Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Final Goal Amount

Currently on a 4 session winning streak where is total profits in those 4 sessions are in excess of 10 buyins.  The last two sessions have been nowhere near the volume that is the daily goal, but I have made the most of it logging $24 and $19 winning sessions respectively.  Been hanging out at my friend Melanie's place for a few days as the situation at Casa insanity has deteriorated greatly which I will touch on later in this entry.  When I am playing poker I am continuing to do my best to stay extremely focused on the action at the table, the action at the other tables, and this is when I'm in a hand and when I am not.  I am further continuing to make some very good laydowns because I'm looking at the action and in any particular hand am asking myself questions.  With what has preceded what is this really telling me.  Taking the clues and solve the mystery of the hand to the best of my ability.   Between that and the focus that I have developed and am continuing to develop, I think that's at least part of the reason why I am running so good right now.  Earn rate in excess of 31bb/100 which I know is totally unsustainable, but for right now just keep on doing what I need to do at the tables.

The person that called me a few nights back and we had a good conversation over the phone about poker, the person that I have given the alias As "Kevin", I was told by that person that an alias was not necessary that he had no problem with me saying who it was.  That person was Coach, the writer of 4 blogs on my blog list and best known for his blog Bikini Hill.  During her phone conversation where the topics we touched on was the bankroll requirements that I feel is necessary to play the live game on a steady basis.  One thing coach said to me, and he was quite correct, was that while bankroll requirements and management are an important factor and part of the game that does not necessarily mean that I have to obtain that goal amount of dollars in my bankroll before I can play a session here and there at $1/$2 No Limit live or $1/$3.  The conversation got me thinking just what is necessary for this requirement.  Currently my goal is $15,000, which would be 50 buyins  of $300 each because as a regular player I don't ever want to be sitting with less than the maximum.  There's no way in the world, whether I'm playing online at a $10 game or if I was playing live in a $1 /$3 game, and that I'm not going to have as close to the maximum as possible.  The last thing in the world I would want is to have a monster hand that happens to beat my opponent's monster hand and have maybe half a stack on the table. Completely negative EV.

So with that said is 50 buyins really necessary for a live game?  I think the answer to that would be an absolute yes if poker we're going to be paying for my monthly expenses but as I'm on disability that's not going to be the case at least not to start off with.  I'm still going to have to check whether disability counts money made from poker as gambling winnings or earnings and if they look at it as gambling winnings everything can go on as normal.  The only thing is I will have to claim them on my taxes.  If disability counts those as earnings once I am making over $1,070 or $1090 a month from poker then disability will start taking some of the money they give me each month away and while I realize I'm a long, long, way off from that, it's still nice to know what goal I'm shooting for.

20 buyins just seems too low to me and seeing the experiences of the Trooper that I watch his blog about, the experiences of Rob I read about, and also what players at 2+2 have stated their worst down swings were in a live venue which city could be about $3,000 or 10 buyins or 15 mins if they were buying in for $300 so because of all this information I am thinking of that $15,000 number is not completely necessary and that I can go with $10,000 instead. I'm too damn tired to change the blog right now so I will adjust it tomorrow, but this is now officially a $10k run.  $9k that would give me just over 30 buyins and an extra thousand for miscellaneous expenses starting out. 

Now for the household update.  It is a fact misty and I are absolutely no longer anything but simple roommates.  She has destroyed the friendship and as far as I am concerned it is not possible to repair the damage.  I am starting to question her mental state because the latest incident was just so off the wall it's ridiculous.  The guy that she met and they were official then became just friends the other day she tells me I've got news for you were a lot more than friends.  Well that means you lied to me about it, but the funny thing is she can continued on with this tirade s my attitude since she started spending time with this guy is different.  I was the one, amongst others, who encouraged her to search this out.  I stated before her having a boyfriend is great for her and it's great for me.  I love the fact that she has somebody in her life.  I would swear than a lot of her anger is because I'm happy about this.  I think she expected or wanted me to act jealous or to somehow be upset about it and when I wasn't I think that really upset her.

Her tirade continued saying my friendship has conditions on it. Really??  I wonder what conditions she's talking about.  The fact that I have bailed her ass out financially more times in the last few months than I can count, the fact is that as a friend and knowing that she has an injury have done everything I can to make sure she didn't aggravate the injury further by doing various tasks for her such as making sure she's not lifting heavy things, grabbing all the groceries to bring it to the house so she doesn't have to, that sort of thing.  The tirade is continued with her saying get a part time job, all you do is gamble.  Well I've been down this road with her before, but the fact of the matter is what I do is none of her business.  She seems to hate the fact, and on a most unreasonable level, that I'm a poker player. I don't know why it should affect her one way or the other. She continued on saying poker playing is just gambling and she said a lot of people think the same way.  Well, this is true as there are many uninformed ignorant individuals in this world, I wonder which she is. 

I don't know where her verbal attack came from' maybe it was the fact that I gave her a 60 day notice but there are several things that I have not been happy with her recently including and not limited to the fact that she has tried to rip me off twice in repaying the $247 loan that I made to her to cover their share of the rent for December which I'm probably going to get stiffed the last $15.  As far as I'm concerned there is nothing that she can do to repair this damage and she even texted me earlier today asking if my 60 day  notice was still in effect' aka she's afraid I'm just going to move out without saying a word and she would have to find some way to pick up my portion of the rent so she asked me if putting our 60-day agreement in writing would be a good thing and I told her yes it would probably make everyone feel better. I had to do laundry today so I left Melanie's place went back to my place to grab my clothes and take them to the laundromat.  As I walked in her oldest daughter never said a word to me which by the way she unfriended me from Facebook over the latest incident with her mother which is expected and Misty simply said I think your towel is still hanging up in the bathroom and other than that there was not a single word spoken between us.

That's all for now. I'm staying at Melanie's tomorrow and then leaving sometime Friday morning and will get back to the full time grind.  I ended up finishing 11th in the App leaderboard challenge for week 2 so that was worth a $50 bonus added to my account.  Bankroll going into my next session is $349.  Should be able to grind some hands tomorrow here at Melanie's place and then Friday I will get back into my usual full time daily grind.  I'm going to be taking Christmas Eve and Christmas off from poker.  Take care everybody, good night, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Does Misty know about your blog? Does she read it?

  2. she knows that I write a blog but she does not read it and does not know the web address. She also does not know my online screen name is FlushhDraw.

  3. she knows that I write a blog but she does not read it and does not know the web address. She also does not know my online screen name is FlushhDraw.

  4. u r p@ying lot more of the bills there th@n those who do h@ve jobs, its none of her business if u pl@y poker. this is why id never live with @ wom@n whose not in love with me. did u ever h@ve sex when u first met? how does someone find ur f@cebook p@ge? ssi will subtr@ct 100% of the g@mblings winnings out of ur check, if u report it. i know, bec@use i ever to get SSI, @nd th@ts why i lost interest in ever trying to re-est@blish it. the only people who succeed @re the 99% who hide the income.

  5. poker is gamblooooooooing . deal with it