Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 1 Time To Get To Work

You know sometimes I am guilty of digging my heels in where I really shouldn't, being overly stubborn, and quite frankly allowing myself to fall victim to frustration.  Yesterday was one of those days where I said I was taking the $170 and just going to play $2/$4 to hell with everything else.  As I was at the Orleans playing in that $2/$4 game I got a message that someone had left a comment on my recent blog entry and this one happened to be from Pokerdogg.  Let me say first and foremost that I read every single comment that people leave me and most of them are filled with solid advice and Pokerdogg happens to be one of my readers whom I respect highly for his knowledge, advice, and overall general wisdom.  As I read the comment that he left I realized that everything he said was absolutely correct and it was not long after that I decided I need to take his words to heart and I need to simply do what I need to do and that includes playing online.  A special thanks for your comments which pretty much was the kick in the ass that I needed to get me on the correct road I need to be on. 
I decided that the other was simply a day and night out for me in which I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself thoroughly and then the adventure of making the deposit on ensued.   Not wanting to wait till the following morning and having to spend another $5 in transportation expenses after I left the Orleans I took a bus to the strip. The bus drops me off right outside the Wynn and it's about a half a mile walk down to the Harrahs where I can deposit and withdraw on   I get to Harrahs and of course the cashier cages are never near the door that you walk in, only to find out that they are having technical difficulties.  They tell me that the nearest  casino to do this is 4 casinos down at Paris.   They call Paris to confirm that I can make a deposit with them and so off I go on another walk.  Saying something is 4 buildings down in whatever town you might be in is nothing, but casinos along the strip are rather large objects and when something is 4 casinos down it's about a mile away.  For many of you thats is nothing, but for me it's a big something.  If the the asthma and COPD and the still active bronchitis doesn't get me the bad leg and the bad knee will, but taking it as slow as I wanted to I made the walk down to Paris.  I get in there and I'm told the supervisor with the password just went on break.  I mean really? Are you absolutely serious???   They tell me I can also do the deposit at Planet Hollywood which fortunately for me is right next door so I popped into Planet Hollywood and was able to make a $100 deposit. 

At this point my lower back felt like it was shredded in six places and I was so tired that I decided to hell with this there was no way I was going to make the walk all the way back to the Wynn to pick up that bus and decided I would spend the $6 on the Deuce to get me downtown which I could pick up a bus from the Bonneville Transit Center back to the north side.  I wasn't crazy about paying a $6 bus trip, but physically speaking at that point I had no choice.  So just a very short walk from Planet Hollywood there was a bus stop and that's where I was standing when the bus called the SDX happened to come by. Apparently this stands for strip and downtown Express and I figured it could be no worse than the $6 the Deuce was going to charge me so I hopped on, but the first thing I noticed is there was no one paying for it and every stop we made and somebody got on there was nobody paying.  An automated voice over the speaker system kept on saying how this was a paid fair bus and you had to pay when you got on so I don't know what the hell it was.  Do they give free rides after a certain time??  It was about 10:30 at night when this happened, but whatever, I grab the SDX down to Bonneville and grab the 105 which droppef me off at Lake Mead and Martin Luther King Jr and believe me at 11 o'clock at night that neighborhood is not exactly a thrill a second.  It was about 45 degrees with a 10 mile an hour wind and I was freezing my ass off even though I had a jacket so much so that I was standing behind the bus stop just to get out of the damn wind, but I finally made it back to the house as a partially frozen human popsicle.  

So November 5th 2015, begin the official day one of the online grind to $2k.   I started the day with $102.21 as there was $2.21 left over from that $36 tournament win at the end of October.  Since I want to eventually play $1/$2 No Limit live cash games and since I feel one has to work their way up the ladder and prove themselves at each level, I started grinding two tables of $2NL early in the afternoon, but I just could not take it.  Playing for pennies was driving me insane and I closed out the tables after winning $0.99.  I suppose one should not complain about winning 50 big blinds but I was bored stiff and decided to hell with it I'm not going to do this I'll just play tournaments.  A little later on in the afternoon I had to chastise myself somewhat and return to those $2 NL tables because as I have the ability to play four tables on my computer it's a waste of time and potential profits by not playing them and it's not a matter of what I want to do it's a matter of what I have to do so I returned to those $2NL tables running two of them and two tournaments. 

