Monday, November 16, 2015

A Few Days Off

Haven't played poker for about 4 days.  Decided to take a few days off, spent the weekend at a friends house just hanging out and it was really awesome spending time with her.  Tuesday I'm back at the online poker tables from 10am to 10pm stretch figuring a couple of hours of breaks maximum during the day still gives me a 10 hour run bare minimum and a solid seven hours of that being spent 4 tabling $10NL.  The further along in the months that we get the better it off I am regarding the shortened bankroll for this level.  All I need to do is get myself to December and I should be able to run pretty smoothly as far as bankroll management concerns are, of course no guarantees as fasas profits considering the first 6200 hands.  

Looking to get some input from some live no limit cash game players. In the first 6200 hands the main thing that I have noticed is  wild swings comparatively speaking in buyins fluctuation.  The first sessions ran pretty much consistent with a profit of $23 on that very first day, but that was only two and a half hours of play so I really can't get any determinations from something like that.  Sessions 2, 3, & 4 we're all a minimum of 7 hours and some of them were over 9 and I notice massive fluctuations during the course of those days play.  Day 2 was the smallest of these down 4 buyins and actually a little more towards the end I was able to recoup two of those buyins, but still a $20 loss for the day.  Day 3, over the course of the first 3 - 4 hours, I was up $41 then I ran into some hideous both what I would call bad beats and unfortunate run ins and when the session ended I went from + $41 to down $16 for the day.  Day 4 was a wild one as I went up about $12 and again due to bad beats and unfortunate run-ins was down in the neighborhood of $38 which in of itself is a 5 buyin fluctuation. The fluctuation continued when I climbed out of that hole and ended up making a $1.10 in the 1300 hands played.  As you can see day 4 could be considered close to a 10 buyin fluctuation when you consider going from +$12 to -$38 to +$1.10.   What I am interested to know is is this just something experienced online to this degree.  Remember we cannot look at it for monetary value standpoint we must look at it as amounts of buyins.  Do live players go through these kinds of fluctuations to this degree or is it just online players because I am getting 2000+ hands a day, which for a live player could easily represent a weeks worth of Poker.   Anybody with any thoughts or opinions on this matter please leave a reply in the comments.

That's all for now. Going to try to get some sleep soon as I have the alarm set for 830am so I can get started by 10 a.m. .  Looks like it's time to get back to work so yake care one and all, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. I would really like to see some online stats here aka VPIP and related figures (position raises, 3 bet, 4 bet %s, etc) I am sure it would help the really good analysis guys here to how you are doing. Without you determining those statistics from a software program pretty hard to make observations I believe just on buyin figures. Just saying what you are up and down buyins can't really help a person determine. It's really rare for myself to go down more than 2 buyins, and I leave any table where that happens (mostly), but that is just my play and keeps my wild fluctuations way down. You can have extreme wild fluctuations and still be a good player. As long as the upward fluctuations are larger than the downward ones :)

    If you are going to be a pro who improves on his game and moves up and would appreciate helpful analysis from brainy players, you must use the available software whether you trial some out or fork out the money. I'm not sure what you can use on the Nevada sites, but you gotta use something, even if it is to just record your own actions. Mandatory!

  2. well in the first 6200 hands there are more down than up as I am losing ten or eleven dollars, but have been informed 6200 hands is nothing when it comes to this.

    Study time is difficult. There is no tracking software that I can use because does not keep hand histories in text format. I can go back and look at a hand if I can find the right one which would be difficult at best and replay the video of the hand but that's about it. The best I can hope for is to read some posts in the micro No Limit cash game section of 2+2 perhaps, but I can't even ask questions or post a hand history because of the lack of a text format. I suppose I could look for somebody else that posted a hand history that resembled a question I might have, but impossible to put any actual numbers on my opponents, however I do take notes as much as possible especially on the rags. I guess the best that I can do is perhaps post a screenshot of a hand and report what the action was here on my blog and perhaps some of my more knowledgeable readers could possibly give me input. if you can think of anyway that I can employ study time other than one of the possibilities already mentioned Please lay any ideas on me.

    as for my own numbers they do have a stats box and what I could do is post here on my blog for instance supposing I had three tables where I played 400, 500, maybe 600 hands on that table during the course of the day it will show me in the stats box what my percentage going to the flop was in the small blind, the big blind, and other positions. if I recall correctly it will also tell me how many pots I won at show down and how many I won without a showdown but I can't swear that until I'm online tomorrow and double check it.

  3. Just did some research, WSOP.COM uses 888poker software, which means most poker software should work on it.

  4. PokerTracker 4 can support the 888 and poker clients in the State of New Jersey. The WSOP poker client in the State of Nevada does not store hand histories locally on your computer, therefore PokerTracker cannot support WSOP in Nevada.

    According to my research this morning the same goes for Holedem Manager

    1. Yes, I see that now. Seems Nevada state law makes it a problems to use HUDS.

  5. Nice job on the research,

    yeah I followed behind Flush and see that WSOP Nevada does not want HUDS used. At least Flush is playing on an even playing field (except for the guys who know how to get around these limitations to have a HUD like they do on Bovada - but that is probably just a few players). These type of conditions make it harder for a pro to evaluate his play on an in-depth basis, and review hand histories to catch errors. BUT, it encourages more recreational type players to get involved as they know the vaunted pro does not have a super advantage.