Friday, November 27, 2015

A Change For December

I decided to make a change for my plans in December, but I think it's a good change.  I have decided that I no longer am going to be playing tournaments with the exception of freerolls that have a minimum of $500 in the prizepool.  The inherent variance in tournaments alone has me, or has had me thinking that since I am making the transition to be primarily a cash game player then that is what I need to focus on predominately.  This does not mean I will not play live tournaments and that is entirely a different matter and at my first possible opportunity which I'm hoping will be in January, I plan on playing at least one and hopefully two of the Friday night $125 deepstacks at the Orleans.
As far as online goes I'm just looking at it as risk vs reward.  When I have money back on the site I mean something that resembles real money, the only tournaments worth playing are the $3 deep stack rebuys, but in order to play them properly I would have to invest a minimum of almost $9 and since I'm going to be grinding $10NL,  you're talking about nearly a full buyin in the cash games just for one tournament.  While it's true that tournaments can add to the bankroll in a much quicker fashion the fact of the matter is that in the 9am, 12pm, & 4pm variety, 1st place is only pays out about $130.  Now there could be an argument made that I should play the 7:30pm tournament each and every night as that is an $800 guaranteed prize pool and 1st place is in excess of $200, but again you're talking about utilizing money, nearly $9, which as I just stated is almost a full buyin for the cash games on something that has a high degree of variance and with no guarantees that I'm going to earn profit in them in quick enough time, considering the bankroll that I'm going to have online $150. I'm thinking my time would be better spent playing the cash games only and any money made from freerolls to be added to that cash game bankroll because let's face it I'm going to be starting with only 15 buyins and anything I can add to that is going to be +EV.

As far as the 7:30pm tournament goes, yes I do know that I would earn profit from it over the long run, but with $150 I would not have all that long to even try it.  Besides, on tournaments even if we consider a 30% ROI you're still talking $300 in earnings only after investing $1,000 in entry fees.  Risk vs reward.  The nightly $100 freeroll has usually about 600 entrants and 1st place is only worth $20.  I feel my time could be better spent concentrating on the cash games.  The points that I earn qualifies me into the $500 Invitational freeroll held each Sunday evening and love is to have a big field at least if you can pull off the win first place is worth approximately $100 and it's only once a week so I feel that this is something that I would definitely want to take part in.

I currently have either $11 and change or $12 in change on WSOP right now all stemming from that original $2 freeroll cash and I have been playing some tournaments in an effort of trying to pop that up really fast, but of course it has not been working. $2NL totally bores me to tears and not to mention it gives me nothing as far as points are concerned which they call APPs on  The reason that these points are important is that depending on the volume that I get in at $10NL, I can estimate a minimum of 30 of these a day which if I played every day of the month would equal 900 points per month.   Once you hit 200 points in a month you become silver status and you are then able to turn your points into WSOP points and according to the website at Silver status you get it at a rate of 4x.  If I understand this correctly that means that 900 points per month in APPs would equate to 3600 WSOP points and you can trade those in for actual cash at the rate of 100 points for $1 in cash which would equal $36 in bonus money each month which quite frankly can be looked at as rakeback.  It actually might even be better than that because once you hit 500 APPs you get gold status gold status and that has a WSOP multiplier of 5x.  So the first 500 points I get, again if I'm understanding this correctly, would get me 2000 WSOP points and the final 500 APPs would get me 2500 WSOP points giving me a total of 4500 WSOP points per month which based on 1000 APPs per month could be $45 a month in free money.  

I have not had my balance higher than $19 and I have dabbled in a little $10NL, just a single table at a time and in the first table I played I made about $4 in an unknown amount of hands and in the second table I played I ended up making 2 cents so call it a break even session after 82 hands.  As I said I've also been playing tournaments which have not gotten me anywhere and then playing $2NL that bores me to tears, but it does not seem like I'm going to have much choice for the remainder of this month and until I can get that deposit on if I want to play I'm going to have to grind the $2 NL tables.  

When I get started in December I will be playing 10 hours a day from 12 noon to 10 p.m.  I was going to try to do 12 hours, but I need to be able to set aside study time and quite frankly blogging time so I think playing till 10 p.m. is more than sufficient to accomplish all things that I need to. 
I made it through Thanksgiving, but this is a very tough time of the year for me.  December 5th which is in 8 days will mark the fifth anniversary of my wife, best friend, and soulmate passing away suddenly back in 2010.  She was my absolute world, my princess and in fact that was a nickname I called her theoughout our entire marriage.  I have good days and I have bad days, but my friends and roommates are doing everything they can to get me through this time.  These people are really something else.  I try not to get too emotional about these things, but let me just say they are real friends and they're not the only ones.  Friends that I have made in person here in Las Vegas, associates and possible future in person friends that I talk to on twitter have made comments hoping that I'm able to get through this rough time and I want all you guys to know its very very much appreciated.   

Even though I lost my wife 5 years ago the fact of the matter is I am truly a very lucky person.  She and I left absolutely nothing unsaid and believe it or not, although it sounds like it comes out of a Harlequin romance novel, the last words we spoke to each other were I love you.   You see, every day of our marriage, during the course of the day, at least 3 times a day, one of us, whether we were in the same room or different rooms, would yell out I love you and the other one would always yell back I love you too.  We did that each and every day for 12 years and a couple hours before she had passed away that night she was in the bedroom watching a movie and I was in the living room on the computer playing a computer game and she had chosen one of those times just to yell out I love you and I yelled back I love you too babe and those were the last words we ever spoke to one another.  I know many people who have lost someone close don't have that and I hold that very close to my heart.  

That's all for tonight.  I hope everyone had a very happy, enjoyable, and safe holiday.  Take care all and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Study And Research And Projections

Unless a last minute household disaster arises, which since I'm putting out $523 out of an $822 check if it does they will have to figure it out some other way, I will be making a deposit at Planet Hollywood onto on December 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th in the amount of $150, a full 15 buyins for the $10NL cash games which I will grind from 12pm to 12am, 4 tabling provided 4 tables are available, each day I play.  I will obviously take breaks during the course of these "work days", but it will equate to a minimum 2000 hands of poker played each playing day.  Unfortunately, the bonuses availavable will expire by that time, but nothing I can do about that.  I may have $10 coming to me from "The Climb" but will not know for sure until December hits. 

Sunday night I finished 30th in the $500 invitational freeroll for a $2.  Played some $2NL cash games that night and Monday and earned $1.28 in a couple of hundred hands.  Monday night I finished 3rd out of 600 in the nightly $100 freeroll for $7.40.  Ended Monday night with a balance of $10.68. 
A special shout out to "Bradtastic" for his suggestion on changing the cards on the site to a specific style.  I have done so and the numbers are so huge with the specific style of cards he recommended using, 4 tabling and seeing everything will not be an issue in any way so thanks Brad, much appreciated. 

I can't wait to get started grinding, in December, but I've been using my time for some study and also research on win rates and bankroll management requirements.   Let's talk win rates.  First off, assuming I actually show some profits in December, I was way off about expected earn rates previously.  If you recall I said my goal was 10bb/100.  That was so far off the mark I wasn't even close.  In doing some research on this very subject I came across a consensus from some respectable sources that says and shows 4bb/100 to 6bb/100 is a more reasonable expectation.  Therefore when I start grinding full time again my expectation will be right in the middle at 5bb/100.  

As for bankroll management requirements those seem to fluctuate wildly depending on which source it comes from.  For live play I saw recommendations as low as 10 buyins, I saw some for 20 or 25 buyins, a couple others stated 40 buyins, and finally I found one recommendation for 50 buyins.   Resources for these were Poker Atlas, Poker Listings, 2 + 2, and highstakesdb.  The general consensus stated that the overall average professional full time players settle on is 40 buyins.  I'm not even going to bother discussing 10 buyins for the live cash game.  Considering the fact that I want my ROR or risk of ruin, to be as low as possible and if it's good enough for the pros its good enough for me I think 40 is a good number.  

The online consensus says that 15-20 buyins should be sufficient, but I don't mind erring on the side of caution on something like this so whether online or live I am going with the 40 buyin number and although I am starting out with 15 buyins that's okay because that's on the low end of acceptability, just not completely in my comfort zone, but at the same time I do not mind earning my way into that said comfort zone. 

