Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where To Next

The cash games did not go well today and quite frankly I was so completely fed up then I was thinking of withdrawing but I had decided that I was going to play some tournaments at least for a few days, but a financial situation arose here at the household need some help with and since only I had the ability to help I withdrew $60 from the poker account and should be able to pick that up in a couple of days.  

My playing time at has come to an end.  I don't know what you wish to call it, bad variance, bad luck, but the fact of the matter is that after near 8000 hands I went through more bullshit than one person should have to and even with two tabling that continued today.  I mean a full house getting beat by a straight flush, my full house getting beat by a bigger full house, my trip Queens with top kicker getting beat by a full house and after I withdrew  the $60 I still had $15 or $18 on there I play the $3 rebuy and in that game I fire out larger than a pot size bet on the flop in the neighborhood of over $1200 and the guy called with a gutshot and of course hits the straight on the turn and while playing that I take the final $10 and sat in a $20NL game as a short stack just to try it out since it was only ten bucks and I had KK and get beat by 44.  Like I said bad luck, variance, unfortunate situations, faulty software, something sinister, I don't care what you call it but I'm done with that site and I shall not return anytime soon in fact I will not return to it at all even come December when I have the ability to make a deposit.  The constant situation of the worse hand flopping monsters is just not something I will continue to put up with.  

Maybe this is just the nature of cash games.  Certainly I listen to what the Trooper goes through in his cash games from his vlog, I have read what happens to Rob especially that last trip to Vegas when he had written was his worst poker playing trip ever and although they claim that there is more variance in tournaments, I've been a tournament player for years and I just don't see it.  Maybe this experiment making the transition to cash games was what I needed to show me how that side of the table lives and seeing it, albeit at a very low stake level I will tell you this.  There is no way on God's green earth that I am going to sit in a $1/$2 cash game at some point in the future and go through bad beats like this, which undoubtedly I would from time to time, and undoubtedly they would come in streaks, and watch $300 at a time be lost.  I mean when you think about it it could happen in three straight hands, not likely perhaps, but technically possible and that kind of variance I refuse to even deal with.  The cash games only cost me about 30 bucks which is nothing to me, but it may have taught me a valuable lesson about  just where I belong in the poker world, where I've pretty much been since I started playing back in 2004, where quite honestly I feel the most comfortable and have made the most money, at the tournament table. That, ladies and gentleman, is where I will be for the rest of my life.

So it seemed for all intents and purposes that come December I would be scraping together what I could and headed back to the Plaza and hope to hell I get on a quick heater to build up a reasonable bankroll, but not just yet.  There is one more online avenue and if it weren't for something on my Twitter I would never have even thought of it, but even though it's an offshore site, I am talking about Americas Cardroom.  

On my Twitter and very possibly on many of my readers' Twitter as well is a guy named Matt who goes by the handle of @iflopsets.  I am seen several tweets about him playing tournaments on ACR albeit at a much higher buyin than I can afford, but he seems to do really well and based on this I decided to redownload the software as I already have an account over there and I took a look at the tournaments and I have to tell you I loved what I saw.  Many many many tournaments throughout the day from the $1.10 through the $5.50 levels, all with guaranteed prize pools, and even better many of them with 15 minute blind levels, 12 minute blind levels and 10 minutes also which I would not even bother with.   Many of them with starting stacks of $5,000 im chips, $3,000 in chips and this is something that I absolutely love.  This site has far more tournaments than WSOP could even ever hope for an WSOP only offers 10-minute blindd levels, nothing else.  The only sticking point is they also have long reentry times 2 hours or in some cases 12 levels, but no different than I put up with when I was playing at Bovada.  I just tweeted Matt asking him if he would recommend the site as he plays there and and he answered back that he really likes it there a lot.  Add to that there are all lot of rave reviews from members of two plus two about ACR as well

So what to do in the meantime since I have about two weeks to get through.  Well, it turns out ACR has these on demand $10 freerolls which a $10 freeroll sucks but the minimum it pays is $0.55 and with that $0.55 you can enter an on demand $25 tournament which coincidentally enough cost $0.55 to enter.  This will give me a couple of weeks to see how the cards run at ACR and if everything looks relatively normal 

While I was reading this entry and I got an email from WSOP you told me you my $60 was ready to be picked up which I will do tomorrow.  I will be doing that tomorrow morning and about three in the afternoon Misty and I will be taking care of a financial matter so I will grind these freerolls after I get back in the morning and until about 3 p.m. and then when I return. Freerolls pay only the top 10 spots and they have five or six hundred people in them, but it's ok nothing better to do anyway and I really want to see how things run over there.
If I decide to make a deposit in December it will be between $100 to $15 possibly more depending on whether or not I feel like celebrating Christmas this year and buying presents and going to the stores and all that bullshit.  I usually don't, not since my wife passed away.  When she died it just didn't seem to have the same meaning to me anymore.  This whole time of the year is not good for me.  My wedding anniversary would have been on November 20th just a couple of days away, she died exactly two weeks after our 12th anniversary which was 3 weeks before Christmas.  I just want to get through this time of the year, just get me to January and I'll be ok.  This is why I hate it so much when my birthday comes at the end of October because I know what's headed my way.   Being able to grind especially at this time of year is an escape for me so even if its freerolls, if I can keep my mind focused on something else I might not think about it as much.  It's an escape, but at this time of the year it's an escape I desperately need.   Lately I seem to be going in 20 different directions as my readers have obviously seen.  That's not usually me, but if my mind seems to wander in 6 directions at the same time, now you know why.  Time to get some sleep.  Take care, be well, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. i think you should spend more time sharing hand histories for discussion and improvement and less time taking snapshots of bad beats. If you are losing it is either bad variance or bad play or both. stop blaming the sites and look within to improve while you embrace variance.

