Monday, December 21, 2015

Leveling Out

There are many analogies I could  use to describe today's session.  Yoyo, roller coaster, up and down like an elevator, but no matter which one I would use you would get the general idea.  Today's session went 10 hours, covered 1982 hands, and from the very beginning it was almost like I could tell it was going to be a struggle.  After 465 hands I was up $5, just 235 hands later I was down $32 or 3.2 buyins, 300 hands after that I was losing $1, then 350 hands later I'm down $23, then things got crazy and ugly very fast.  After nearly 1400 hands I was down $13 and got slammed left and right to where I was down 5 full buyins.  It was about 10 p.m. and I only had an hour left.  Im down $50 for the session and even though I knew had made a couple of costly errors during the days play I felt overall I was still on top of my game.  I was just hoping today would not be too hurtful.  I finished the session and in the last hour I came back with a 5+ buyin bounce back and ended the session in the green, just barely, with a small profit of $4.64 for the day. 10 hours for $4.  I seriously need psychiatric help lol.

It's basically pretty evident that if you win 3 buyins or more you probably don't  really don't need to do a session hand review.  I mean let's face it, your not winning multiple buyins making errors, but foe a session loss or tiny win yeah, its definitely needed.  Started it earlier and will finish it in the morning, but already found one $14 river bet that I called that should never have happened.  I hate when I make mistakes or commit errors in gameplay, but I suffer from a serious affliction............ I'm a human being and unfortunately human beings do  make errors from time to time.  The best I can hope for is to learn from them.

Today's session produced over 50 APPs today so that gives you an idea I was pretty active in larger pots.  I only average 25-30 points a session.  It's pretty good timing because hitting the top 30 in the APP leaderboard for week 3 is not as sure of a thing as I first anticipated.  Seems to me for this week the point totals ate highet so more of the other steady grinders may have jumped in.  Gold status and higher is not eligible, but because I was less than gold when I opted in I am grandfathered in for the entire promotion.  Before last night I was in 43rd on the list. 

As I am gold status now I have the opportunity to play in a freeroll satellite at noon on Sundays with the top 5 finishers getting a free entry into the $200 deep stack at 3 p.m.   The tournament is so moronic, 3 minute blinds so it's  nothing but shove or fold.  There is absolutely no real poker being played and I hated every second of it.   Finished 18th out of 170 or so, but not sure if I will even bother with it next week.

My withdraw is waiting for me and I will pick it up Wednesday morning and do some Christmas shopping.   I will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my friend Melanie.  If I was not going to be hanging with her then I was headed to the Strip Christmas Day.  No way I'm gonna stay at my place on that day.  They are gonna have at least 10 or 12 people crammed here and quite frankly there is mo way I'm hanging with that scene.  I won't get into particulars, but lets just say too many phony people in this world and I'd rather spend my time with those that are real, just sayin. 

Looking forward to my March move out of here just not sure if I want an actual apartment or rent a room in someones house.  Obviously each has its own positives and negatives.  I hope to be as close to the Strip as possible or even downtown, but obviously I will not be too particular about location. 

I'll end this here.   Back at it Monday at 1pm or so.  Got my alarm set for 10 so I can finish the hand review before I start the session later on.  So for now take care, be well, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. FD says..."I mean let's face it, your not winning multiple buyins making errors, but foe a session loss or tiny win yeah, its definitely needed"

    Are you familiar with the term 'action players'? They are usually the big loser in the game, but when they win they win big. They do make plenty of mistakes though, win or lose.

    Look forward to the hand histories.

    p.s. I mentioned managing winning streak in your Mental Game post last week. This is what I was talking about. Anticipating a loss and playing to contain it can impact your game negatively. Every session is a new start, there is no reason why you should run good or bad based on past sessions. GL

  2. Hi bro that 10K run bar looks great what i was talking about though is using your bb/100 current winrate to see where you will be in say 6 months time

    Also what are your favorite bands and movies?

  3. Hey Claude I cannot make any projections based on my win rate at the present time because currently it is at a figure not sustainable over the long term. Problem is I don't yet know what IS sustainable and probably will need a bare minimum of 30,000 hands and 50,000 would be better, to even have an inclination of just what is.

    I'm not a big movie person, but generally speaking anything with Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, or Nicholas Cage and chances are I like it a lot.

    My music tastes are not what most people would enjoy. Nothing past the 80s and my first love musically speaking is late 50s to early to middle 60s rock n roll what they used to call doowop.

  4. Pokerdogg: "Anticipating a loss and playing to contain it can impact your game negatively. Every session is a new start, there is no reason why you should run good or bad based on past sessions."

    I understand what you're saying, but considering that I have a current earn rate that is not possibly sustainable would logic not dictate that for it to be lowered to what is sustainable then subpar sessions must be a fact to be dealt with?? Of course, that win rate could even out by not necessarily a loss, but simply smaller profits along the way.

    Hand reviews even when I win huh? Awww man, I thought I could get away with not having to do them every night lol. You're right of course because even on a great winning session mistakes could have been made that prevented those profits from being even higher. Good point made and taken.