For my study time I have begun utilizing some Ed Miller approaches.  Opening up my range, and while I will never be the LAG that he may suggest I have opened up my range while remaining a tight aggressive player.  I have also seriously increased that aggression by raising and isolating limpers with hands that previously I would have thought to be moderate holdings at best, but when you are isolating limpers and creating a heads up or even three to the flop situation many times those moderate holdings are indeed the best hand going in.  Whereas before with a couple of limpers I would have limped along with a KJo I am firing raises 5.5 - 6.5 times the blind when in position.  Many times it takes down the pot right then and there and usually worst case scenario it puts me in a heads up position.   I am also opening up my range in what I will open raise with in the cutoff and on the button.   Previously, especially taking a $10NL game where blinds are only $0.15 I was of the opinion why fight for a lousy $0.15, but Ed Miller in one of the articles I read specifically addresses this and after reading that article I realize that my thinking was incorrect on that for as he points out those blinds will add up over the course of time or I guess you could say over the long run as it so often the case about everything in poker.  In tournament play it's much easier to know whether or not to do these things because the blinds raise every so often and keep raising, but making this transition to cash game play while I always knew elements and approaches in cash games are different than in a tournament I am realizing they are even more different than I originally expected or suspected.  Utilizing these approaches has shown me a small profit so far in the cash games and also utilizing these approaches in the tournament I think was a big part to my finishing 3rd out of 600 players in the $100 freeroll.
The only area I could be considered a bit stubborn is my refusal to drop to lower than $10NL once I make the deposit.  Although I'm playing a little bit of $2NL right now with the few dollars I have on the site there is no way I will make the drop down lower than $10NL once the deposit is made.  The fact of the matter is I can replenish it if I have to each month and $10NL is the lowest I find acceptable.

The earn rate or should I say the new reasonable expected earn rate means it is going to take longer to accomplish final goals than I first anticipated.  First off I need $12k for the bankroll.   I won't need living expenses because the money I should be able to save from my disability payments each month will cover that.   Once I am making decent monthly earnings from the live cash games I will then be able  to tell disability they can keep their money and that I no longer need it.  Assuming I am successful making anywhere from $10-$20 per hour playing $1/$2 live I cannot for the life of me believe they will look at it as gambling winnings and not earnings.  However, if they do decide to look at it as the former under their rules I will allow them to keep paying me each month, but I will be aboveboard with them about the situation.  I have no desire for a fraud charge a few years down the road and a subsequent stopover in a federal penitentiary.

According to my calculations I want to turn that $150 into $950, withdraw the original $150 that I deposited, leaving me $800 for $20NL which is 40 buyins and then all online poker will be played with pure earnings.  In order to earn that $800 at $10NL, with the projected earn rate should take 160,000 hands to accomplish.  Based on 2000 hands a day and hopefully grinding 12 hours even with breaks I will exceed that 2000 hands goal, but basing it on 2000 hands it should take me 80 playing days to accomplish.  

After that it gets tricky.  At $20NL the earn rate will drop to 4bb/100 and if I decide, when bankroll management rules allow, to play $50NL usually it is only two tables of that running so I would have to combine $20NL and $50NL to be able to 4 table.  $50NL I would expect the earn rate to drop to 3bb/100 and I have no desire to keep the amounts of money online it would take for $100NL so $50NL is as high as I will play online and even to do that I will need $2000.  To get to that point playing $20NL will require 150,000 hands played or 75 playing days.  So just to get to the $2000 mark will take at least 5 full months and thats if I never take a day off so according to my calculations I will not be at $2000 until approximately June 1st that is providing I actually have actual earnings doing this and that was not the case on my first try at the online cash game grind.  This just got very depressing very fast.  However during those nearly 8000 hands played I took 7 very bad beats that added up to ($78) in losses so if you take those away your looking at $38 in profits.  What a turnaround 7 little hands can make. 

It is quite obvious to me that I am going to have to add in the $3 deepstack rebuys as part of my daily play, but those things will cost $8.46 each and with four of them a day that is over $33 in entry fees each day.  Obviously there is no way in the world that I can realistically play those and grind the cash games utilizing the $150 deposit I'm going to make so I will be playing the $100 freeroll each and every night and all freeroll earnings from the nightly $100 freeroll and the weekly $500 invitational freeroll beginning in December will be utilized for an online tournament bankroll in an effort to grind some of the $3 deepstack rebuys.  I will also be using money left over each month over the next six months to be playing at least two or three $125 buyin live tournaments each month.   That's where the real boost can come from.  A win in one of those and we are talking thousands added to the bankroll in one shot. 

So that all for now.  It's after 3am and I'm going to be setting my alarm for 10 a.m. so that I can get on the tables and hopefully grind a  12 hour session tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. with the little over $10 that I have online.  I'm going to try to 4 table $2NL, but I only have 5 buyins so we will see what happens, but if you recall I made $25 initially at $2NL in just a thousand hands so anything can happen.   If I can earn anything doing this whatever earnings I have in November will be added to the $150 deposit being made in December.  Any additional cushion I can give myself at the $10NL tables in December I will gladly take.  Take care everyone, if I don't do another entry before Thursday I want to wish everyone who celebrates it the very happiest of Thanksgivings and I hope your day finds you surrounded with good family, good friends, and love and good times and as always, I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Cooler Heads Prevail

Every comment that is left for me with very few exceptions gets published.  I think only 2 comments from haters I have refused to publish and every comment that is published I read it from beginning to end.  Some comments try to offer advice, some may doubt my ability, some may try to reassure me the things that I have said are not valid and sometimes I have a habit of being emotional when I'm overly frustrated.  I know there's nothing sinister going on at and I was totally and utterly frustrated by what I have been going through, but even more than that what really was hurting me was the fact that I needed it not to happen.  Why does it seem when you're on a shortened bankroll what you need to happen and what actually does happen always seems to be the opposite.   And before any of my readers think perhaps I was playing with scared money that definitely was not the case because quite frankly I got stacked too many times for it to be that.  Poker players that play with scared money are afraid to put the money in and when I'm playing poker whether a live tournament or an online cash game with the $10 buyin I play a very smart game but at the same time I'm absolutely fearless.  

I was running on 11 buyins only and a 3 buyin loss is nearly a 30% loss to the total bankroll so because of that ACR the frustration seems to have multiplied even more.  On Twitter I've talked about playing on Mann mentioned that in my last entry, but now that I took a day off completely from poker, and as the saying goes cooler heads prevail, it's entirely obvious to me that I am NOT going anywhere except back to come December 3rd.  Where else can I do a withdraw and have it available to me an hour and a half later.  I'm not going to go with an offshore say when I have a USA site right at my beckon call it's not going to happen. the last post generated some comments at that  question whether I was a winning poker player, offered to have a conversation with me about poker, offered good advice and I'm going to address those comments right now.

Vookenmeister said in part:
i think you should spend more time sharing hand histories for discussion and improvement and less time taking snapshots of bad beats.
You should be reviewing hands or studying frequently.  Analyze the hands for spots where you could mitigate damage better or maximize profit.
Keep smiling. I wish you the best.

I would love to share hand histories but since WSOP Nevada does not store them in the text format I have no way to copy and paste them to the blog. I suppose I could take he hands and simply write out what was done, but if there are several in a 2000 hand session that would take a lot of time to be able to accomplish.
I definitely agree a self review of those hands, and honest assessment of what I could have done differently is definitely in order and if I play till 10 p.m. since I don't go to sleep too probably 2 a.m. anyway I could be utilizing that time to do a self analysis.
As for study I am at a loss.  Because of the lack of hand histories I can't post them here nor can I post them on some place like two plus two to ask for advice and input.  I could join one of those sites that offer videos for $10 a month, but can watching videos without the ability to receive input from actual hands played do me any good?  Any thoughts or ideas on these questions is greatly appreciated.

Pokerdogg said in part:
despite your epic run bad, you are down a total of $40 from your $100 deposit? That is only 4 buyins @ 10NL, that's nothing.  If you can't handle these kind of losses, then grinding poker for a living is not for you.

