Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Withdraw

Back on the 12th of this month, I had my final fresh start of what I've been trying to do in this transition to being a cash game player.  I had $180 online to try to make something happen.  Everything else that I have now in addition to that original $180 is from earnings at $10NL, bonuses received, & a freeroll cash.  I had planned on withdrawing that original money anyway and having my actual bankroll only be earnings and bonuses at some point in the future anyway, but with Christmas coming now seems just as good a time as any.  I really wanted to wait until I had $500 in the bankroll because then by withdrawing $180 that would leave me $320 still giving me over 30 buyins for my current level, but with upcoming bonuses within the next 3 days I'm pretty clise to that right now.  Ended tonight with $453.  A minimum $25 will be credited Wednesday from week 3 of the APP leaderboard challenge.  I will definitely finish in the top 30 for week 3.  Trying to scoring another $50 in it is questionable at best, but I will definitely finish in the top 30 which is a minimum $25 added to the bankroll and within that time I will also clear a $10 bonus, plus I have $5 in CP's right now which puts me at $40 added to the bankroll within 3 days and damn close to the $500 mark providing the worst I do is break even at the tables berween now and then.  I plan on taking Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from poker so I probably will not score any cash from the APP leaderboard on week 4 since I will only be grinding 4 days during week 4 and I don't know if that'll be enough you get me the top 30 since I have figured out I average approximately 25 APPs per day that I play.  After the session tonight I put in the withdraw for $180 leaving me a bankroll of $273.13 the amount of earnings and bonuses accumulated since the 12th and still over27 buyins for my current level with another $40 minimum being added by Wednesday.  Just in case I take an overdue loss I didn't want to be a Scrooge and change my mind.   From this point on any future withdraws will, at least hopefully, be for poker related reasons such as live cash play, live tournament entry fees and stashing away in building towards the final goal of $10k. 

The downswing that is headed my way I am simply hoping will not be too painful.  Yes, my game is vastly improved, but nobody can run at 34bb/100 forever.  Everyday I figure it's about to end or something happens at the table that gives me a slight clue this has run its course and everyday I am surprised.  Today's session was no different.  Getting closer to that magic number of 1500 hands a day there were a couple of hands where I got taken down for full stacks with AA getting cracked and running into a flopped set and usually these are the kinds of events that tells you that what was good previously may be slowing down, but instead of slowing down it's simply a small bump in the road and good fortunes combined with good play keeps increasing things.  1353 hands and $46.40 in earnings for today.

I achieved Gold Status with today's play giving me an APP to WSOP transfer rate of 5x.  Looking toward January I am shooting for 27 of 31 days played, a minimum of 1500 hands per day, 40,000 hands played for the month, an 8bb/100 earn rate, $30 in CPs for January, and minimum earnings of $320 which could be higher with a step up to $20NL looming in the very near future.  James "Splitsuit" Sweeney a poker coach and creator of the Poker Bank videos I watch as part of my of my poker study time recommends taking a 1-2 buyin shot at the higher level when 15 buyins have been achieved for that higher level.  Going on that theory that means a bankroll of $300.  I don't entirely agree with that as I see 2 buyin swings as being commonplace when multitabling.  For me and my comfort level I'm thinking more along the lines of when 20 buyins are achieved and a 5 buyin shot so that means when the bankroll is at $400 taking a five buyin shot at $20NL and if $100 is lost drop back down to $10NL still with 30 buyins for that level. 

The homefront is better with Misty and I having talked about things and the most recent tirade she threw at me and while I can forgive, forgetting is another matter entirely.  I can maintain a civil atmosphere and even a friendship, but after recent events it will never be as close as it once was.  The trust has been annihilated and once destroyed it is almost impossible for someone to regain it from me again.  I am still going to be renting another place March 3rd and there will not be any further long term loans made to her or anyone else here.  This month I will pay the share of expenses I agreed to, I will purchase the money order when I get paid, she will give me Jan's share before I purchase said money order and Rays portion will be given to me a few days later when he gets paid. 

With me taking the withdraw and utilizing it for Christmas that shoukd give me about $250 spendable when Nick arrives in Vegas on the 21st and we have talked about some $1/$1 cash game play at the Linq and perhaps a $45 tournament thete as well, but with the Linq only having 15 minute blinds we might be better off grabbing the 10pm tourney at the Nugget or perhaps something with just a touch higher entry fee nearby, but that will be figured out at the time it happens.  I am very much looking forward to meeting him. 

That's all for tonight.  Ending my sessions at 11 p.m. and I'm going going to try to be on the tables by noon from now in giving me 11 hours to get 1500 hands played and ending at 11 gives me enough time for studies, article reading, video watching, forum browsing, and whatever, for now free resources, are available.   Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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