Friday, November 20, 2015

Cooler Heads Prevail

Every comment that is left for me with very few exceptions gets published.  I think only 2 comments from haters I have refused to publish and every comment that is published I read it from beginning to end.  Some comments try to offer advice, some may doubt my ability, some may try to reassure me the things that I have said are not valid and sometimes I have a habit of being emotional when I'm overly frustrated.  I know there's nothing sinister going on at and I was totally and utterly frustrated by what I have been going through, but even more than that what really was hurting me was the fact that I needed it not to happen.  Why does it seem when you're on a shortened bankroll what you need to happen and what actually does happen always seems to be the opposite.   And before any of my readers think perhaps I was playing with scared money that definitely was not the case because quite frankly I got stacked too many times for it to be that.  Poker players that play with scared money are afraid to put the money in and when I'm playing poker whether a live tournament or an online cash game with the $10 buyin I play a very smart game but at the same time I'm absolutely fearless.  

I was running on 11 buyins only and a 3 buyin loss is nearly a 30% loss to the total bankroll so because of that ACR the frustration seems to have multiplied even more.  On Twitter I've talked about playing on Mann mentioned that in my last entry, but now that I took a day off completely from poker, and as the saying goes cooler heads prevail, it's entirely obvious to me that I am NOT going anywhere except back to come December 3rd.  Where else can I do a withdraw and have it available to me an hour and a half later.  I'm not going to go with an offshore say when I have a USA site right at my beckon call it's not going to happen. the last post generated some comments at that  question whether I was a winning poker player, offered to have a conversation with me about poker, offered good advice and I'm going to address those comments right now.

Vookenmeister said in part:
i think you should spend more time sharing hand histories for discussion and improvement and less time taking snapshots of bad beats.
You should be reviewing hands or studying frequently.  Analyze the hands for spots where you could mitigate damage better or maximize profit.
Keep smiling. I wish you the best.

I would love to share hand histories but since WSOP Nevada does not store them in the text format I have no way to copy and paste them to the blog. I suppose I could take he hands and simply write out what was done, but if there are several in a 2000 hand session that would take a lot of time to be able to accomplish.
I definitely agree a self review of those hands, and honest assessment of what I could have done differently is definitely in order and if I play till 10 p.m. since I don't go to sleep too probably 2 a.m. anyway I could be utilizing that time to do a self analysis.
As for study I am at a loss.  Because of the lack of hand histories I can't post them here nor can I post them on some place like two plus two to ask for advice and input.  I could join one of those sites that offer videos for $10 a month, but can watching videos without the ability to receive input from actual hands played do me any good?  Any thoughts or ideas on these questions is greatly appreciated.

Pokerdogg said in part:
despite your epic run bad, you are down a total of $40 from your $100 deposit? That is only 4 buyins @ 10NL, that's nothing.  If you can't handle these kind of losses, then grinding poker for a living is not for you.

I have to admit this is the comment that really made me shake my head and in no way negative about anything you said, but shake my head at my own embarrassment for letting a minuscule $40 loss, four little buyins affect me as emotionally as it did.  When I played full time professionally in Atlantic City as a tournament player I would go through sometimes 10 straight losses $650 in just three days time and just completely shrug it off because I knew it was just a drop in variance, but yet I let a measly 4 buyins effect me the way it did.  To be quite honest I'm somewhat disgusted with myself that I allowed that to happen, it shouldn't have, and I will make sure it does not do so again.

Steven Northrup said:
If you consider deposit bonus's he is down more than that. He needs to spend time improving his game because he thinks he's already a pro when he can't beat $10 NL. He's probably just getting out played but isn't willing to put in the time to fix it.

I found this comment to be the most unfair. First of all Steven I only cleared a single $10 bonus so therefore the loss was in the neighborhood of $40. you say I consider myself a pro when I can't beat $10NL. I have made it a point to state I'm not a professional poker player instead I'm a full time poker player. I will be a professional when poker earnings is what I am able to use to live on.  You say I can't beat $10NL.  I find this too unfair as I have stated several times that back in the PokerStars days I used to play Limit cash games I have dabbled in No Limit from time to time, but nothing of a serious nature and so this is my first real serious attempt to grind No Limit cash games, I played less than 10000 hands and took a four buyin loss and from this you concluded I cannot beat $10NL. Really?? Are you serious?? Why don't you give me a hundred thousand hands before you make a determination and a blanket statement like that. I got news for you sir, in poker, especially Texas Holdem, there isn't anything I can't beat, but this is a new venue for me, I am learning, I will make mistakes, but I find it hard to believe that I have made errors when I faced the following scenarios.