I have to admit this is the comment that really made me shake my head and in no way negative about anything you said, but shake my head at my own embarrassment for letting a minuscule $40 loss, four little buyins affect me as emotionally as it did.  When I played full time professionally in Atlantic City as a tournament player I would go through sometimes 10 straight losses $650 in just three days time and just completely shrug it off because I knew it was just a drop in variance, but yet I let a measly 4 buyins effect me the way it did.  To be quite honest I'm somewhat disgusted with myself that I allowed that to happen, it shouldn't have, and I will make sure it does not do so again.

Steven Northrup said:
If you consider deposit bonus's he is down more than that. He needs to spend time improving his game because he thinks he's already a pro when he can't beat $10 NL. He's probably just getting out played but isn't willing to put in the time to fix it.

I found this comment to be the most unfair. First of all Steven I only cleared a single $10 bonus so therefore the loss was in the neighborhood of $40. you say I consider myself a pro when I can't beat $10NL. I have made it a point to state I'm not a professional poker player instead I'm a full time poker player. I will be a professional when poker earnings is what I am able to use to live on.  You say I can't beat $10NL.  I find this too unfair as I have stated several times that back in the PokerStars days I used to play Limit cash games I have dabbled in No Limit from time to time, but nothing of a serious nature and so this is my first real serious attempt to grind No Limit cash games, I played less than 10000 hands and took a four buyin loss and from this you concluded I cannot beat $10NL. Really?? Are you serious?? Why don't you give me a hundred thousand hands before you make a determination and a blanket statement like that. I got news for you sir, in poker, especially Texas Holdem, there isn't anything I can't beat, but this is a new venue for me, I am learning, I will make mistakes, but I find it hard to believe that I have made errors when I faced the following scenarios.

$13 loss when I have a full house and my opponent had a straight flush
$10 loss My kk lost to 44
$10 loss my KK vs QQ and opponent hits a 2 out Q on the river
$10 loss flop trips and lose to a two outer on the turn that gives opponent a full house
$10 loss set over set
$10 loss trip Qs lose to a flopped set.
$15 loss flop set opponent flops 2 pair, opponent hits 4 outer on the turn giving both of us a full house but his larger

Those 7 hands of nearly 8000 played add up to $78 in losses in 7 hands  and if you doubt the validity of the hands that I just stated why don't you go check my photos in Twitter because there was a screenshot of every single one of them so before you make blanket statements such as you have perhaps it might be nice if you knew what you were talking about first.  Good day, Sir.

angerisagift said in part in 2 separate comments:
Here is a thought mayb u just arent good enuff at poker to make a living at it. Most ppl arent.
Where to next?? Deadwood??

You're right most people don't  but I know I am, it's just going to take some time.
Deadwood?? Really?? You're going to put me in the same class as that nutcase VBJ degen??  I'm crushed lol.  Las Vegas is my home now and there's no way I would ever want to leave. 

Bradtastic said in part:
Live cash $1-2 players will occasionally lose $200-300 pots on suckouts. It's just part of cash games.
I stopped letting every bad beat bother me by playing solid and at stakes where I can make some money, but am not bothered at all by a full buy-in loss.
I don't think there's anything sinister happening at WSOP. 8000 hands represents about 250-270 hours played live; would a dozen or so bad beats happen over a month or two of playing live? Probably. .
Last, if you want to talk about specific hand histories (inside the WSOP software, you can see your table histories and all the hands played with a replayer), I'm definitely open — just contact me.
I railed one of your games when I only had three tables going and saw a bit of cold calling/fold to c-bets that my be interesting to chat about.
Also you should be getting bonuses at WSOP for things like the climb.

You are absolutely 100% correct on the first two things that you said it is simply part of cash games and I should never have let it affect me emotionally I am working on that aspect of my psychological and mental awareness. 
Yes I know there's nothing sinister happening over there again I let emotions get the better of me and I pride myself on being such a logical individual I'm really rather ashamed of myself.
Somebody who plays 10 hours a day live 7 days a week that 8000 hands could equate a month at the tables, somebody who took days off like you said two months and yes the bad beats that I suffered could definitely occur in a month of live games I realize that now.
Would be more than happy to discuss hands with you and if someone can figure out how to post them on this blog I plan on doing that when I get back into it in December.  As far as the cold calling goes and at the risk that I may see you as an opponent at the tables I will let you know a few things about me.  Not everything, but a few.  I guarantee you if you see me cold calling most likely I am doing it with a pair a small to medium pair.  One flaw in my game is I don't 3 bet enough pre flop and that's an ongoing process for me.  I also cold call a ton with AQ another hand I should probably be three betting pre flop depending where the initial raise came from.  I certainly don't feel comfortable three betting AQ if that raise came from UTG, but I definitely should be three betting far more than I do when the raise comes from the hijack or the cutoff especially.  I must say though even when the raise may come from those later  positions I'm and I have AK in the small or big blind many times I will only call.  I probably should be three betting there, but I really dislike playing a drawing hand out of position.  I also question whether as an example let us say I have in fact called a raise with JTs and the flop is J62.  Sometimes I question should I just fire out and donk bet the flop if they have position on me, should I check raise three times their bet because I have top pair even If my kicker is suspect, should I definitely be doing that if I'm up against the pre flop raiser and I flopped top pair top kicker, or should I play it safe and simply call down. I am working on that aspect of the learning process. 

So I have two weeks exactly until I get paid again on December 3rd so what will I be doing. Well I'm going to deposit at least $150 and I'm trying to swing $200.  I will return to 4 tabling, but I will be increasing the size of the screens to make sure I can see everything.  I won't be able to take as many notes as before I obviously but let's face it to team playing did nothing to cure the variance so quite frankly I might as well get the volume in.

Thanks to a tweet by @chipxtractor I'm going to be able to devote some study time.  There are from what I can tell at least 60 videos to watch on a YouTube channel which I am subscribed to by someone named Blake Eastman and the channel is called School of Cards.  I've only watched one so far and already learned a lot from it.  It was regarding live play and when to look at your cards  when you're at the table.  If that first video is any indication this is going to be an eye opening education.

I was going to grind for the freerolls on ACR, but since I've decided that I will be returning to WSOP it seems like a waste of time.  Of course, not much to do over the next two weeks but I will be dedicating that to some serious study time on whatever is available to me. That's the wrap up for now, take care all, and I'll see you at the tables.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where To Next

The cash games did not go well today and quite frankly I was so completely fed up then I was thinking of withdrawing but I had decided that I was going to play some tournaments at least for a few days, but a financial situation arose here at the household need some help with and since only I had the ability to help I withdrew $60 from the poker account and should be able to pick that up in a couple of days.  

My playing time at has come to an end.  I don't know what you wish to call it, bad variance, bad luck, but the fact of the matter is that after near 8000 hands I went through more bullshit than one person should have to and even with two tabling that continued today.  I mean a full house getting beat by a straight flush, my full house getting beat by a bigger full house, my trip Queens with top kicker getting beat by a full house and after I withdrew  the $60 I still had $15 or $18 on there I play the $3 rebuy and in that game I fire out larger than a pot size bet on the flop in the neighborhood of over $1200 and the guy called with a gutshot and of course hits the straight on the turn and while playing that I take the final $10 and sat in a $20NL game as a short stack just to try it out since it was only ten bucks and I had KK and get beat by 44.  Like I said bad luck, variance, unfortunate situations, faulty software, something sinister, I don't care what you call it but I'm done with that site and I shall not return anytime soon in fact I will not return to it at all even come December when I have the ability to make a deposit.  The constant situation of the worse hand flopping monsters is just not something I will continue to put up with.  

