Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mixing Limits Ended

I will not be mixing my limits any longer.  I had a situation arise today.  I'm only able to automatically top off on one stake level but the other stake level I need to manually do it because if I let the computer software do it automatically for me on all tables there's no way in the world I would be able to figure out how much I won or lost at $10NL and how much I won or lost at $20NL.  It was an incident on tge $10 table which was the tables that I was doing the manual top offs and I had a hand on one of those tables where I lost a good size pot, part of the reason why I lost 1.3 buyins in a very short amount of time on the $10NL tables today and lo and behold I had forgotten to do the manual top off and I pkayed a hand with less than a dollar in my stack.   Naturally I won the hand too lol.  That told me right there and then I need to keep my limits the same all around whether its four tables if available of $10NL, four tables if available of $20NL, or four tables if available $50NL, or whatever it is, the stake level needs to be the same.   I continued the daily grind on just the NL tables, had some fluctuations up and down specifically when I flopped trips, ruvered a full house, but the turn had given my opponent a two outer and in the end a larger full house than mine, but in the end I earned 1.25 buyins, a total if $25 on the $20NL tables which brings my total losses at $20NL to now less than a half a buyin.

To be totally honest I like playing the same level on all the tables, but I'm finding I'm not totally comfortable with doing this with just 20 buyins for the level.  I have decided to convert my wsop points to actual dollars for the bankroll on a daily basis rather than doing it once a month, but that's only a couple of bucks a day so it really doesn't make a big impact.  20 butins is the minimum standard, but utilizing that it only gives me 5 buyins to play around with as a stop loss and I've had sessions where I've lost five buyins and then made a comeback.  It would be better to utilize a stop loss of 10 buyins, but of course if I did run into a bad streak where I lost 10 buyins that would be 20 buyins and that would need to be earned at the lower level just to get me back where I was so in that case sticking with the 5 buyin stop loss is probably the best.

To be quite honest now that I have gotten a taste of $20NL, unless I have to, I don't want to go back to a lower level.  Utilizing proper bankroll management I will do so if I am forced to because of losses, but all in pots of $40, pot sizes of $10, $12, and $14 being slid your way instead of $4 or $5, I've got a taste of the higher amounts of money and I don't want to let it go.  20 buyins may not be my biggest comfort level, but as long as I utilize and maintain a stop loss for the higher level it keeps the bankroll safe from any sort of financial disaster.  I ended today with $418 in the bankroll and tomorrow I will be hitting the $20NL tables.  I noticed the $20NL tables starts to pretty much totally fall apart around 10pm so tomorrow if this is indeed the case I will jump on four $10NL tables to finish off the night.  The only reason I quit tonight when we were down to just two $20NL tables was I started yawning and that told me my poker day was over.

The consistent daily profits is giving me such confidence in my game and the fact that I'm looking at peoples hands and predicting accurately what they hold is giving me a feeling as a poker player that is almost undescribable.  I feel like I'm the best player in the world that I'm so in the zone with cash games that I'm on top of the world and nothing can stop me.  Fear not, I will not allow arrogance to get ahold of me and I know one downswing is all it takes to snap a poker player back to reality, but I cannot accurately describe in mere words how good it feels when you know that everything you're doing, almost every move you're making, every lay down that you're making is the absolutely exact and correct thing that you should be doing.  Rhere's no feeling in the world like when you know everything about your game is top notch and you are firing on all cylinders, as I said the feeling is almost indescribable.  However that does not mean that there is not so much more to learn.  It does not mean that I have ceased my poker studies because I know everything.  This is a lifetime learning experience and I'm in my infancy in cash games, but right now, as far as poker goes, even though my bankroll is small and I'm only an up-and-coming player, I feel invincible although in reality I know I'm not.

That's a wrap up for tonight.  Going to go on youtube and watch a couple of strategy videos from the Poker Bank specifically "splitsuit" himself and see if there's not something I can learn from them.  Take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. Happy new year and great post! The poker highs are oh so high and you described the feeling well, but knowing that we are far from invincible is just as important. It's annoying to have to move down in stakes after getting in hands at a level above, but way, way worse is playing above brm and crippling or busting a roll.