Monday, December 7, 2015

Swingy Session And Additional Free Money Headed In

Today was a day at the tables that could have been horrendous, it could have been great, and in the end it was somewhere in the middle.  I played from about 11:45 this morning to about 9:45 tonight and just like last night I took 2 bad hits towards the end of the session.  1250 hands played and a profit of $16.   The session fluctuating wildly anywhere from up $50 to down $30 and it seems everything in between.   Variance is something that obviously can't be avoided and with my adjusted approach, specifically the increased aggressiveness, increased sizing of continuation bets, and much more double barreling than I ever have, since there's more money going into these pots my swings are going to be more pronounced than ever before, but in the long run I will be showing a profit overall.  The only question is how much.  My earn rate goal of 5bb/100 has not changed and that's what I'm focusing on although so far I am exceeding that expectation.  The swings that I am seeing such as today is showing me that obtaining and increasing that 50 buyin bankroll is vital.  I'm a changed player no doubt about it.  It  makes me wonder what my opponents, who actually pay attention to their competition, are  thinking.  Anyone paying attention that is a regular grinder has seen two different FlushhDraws, the old version and the new improved version who is more aggressive than a pissed off pitbull, keeps coming at you again and again, raises preflop at least 80% of the hands he's involved in. If if I'm seeing a flop 25 hands out of every 100 dealt to me as an example at least 21 of those hands are being raised preflop maybe even 22.  I've raised more in the small blind, big blind, and in position than I have in my entire 10 years of playing poker.  Whereas before if I had KQs or offsuit, whatever the case may be, on the button and there were 3 limpers before me that was an automatic limp to see a flop, but no more.  If I see that many limpers and I'm on the button with a playable hand you can bet your life that's being raised at least 8 times the big blind, my standard 5x plus an additional bb for each limper.   There are more examples I could give, but I don't want to give up too many information because I know I do have some of my opponents of these tables that read this blog, but suffice it to say I'm a new player, and a very dangerous one.  I'm not saying that I am anything great or elite or anything like that, I am saying I will put the pressure on and put my opponents to what I hope are some very difficult decisions and more importantly force them into making errors when they make those decisions.

The last two days have been profits of $46, or 4. buyins, or 460 big blinds in the last 2400 hands.  Over these 2 days I'm running above 18bb/100.    The last two days is also when I opened up my range and turned on the aggression switch so alls I can say is so far so good.  The $30 profit from day 4 there's no doubt I ran hot as hell with some huge hands that I actually got paid off on.  Today's session  overall was more in line with normalcy.  I had some decent hands, but I take down most of my pots with continuation bets, but when I do show down my opponents are seeing solid holdings.  It's important not to go overboard with this, and maintain a solid game.  It's fine to have opened up my range and aggression much much more, but to do so foolishly would be a recipe for disaster.  

The question is why did I not do this before.  When I only had 11 buyins was I really afraid to do this before??  Was the fact I had such a limited bankroll preventing me from this approach??  The book I skimmed through over at my friends house caused me to open up my range, but that was not the cause of the increased aggression, the increased continuation bet sizing, and more preflop raising than ever before.  It seems like something clicked when I decided to open the range, I can't  explain it.  It's like something inside of me said you need to be raising, stop this weak playing, be the aggressor not the caller, but for the life of me I don't know where this came from.  One minute it was never there and the next second I'm on a brand new path.  When I made the $108 deposit which I added to the $52 that I had onsite giving me $160, but it wasn't until I approached the $200 mark that this light came on.  Wad the reason because the bankroll was under the minimum 20 buyins, eas that the psychological difference that kept me from taking this next step in my poker education.  Was O going through the scared money syndrome?  I know no one can answer these questions but it really does make me wonder.