I did not think anybody could win that much playing No Limit cash games.  Now granted the actual dollar amount will be considered quite low since it's $2 tables that I was playing but for a $2 maximum buyin on one of my tables I had $14. I mean how is that even possible?  I was not getting AA, KK, and QQ every hand. Yes I hit a few hands, but I found that most of those profits were from my opponents that would call rivers with moderate holdings at best.  Don't get me wrong in order to win that much on a $2 table I hit my fair share hands a flush here, a couple of sets there, but its not like I hit 7 full houses in a row.  I didn't think it was possible to win 800 big blinds playing for a few hours.  Either I am naturally good at this or my opponents are just that bad.  I'd like to think it's the former, but it's probably the latter lol.

In the $1 and $2 tournaments I played four, hit 3 final tables and did not cash in any bubbling one of them.  So famn frustrating.  QQ got beat by 89s and in another  tournament I was severely hurt when my QQ got beat by AKs.  The cash games more than made up for it winning 790.5 big blinds or $15.81 in what turned out to be 341 hands.  

Yesterday Misty and I were out and about all day long doing laundry went to a doctors appointment with her and no poker was played but I'm getting back on it today.  I will be playing the $2NL tables plus any and all $1 and $2 tournaments that looks like it'll have at least 20 runners.  I ended day one with a $10 profit give or take and had I not bubbled that one tournament it would have been even more so I'm just going to keep on keepin on. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Good job listening to pokerdog and the other posters. You should never, ever even consider playing live 2/4 LHE unless you are looking to make a surefire charity contribution to the casino. Even 3/6 is generally a pure house donator.

  2. What about $4/$8. Would ypu consider that acceptable. I understand that goes regularly at the Bellagio

  3. riding the bus without a ticket, which u can purchase in the vending machines, at every strip bus stop mostly, gets u a ticket from the cops if caught by the guy checking passes boarding random busses. its NEVER free. why not get a monthly disabled pass? thats very cheap. i dont know where u apply but it was pointless for me since i cant prove my disability like u can. i cannot imagine why ur roommates insist in living in horrible all black areas since i think theyre white.

  4. I am really glad you changed your mind on playing 2/4 limit. That was literally a no win scenario.

    You were wondering how much bankroll you need to play 1/2 live in your comment on the previous post. I had done some analysis on this a few years back. Basically it comes down to your winrate, standard deviation, and risk tolerance. You may want to read from the beginning of that thread to get the background.

    I subsequently found a bankroll calculator. The numbers are not exactly the same as my calculations, but it is pretty close. Pretty handy to play with some what if scenarios.

    Good luck.

  5. Pokerdogg I noticed in your posts and granted these posts are from 5 years ago, but I assume things regarding bankroll management have not changed and please correct me if I'm wrong on that, but in your post you are saying that the standard is 30 buyins. I also noticed that when you did the calculations for example $4,325. Now at the time this was based on a $200 buyin. Would I be correct in assuming that based on the current standard you find around Vegas of a $300 buyin I would simply take those amounts and increase them by 50% or would I increase them by 1/3rd

    1. If you want to play with $300 buyin instead of $200 for 1/2, the BR requirements will be different, but I don't think it is a simple extrapolation by 50%. A bigger buyin could affect 2 of the 3 factors in our calculation, namely winrate and standard deviation. Assuming you are equally skilled with playing a bigger stack, and other players are also buying in for $300, a bigger starting stack should increase your win rate somewhat. However, not everyone is good with playing a bigger stack, the additional psychological pressure could actually lead to more mistakes. I am not sure what effect bigger buyins would have on standard deviation, I imagine it would increase it somewhat also.

      My guess is, it would be less than 50%, and more than 0%, so I would be pretty comfortable split it down the middle and say 25%.

      Having said all that, I wouldn't recommend buying in for $300 for 1/2 if you are short on bankroll. Yes, you may be forgoing some ev, but having more buyings will effectively reduce your risk of ruin, seems like a pretty good tradeoff at this stage of the game.

      All of this is hypothetical anyways, because you need to know your winrate and standard deviation, and you won't know until you have a lot of hours under your belt. You may be able to guesstimate by comparing yourself to other winning players that have similar style.

  6. oh great u got a job or r we talking about "playing" poker