Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Stake Days 1 And 2

I wish I could say that things started off fantastic with the $500 stake, but unfortunately the complete opposite was true. the first day I went 0 for 4, and after getting knocked out of a tournament extremely fast I went and played some 2/4 limit holdem over at the Golden Nugget where I seemed to run into every conceivable donkey call and miracle flop and ended up losing $82 in the casg game.  I also sat in a $0.25 / $0.50 No Limit cash game at the Plaza for the expressed reason that I was told they were going to be randomly picking 2 seat numbers for the free entry into the $25 tournament. My session in that cash game was breakeven, but my seat number was the first one called so I ended up getting a free entry into the $25 deep stack.  As soon as that happens I am almost immediately left the cash game as my mission was completed lol.  Losses on day 1 were $122.  Two of the four tournaments I took bad beats on when QQ lost to 77 when Villain flopped a set and knocked me out and in another I was all in with AQ all in vs A6 on an A24 flop who goes runner runner for a straight to knock me out.  Starting out on a cooler was what I was hoping wouldn't happen.

Day 2 the 10:30 a.m. was cancelled because the guy running the poker desk screwed up on his shift starting time. Only three of us hung around the poker room and because of that he got on the phone with the poker manager and the poker manager gave the three of us a free entry in the 2 p.m. $20 tournament.  Not that it helped me any as I did absolutely nothing in it.   While we were hanging around watching football waiting for the 2 p.m. to start, one of the guys contact the poker host into using is 50% discount and got an extra large pizza which he shared with me and another guy so it was a nice lunch as the three of us just hung out together watching some football and eating pizza.  
I played the 5 p.m. $10 rebuy and with blinds of 250/500 had only 2500 chips left but I fought my way back and we ended up chopping it three ways for $50 a piece.  The new $25 deep stack was cancelled tonight, but the Poker manager told me that this would be the last night for the $40 deep stack and since it was only $15 more than I was prepared to spend anyway I played it, but was out within the first hour.   The $25 deep stack seems to be the way they want to go and quite frankly I think it's a good idea as the first night I saw that we had three full tables.  Nothing could go right for me today with the exception of the $10 rebuy and even that was a struggle.  When it was all said and done and the smoke cleared today was a break even day.  So the stake bankroll is $378 from a start of $500.  I am hoping that the come back I made and the $50 chop is a sign that I'm coming out of this cool run that I started out on.   Waiting on the $100 withdrawal from wsop to hit paypal so I can send it to my checking account.  I have used a small amount of money for expenses which will of course be replaced, but the $500 stake will be used strictly for poker and I will take care of expenses on my own.

In conclusion before I post a few pictures that I've taken recently I want to say that I absolutely love living in Las Vegas, I love playing poker, love the Fremont Street Experience, that place is an absolute blast.  Now that I'm in Las Vegas you couldn't pull me out of here, but this city has some very sad aspects to it.  Just look around and you see a massive homeless population and I really do feel bad for them and it just seems to be so many.  As I was leaving the Fremont Street Experience to head to the bus stop to head back home tonight at about 11:30pm I pass by two young  gentlemen who were definitely having a worse day than I was as  there were two policemen and they had one of the young men in handcuffs.  I guess his Saturday night didn't end on a very high note.

And before I wrap it up a shout out to Alysia Chang.  You warned me going in that I would run into people playing live who had not seen a bathtub it what seemed like an excessive amount of time.  OMG 2 so far.  I mean really people, a little hygiene goes a long way.  Ughhhhh.

That's all for now. Its just after 2 a.m. I need to be up by 9 to get ready to grab the 9:40 bus to make it down to the plaza in time for the 10:30 a.m. tournament.  On all their tournaments down there if you sign up a half hour before starting time they give you an extra 500 chips.  I'm going to pass that up for the 10:30 a.m. as since its Sunday if I were going to make it I have to be down there by pretty much 9 o'clock because of the Sunday bus schedule.  I'll forgo that for an extra hour or hour and a half of sleep.  Gotta hit the shower so should be asleep by 3 for a solid 6 hours of shuteye.  I am really hoping to cash in two of the tournaments tomorrow so that I can hopefully get this stake amount back up above $500.  So take care one and all, below are a few snapshots of downtown and the Fremont St. Experience for those of you that may never have been to Las Vegas that read this blog, are even if you have I hope you like the photos, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. What -- a picture of Mermaids and no mention of fried Oreos or Twinkies? angerisagift will be disappointed.

  2. I am so ashamed to admit I have not tried them yet lol.

  3. that is yr problem (leak in yr game) Flushdraww. U HAVENT HAD THE FRIED TWINKIES/OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!! all the old school poker rounders ate them STU,Amarillo Slim, and Doyle Brunson (Doyle is still eating them obv ).look what happen to Lightning when he DIDNT. Food poisoning and his flight home got all fucked up. i credit the Twinkies 4 giving a high hand bonus at Golden Nugget (4 jacks) when i had a layover in Vegas when i took the Greyhound from Bakersfield,Ca to Denver 2 years ago. plus mexicans dont like them so u can take them home and yr roomies wont eat them too.

  4. I freaking TOLD YOU SO!!! At least it's not the's WAY WORSE then. Okay, so it's a rough start. But hey, at least you're out of the house and you are actually hanging out with people who aren't passive aggressive.