Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 1 And Comment Responses

Yesterday was payday and as I was able to figure out certain expenditures I realized that I had two choices.   I could wait until Friday as Jan will be paying me back $100 of the $210 she owes me and I could utilize that $100 + $100 from my money and put the $200 on the site.  If I went that route I wasn't going to be doing that until probably 1 or 2 in the afternoon and by the time it was completed and got back to the house chances are I would have simply relaxed for the rest of the evening and began the grind on Saturday.  The other choice that I had was to put less money on the site than originally intended and then when I get the hundred dollars from Jan tomorrow to keep that aside in reserve in case I need it.  I decided to go with the second choice because I knew if I did that I would be able to start the grind today Thursday the 3rd.  I knew I had $52 in my account the money that I have been able to grind up from $0 and utilized a couple of freeroll winnings so to even things up I put a deposit of  $108 on WSOP over at Caesars Palace today and I have $92 in reserve in case it is needed.  My reload bonus maxed out at $100 so I knew as long as I put $100 on I was going to get the maximum value in that area which the $108 deposit more than covered.  I fired up the tables and got started at 1:48 p.m. with a an account balance of $160 and 27 points needed to clear a $10 bonus.  All the rest of the bonus money that was pending will be expired after tomorrow with the exception of the reload bonus of $100 which I have to the very beginning of January to clear.

I can't go into too much detail about my starting hand strategies as I'm not sure how many, if any, of my $10NL opponents may read this blog, but suffice it to say I have opened the range especially in the earlier positions.  These tables are so tight that quite often these raises are going unchallenged.  I am also raising in position probably ten times more than ever before in my life.  These small pots add up over the course of several hundred hands or over a thousand.  Previously the problem with being ultra tight is when you suffer a bad beat it is hard to recover because you play so few hands and the added aggression is paying dividends no doubt.  The C-bets that don't get called and the preflop raises that get folded to may be small, but they add up.

That's not to say I burned up the tables today, far from it, but I did earn a $9.88 profit in 1275 hands which translates to an earn rate of 7.75bb/100 higher than the 5bb/100 goal I have set for this level.  I was never down more than half a buy-in today and at one point up 3 full ones, but variance being what it is I ended up earning a few pennies less than a full buy-in today.   I got a late start and thus did not hit my 2000 hands, but I plan on starting at 10am from now on playing til 10pm.  I am stopping then so that I can go over the hands that I have noted and also any hands where I lose half a stack or more to see if I see if any errors were made and will also post to the best of my ability on here.  Remember I have no hand history to copy and paste so bare with me on these.  I have 4 hands listed below I would love input on.  Along with the profit I also cleared a $10 bonus.  Previously I would earn maybe 30 points in a 2000 hand session, but today's play got me 30 points in 1275 hands.  I was not involved in an excessive amount of all-ins to be sure so I can only figure that the more open range and consequently more contributed rake is having benefits in this area as well.

Hand 1:

Stacks: Hero $19.04  Villain $9.07
2 limpers I raise to 70 cents
Flop TT4 Rainbow  Pot $1.67 I fire C-bet of $1.31 Villain calls
Turn 7 two hearts now on board.  Pot $4.16 I bet $2.18 Villain Calls
River 9h  Board now TT479 3 hearts.  I check Villain goes all in with his last $4.88 and I have $14.88 behind. 

Do you call because you're pot committed or do you, after realizing that every damn draw just hit that river, let this one go.  Thoughts?

Hand #2

Called a small preflop raise with the suited connector.  Villain in this hand coldcalled the 35 cent raise on the button.  Nice flop but a bit wet so when the preflop raiser checks I bet the flop.  

On the turn:

What do you feel the correct move is.  What the hell are his possible holdings?  JJ?  67s and that turn just gave him a powerful combo draw??  Does he have an 8 and outkicks me, I called.  Was this an error??

Whether or not calling the turn was an error or not is there anyway we're good here??


UTG min raised to 20 cents.  EP2 calls.  I 3bet to 95 cents.  Small blind goes all-in for half my stack and original raiser calls for $3 and change and back to me.  What's the move?  I feel with both of them going all-in even with their shorter stacks I am either dominated or flipping here against at least 1 of them.  Call or fold?


I raise UTG to 50 cents, 1 caller.  On the 2nd barrel this happens

Grrrrr.  Ok so I have no notes on him.  Is he doing this with top pair top kicker which I have seen happen many times at this level.  I'm realizing the most likely holding is a flopped set or 2 pair specifically JT.  If it is a set I'm a dead man.  If it is 2pair I'm looking at 8 outs going to the river and there is still the possibility this fool is getting very aggro with top pair top kicker.  What's your play??

Now for a couple of comment responses.

