidewalk. I so need to give up smoking.  Doctors have me on an inhaler 4 times a day and prescriptions of an antibiotic, a water pill which is nothing but fun running to the bathroom eight times a day lol, potassium pill, and just for good measure a steroid.

So what's the poker answer. I can see no answer other than grinding online with only occasional live tournament and trees here and there in the hopes of possibly getting something good in the process. however, money is going to be a problem. Myra Main St lost her job and she is already hard at searching down another one, but the fact of the matter is that's as friends and roommates we are going to pull together during this crisis and that means at least a $200 loan from me to her the beginning of November. I've also got a date with somebody here in town on the 8th so I'm trying to set aside money for that and have enough to put a minimum of $100 on and simply play the $1 and $2 tournaments to start out with, but being careful I do not get into a tournament that only has four entrants as happened previously.  Don't get me wrong a tournament with only four people entering it is much easier to win, and the one time on that I entered a $1 MTT that ended up only having 4 people register for it I did infact win it, but grinding it out for over an hour to win $2 and change was not my idea of a fun time.   I think it'll make it worth my while I need to wait to the very last minute to register and make sure these things start out with at least two tables and 3 would be better and let late registration add even more people to it to create at least something worth winning.   I would like nothing more than to be able to grind the $3 Deepstack rebuy gtd tournaments that they have 4 or 5 times a day on, but in order not to be at a complete disadvantage it would require me starting with a double stack.  That would be close to $6 per tournament and if I tried that with just $100 deposit that is not very many buyins, so I'm going to have to start off slow and low. I'm actually not going to be at my place for 5 days as I am cat sitting for a friend and staying at her place while she's away out of town.  I absolutely love cats and her cat is such a sweetheart and it's going to give me the opportunity to at least grind the freerolls without any interruption from all the people at my place so this actually works out good for both of us.

That's all for now.  For the next five days I am going to be relaxing at my friends house and playing freerolls online while taking care of her her place and of course her cat.  $5,000 looks like such a long way from here and let's face it it really is, but nothing ever gets started without taking the first step.  My birthday is coming up Monday, but I have no special plans for celebrating. I did tell my roommate misty that she could make the case you wanted to and make a special dinner and all that crap it would just be a couple of days late since I won't be back till Wednesday. I don't understand people sometimes Here I am telling her it's not necessary you know save the money don't worry about it and yet she takes it as a personal affront if I don't let her do this.   November 3rd I will get my next pay from disability and no matter what I am going to put at least $100 online  and start grinding tournaments.  So take care everyone, hope your weekend is starting out on a great note, and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. i thought u thought online poker was rigged??????? also eat some fried oreos too