Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Buyins Not Dollars

Well the Christmas holiday has passed and I'm really looking forward to the new year.  Spent about 4 days celebrating the Christmas holiday with my friend Melanie and had a really enjoyful time hanging out with her as I always do.  She is such a great person and the talks and debates..... we get into everything from politics, tp poker, to the war with Isis, to any other subject that comes up.  It's so nice to spend time with a friend who is not just enjpyable to hang out with on a personality level, but is also someone you can have an intellectual conversation with.   It's so rare, but awesome when you have a friend like that.

I did play a little bit of Poker during the 4 day stretch of the Christmas holiday, but not much comparatively speaking.  Christmas Eve I played 512 hands and earned $13.  Christmas Day I just played a few hands and between the two limits of $10NL and $20NL and this was the first day that I replaced a $10NL table with a $20NL table, I ended up making $24 at 10NL and lost a buck at 20NL playing just a little over 250 hands in total.  On the 26th it was no poker played and on the 27th I took a loss.  271 hands of $10NL and a $14 loss and 92 hands of $20NL and a $4 profit.  Today the 28th was the first day back to a full schedule and I got hammered at $20NL tonight.  However, my first instinct is to say hammered since I took a $38 loss, but I have to get used to the higher dollar amounts.  $38 is less than 2 buyins. This is something that Pokerdogg cautioned me about in one of his comments that I have to be careful not to let the higher dollar amounts effect me and look at everything as buyins.  448 hands played at $20NL and a loss of under 2 buyins.  I would swear I ran into opponents hitting sets on me at least 5 or 6 times so all in all I'm probably fortunate the loss was as small as it was.  I took $39 in losses on two specific hands one where I flopped a set of kings and got beat by a straight and the other I flopped top 2 pair and got beat by flopped set.  Those two hands alone accounted for $39 in losses and there were at least for all the times that I got beat by sets so the fact that I only want $38 shows me that overall it wasn't all that bad and obviously I was able to contain the damage.  1413 hands at $10NL was my saving grace for tonight as I turned a profit of 3.4 buyins or $34.  With the $10 bonus that I cleared and the additional $3 from convertible points that were transferred to the bankroll I ended the night with a bankroll of a little over $403.

However I must say I don't particularly enjoy only having one table of $20NL going and would prefer to have at least two tables of $20NL and two of $10NL.  So instead of adding them one at a time I will be adding them two at a time.  20 buyins I believe that can be my minimum starting point for a higher limit.  A bankroll $400 allows me two tables of $10NL and two of $20NL.  If at the end of a session I am under those 20 buyins for the higher level then the next day it's back to $10NL exclusively until that 20 buyins for the higher level is reached once again.  When i have 30 buyins for the higher level for $20NL that's $600, I can run all four tables of that exclusively assuming there are 4 available to play.  20 buyins of $50NL would be $1,000 when that is reached I will be able to run two tables of $20NL and two tables of $50NL and so on and so on.  I like this approach much much better for a variety of reasons the least of which is hopefully and potentially I will be able to grind up the profits that much faster while still being very careful with my bankroll.  I don't want to have to start all over again because I did something foolish and this is why I treat the bankroll like it's my lifeline. 

That's going to end this entry.  I want to hit the tables possibly by 12 p.m. tomorrow as I noticed recently that even at 12 p.m. the table percentages are decent. With just the the one table of $20NL tonight,  approximately 50 points were earned today.   Running two and two tomorrow is going to increase the CPs which so far this month I have converted $16 worth of wsop points which as I stated before can be looked at as rakeback.  No matter how you want to look at it, extra dollars in the bank roll is never a bad thing.  I might, just might get two more bonuses cleared before the 2nd.  Take care everyone.  My next blog entry will be a review of December and some January goals.  As always, I'll see you at the tables.

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