$13 loss when I have a full house and my opponent had a straight flush
$10 loss My kk lost to 44
$10 loss my KK vs QQ and opponent hits a 2 out Q on the river
$10 loss flop trips and lose to a two outer on the turn that gives opponent a full house
$10 loss set over set
$10 loss trip Qs lose to a flopped set.
$15 loss flop set opponent flops 2 pair, opponent hits 4 outer on the turn giving both of us a full house but his larger

Those 7 hands of nearly 8000 played add up to $78 in losses in 7 hands  and if you doubt the validity of the hands that I just stated why don't you go check my photos in Twitter because there was a screenshot of every single one of them so before you make blanket statements such as you have perhaps it might be nice if you knew what you were talking about first.  Good day, Sir.

angerisagift said in part in 2 separate comments:
Here is a thought mayb u just arent good enuff at poker to make a living at it. Most ppl arent.
Where to next?? Deadwood??

You're right most people don't  but I know I am, it's just going to take some time.
Deadwood?? Really?? You're going to put me in the same class as that nutcase VBJ degen??  I'm crushed lol.  Las Vegas is my home now and there's no way I would ever want to leave. 

Bradtastic said in part:
Live cash $1-2 players will occasionally lose $200-300 pots on suckouts. It's just part of cash games.
I stopped letting every bad beat bother me by playing solid and at stakes where I can make some money, but am not bothered at all by a full buy-in loss.
I don't think there's anything sinister happening at WSOP. 8000 hands represents about 250-270 hours played live; would a dozen or so bad beats happen over a month or two of playing live? Probably. .
Last, if you want to talk about specific hand histories (inside the WSOP software, you can see your table histories and all the hands played with a replayer), I'm definitely open — just contact me.
I railed one of your games when I only had three tables going and saw a bit of cold calling/fold to c-bets that my be interesting to chat about.
Also you should be getting bonuses at WSOP for things like the climb.

You are absolutely 100% correct on the first two things that you said it is simply part of cash games and I should never have let it affect me emotionally I am working on that aspect of my psychological and mental awareness. 
Yes I know there's nothing sinister happening over there again I let emotions get the better of me and I pride myself on being such a logical individual I'm really rather ashamed of myself.
Somebody who plays 10 hours a day live 7 days a week that 8000 hands could equate a month at the tables, somebody who took days off like you said two months and yes the bad beats that I suffered could definitely occur in a month of live games I realize that now.
Would be more than happy to discuss hands with you and if someone can figure out how to post them on this blog I plan on doing that when I get back into it in December.  As far as the cold calling goes and at the risk that I may see you as an opponent at the tables I will let you know a few things about me.  Not everything, but a few.  I guarantee you if you see me cold calling most likely I am doing it with a pair a small to medium pair.  One flaw in my game is I don't 3 bet enough pre flop and that's an ongoing process for me.  I also cold call a ton with AQ another hand I should probably be three betting pre flop depending where the initial raise came from.  I certainly don't feel comfortable three betting AQ if that raise came from UTG, but I definitely should be three betting far more than I do when the raise comes from the hijack or the cutoff especially.  I must say though even when the raise may come from those later  positions I'm and I have AK in the small or big blind many times I will only call.  I probably should be three betting there, but I really dislike playing a drawing hand out of position.  I also question whether as an example let us say I have in fact called a raise with JTs and the flop is J62.  Sometimes I question should I just fire out and donk bet the flop if they have position on me, should I check raise three times their bet because I have top pair even If my kicker is suspect, should I definitely be doing that if I'm up against the pre flop raiser and I flopped top pair top kicker, or should I play it safe and simply call down. I am working on that aspect of the learning process. 

So I have two weeks exactly until I get paid again on December 3rd so what will I be doing. Well I'm going to deposit at least $150 and I'm trying to swing $200.  I will return to 4 tabling, but I will be increasing the size of the screens to make sure I can see everything.  I won't be able to take as many notes as before I obviously but let's face it to team playing did nothing to cure the variance so quite frankly I might as well get the volume in.

Thanks to a tweet by @chipxtractor I'm going to be able to devote some study time.  There are from what I can tell at least 60 videos to watch on a YouTube channel which I am subscribed to by someone named Blake Eastman and the channel is called School of Cards.  I've only watched one so far and already learned a lot from it.  It was regarding live play and when to look at your cards  when you're at the table.  If that first video is any indication this is going to be an eye opening education.

I was going to grind for the freerolls on ACR, but since I've decided that I will be returning to WSOP it seems like a waste of time.  Of course, not much to do over the next two weeks but I will be dedicating that to some serious study time on whatever is available to me. That's the wrap up for now, take care all, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. You are lucky to have some top conmentors. Vook is just simply one of the best in my opinion, and while I don't know Pokerdog's game as well, he is high on the poker intelligence scale.

    I would be personally interested in your posting about your full background and experiences as an Atlantic City tournament pro and what happened to end that adventure

  2. logic - tenacity

    look at the %'s 80% pair over pair is not 100%

    be happy to have someone call an all in with an underpair reguardless of the result... if they put a beat on you type nice hand in the chat and hope they come back and play and deposit again!

