Monday, December 14, 2015

Realizing More Changes

I'm learning even more about my poker game and what I mean by that is thought processes going through my head during the session.  Yesterday I called it the light going on syndrome and I don't know how or why it happens all of the sudden, all I know is that they are with me and I'm not about to let them escape.  In my last entry I told you how I was paying so close attention to what was going on around me and @chipxtractor in one of his vlog entries talked about just that so I could have had that in the back of my mind.  Today I noticed more things I thought that we're not only going through my mind, but also what was not going through it.  Again like a light switch going on.

The session only went 995 hands.  I started yawning profusely at around 9:30 p.m.  I was going to have trouble getting the 1500 hands in  today anyway as I took an extra long break around dinner time.  Today's session was a lot of folding, very little action except for two hands which I got it all in, once on a flopped set and I don't remember what the other hand was. I got less than 6 hours sleep previous to last night's session so that's why I probably started yawning so early.  The very first hand of the sessions I was down over half a buyin and that increased to about $16 down early on and I realized my entire attitude was it's a long session a lot of things can happen, a lot of things will happen. It was then that I realized that previously the main thing going through my mind was I need to find a double up so I can get out of this early hole. In a lot of ways I may have been pushing lines that weren't even actually there.  Not yesterday though.  I sat back and waited dor whatever would eventually come my way. 

I was down 1.5 buyins with the first 200 hands or so.  At 475 hands I was down ($9) but nothing major happening.  Continuation bets that didn't get called, betting in position when everyone checks, you know playing poker.  A couple of hundred hands later I was down ($7) and then just a couple of hundred hands after that I was up $16 that's when the two all in situations occurred.   After 995 hands the profit was just over $18.  Not once as a played was I thinking I need a double up to get back in the green, not once was I pushing an edge that wasn't there, not once did my mind say "Oh I refuse to believe you even though the betting pattern has told me a story and even though I really feel that I'm beat I'm calling anyway.  That pretty much sums up what I was doing previously.  I feel like such an idiot having to admit that, but if I'm honest with my readers and more importantly myself, that's exactly what was happening to me just a few days ago. 

Tony Bigcharles aka TBC asked in a comment where I was going to end up living next, well, actually in his own way he asked me what new babe I was going to end up with next lol.   Tony, I'm not even looking just yet except to get pricing ideas.  With the amount I get from disability i need to max it out at $500 a month all utilities including wifi included. In this town that is fairly easy to do whether I rent my own studio or small one bedroom, or if I rent a room in a house and have roommates.  With that last option I can find it for an average of $400 a month.  As for a gal I'm hangin with I'm kickin it back.  Not exclusive with anyone.  Just chillin.

That's where this entry ends. Its just after 10 a.m. and I might fall back to sleep before my session starts at 3 p.m.  I would like to get in 1500 hands a day but there are going to be days like yesterday where I get in less than 1000 and if I'm feeling good and on my "A" game there may be days I get in 2000 hands.  I will try to average 1500, but how tired I feel and whether I feel like I am playing optimal is going to dictate that and nothing else.  Have an absolutely great day everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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