Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old Habits And Apparent Good Timing

Hello all. I hope you all had a very fantastic Thanksgiving.  Let's get you started on the update. 
My initial $2 freeroll cash as of last night was up to $25.  Some single table $10NL has been the major reason for advancing it as far as it has. While it's true I also won $7 and change on another freeroll, those freeroll winnings have more than been spent in tournaments before I decided to stick to cash games only while playing online so the entire $25 is from winnings at the cash games not only $2NL, but $10NL as well.  this morning my account was credited with an additional $20 the bonus money that I earned from of the claim promotion from the points that I made before I had to withdraw.  So going into today I began with a balance of $45. 

Old habits are indeed tough to break however and I realized that this last night.  I spent the weekend over at my friends house and in addition to just hanging out was helping her with some Christmas decorations.  When I got back to my apartment with my roommates after a short nap I fired up and the first thing that I was ready to do was jump in the $3 $800 guaranteed.  In fact that was my whole thought process for the previous two hours before I even turned on my laptop.  It was only after I went into  tournaments which I purposely have set up so no tournaments are even shown, I forgot doing that, and was wondering if there was a glitch then remembered what I had done, I quickly checked the appropriate boxes to make the tournaments show up and was ready to jump into it when I recalled my decision about playing only the cash games online.  It's so second nature to me to jump in a tournament because that's what I've done for so long that even though I am making the transition to cash games which is going to be best for me, my earnings, and my poker in general, it is the habit of jumping in a tournament that is a tough one to break.  When I realized what I was doing I simply unchecked those boxes which returns the situation that tournaments are not shown to me, and fired up a single table of $10NL.

What was originally going to be a  $150 deposit is in fact going to be a $200 deposit.  As it turns out the timing is going to be perfect because WSOP is offering a reload bonus for December.  Since I am silver status or under the offer made to me is a 100% reload bonus maximum of $100 so when I make that $200 deposit I will have $100 in pending bonus which if all things go according to plan I should be able to clear within 30 days or at least most of it.  A free $100 added to the bankroll in December would be awesome.  

While at my friends house this past weekend I had the opportunity to flip through some poker books she has as this was part of my poker study and one of the books that she has is Holdem For Advanced Players i think is the title by Sklansky and Malmuth.  I did not read the book but was most interested in the starting hand chart suggestions. After commenting back and forth a couple of times on a specific entry in Rob's blog which can be found here, in one of the posts Rob had written about certain starting hand recommendations made by Ed Miller, so I was very interested in what Sklansky and Malmuth had to say on that subject. 

I should preface this by saying I have felt all along that I've been playing too tight, but wasn't really sure just in what areas I should and  should not open up in.  When I saw the recommendations by Sklansky my first and foremost thought was that he had overdosed on prescription medication when he wrote this.  Part of me still feels that way as some of the things that he advocates is extremely unwise in my opinion and if he was standing in front of me and told me face to face that these are in fact his recommendations I would ask him to perform a field sobriety test.  I took all of his suggestions and then created my own middle ground or compromise if you will and it most definitely has opened up my game in a much more aggressive style.  I tried playing that yesterday evening with that $15 I had online in a $10NL game and after a few unfortunate hands that played themselves out I found myself with only $7 or so left, but staying on that train of thought I did in fact work it up to $25 before I called it a night.  

I have definitely opened up more in early position which is the last place that I thought I would end up opening up my range, but the tables that I play are so tight saying tight as a of the drum may not be giving them their due.  I'm talking where most of the time players seeing the flop is 26%.  These tables are tight as hell and as we all know if the table is loose tighten up and if the tables are tight loosen up, however with all due respect to Mr Skansky I absolutely flatly refuse to raise J9s c
under the gun or EP2.  Sorry gentleman, I know you are the professionals with many more years of experience than I, but I'm not doing it.  Nor am I taking a hand like A2s and raising it in MP1.  I did however come to what I feel is a reasonable compromise regarding what hands I will and will not play in and what positions and it has opened up my starting range significantly. 

I am hoping to put the deposit on through Planet Hollywood on Friday but might be the following day.  Misty volunteered to drive me down to the strip to do this so the deposit will be made Friday or Saturday.  I decided to up my bankroll management plan from 40 to 50 buyins when I start playing live games so that means that I'm trying to grind from $200 to $15k instead of $12k.  Not a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, only $3,000, but i just like that little extra cushion. 
Lastly I may be increasing my monthly income through certain programs available to people on disability that I was not aware of but my friend told me about this weekend.  Certain things that Social Security does not volunteer such information, but exist nonetheless and I'm going to be checking it out.  If successful I could have a monthly increase as high as $500 or possibly as low as $180 have to make an appointment with the Social Security office file the appropriate paperwork, and see what can be  done.  

Well that's going to end this entry. Not sure where I will be doing over the next few days.  With the $45 I could try to grind some $10NL tables, but I know one bad session and that $45 is history and I really would like to have it added to the $200 deposit just to give me a few extra buyins, but worst case scenario I will be starting out with 20 full buyins which is the basic recommended minimum amount.  Take cate everybody, have a great day and a great upcoming weekend, and as always, I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Bro you know holdem poker for advanced players is a book on limit holdem right bro

  2. actually yes I did see that a lot of it was based on limit holdem and as I said I was just skimming through the book but I was more interested in the starting hand selections which I would imagine whether your playing no limit or limit starting hands selections are going to be what they are. In fact I would also think that you would be able to have a larger opening range in a No Limit game over a limit game because as we know in limit it is extraordinarily difficult to get people to fold for one extra bet. Remember my transition to cash games is very very new, I am learning, and the best way I'm going to learn is by trial and, error. I have been wanting to open my range more and this very thing has been recommended to me by poker players with more experience than I. As stated in the blog entry, I have pretty much done a compromise from what I read and what I initiated where it will open my range but not excessively so.

  3. Yeah I have that book, very good for Limit Holdem. Nice starting hand guide IIRC, but as you are aware, No Limit is almost a completely different game. Too bad you missed out on the ACR/BCP Online Super Series V, some very nice tournaments you can get in for cheap until this Sunday. Sounds like you are moving forward in a positive way. Good luck

  4. I commend you on reading some books. It will help your game and hopefully get you over the hump into a profitable player.

    I agree that I wouldn't raise J9S from early position and that is because I'm not as good as he was at reading people to make it profitable. The biggest thing I learned from his book was that someone else could be playing that way and I need to recognize it then not be afraid to raise them preflop with a marginal hand think QJ or A10 when they raise in early position.

    I'm assuming you probably play with several of the same people online daily so taking notes on who does this could help open up some profitable pushes for you.