Maybe this is just the nature of cash games.  Certainly I listen to what the Trooper goes through in his cash games from his vlog, I have read what happens to Rob especially that last trip to Vegas when he had written was his worst poker playing trip ever and although they claim that there is more variance in tournaments, I've been a tournament player for years and I just don't see it.  Maybe this experiment making the transition to cash games was what I needed to show me how that side of the table lives and seeing it, albeit at a very low stake level I will tell you this.  There is no way on God's green earth that I am going to sit in a $1/$2 cash game at some point in the future and go through bad beats like this, which undoubtedly I would from time to time, and undoubtedly they would come in streaks, and watch $300 at a time be lost.  I mean when you think about it it could happen in three straight hands, not likely perhaps, but technically possible and that kind of variance I refuse to even deal with.  The cash games only cost me about 30 bucks which is nothing to me, but it may have taught me a valuable lesson about  just where I belong in the poker world, where I've pretty much been since I started playing back in 2004, where quite honestly I feel the most comfortable and have made the most money, at the tournament table. That, ladies and gentleman, is where I will be for the rest of my life.

So it seemed for all intents and purposes that come December I would be scraping together what I could and headed back to the Plaza and hope to hell I get on a quick heater to build up a reasonable bankroll, but not just yet.  There is one more online avenue and if it weren't for something on my Twitter I would never have even thought of it, but even though it's an offshore site, I am talking about Americas Cardroom.  

On my Twitter and very possibly on many of my readers' Twitter as well is a guy named Matt who goes by the handle of @iflopsets.  I am seen several tweets about him playing tournaments on ACR albeit at a much higher buyin than I can afford, but he seems to do really well and based on this I decided to redownload the software as I already have an account over there and I took a look at the tournaments and I have to tell you I loved what I saw.  Many many many tournaments throughout the day from the $1.10 through the $5.50 levels, all with guaranteed prize pools, and even better many of them with 15 minute blind levels, 12 minute blind levels and 10 minutes also which I would not even bother with.   Many of them with starting stacks of $5,000 im chips, $3,000 in chips and this is something that I absolutely love.  This site has far more tournaments than WSOP could even ever hope for an WSOP only offers 10-minute blindd levels, nothing else.  The only sticking point is they also have long reentry times 2 hours or in some cases 12 levels, but no different than I put up with when I was playing at Bovada.  I just tweeted Matt asking him if he would recommend the site as he plays there and and he answered back that he really likes it there a lot.  Add to that there are all lot of rave reviews from members of two plus two about ACR as well

So what to do in the meantime since I have about two weeks to get through.  Well, it turns out ACR has these on demand $10 freerolls which a $10 freeroll sucks but the minimum it pays is $0.55 and with that $0.55 you can enter an on demand $25 tournament which coincidentally enough cost $0.55 to enter.  This will give me a couple of weeks to see how the cards run at ACR and if everything looks relatively normal 

While I was reading this entry and I got an email from WSOP you told me you my $60 was ready to be picked up which I will do tomorrow.  I will be doing that tomorrow morning and about three in the afternoon Misty and I will be taking care of a financial matter so I will grind these freerolls after I get back in the morning and until about 3 p.m. and then when I return. Freerolls pay only the top 10 spots and they have five or six hundred people in them, but it's ok nothing better to do anyway and I really want to see how things run over there.
If I decide to make a deposit in December it will be between $100 to $15 possibly more depending on whether or not I feel like celebrating Christmas this year and buying presents and going to the stores and all that bullshit.  I usually don't, not since my wife passed away.  When she died it just didn't seem to have the same meaning to me anymore.  This whole time of the year is not good for me.  My wedding anniversary would have been on November 20th just a couple of days away, she died exactly two weeks after our 12th anniversary which was 3 weeks before Christmas.  I just want to get through this time of the year, just get me to January and I'll be ok.  This is why I hate it so much when my birthday comes at the end of October because I know what's headed my way.   Being able to grind especially at this time of year is an escape for me so even if its freerolls, if I can keep my mind focused on something else I might not think about it as much.  It's an escape, but at this time of the year it's an escape I desperately need.   Lately I seem to be going in 20 different directions as my readers have obviously seen.  That's not usually me, but if my mind seems to wander in 6 directions at the same time, now you know why.  Time to get some sleep.  Take care, be well, and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tomorrow Starts A New Day 1

You may or may not have noticed that the area on the right hand side of a blog where I was tracking hands played, profits or in my case losses, and ROI which I never really had a chance to calculate has been reset to zero.  That's because tomorrow starts a new day 1 and the reason for this is as I was going through another session of hideousness I had recall that time when I was on another site, one I would never ever frequent again, and I was playing some cash games one time for a couple of weeks I believe it was and I was tracking my progress back then, but of course I wasn't playing then for the reason I am now, but I digress, it started out with a couple of tables then when I was comfortable kicked it up to 4 tables and after a week or two of this I was looking at my statistics and realized how incredibly much my earn rate had dropped when I made the step up to the additional tables.  This memory struck me today as I was 4 tabling and I decided to cut it down to two tables.
I know I can't equate the past situation with my situation now, and I in no way expected anything to come from it, but if it even toned down the fluctuations and variance I would be okay with it for today.  This was just a very temporary change just to try to calm things down a bit.   My online account was at $100 even which made me exactly break even from what I started with which I was not too happy about, actually at end of a lot to become the bonus I cleared, but better than it could have been.  So I played on two tables for a little while and was absolutely astonished by what happened almost from the start.  

The very first thing was obviously with only playing two tables I was able to increase the size of the screen so that it went completely from the top of my screen pretty much the bottom and also widened it.  The two tables overlap but they are so much bigger and the cards are so easy to see.  My eyesight is not the best and as a matter of fact technically speaking I've failed my last drivers license eye test or at least my left eye did so being able to see the cards so clearly was the very first thing I noticed.
The second thing I noticed was I was so easily able to follow the action that was going on at the table when I wasn't an active participant in the hand and how I was able to do this with both tables almost at the same time even though they overlap.  I immediately realized that I was going to be able to take a lot more notes on my opponents especially the regulars and it was the overall ability to observe almost every detail of what was going on even after I folded my cards that really astonished me.  I wouldn't have thought it would be such a huge differential between playing two tables are playing four, but I immediately recognized that there was.  Since WSOP Nevada does not allow third party tracking software of any kind observation and note taking have got to be an absolute key to success.  
The final thing was the fluctuation and variance.  I noticed an almost immediate difference, but I really can't take too much from it since the 2 tabling session was extremely short, but the fact of the matter was it was immediately noticeable.  I also actually turned a profit of $11.15 which was also immediately noticeable.  Again with the amount of hands played I can take nothing from it, but even if the improvement in seeing the cards and the ability to observe and take notes on opponents were the only two positive aspects of it, which I believe the latter will equate to steady and consistent profits of what earn rate I am unsure of at this point, but if the first two improvements that I saw where the only thing to base this on it would be more than enough for me to make the switch permanently to 2 tabling only.  It's really nice not getting timed out and being able to see what you're doing at all times. 

The session went a little over 330 hands for a profit of $11.15 giving me $111.15.  I decided to take a $1.15 and either running up to $10 or lose it playing $0.01/$0.02 PLO.  I in fact lost the $1.15 and ended the night with $110, eleven full buyins.  Even with the $10 bonus I cleared I am exactly even from the day of the deposit.  Tonight was a test, tomorrow, the official day 1 of the two tabling grind, I play a full session of 2 tabling and see what happens.  1000 hands minimum.  It made no sense to record results of 2 tabling and 4 tabling together as I really believe that would be like trying to mix oil and water together.  It's just not done successfully.  

On one of the tables I played 149 hands.  Out of that in other positions that are not the blinds also known as "other positions" I saw a flop 20 out of 112 times for 17% so I'm pretty happy with that.  I saw the flop a total of 32 times, I won 5 of 13 hands I went to showdown with and won 14 pots without going to showdown which gave me a won when saw flop or "wwsf" percentage of 59%.  On the other table I played 134 hands, in other positions I went to the flop 14 out of 100 times for 14%.  I saw the flop a total of 28 times of the 134 hands, was 5 for 8 at  showdown, and won 11 pots without going to show down, and had a wwsf percentage of 57%.   I played on a couple of other tables during that two tabling session but they were only 31 and 19 hands respectively so no sense in quoting any figures from those. 

