Sunday, November 8, 2015

Days 2-4

Day 2 there was no poker played.  I continued the $2NL cash games on day 3.   Actually, two sessions were played, the first one a profit of over $12 and the second one was a loss of ($0.55.)  I have now play just under 1000 hands with profits in excess of 1400 big blinds.  I'm looking at the numbers of 998 hands played and a profit in excess of $28.  I look at it and can't even begin to fathom it.  Everything tells me it is not even possible in poker, nobody can win 1400 big blinds in 1000 hands, it's just not done, but yet I've done it.  Obviously a major heater and also quite obviously I will be cooling down significantly.  I wish I have some inkling as to what my profit margin is supposed to be.  What do winning players make at this level?  Is it 10 big blinds per 100 hands is it 20?  I wish I had a guide of some sort so that after 10,000 hands are played I could tell if I am doing a sufficient job or whether something is lacking. 

Tournaments on the other hand so far are ready to drive me to drink more than I already do.  It is almost unrealistic the amount of times that I am getting knocked out of tournaments with huge hands and not just me, but I see it happening to my opponents on a regular basis and for me personally its been happening since I won the $2 tournament the end of October although I do have a win in a $1 tournament in these first 4 days and an 8th place min cash in which I was all in preflop with KK get a call by A9o and he hits a 3 out ace on the flop.  Incident after incident like this is happening to everyone on the $1 tournament tables.   There are far more runner runner straights than is  mathematically feasible.   Of course, these are $1 tournaments and I am playing sometimes 6 or 7 a day so I'm going to see more bad beats than I would in a live setting and the fact of the matter is that in these $1 tournaments players call with bad holdings so often the you're more inclined to see these unexpected cards hit more often, but that does not diminish the negative psychological effect it can have on the poker player and therefor beginning day 5 I will be eliminating them from the daily play schedule.  Besides, I really detest collecting all of $12 after winning a tournament. 

The question of what tournaments to play remains.  Let's face the facts I'm not going to grind up a few thousand in any reasonable amount of time by just playing cash games.  I'm going to need some deep runs in tournaments if for no other reason than to climb the cash game ladder faster.  I see no choice, but to play the $3 rebuys 4 times a day, but with only a $120 bankroll spending nearly $8 or even nearly $6 per tournament is suicide in waiting.  However a single $3 buyin can be feasibly done.  The deep run in a few of these and I'll be pretty much set.   The major problem is starting a tournament at a disadvantage.  Half the field takes the immediate rebuy  and a good 75% of them take the add-on, but I'm not in the position to be able to do either.  Can the skills that I possess overcome this disadvantage, I believe it can and with a $4,000 starting chip stack and guaranteed prize pools I feel that it is the best way of boosting the bankroll in larger increments.   The $2NL cash games should at least partially counter some of the short-term losses in the $3 tournaments which in effect will create more than the 40 buyins currently available.

The one thing I really love about tournaments is generally speaking the only pay the top ten percent and while obviously that will make my ITM go down in turn it should increase my ROI.  The ROI should  be higher than it would be if I were playing in tournaments that pay the top 15%. 

That's that's it for now. First rebuy tournament is at 9 a.m. so I need to set my alarm for 8 a.m.  The first 4 dats in which I played three of those days I'm showing a profit of about $18 only, but hopefully adding the $3 tournaments timorrow things will change for the better in the very near future.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. its possible to win over 1400 big blinds, i won $2800 once in my life in the live $1-2 NL

  2. You really should check out streaming poker on Twitch. If you have a laptop you can use the built in camera or mic or buy a cheap webcam for PC.

    Alot of people stream and they get donations and subscription money that could be in the thousands $$$! This would surely help you reach your goal of $2000 a lot quicker than cash or the odd tournament.

    Good luck on the online grind!

  3. I think someone mentioned once before putting some money toward large inexpensive tournaments. It might be the only way to get a significant bump to jump start your bankroll. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of rake, variance and the nasty beats that happen against poor players.

  4. Hey Flushhdraw, I've seen you on WSOP quite a bit. Multitabling 2NL is a grind, but if you have more time than money, it's pretty safe. Lately there's been a few 6Max 4NL games going. 10NL isn't much harder than 2 and 4NL but you probably want $400+ to multi table it. I dropped down recently after a downswing and internet issues. Lost a few pots due to disconnects and would rather not be connection dropped with $6+ in the middle.

    Also, you can play all the WSOP freerolls. Just play the Sunday $500 one seriously and the daily $25s and $100 with a sort of kamikaze strategy. Either you'll bust out early and save time or set yourself up to win.

    The $1 Big Buck is basically $3 a night total if you don't rebuy. Just double buy in the beginning and add-on at the break. I have a decent tournament win rate but I don't play that many of them.

    Also, don't fret about bad beats. You'll get your fair share. About as many times I've had aces and kings go down in flames, I've sucked out with QQ or AK. If you get sucked out on, it means you got your money in good, and eventually you'll show a profit.

    Last bit, if you play smart, you don't need to deposit much. I've put in $100 total, withdrew pieces of it as I made a bit of profit, and redeposit whenever WSOP offers a match bonus. If you're always playing on a bonus, it's like a rakeback. Also this month there's The Climb, and 100 points isn't hard to get.