    I've played online heavily since 2008. I've had amazing streaks of fortune and horrendous streaks of bad luck. I've had stretches where I've failed to cash in 30 straight MTTs and just recently had a night where I won 17 straight DoNs (on Bovada)

    You should be reviewing hands or studying frequently. You're going to run bad. Analyze the hands for spots where you could mitigate damage better or maximize profit. Even better instead of posting a screenshot of a bad beat on Twitter post the action for comments and discussion. There are tools where you can plug in hands. Pick a part of your game to improve and focus hard on that one spot at a time. Maybe it's flop and turn betting based on texture? Maybe it's bet sizing? Maybe it's spots where you should check back turn to pot control and river value? Maybe it's Late game ICM? You have the benefit of time and a stable modest income.

    We all have leaks were unaware of. You have s lot of free time. Use it wisely to improve your poker and mental game.

    Keep smiling. I wish you the best.

  2. Do despite your epic run bad, you are down a total of $40 from your $100 deposit? That is only 4 buyins @ 10NL, that's nothing. When people talk about variance being worse in tournaments, they are talking about bankroll variance, not each individual poker hand. I don't think I have ever lost 10 buyins in a roll in live cash games, but not cashing 10 tournaments in a roll happens all the time. If you can't handle these kind of losses, then grinding poker for a living is not for you, although there is nothing wrong with poker as a hobby.

    I haven't played on ACR in years, is their traffic better than Bovada? How is there cash out? Good luck over at ACR, but you are going to face the same issues over there as far as poker is concerned.

    1. If you consider deposit bonus's he is down more than that. He needs to spend time improving his game because he thinks he's already a pro when he can't beat $10 NL. He's probably just getting out played but isn't willing to put in the time to fix it.

    2. 8000 hands at 10NL or below, how much could he have cleared? I doubt it is more than $10 or $20. Say it is 6 buyins, that is hardly an uncommon occurrence.

      That biggest problem I see so far is the mental side of the game. Flushhdraw may or may not have the technical skills to be a winning cash game player, but it won't matter if he can't handle the variance of the game.

  3. told u about ACR like 4 New Days in yr poker "grind" ago but back then u were going thru yr online poker is rigged stage.. i like it cuz PLO Hi/Lo, rakeback, and has sportsbook. how is Jan doing?????? Here is a thought mayb u just arent good enuff at poker to make a living at it.Most ppl arent.

  4. Good luck man. I don't really know if those bad beats are normal for other people, but it happens to me a fair amount over 8K hands. I create a monster pot with KK and my opponent flops a nut flush with ATs, stuff like that. Or a guy goes all-in with a set when I have the nut flush and he rivers a boat.

    Live cash $1-2 players will occasionally lose $200-300 pots on suckouts. It's just part of cash games. I played $4-8 limit HE for fun once where this drunk rich guy straddled every hand (you can straddle any position where I play) and won about $400 over 5 hours, about $20 more than I won in that game. He created these monster pots with every two cards and ended up way ahead. Luckily there were two more drunk players that donked a lot of money to me, too.

    That's just sort of a cash game thing.

    I stopped letting every bad beat bother me by playing solid and at stakes where I can make some money, but am not bothered at all by a full buy-in loss. Partly I figure, would it bother me if I lost a BB live in a cash game if the board were somehow checked the whole way down; would it bother me to fold my BB live and lose $2 that way?

    I don't think there's anything sinister happening at WSOP. 8000 hands represents about 250-270 hours played live; would a dozen or so bad beats happen over a month or two of playing live? Probably. I think it seems worse online due to sheer volume and speed of play.

    Last, if you want to talk about specific hand histories (inside the WSOP software, you can see your table histories and all the hands played with a replayer), I'm definitely open — just contact me. Reviewing hands helps me improve a lot. Yesterday I railed one of your games when I only had three tables going and saw a bit of cold calling/fold to c-bets that my be interesting to chat about.

    Also you should be getting bonuses at WSOP for things like the climb. Even the low level $20 is probably enough to play 2NL indefinitely.

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, ACR has no where near the traffic of Bovada, and the MTT structures compare horribly (ACR most gtds 3 hr late reg with full re-entry, some now up to 5 hrs), and it is hard to build up with small money there, and the cash games are tighter, BUT that said I think it is a good alternative for MTTs if you get the hang of the late registration and you prefer seeing player names you can take notes on and use HEM/Poker Tracker to your advantage. I play the NL cash but really love the wilder PLO8 cash when you can find a game.

      I have been dabbling with building a free $25 two Winning Poker Network sites gave me, but it has consisted of me full rolling 25NL/PLO8.

      I don't think I would have it in me to grind 2NL, I don't even like playing 25NL

      The upcoming OSS V tournament series next week is a good opportunity to play for some lower buyins that offer larger than normal guarantees.