So what's this all mean.  Well it means no more 2000 hands per day it means the minimum goal is 1000 and if I have to play beyond my 12pm-10pm planned poker work day to achieve those 1000 hands that is what I will do, but I was averaging 115 hands an hour so i should be able to accomplish the goal in under 9 hours of table time each day.   Pokerdogg stated that for 30,000 hands of $10NL he is at 15bb/100 hands and I certainly do not have the no limit cash game experience he does, but if he makes 15 per 100 even with my lack of cash game experience I believe 10 per 100 or 1/3 less than what a more exoerienced player has been able to accomplish is a reasonable expectation. 
I plan on making another $100 deposit on December 3rd.  As soon as I can get the account to $610 I withdraw $210 and grind $20NL with a 5 buyin stop loss and then use that $210 plus a few extra dollars from my personal money for a couple of Friday night $125 deep stack tournaments at the Orleans and the online grind at that point is with pure poker earnings.  I don't expect any of my readers for one second to believe I will accomplish this because up to this point I have done nothing to show I can accomplish this, but my tenacity is intense and I'm the type of person that will continue trying and trying until all options have been utilized.  Surrender is not an option.  I know I have the skill to do this, I got the moves and I got the touch, now it's time to prove it to not just my readers, but to myself as well.  

If the 10bb/100 is something I can accomplish then I need 40,000 hands to reach $610.  That's 40 days of playing 1000 hands a day.  By my estimates with probable days off from poker because of holidays or hanging with friends I estimate completion of those first 40,000 hands sometime in January. 

That's a wrap for tonight.  This 2 tabling has got to work because as far as online goes I see no further options for me.  If this fails it's back to electronic tables at the Plaza with a few hundred each month hoping I get on a heater and that is something I don't even want to think about.  I have to make this work.  Take care everyone and as always, I'll see you at the tables. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Few Days Off

Haven't played poker for about 4 days.  Decided to take a few days off, spent the weekend at a friends house just hanging out and it was really awesome spending time with her.  Tuesday I'm back at the online poker tables from 10am to 10pm stretch figuring a couple of hours of breaks maximum during the day still gives me a 10 hour run bare minimum and a solid seven hours of that being spent 4 tabling $10NL.  The further along in the months that we get the better it off I am regarding the shortened bankroll for this level.  All I need to do is get myself to December and I should be able to run pretty smoothly as far as bankroll management concerns are, of course no guarantees as fasas profits considering the first 6200 hands.  

Looking to get some input from some live no limit cash game players. In the first 6200 hands the main thing that I have noticed is  wild swings comparatively speaking in buyins fluctuation.  The first sessions ran pretty much consistent with a profit of $23 on that very first day, but that was only two and a half hours of play so I really can't get any determinations from something like that.  Sessions 2, 3, & 4 we're all a minimum of 7 hours and some of them were over 9 and I notice massive fluctuations during the course of those days play.  Day 2 was the smallest of these down 4 buyins and actually a little more towards the end I was able to recoup two of those buyins, but still a $20 loss for the day.  Day 3, over the course of the first 3 - 4 hours, I was up $41 then I ran into some hideous both what I would call bad beats and unfortunate run ins and when the session ended I went from + $41 to down $16 for the day.  Day 4 was a wild one as I went up about $12 and again due to bad beats and unfortunate run-ins was down in the neighborhood of $38 which in of itself is a 5 buyin fluctuation. The fluctuation continued when I climbed out of that hole and ended up making a $1.10 in the 1300 hands played.  As you can see day 4 could be considered close to a 10 buyin fluctuation when you consider going from +$12 to -$38 to +$1.10.   What I am interested to know is is this just something experienced online to this degree.  Remember we cannot look at it for monetary value standpoint we must look at it as amounts of buyins.  Do live players go through these kinds of fluctuations to this degree or is it just online players because I am getting 2000+ hands a day, which for a live player could easily represent a weeks worth of Poker.   Anybody with any thoughts or opinions on this matter please leave a reply in the comments.

That's all for now. Going to try to get some sleep soon as I have the alarm set for 830am so I can get started by 10 a.m. .  Looks like it's time to get back to work so yake care one and all, and I'll see you at the tables.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 3, Going Backwards, Comment Responses

First let's do some comment responses.

Tony Bigcharles said:
even if u get $10,000 once u get it, u will see its not enough, still worry ill be broke

Tony you are degen machine player and I am not.  My idea of being a  machine player is $5 in a penny slot machine from time to time just for fun.  If I go broke with 30 buyins then obviously something's wrong with my game. 

Pokerdogg said:
Sounds like a good plan playing 10NL cash. 2NL is too low to try and build a roll up. Considering you can reload in a few weeks, you don't need to be as conservative with BR management in NL cash game. Best of luck.

When you say you don't need to be too conservative does that mean you feel I can make the jumps to the higher levels with less than 30 buyins?   If so what would be your recommendatuon for the step up to $20NL?

Bradtastic said:
Pokerdogg has a point, unless your play changes if you happen to get short. It's not unreasonable to be down 6-10 buy-ins on a run bad night when 4 tabling. Down $60-100 can affect how people play hands, overbetting big hands preflop to avoid suckouts, or not calling huge implied on hands because the draws aren't coming in

Brad I've already seen how the swings can go.  Yesterday I was up $41 and ended up losing about $16 for the session nearly a 6 buyin turnaround.  If the swings can be 10 buyins multi-tabling 4 tables of No Limit cash games online then perhaps my thinking about 30 buyins is too small. 

lightning36 said:
I think someone mentioned once before putting some money toward large inexpensive tournaments. It might be the only way to get a significant bump to jump start your bankroll. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of rake, variance and the nasty beats that happen against poor players

And he also said:
Is it just me or does the plan keep changing? And as perhaps others have suggested, have you given thought to just stopping for now and building a bankroll you can really work with? Oftentimes people without sufficient funding change their game and are "scared money," which often has disastrous results

As soon as I can I am going to be playing at least a few tournaments each month live to see if we can boost up the bankroll.  As for the plan changing you are absolutely right.  It has changed and for various reasons, but I think I'm on the correct train of thought now because eventually grinding $1/$2 11 no limit cash games live is something that I've always wanted to do, but never thought I would be able to.  Iread about Rob's adventures and you and Nick, and Joel and I woukd think to myself damn I want to be able to do that but would always talk myself out of it telling myself I'm just a tournament player, I'm  not a cash game player, but finally decided there's nothing I can't do in poker without the priper dedication and if this is what I have trueky wanted fir quite sone time now, then I need to stop thinking it and start doing it.  A lot of times when you're so used to doing a certain thing it's a bit overwhelming to try to enter a brand new world.

And now on to the cash game report........... It sucks!!!   4900 hands and down 1.3 buyins. The problem is I don't know if it's me or is this typical of no limit cash games.  I did decide to make a slight change which I initialized last night and will continue with today.  It involves starting hand selection where I have moved a couple of hands from early position to middle position and a couple of hands for middle position to late position. Bradtastic says that 6 to 10 buyin swings are not  uncommon.  I experienced a little bit of that in yesterday's session where I was up $41 and ended up losing $16 for the session.  Flop top 2 with AK, but find I'm up against a set, an opponent with 77 getting a 2 outer on the river for a set, things like that. I'm playing an aggressive style, I'm playing a tight game, but sometimes it seems like I'm just getting unlucky.  If this is normal short-term variance then I can accept that, but if its something to do with me then I need to figure out what it is.  To any reader that knows' how long or how many hands does a typical struggle period last.  Is 5000 hands absolutely nothing and just keep playing without concerning myself about it?  I guess my question is how many hands would be needed showing a loss before you start to say there's a problem here.  Also how many hands do you need to have played to ascertain a true earn rate?  If any knowledgeable readers have input on this I would appreciate it.

Going to get started on the tables at 11 a.m. this morning which is usually typical as I started at 11 or 12 the last couple of days, but I'm going to increase my 10 hour sessions to 12 hours.  That will definitely guarantee me a minimum 2000 hands a day.  I'm hoping the limited bankroll can hold out because I've got a lot of bonus money headed my way within the next month actually less than that.   Going into last night I had $120 of uncleared bonus on this site and cleared $10 of it last night, for every hundred points you get $10.  According to my calculations I can clear $80 before its expiration on December 5th not to mention I've been in contact with Support because they have a promotion called The Climb going on which has not automatically been offered to me but should be within 72 hours and it will be retroactive to 2 days ago.  If the bankroll can hold out according to my calculations I should get about 600 points which should be good for $50 cash and an additional $20 in bonus money which I can have cleared in 6 days flat.   