    Varriance is what makes rec players win and ultimately redeposit their entertainment income again and again.

    I would also suggest playing the freerolls on ACR and Seals with clubs if you get has been valuable to my mindset in that you will take horrible beats....see horrible calls and tons of them....for free

    1. The Seals had Clubs, but the Government had Guns (and Arrest Warrants) so Micon and the Poker Site all flew away into the night...

  3. It may be good for you mentally to step down to 2NL for awhile and get in some wins. If you can at least hold your own at 10NL, you can beat 2NL. I haven't had a losing day at 2NL tables in weeks, and tonight I wasn't lucky at all. I even made a lousy call and lost a 150BB stack to KK on one of the tables. Another table I won exactly 5 hands out of 161 played. Super card dead. At least three of those were decent sized pots. The other two were good; I got on a small heater on one, but most of the money is from shorter stacks shoving on me with 20% or less equity.

    As far as the JTs thing goes, it really depends on the opponent and where he is. It's not a mandatory hand; I'll fold it a lot of I'm in a blind and mid-late position opens, because it has to flop big or it doesn't play well out of position. I'll fold a lot of stuff like QJo and ATo also (OOP) for the same reason. If you don't catch a pair or draw, you end up folding to cbets, if you do catch mid or top pair, you could easily be outkicked or have a hand that could easily get sucked out on. It makes more uncomfortable situations, and so ill just wait for better spots. I end up folding a lot of hands early and open or 3bet a lot of hands late; and yet no one seems to give my 4x open UTG any credit so I can still get max value for my nutted hands in EP.

    Bits of advice: if you haven't read Jonathan Little's books, you should. Worth it. Also Ed Miller of course. As far as YouTube and such, check out Splitsuit's hand history videos, and the Red Chip Poker podcast. There are a lot of good poker podcasts available; Jonathan Little also has a YouTube channel and podcast.

    Last, you should change your WSOP cards to look like mine (@bradtastic on Instagram). That way all the card values are super clear even when they're small because they're four-color and just a number or letter really big in the middle. Much easier to see especially if your tables aren't that big.

  4. proof theres still money to be m@de in online poker is found in the f@ct my Bov@d@ is now $333 from the $150 deposit m@de since coming to south d@kot@

    1. That is not proof of anything. How many times have you gone bust at Bovada and had to redeposit in the last 12 months? May be you can tell us how much money have you actually won overall @ Bovada in the last 12 months, that would be a more useful fact.

  5. Saw your Instagram Brad yes those huge letters and numbers are going to be a great help Plus bringing the Full Card instead of my name covering part of it thanks for the tip I'm going to do that.

    As far as my experiences in Atlantic City I don't talk about it too much and while it was great playing professionally and I loved it there was a woman involved and if I was making a thousand a week she was spending 1500. Whats worse is I actually got back together 6 months later with her walked away from poker for her we lasted 21 months. I wasn't ready to go back to poker until the end of 2014. when I returned to it I was in Dubuque Iowa got a job working at a target and was going to start playing the tournaments at one of the casinos there. Played a $60 tournament which I do not cash it and a $225 bounty tournament which I placed 4th in for $742 plus three bounties of $150. Not bad for 4 hours work. that's when the doctors put me on the disability trail and I had to go the next 7 months without an income.

  6. Replying on my phone so this won't be as thorough as I would normally deliver...

    Great to see your mental attitude in the reply. I would expect WSOP to be softer than Bovada and safer for your money. I don't honestly know about though

    Some 3betting thoughts.

    - most people don't 3bet enough. I don't 3bet enough even though I know it.

    - you prob should 3 bet less at the lower stakes as I suspect people will call lighter. 3betting bloats the pot and gives you less wiggle room to work your advantage post flop. Not sure at 10NL on WSOP though.

    - one benefit of playing on WSOP is you can get a long term read on players. You should eventually learn who you can exploit by widening your 3bet range.

    - against randoms,, 3bet more in tourneys than the low stakes cash game

    - 3 bet sizing and position matters. You don't have to jack it up and you should do it more often in position

    - most importantly 3bet with a polarized range. when you talk about widening your 3bet range don't add AQ to your JJ+,AK range. Think about a marginal hand that is barely a fold for you and 3bet that instead. This widens your range, makes you less exploitable and makes your decisions simpler if your opponent 4bets.

    - don't 3bet a value hand that you might have to fold to a 4bet. Benton summarizes it well here ->

    Good luck.

  7. Hey bro, if you want to analyse hands and they don't save why don't you record yourself playing a session for 1 hour talking/commentating your decisions and upload it on youtube and put the link here thats the best way.

    This has a free trial good luck bro