The increased aggression, bet sizing and double barreling means I am obviously contributing more to the rake and thusly I am gaining more APP points.  Today 1250 hands and 36 points and yesterday was about 35 points so that seems to be my daily average.  This is important because once I hit Silver Status APPs are converted to wsop points at a 4x rate.  Once I hit Gold Status it's a 5x rate.  If I can earn 1000 APPs a month that should mean about $35 in redeemable cash or rakeback if you prefer. has an APP leaderboard contest going on in which I am currently in 17th place.  Tomorrow is the last day of the week and the top 30 will be getting a cash prize for it.  I'm in line to get approximately $37, but if I can make it to 15th place it'll be worth $50 added to the bankroll.  The trick is only members that are silver status and below are eligible so once I hit gold status I will be out of the contest but I think I will be able to earn money from the APP contest this week and next week and after that I will not be eligible because I will be at Gold status by then, but I am looking at a minimum of $70 and possibly $100 added to my account in free money over the next 2 weeks because of this contest/promotion. 

I cleared another $10 in bonus money today to go along with the $16 in earnings and tomorrow depending what time I get back from the doctors appointment I should be clearing another $5 in bonus money tomorrow.  I'm working my way up towards that magic 50 buyins I want.  Once I am there and then earn the equivalent of 10 buyins for the next level I will take a 10 buyin shot at that next highest level.  That means for $20NL I need $700.  That would be $500 which is 50 buyins for $10NL and to an extra $200 which would be 10 buyins at $20NL.  Even if I were to lose at $20NL i would be dropping back down still with 50 buyins at $10NL.  To take my shot at $50NL I will need $1,500 and for $100NL I will need $3,000.  I have decided that when the bankroll is appropriate I will play $100NL because with my ability to make withdrawals and deposits right at the strip casinos I do not have to keep a lot of money online and I will still have the luxury of playing as high as $100NL.  Seeing the amount of tables that are available during the course of the day and evening at $20NL, $50NL, and $100NL it is obvious to me that I will be mixing limits.  There will be times where only one or two tables are available at the limits higher than $10NL so I will hace to mix in lower limit tables to get 4 running so trying to predict a timetable of how many hands or weeks or months it will take to get to this level or that one is almost impossible.  There will be times I am 4 tabling $20NL, there will be times I have 3 of those tables and 1 $10NL and there will be times I will be playing 2 tables of each and times one $20NL and three $10NL.  I can say this my goal when I started this on December 3rd was to be at $20NL on February 1st.  That still holds, but with all this bonus money, potential rakeback, and APP cpntest money coming in it could be much sooner.

I so want to be playing the 730pm deep stack rebuy each night at 730pm and I keep looking for an excuse to add it to my daily poker work day.  I keep seeing the potential of large sums of money, $200 to $300 for a win being a nice addition to the bankroll getting me to the higher levels faster and also keeping my tournament skills sharp, but then i keep seeing a $3 entry fee, $2.73 for the immediate rebuy, and $2.73 for the add-on.  I see going through a streak of 7 or 8 of them without cashing equaling 5 full buyins gone from the bankroll inside of a week.  Uhhh no thanks.  One thing I must do is make sure I play the $500 invitational freeroll each Sunday evening.  I have not played it the last 2 Sundays for one reason and one reason only.  I completely forgot about them.  I need to set a reminder on my cell or something because not playing for the the possibility of free money where 1st is worth about $100 is idiotic.  I am going to make every endeavour to remember the damn thing this Sunday.

Well that's all for tonight.  Misty and her "boyfriend" decided they were just friends and low and behold I was good enough to actually talk to today.  I called her on it and was told "Oh I just have had a lot going on."  Yeah, I'm sure you did.   Damn she can be a nervy chick.  Have to be at the Drs at 1245pm.  After that gonna get back here asap to get grinding til 10pm.  There are a few things I need to discuss with the doctor and he will probably be giving me referrals.  The leg condition that  put me on permanent disability will be referred to a wound specialist  although currently its completely healed.  I predict MRIs for the right knee and left shoulder.  When I get up from a seated position the knee cracks so,loud it sounds like a bone snapping.  Let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen tennis definitely moderately painful.   Could be the joint or kneecap popping in and out of place.  Left shoulder is in constant pain and I would not be surprised if there was a small tear somewhere in there.   Only regular consistant tjing I need from the doctor is my inhaler for my asthma.  Ughhh I hate the first time you go to a new doctor.  27 forms to fill out and 2000 questions about what you did, who followed by the standard lecture aboutquitting smoking.  Oh joy.  Oh well needs to be done I suppose.  Take care everyone, I hope your week is starting out well and only gets better, and I'll see you at the tables.

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