Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Couple Days Off And An Additional $50

Took Tuesday and Wednesday off from poker as I spent some time with my friend that I have mentioned before, the same one that I was looking at the poker books that she has.  I realized I have not yet given her an alias, so I'm going to call her "Melanie".  We spent a couple of days just kicking back and hanging out talking and I always feel so much more relaxed when I spend a couple of days at her house.  She has noticed it as well and although she hasn't been over to my place better known as Casa Insanity I guess she can tell through texting when I'm back at the apartment I'm not as relaxed as I am over at her house.  The fact is my roommates to a great degree at this time are very uptight and there's a lot of stress in the household, but one way that I am able to avoid having to deal with that is the long hours of grinding I am putting in. It's a fringe benefit of my poker playing because usually I have earbuds in and the music playing and I'm able to shut out everybody around me when I'm at my place.  I usually have the oldies rock and roll blaring in my ears on my mp3 app or have Pandora on in a constant search of songs to add to my mp3 app and it shuts out everything around me except for the poker and the music it is a nice way to escape the external stretch that others are going through.

During these two days off week one of the APP leaderboard contest came to an end.  I thought I might get knocked out of the top 15 by not playing yesterday, but I only dropped from 13th to 14th place and since I finished in the top 15 out of the 30 places paid, I was rewarded with $50 cash added to my account.  

Hey FlushhDraw,

Congratulations on a great week at the tables. Your play in our cash games earned you a spot on our weekly APP Leader Boards, and a cash prize of $50 which has been credited to your player account.

Congratulations again, and we look forward to seeing you at the tables.

See you at the tables,

The Team

So even with not playing the last 2 days the bankroll increased by $50 to a total of just over $314 which puts me up to 31 buyins in the bankroll.  I'm in a much more comfortable position now than I was when I first made the $108 deposit adding it to the $52 that I had on there giving me $160 and only 16 buyins.  I have a tournament ticket in my account for the No Whammies Wednesday $1,000 freeroll.  This is something that apparently they random reward me and I don't even know why, but I must make sure I remember to play that tonight.  Yes, I know its called No Whammies Wednesday and it is held on a  Thursday don't ask me why lol.  The $500 freeroll this Sunday is something else that I must remember to play with both of these tournaments have obviously no cost to me but the potential of $100 or $200 added to the bankroll just like that. this is what this fact alone is what makes me not playing tournament so difficult, but I am staying on the path that I have adopted and one that is booting successful especially with the $70 in bonus money that I have gotten thus far. 
I plan on withdrawing the $160 I started with on December 3rd at some point.  What that will do is put $160 in my pocket obviously, and everything online will be pure earnings from no limit cash games, freerolls, and bonus money obtained.  As for the $160 I want to have at least $660 in the bankroll before I make that withdraw as withdrawing will not leave me short of 50 full buyins for the $10NL level.  I plan on meeting up with Nick known as @nickg_96 on twitter and his wife to be able to meet him in person for the first time as he will be back in Vegas January 21st to the 24th and depending how much available cash I have if I am able to do that $160 withdraw before then and how much available I have from my January disability payment we may be playing a little $1/$1 no limit at the Linq or possibly the $45 tournament they have there.  Either way it will be very enjoyable to meet a fellow blogger, have dinner with him and his wife, and then play some live poker.  I'm looking forward to it very much.  Unfortunately I was not able to meet up with AgSweep this time around due to other things that I was involved in, but hope we can do so next time she passes through town.  

 So that's all for now.  Almost noon, so time to get to work and hopefully have a 3rd straight winning day.  Take care and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Congratulations on your recent success. 'Casa Insanity' is catchy... :) When I get to a computer again next week, I'll reciprocally link back to you from any and all of my four blogs that you're interested in linking to.,,, and Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Coach. Please add me to your blogs. Your 4 have been added to my Good Reads list.

  3. Tony it was a typo. I do make typos when I'm typing up my blog don't you lol.