Friday, December 11, 2015

I Should Consider Myself Fortunate

First and foremost I would like to welcome the one, the only, the indispensable pride of Texas, the one and only Coach.  If you check my Good Reads blog listings you will find 4 different blogs written by the coach himself.  Glad to add you Coach as your blog has always been interesting reading and to my readers I highly recommend his as well.

Let's talk about tonight or should I say today's session which by the way for the first time I grinded for 12 hours over 2200 hands and after about 1800 or 1900 hands I was down over $80. All the profits since I started grinding on the 3rd gone in one night, I mean really??  I ran into a lot of crap today.  Flop 2 pair only to have the board for flush, flop a set  only to have somebody hit a two outer for a bigger sett, flop trips and have somebody hit a two outer on the turn to give them a full house, flop a full house only to have my opponent flop the identical full house. Really?? FML!!  Which of the poker gods that I piss off today??  I was trying to play through. Could not seem to make a bounce back so I decided to play one more hand and it was going to be my last hand of the night so I was a bit loose with calling a 3 bet with T8s.  Actually what happened was somebody raises to $0.45 and somebody else called.  I had T8s and I made the call as well the next person folded and then somebody who plays $10NL who is on Twitter and I won't mention his name because he may not want his name to be mentioned  and that will be fine he 3 bets to  $2.45.  I believe there was one person that made the call and I made a very loose call I totally admit that, and the only reason I did it was I was done playing for the night, but I turned around and flopped a flush.  Had to sweat it out that a fourth suit didn't come or I would have lost the hand but when I won the hand I immediately sat in all the tables again.  I mean if that was going to be the start of some sort of rebound I couldn't leave then.  It was less than an hour I would estimate and I pick up four and a half buyins back and ended up dropping $35 for the day and it's probably the best $35 I have a lost  because it could have been so much worse.

To say I made mistakes on hands tonight is an understatement. I started to do a hand review and just in a couple of tables and only a couple hundred hands I probably pulled out $9 in errors.  I didn't even bother going on from that.  What was the point I screwed up on more than one occasion.  Yes I took some rough beats, but I made mistakes.

There are times I wish I could use some sort of tracking software on this site but of course it's not possible and also it's prohibited, but  there is one area I am unsure about in these cash games and that is calling raises with suited Broadway Card.  KJs, QJs, KTs, QTs specifically.  

Ended the night with $286.19 in the bankroll. I also earn 63 points which exceeds my average of 40 a day and I made silver status for all of this month and all of next month.  Every single APP point is worth 4 wsop points. 100 wsop points is equal to $1 and I already have $1.09 that I can convert into cash.  I will do so at the end of the month and according to my estimations by the end of the month I should have another $70 in bonus cleated, $30 in points conversion, a minimum $50 in APP money, nut I will be gold status before the week ends so not sure if that will disqualify me, but a minimum of $100 in bonus money converted and cleared and possibly above $150 and another 25,000 hands played with minimum projected earnigs of $125 so ending December a bankroll of a $500 minimum.  After that the next $160 earned gets withdrawn then I will need $200 in earnings and promotion bonuses to make the step up to $20NL.  Target date for this is March 1st, 2016. 

I am continuing to tweak my starting hand chart that I have come up with and as a matter of fact I tightened it up a little going into tomorrow.  Not back to the way I was certainly and nothing is going to stop me from being the aggressive raiser that I have become, but there were just certain hands I was just not comfortable playing in early position and completely felt that they belonged in middle position and consequently hands that I was playing in middle position that I feel are late position hands only.  I think I have tweaked it to what I consider to be the perfect approach as far as starting hands goes.

That's all for tonight. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open but I really loved getting the 12 hours in and getting over 2,000 hands played, that was absolutely awesome.  The $35 lost brought my earn rate down to  - 5.5bb/100.  Even though I have always stated 5bb/100 is my goal if I'm honest with everybody my secret goal has always been 8bb/100.  I'm going by Black Rain's blog where in one of the entries he stated that the average $10NLplayer will make 4bb/100 and an elite player will make 18bb/100 so if you double what the average makes and cut in half what the elite makes it pretty much comes out to 8bb/100.  I am in no way shape or form going to try to say I'm an elite player but I definitely want to be above average and 5.5 is above average, but just barely and it's not as much as I've been secretly hoping for.  Of course, I have just under 10,000 hands played and the earn rate will fluctuate wildly until I have at least 50000 hands played at the tables.  Notonly that, if I can stop myself from making errors as I did tonight that will only help matters.  Take care, sleep well, and I'll see you at the tables.  


  1. I made a very loose call I totally admit that, and the only reason I did it was I was done playing for the night,

    If you think you have a chance to win a big pot with a disguised hand, fine, go ahead and call. But please don't tell me you called because it was the last hand of the night. I'm surprised at you.

  2. ok Mojo I admit it. I was down over 8 biyins at the time, I had had enough, I was frustrated, & I said to myself another $2 isn't going to make a damn bit of difference. I guess maybe it was a form of tilt that I played that hand because under normal circumstances yes I may have called the $0.45 but there is no way in the world I would have called the $2. I guess the frustration of the session got to me and obviously I let my discipline slip momentarily. Obviously it's something that I need to make sure does not happen again and to make sure that even though I was fortunate that it worked I need to learn from the experience.

    1. Definitely a form of tilt. If you get a chance, read Tommy Angelo's Elements of Poker. He talked about all different kinds of tilt in his book.