Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hand Results

Hand 1:
Stacks: Hero $19.04  Villain $9.07
2 limpers I raise to 70 cents
Flop TT4 Rainbow  Pot $1.67 I fire C-bet of $1.31 Villain calls
Turn 7 two hearts now on board.  Pot $4.16 I bet $2.18 Villain Calls
River 9h  Board now TT479 3 hearts.  I check Villain goes all in with his last $4.88 and I have $14.88 behind. 
Do you call because you're pot committed or do you, after realizing that every damn draw just hit that river, let this one go.  Thoughts?

Steven Northrup: Fold
Pokerdogg: Call

Flushdraw: I called.  I should have known better because during my time at this level I have seen that the size of their bet is directly related to the strength of their hand.  I can count on one hand besides myself, the players that seem to know the meaning of a value bet.  Villain surprised me.  He beat me,but not in the way I thought he would or feared he would........ Villain had AA

Hand #2

Called a small preflop raise with the suited connector.  Villain in this hand cold called the 35 cent raise on the button.  Nice flop but a bit wet so when the preflop raiser checks I bet the flop.  
On the turn:

What do you feel the correct move is.  What the hell are his possible holdings?  JJ?  67s and that turn just gave him a powerful combo draw??  Does he have an 8 and outkicks me, I called.  Was this an error??

Whether or not calling the turn was an error or not is there anyway we're good here??

Steven Northrup: Call
Pokerdogg: Call

Flushdraw: I called.  Villain, who had cold called the preflop raise turned over A8o.  After the hand I felt I had made an error.  Unless he is on a stone cold bluff is there anyway I can be winning here unless he was trapping with a hidden AA,KK,or QQ.


UTG min raised to 20 cents.  EP2 calls.  I 3bet to 95 cents.  Small blind goes all-in for half my stack and original raiser calls for $3 and change and back to me.  What's the move?  I feel with both of them going all-in even with their shorter stacks I am either dominated or flipping here against at least 1 of them.  Call or fold?

Steven Northrup: Hand 3 is a push all-in spot. Remember QQ VS AK is not a coin flip you are ahead.

Pokerdogg: snap call. You can't ever fold QQ against 50 and 30 BB stacks at 10nl.

Flushdraw:  I folded.  I felt that one of them had at least AK at the very worst and that more than likely I was dominated here.  I felt this because my raise was a 3bet and the Villain with 50bbs was 4 betting all-in.  If it was a 3 bet all-in I could have found a call,but the fact that it was a 4 bet and the face that the Villain with 30bbs was also willing to risk his stack against a 4 bet preflop told me I was dead in the water.  I folded.  The 50bbs Villain had AA and as it turned out the 30bbs Villain had QQ.  With what my thought process in this hand was am I still wrong.  I completely understand that although my read on this hand turned out to be correct that even so I could have still made an error in my lack of action.  Is that the case here oris the fact that I felt in every fiber of my being that one of them had me dominated enough to justify my fold.  I never want to be one of those players that says "I knew I was beat,but I had to call anyway"


I raise UTG to 50 cents, 1 caller.  On the 2nd barrel this happens

Grrrrr.  Ok so I have no notes on him.  Is he doing this with top pair top kicker which I have seen happen many times at this level.  I'm realizing the most likely holding is a flopped set or 2 pair specifically JT.  If it is a set I'm a dead man.  If it is 2pair I'm looking at 8 outs going to the river and there is still the possibility this fool is getting very aggro with top pair top kicker.  What's your play??

Steven Northrup: Call
Pokerdogg:  fold. turn shove for pretty big raise, you are most likely beat

Flushdraw: I tanked a bit,but called.  Sure enough Villain had JJ for a flopped set,but it didn't end there.  The river was an Ace.  My higher set beat him,but looking back I feel my call was an error

Thanks for the input guys.It is very very appreciated.

I'll see you at the tables.


  1. FD, can you explain what you meant in hand 1's result about the size of bet equates to hand strength? The final bet was only 1/2 pot, even though it was for >$4.

  2. you are assuming that they consider what percentage of the pot their bet actually is. I do but with a great many of my opponents I do not believe that is in their thought process. In this case it was that the amount of the bet was over $4. I have noticed that when they think they won but still are a bit unsure of themselves there bet will be a $1.50 maybe $1.80 on the river. When they go $3 or more and the pot size does not even come into consideration for them as I have seen this time and time again but when the amount that they are pushing is over $3 or they are going all in nine times out of ten they know they've got it.