Tony Bigcharles said:
the other girl has poker books? well that's the one u should be with then. try living with Vince, u could easily grind poker there and hes always gone. u are definitely being taken advantage of financially. the girl working for tips is probably making about 100$ day, much more than u, she should be the one paying the lions share. misty dont get disability? then why isnt she looking for work too? i think sklansky was much tighter than miller, he sure don't recommend KT suited in EP, which is why i didn't trust Millers advice. i am quite tight in EP. i do think i limp too much instead of raise and reraise in late though

Not only does Sklansky and Malmuth in that book that I skimmed through recommend KTs in early position they advise any suited Broadway in early position.  As for my friend that has the poker books I was looking at you say I should be with them.  Be with them in what manner??  She is a friend.  Now I know this concept might be very difficult for you to understand but a friend is someone I enjoy hanging out with, someone I enjoy talking to, someone who has the intellect to carry on an intelligent conversation, someone I care very much about, you know a friend.  Just because her gender happens to be female does not mean we can not have a platonic friendship.  When you say I should be with them you make it sound like I need to be in a romantic relationship with that person, but our relationship is not on that road.  We are simply friends no more no less and contrary to popular opinion I have not slept with every female friend I've ever had lol.

As for limping in EP in a loose passive game limping in EP with a small pocket pair or even a suited connector sure, why not, but anything else I'm playing in early position or middle position for that matter if I'm not folding it I'm raising it.

Poker & Gamblung 24/7 said:
Just out of curiosity, how did you meet this motley crew? And interestingly enough, I think Tony is right on target on something I have never though of. It would not be a bad idea to look into a Vince roommate thing. He has had experience with renting to roommates before, and the current situation you describe comes right out of the reality tv series Trailer Park Jungle. Maybe something to research/look into anyway.
Misty and I originally met on a social media site.  The first night we talked online, texting, and on the phone for 9 hours.  She was in Vegas and I was still in Tennessee living in a roommate situation with one of my exes.  Something more developed with Misty and I, but of course I also had Stacy, also in Vegas who was  doing everything that she could to get me to move in with her when I got here and I also had dates set up with at least 6 other gals all who live in Vegas.  Misty was the one I was talking to more than anyone else she was a woman that I was leaning towards more than anyone else, but she knew what I was up to that I was chillin and setin up meets with other people.  I told her and the others that I wasn't looking to go exclusive with anyone until I got to Vegas.  Figured Id hang out with all of them and see if anything sparked.  Yeah sure I knew I was starting to flip for this chick, but not really knowing if she was totally on that page I played it cool and continued on as normal.

Then THE text was sent to me by Misty where she poured her heart out.  Told me she was mine if I wanted her, but of course I would have to drop all my "prospects"  Ughhh  damn man, I had something set up with 7 of them, but the fact was I was trippen over this gal, so I said yes.  My January move was then moved to November, then September, then late August.  What was going to be a move with at least 2 grand in my bankroll turned into a plane trip with $5 bucks on me when I landed at McCarron International.   The romantic relationship was good for about 12 hours if that.  All we did was argue and her insulting the poker profession iced things over real fast.  After 3 days I called it off and decided we would be better off as friends it was her idea to keep the roommate thing going.

On October 17th her daughter Cathy and her friend Ray decided a fresh start would be a good thing.  I had no problem with it as 2 more people paying monthly expenses works for me.  You know the rest of the story.  The failed drug tests,the difficulty finding work and Misty has become one of my closest friends and you don't bail on your friends when they have hard times, you stick with them thus why I have covered half expenses the last 2 months.  Funny thing is Cathy and I get along great and even Jan and I are much more pleasant towards one another the longer we live under the same roof, so allin all it's ok.

Well that's a wrap for now.  Take care one and all.  Overall a decent day 1.  Be safe, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. I'd Fold hand one assuming he had 10J or 109. I would call hand 2 if you know his raising range since he opened. The only hand that he could have that would beat you is JJ so the odds are in your favor that he is raising way behind you. Hand 3 is a push all-in spot. Remember QQ VS AK is not a coin flip you are ahead. Hand 4 I'd call. My guess is you folded a couple hands earlier and he saw that you fold to all-ins.

  2. Hand #1 - I am calling here, getting almost 3 to 1 for my money. Actually not many draws got there. I usually don't worry too much about backdoor flush draws. On that flop, you are either way ahead or way behind. You have to plan ahead on the turn, because once you bet the turn, you are committed. This is a good hand to illustrated the power of position. You could have checked behind on the turn if you had position, and call the river bet.

    Hand 2 - just call turn and river. I can't see folding trips here.

  3. Hand 3: snap call. You can't ever fold QQ against 50 and 30 BB stacks at 10nl.

    Hand 4: fold. turn shove for pretty big raise, you are most likely beat