I know there has been a lot of changes to plans and procedures lately, but I'm staying on this one.   This will get me to be doing what I truly want to do and just like live, the online the cash game players seem to get all the perks.  That's all for now.  Time to hit the tables in 30 minutes.  Take care, have a great day, and I'll see you at the tables. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Transition Days 1 And 2

After years of being a tournament player, after moving to Las Vegas and attempting to grind tournaments in a live setting, after putting money on in order to try to grind the selection of tournaments there, I have made the decision to make the transition to a no limit cash game player permanently.  Yesterday was day 1 of the transition.

I am not eliminating tournaments completely, but I will not play them online any longer except for the weekly $500 freeroll on wsop and any other decent prize pool freerolls they may have and aside from that only live tournaments will be played and the tournaments that I do play are going to have to meet certain criteria. when Alysia Chang staked me to that tournament at the Orleans a couple of weeks ago she didn't realize it, but she set in motion a change in me that I can never return from.  That tournament was a $125 buy in, first place was over $4,900, and most importantly it had 30 minutes blinds.  I loved every moment of the experience with the exception of not cashing for her, but I loved the structure, I loved the time of the blind levels, I pretty much love everything about it and from that  moment on I knew whenever I play a tournament here in Las Vegas it's got to have 30 minute blind levels, or because of cost concerns and I have to do a tournament that has 20 minute blind levels the starting stack size is going to have to be at least $10k, a good sized field to make the payouts worth the time invested, and a decent structure.

With this in mind and looking over poker Atlas as I often do any tournaments that I play in Las Vegas in an attempt to build towards the $10,000 are going to have to be, from what I can tell, a minimum buyin of $65.   It definitely gives me options, but I'm going to have to take a day where I go to the different casinos and get a copy of their structure sheet to see just which is going to be the best. Binions has an $80 one with $15k starting stack.  Planet Hollywood has an $80 tournament with a $1.5k guaranteed but it says first place gets a thousand and second place gets $500 does this mean they only pay two spots for their $1500 I'm not quite sure of that. The Rio has a nice tournament only $60 but they start their blinds at 100/200 so no thanks.  Treasure Island has 2 tournaments a day with a 12k starting stack at $75, but I have been told that their structure is pretty bad.  Golden Nugget has 2 tournaments a day at $65 with a $10k starting stack.  The Orleans has a $75 tournament with a 10k starting stack, but would have to check the structure sheet to make sure its the same as their Friday night $125 buyin tournament and finally The Mirage  has a $65 $10k starting stack tournament.  As I said I'm just going to have to go around to the different casinos one of these mornings and get structure sheets from each of them to see just exactly what's what.

So what caused the transition to me making the decision was a variety of things.  The absolutely horrendous experience I had been running to in online tournaments was definitely part of it but I had stated before that I would like to be able to grind $1/$2 live no limit cash games eventually.  As a matter of fact Pokerdogg and I have some comments going back and forth where I asked from his experience certain questions about bankroll.  While it's true that tournaments can offer large sums all at once is also true that you can go many games, days, weeks, months without so much as a final table appearance.  Cash games are going to be a more steady climb, a more steady income.

In Las Vegas cash game players get the perks and can make a mint in comps depending on where they play and tournament players get squadoosh as Norman Chad is so often fond of saying.   I will also admit the 1400 big blinds won in  under a thousand hands open my eyes significantly.  Yes I know that's a rarity even at $2NL, but just considering the possibility that if that had been on a $1/$2 live cash game it would have been $2,800.   Now the only thing I have to do is work my way up the ladder and prove myself at each level and this evening just before 6 p.m. I begin that transition, but instead of $2NL, I decided to make my beginnings at $10NL with a $118 dollar bankroll.

Yes, I know it's only 11.8 buyins, yes I know I'm under rolled for that level, and yes I'm willing to take the chance and for more than one reason.  The first is that playing for pennies I'm extremely bored, I can't help it, I just can't continue to play for pots that are $0.18.  The second reason is that $10NL on wsop generate significantly more points then do the $2NL games and that's understandable considering the stakes are five times higher but the reason the points are significant is I have $120 in bonus money waiting for me.  I'm not even sure when it expires, but for every 100 points I earn I get $10 in bonus cash and I just can't clear it playing $2NL.  The bare minimum would have to be $10NL so for the reasons stated above I'm willing to make this attempt under rolled. 

I played about two and a half hours tonight maybe a little more before I decided to call it a night and had a fluctuating session specifically on one table in particular, but ended up over 2 buyins, a $23.04 profit in 651 hands mostly 4 tabling.  That brings the bankroll to just over $141 which for me means 14 buyins.  Not perfect but better than 10.8.  Hopefully I can continue on an upward trend and get the bank roll to where it needs to be to play this level comfortably. speaking of playing levels comfortably herein lies a problem. In order to grind $1/$2 or $1/$3 live no limit cash games I need a bankroll of $10,000.   That's based on 30 buyins of the $300 maximum table limit most of the poker rooms here in Vegas have.  Actually 30 buyins comes to $9,000 so let's just say another $1,000 in expenses and round things off to an even $10k.   How in the name of Christ am I going to get my hands on $10,000.

Believe it or not it can be done grinding cash games online and it can be done in 1 year, but many things would have to happen to pull it off.  I would have to grind a minimum 1000 hands a day each and every day or average it out to that, I would have to achieve and maintain an earn rate of 10 big blinds per 100 hands played overall through all levels and I would have to be successful at each and every level and not be forced to drop levels because of bankroll management rules which I will adhere to religiously.  I know what you're thinking. This coming from the guy grinding $10NL with less than 11 buyins starting out and I would not blame you if you are thinking this because let's face it, it's fact, but considering this is one of the two lowest levels on this site and also considering that I should be able to reload come December if necessary at this point it's a reasonable risk.

Taking this one step at a time the first thing I have to do is see what's available and how many of it is available.  Seeing that today was Tuesday which is typically the slowest day of the week I figure this is a good indication of the minimum available to me on the site.  By noon time there were at least two tables of $10NL, $20NL, and $50NL available.  This works for me as I do not want to play online higher than $50NL because quite frankly I don't want to keep that much online.   $1,500 available online to play $50NL is more than sufficient.

There are no time frames involved in this process it is simply hands played.  Assuming I can achieve and maintain a 10bb/100 earn rate how many hands do I need to play to get me to the next level.  The $118 that I started the transition with will eventually be withdrawn and this grind will be completed with nothing but poker earnings at the cash games.  With that said, I need $600 to play $20NL and $1500 to play $50NL and $10k to make the switch to $1/$2 live.  If the 10bb/100 earn rate can be maintained and achieved, I need to play 60,000 hands at $10NL, 45,000 hands at $20NL, and 85,000 hands at $50NL.   How long that will take is completely up to me.  It will depend on how many days off from poker I take, how many hands per day I play, it's all on me.  The more time and dedication I put into this the faster it will be.  Believe it or not in a perfect world it could be as quick as 190 playing days, however the world is so damn perfect. 

Day 2 started out poorly.  Down 3 full buyins in the first 400 hands played the loss increase to 4.5 vines after 600 hands.  Two flushes that got beat by higher flushes and AA and KK getting cracked all led to this.  Not a good thing especially when you consider I do not have a lot of buyins just yet to work with.  I started with 10.8, increased it to 14 after the short session on day one and after the first 600 hands I had less than 10 buyins in my little bankroll.  However, variance being what it is I knew the only solution was to play through it.  After about 940 hands I had picked up half of buyin back but was still down 4 full buyins.  On a good note I noticed that 1000 hands was going to take me 4 hours or less to play so I quickly realized that that the thousand hand minimum that I'm looking for each day should be easily obtainable especially if I'm putting in 8 or 10 hour sessions with short dinner breaks that is provided these small bankroll. I'm starting out with can compensate for the swings and variance.

