Sunday, November 1, 2015

Starting November With A Small Bankroll

Utilizing some profits earned in freerolls on, $0.55 here, $1 there, $0.21 here that sort of thing I had $2.28 in my online account tonight.  I planned on playing two $1 tournaments to see if I could put something together, but after missing the 2:15 p.m. $1 tournament because I didn't think it was going to have enough players which I was wrong and the 3:15 and 4:15 definitely not having enough players for my liking I decided to jump in the 6 p.m. $2 MTT.  Whereas the one dollar tournaments are hit or miss as to whether they'll get the four people needed for the minimum or whether they only get four total  the $2 MTTs always get over 20 or 30 people.  This one has 57 in it counting me. 

My game was on top discipline wise and the key hand of the entire tournament may have been where I folded QQ in EP2 to a UTG open shove.  UTG had me covered and will my readers may debate whether or not this was in fact a good fold.  I felt the best case scenario was I was up against AK and the worst case was that I was up against a AA or KK. Whether I was or not I will never know as all folded to this particular player, but something was telling me the best it would have been was a coin flip and at that point in the tournament I did not need to be flipping for my tournament life.
I'm very interested in what some of my readers think about the fold.  Recalling from memory the blind was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-100 or 75-150 and stack sizes were he had in excess of $7000 and I too had just over $7000, but he had me covered.  The villain in question was moderately aggressive but not to the extent of any kind of maniac and there have been too many times in these small buyin tournaments that I have seen my opponents open shove with AA and KK perhaps because they don't know any better or perhaps because they don't figure anybody is going to put them on such a huge hand because of the shove.  I was also able to target one specific player not only on the first table that I was on, but on the final table and quite frankly his all-in on draws and hitting rivers luck that he was getting early on against my other opponents did not hold up and I was able to take it down heads up against him.  A small cash of less than $1 in the $100 freeroll tonight put my account when I ended things at $36.80.

9am $3 RB DS $350 Gtd
11am $2 RB
12pm $3 RB DS $400 Gtd
130pm $2 MTT
215pm $1 MTT
400pm $3 RB DS $350 Gtd
515pm $1 MTT
600pm $2 MTT
615pm $1 MTT
645pm $100 Freeroll
715pm $1 MTT
730pm $3 RB DS $800 Gtd

That's the schedule I'm going to try to do on a daily basis. 12 tournaments a day and it will be getting started tomorrow, but not with the morning ones tomorrow.   Also until I buy the wireless mouse at Walmart on the 3rd I won't play more than two tables utilizing the built in laptop mouse so I will be picking and choosing which tournaments I want to play most likely sticking with the $1 and $2 tournaments listed above.  I might throw in the $3 rebuy that starts at 7:30 as a possibility.  Once I have bought the wireless mouse then I will max out at four tables at one time, but no more than that.  As for tomorrow morning, Misty and I have some errands to run and I won't let her handle them by herself.  She really is a sick little girl with no less than 4 seperate infections within her including a major sinus infection which spread to two other areas and the lung infection which gave her bronchitis. 

I was thinking earlier today about putting only $100 online and holding the other $100 in reserve.  I had this thought before I won the $2 MTT earlier.  The idea behind it was if I only put half on and I'm able to grind up from that point it would be nice to have $100 on me in spendable cash for the month, but then I realized if I am able to grind a profit then I can always pull out the $200 investment and work with the profits.  If I have to make a second trip to Harrah's I much prefer to be for a withdraw and not a 2nd deposit so the $200 will probably go online as planned.  I am however going to see if I can grind up from the $36.  If I don't have to make the $200 deposit because I was successful in this endeavor great, but the $200 will be held in reserve in preparation to make the deposit.  Misty already inquired about borrowing an additional $100, but I told her that after I pay the $500 in rent the other $200 I would have available was already spoken for in a business transaction.  Hey, technically it wasn't a lie lol. 

So that concludes this entry.  It felt really good to get a win under my belt and against a 57 player field is somewhat respectable.  At the very least good enough to grind on the first and second of this month, taking the 3rd off to run the errands and make the deposit I need to and get cracking back on the 4th and hopefully turning a profit within the next two days as well.  Take care everyone, hope everyone had a very happy, fun filled, and safe Halloween, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Hey, congrats, good job on winning the tourney. Nice that you can move up your schedule win that score.

    Sounds like a very challenging living situation, best of luck in that and poker.


  2. Assuming you can win at higher stakes this seems like a vey arduous way of making enough money to move up in stake//play for a living on top of SSI

    Are there any part time jobs you can work there do not affect your disability?


  3. yes I could get a part time job that did not affect my disability, but that's not what I came to Vegas for. this is my chance to play full time and even if the first part of that is online it's okay I'm doing what I want to do I'm doing what I love.besides I used to work at retail and as far as a regular job it's pretty much the only experience i have and if I tried going back to that there would be serious medical issues. it's been suggested getting a job in a call center. when I was in the working world I can't tell you how many times I applied for that but with no experience they weren't even interested. so I'm going this way. Besides its medically safe and at this point that's got to be my primary concern.

  4. Gotcha. In that case if you're enjoying the chance of building up a roll and you are able to pay your bills and be happy and you aren't in a rush then...

    Maybe you are actually winning already.