I was down $45 at my lowest point after about 900 hands. The session went just over 2000 hands and in the next 1100 hands earned back 2.5 buyins so the day was a $20 loss.  After 2600 hands I'm only up a couple of bucks but the first 900 hands were brutal.  AA and KK cracked a combined 4-5 times and had to lay down AA another time.  Had 3 or 4 flushes beaten by higher flushes, it was painful to watch never mind to play through lol.  I'm going to shoot for another 10 hours tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. And hopefully with the breaks that I take I'll get close to the same volume that I did today.

On a final note I received an email from somebody I will call "Alan", not his real name.  He has a Spanish Website and asked my permission to take some of the entries from my blog and translate them into Spanish articles on his site and for this he is willing to pay me a one time fee of $50 which he said he will send to my PayPal within 48 hours.  I agreed to this and feel kind of good that somebody considers my blog highly enough to pay for using some of t.  It's a really good feeling more than I can even describe.

Well, that's all for today guys and gals.  Tomorrow is another day and I'm hoping the final1100 hands today is the course I can run through the session tomorrow.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Days 2-4

Day 2 there was no poker played.  I continued the $2NL cash games on day 3.   Actually, two sessions were played, the first one a profit of over $12 and the second one was a loss of ($0.55.)  I have now play just under 1000 hands with profits in excess of 1400 big blinds.  I'm looking at the numbers of 998 hands played and a profit in excess of $28.  I look at it and can't even begin to fathom it.  Everything tells me it is not even possible in poker, nobody can win 1400 big blinds in 1000 hands, it's just not done, but yet I've done it.  Obviously a major heater and also quite obviously I will be cooling down significantly.  I wish I have some inkling as to what my profit margin is supposed to be.  What do winning players make at this level?  Is it 10 big blinds per 100 hands is it 20?  I wish I had a guide of some sort so that after 10,000 hands are played I could tell if I am doing a sufficient job or whether something is lacking. 

Tournaments on the other hand so far are ready to drive me to drink more than I already do.  It is almost unrealistic the amount of times that I am getting knocked out of tournaments with huge hands and not just me, but I see it happening to my opponents on a regular basis and for me personally its been happening since I won the $2 tournament the end of October although I do have a win in a $1 tournament in these first 4 days and an 8th place min cash in which I was all in preflop with KK get a call by A9o and he hits a 3 out ace on the flop.  Incident after incident like this is happening to everyone on the $1 tournament tables.   There are far more runner runner straights than is  mathematically feasible.   Of course, these are $1 tournaments and I am playing sometimes 6 or 7 a day so I'm going to see more bad beats than I would in a live setting and the fact of the matter is that in these $1 tournaments players call with bad holdings so often the you're more inclined to see these unexpected cards hit more often, but that does not diminish the negative psychological effect it can have on the poker player and therefor beginning day 5 I will be eliminating them from the daily play schedule.  Besides, I really detest collecting all of $12 after winning a tournament. 

The question of what tournaments to play remains.  Let's face the facts I'm not going to grind up a few thousand in any reasonable amount of time by just playing cash games.  I'm going to need some deep runs in tournaments if for no other reason than to climb the cash game ladder faster.  I see no choice, but to play the $3 rebuys 4 times a day, but with only a $120 bankroll spending nearly $8 or even nearly $6 per tournament is suicide in waiting.  However a single $3 buyin can be feasibly done.  The deep run in a few of these and I'll be pretty much set.   The major problem is starting a tournament at a disadvantage.  Half the field takes the immediate rebuy  and a good 75% of them take the add-on, but I'm not in the position to be able to do either.  Can the skills that I possess overcome this disadvantage, I believe it can and with a $4,000 starting chip stack and guaranteed prize pools I feel that it is the best way of boosting the bankroll in larger increments.   The $2NL cash games should at least partially counter some of the short-term losses in the $3 tournaments which in effect will create more than the 40 buyins currently available.

The one thing I really love about tournaments is generally speaking the only pay the top ten percent and while obviously that will make my ITM go down in turn it should increase my ROI.  The ROI should  be higher than it would be if I were playing in tournaments that pay the top 15%. 

That's that's it for now. First rebuy tournament is at 9 a.m. so I need to set my alarm for 8 a.m.  The first 4 dats in which I played three of those days I'm showing a profit of about $18 only, but hopefully adding the $3 tournaments timorrow things will change for the better in the very near future.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 1 Time To Get To Work

You know sometimes I am guilty of digging my heels in where I really shouldn't, being overly stubborn, and quite frankly allowing myself to fall victim to frustration.  Yesterday was one of those days where I said I was taking the $170 and just going to play $2/$4 to hell with everything else.  As I was at the Orleans playing in that $2/$4 game I got a message that someone had left a comment on my recent blog entry and this one happened to be from Pokerdogg.  Let me say first and foremost that I read every single comment that people leave me and most of them are filled with solid advice and Pokerdogg happens to be one of my readers whom I respect highly for his knowledge, advice, and overall general wisdom.  As I read the comment that he left I realized that everything he said was absolutely correct and it was not long after that I decided I need to take his words to heart and I need to simply do what I need to do and that includes playing online.  A special thanks for your comments which pretty much was the kick in the ass that I needed to get me on the correct road I need to be on. 
I decided that the other was simply a day and night out for me in which I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself thoroughly and then the adventure of making the deposit on ensued.   Not wanting to wait till the following morning and having to spend another $5 in transportation expenses after I left the Orleans I took a bus to the strip. The bus drops me off right outside the Wynn and it's about a half a mile walk down to the Harrahs where I can deposit and withdraw on   I get to Harrahs and of course the cashier cages are never near the door that you walk in, only to find out that they are having technical difficulties.  They tell me that the nearest  casino to do this is 4 casinos down at Paris.   They call Paris to confirm that I can make a deposit with them and so off I go on another walk.  Saying something is 4 buildings down in whatever town you might be in is nothing, but casinos along the strip are rather large objects and when something is 4 casinos down it's about a mile away.  For many of you thats is nothing, but for me it's a big something.  If the the asthma and COPD and the still active bronchitis doesn't get me the bad leg and the bad knee will, but taking it as slow as I wanted to I made the walk down to Paris.  I get in there and I'm told the supervisor with the password just went on break.  I mean really? Are you absolutely serious???   They tell me I can also do the deposit at Planet Hollywood which fortunately for me is right next door so I popped into Planet Hollywood and was able to make a $100 deposit. 

At this point my lower back felt like it was shredded in six places and I was so tired that I decided to hell with this there was no way I was going to make the walk all the way back to the Wynn to pick up that bus and decided I would spend the $6 on the Deuce to get me downtown which I could pick up a bus from the Bonneville Transit Center back to the north side.  I wasn't crazy about paying a $6 bus trip, but physically speaking at that point I had no choice.  So just a very short walk from Planet Hollywood there was a bus stop and that's where I was standing when the bus called the SDX happened to come by. Apparently this stands for strip and downtown Express and I figured it could be no worse than the $6 the Deuce was going to charge me so I hopped on, but the first thing I noticed is there was no one paying for it and every stop we made and somebody got on there was nobody paying.  An automated voice over the speaker system kept on saying how this was a paid fair bus and you had to pay when you got on so I don't know what the hell it was.  Do they give free rides after a certain time??  It was about 10:30 at night when this happened, but whatever, I grab the SDX down to Bonneville and grab the 105 which droppef me off at Lake Mead and Martin Luther King Jr and believe me at 11 o'clock at night that neighborhood is not exactly a thrill a second.  It was about 45 degrees with a 10 mile an hour wind and I was freezing my ass off even though I had a jacket so much so that I was standing behind the bus stop just to get out of the damn wind, but I finally made it back to the house as a partially frozen human popsicle.  

So November 5th 2015, begin the official day one of the online grind to $2k.   I started the day with $102.21 as there was $2.21 left over from that $36 tournament win at the end of October.  Since I want to eventually play $1/$2 No Limit live cash games and since I feel one has to work their way up the ladder and prove themselves at each level, I started grinding two tables of $2NL early in the afternoon, but I just could not take it.  Playing for pennies was driving me insane and I closed out the tables after winning $0.99.  I suppose one should not complain about winning 50 big blinds but I was bored stiff and decided to hell with it I'm not going to do this I'll just play tournaments.  A little later on in the afternoon I had to chastise myself somewhat and return to those $2 NL tables because as I have the ability to play four tables on my computer it's a waste of time and potential profits by not playing them and it's not a matter of what I want to do it's a matter of what I have to do so I returned to those $2NL tables running two of them and two tournaments. 

I did not think anybody could win that much playing No Limit cash games.  Now granted the actual dollar amount will be considered quite low since it's $2 tables that I was playing but for a $2 maximum buyin on one of my tables I had $14. I mean how is that even possible?  I was not getting AA, KK, and QQ every hand. Yes I hit a few hands, but I found that most of those profits were from my opponents that would call rivers with moderate holdings at best.  Don't get me wrong in order to win that much on a $2 table I hit my fair share hands a flush here, a couple of sets there, but its not like I hit 7 full houses in a row.  I didn't think it was possible to win 800 big blinds playing for a few hours.  Either I am naturally good at this or my opponents are just that bad.  I'd like to think it's the former, but it's probably the latter lol.

In the $1 and $2 tournaments I played four, hit 3 final tables and did not cash in any bubbling one of them.  So famn frustrating.  QQ got beat by 89s and in another  tournament I was severely hurt when my QQ got beat by AKs.  The cash games more than made up for it winning 790.5 big blinds or $15.81 in what turned out to be 341 hands.  

Yesterday Misty and I were out and about all day long doing laundry went to a doctors appointment with her and no poker was played but I'm getting back on it today.  I will be playing the $2NL tables plus any and all $1 and $2 tournaments that looks like it'll have at least 20 runners.  I ended day one with a $10 profit give or take and had I not bubbled that one tournament it would have been even more so I'm just going to keep on keepin on. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Throw It To The Wind

So I really couldn't put together anything after winning that $2 tournament and ended up losing the $36.  Had a few extra expenses this month, but still had $170 I was ready to deposit online today, but that has now been cancelled.  The problem is those $3 rebuys that I was planning on grinding specifically.  50% of the field gets the initial rebuy to start with a double stack so if I don't do that then I am at a disadvantage to half the field.  There is a $4,500 addon at the first break which considering the blinds are only 40-80 or 50-100 it would be absolutely insane not to addon and adding in excess of 40 big blinds to your stack.  The problem is that makes the total cost of that tournament $8.46.  if I put the $170 online that gives me 20 buyins and thats all.  There are only a couple of $2 tournament during the day and the $1 tournament have so few people with just a couple of exceptions it doesn't make it worth it.  Besides, I don't want to play online anyway.    

So many ridiculous bad beats after winning that $2 tournament that I don't want to put any money on there.  Take the last $3 rebuy.  I have 77 and flop a full house.  Get it all in and I'm up against JJ.  Jack on the turn and jack on the river and I'm knocked out.  Flopped 2 pair twice and my opponent hits a 2 outer on the turn and knocked me out of two other ones.   Ran my KK into AA 3 times in 12 tournaments.  I guess it doesn't matter what online site you play on mathematical inprobability is commonplace, but  there's absolutely no enjoyment in playing online for me anymore.  I guess part of the reason is because I'm in Las Vegas now and love live play so much that online will never be the same to me again.  

$170 is not enough to do anything.  I don't want to play the electronic tables at the Plaza anymore and tournaments anywhere else it's going to be at least a $45 buy in and $5 a day for transportation costs.  By my calculations that gives me 3 tries somewhere.  Considered theowing $150 on a NL game, but thought better of it.  

I decided to return to 2/4 limit but not at the Nugget.  Gonna try it at the Orleans. Who knows maybe I'll make some money at the same time.  Probably not, but you never can tell.  All I know is right now grinding up a bankroll does not seem plausible in any way, shape, or form in any venue,  but if there is a possibility doing it from the very limited amount of extra money I have each month it's going to be at the 2/4 limit table.  The variance is less then tournaments, it's less than no limit insofar as major amounts of money being won or lost in one shot.  It's a slow climb, but what the hell I have time, and with that said, I'll see you at the tables. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Starting November With A Small Bankroll

Utilizing some profits earned in freerolls on, $0.55 here, $1 there, $0.21 here that sort of thing I had $2.28 in my online account tonight.  I planned on playing two $1 tournaments to see if I could put something together, but after missing the 2:15 p.m. $1 tournament because I didn't think it was going to have enough players which I was wrong and the 3:15 and 4:15 definitely not having enough players for my liking I decided to jump in the 6 p.m. $2 MTT.  Whereas the one dollar tournaments are hit or miss as to whether they'll get the four people needed for the minimum or whether they only get four total  the $2 MTTs always get over 20 or 30 people.  This one has 57 in it counting me. 

My game was on top discipline wise and the key hand of the entire tournament may have been where I folded QQ in EP2 to a UTG open shove.  UTG had me covered and will my readers may debate whether or not this was in fact a good fold.  I felt the best case scenario was I was up against AK and the worst case was that I was up against a AA or KK. Whether I was or not I will never know as all folded to this particular player, but something was telling me the best it would have been was a coin flip and at that point in the tournament I did not need to be flipping for my tournament life.
I'm very interested in what some of my readers think about the fold.  Recalling from memory the blind was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-100 or 75-150 and stack sizes were he had in excess of $7000 and I too had just over $7000, but he had me covered.  The villain in question was moderately aggressive but not to the extent of any kind of maniac and there have been too many times in these small buyin tournaments that I have seen my opponents open shove with AA and KK perhaps because they don't know any better or perhaps because they don't figure anybody is going to put them on such a huge hand because of the shove.  I was also able to target one specific player not only on the first table that I was on, but on the final table and quite frankly his all-in on draws and hitting rivers luck that he was getting early on against my other opponents did not hold up and I was able to take it down heads up against him.  A small cash of less than $1 in the $100 freeroll tonight put my account when I ended things at $36.80.

9am $3 RB DS $350 Gtd
11am $2 RB
12pm $3 RB DS $400 Gtd
130pm $2 MTT
215pm $1 MTT
400pm $3 RB DS $350 Gtd
515pm $1 MTT
600pm $2 MTT
615pm $1 MTT
645pm $100 Freeroll
715pm $1 MTT
730pm $3 RB DS $800 Gtd

That's the schedule I'm going to try to do on a daily basis. 12 tournaments a day and it will be getting started tomorrow, but not with the morning ones tomorrow.   Also until I buy the wireless mouse at Walmart on the 3rd I won't play more than two tables utilizing the built in laptop mouse so I will be picking and choosing which tournaments I want to play most likely sticking with the $1 and $2 tournaments listed above.  I might throw in the $3 rebuy that starts at 7:30 as a possibility.  Once I have bought the wireless mouse then I will max out at four tables at one time, but no more than that.  As for tomorrow morning, Misty and I have some errands to run and I won't let her handle them by herself.  She really is a sick little girl with no less than 4 seperate infections within her including a major sinus infection which spread to two other areas and the lung infection which gave her bronchitis. 

I was thinking earlier today about putting only $100 online and holding the other $100 in reserve.  I had this thought before I won the $2 MTT earlier.  The idea behind it was if I only put half on and I'm able to grind up from that point it would be nice to have $100 on me in spendable cash for the month, but then I realized if I am able to grind a profit then I can always pull out the $200 investment and work with the profits.  If I have to make a second trip to Harrah's I much prefer to be for a withdraw and not a 2nd deposit so the $200 will probably go online as planned.  I am however going to see if I can grind up from the $36.  If I don't have to make the $200 deposit because I was successful in this endeavor great, but the $200 will be held in reserve in preparation to make the deposit.  Misty already inquired about borrowing an additional $100, but I told her that after I pay the $500 in rent the other $200 I would have available was already spoken for in a business transaction.  Hey, technically it wasn't a lie lol. 

So that concludes this entry.  It felt really good to get a win under my belt and against a 57 player field is somewhat respectable.  At the very least good enough to grind on the first and second of this month, taking the 3rd off to run the errands and make the deposit I need to and get cracking back on the 4th and hopefully turning a profit within the next two days as well.  Take care everyone, hope everyone had a very happy, fun filled, and safe Halloween, and I'll see you at the tables.