Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The First Session Loss Since The Awakening

The Awakening. I kind of like that term that describes my poker journey as to this point because back on December 12th I did have an awakening.  It was on that day that I realized what I should be doing, how I should be doing it, and when I should be doing it.  December 12th was the day I finalized my starting hand selection, that was the day I started having 100% focus on the tables at all times with just a rare exceptions, it was the day that I took and kept improvements that I had made in my previous attempts at No Limit cash games and got rid of other things that we're not wise, acceptable, and/or profitable. December 12th I had my awakening and then followed 7 straight sessions of profits.  The 7th session was just barely a profit as it was a struggle session as you know, but in the end I was able to get it back in the green.  There would not be an 8th winning session however, the streak ended at 7 as today was another absolute struggle day almost from the very beginning, but in the end I recorded a loss. 

It was a day that could have been a lot worse than it was. Almost from the very beginning I found myself down 2 buyins and not from any huge hands, but from continuation bets that went nowhere, decent hands that we're facing huge raises, the type of thing you just know you're beat and you have to let it go.  Unfortunately as it progressed it seemed to get worse.  The first 270 hands down $20, after 410 hands it was down $31, after 685 hands I was down $46, and it was not long after that it was over 5 full buyins down just like yesterday.  Around the 700-750 hand mark down just over $50 for the session.   I know the money doesn't matter and as long as you're making good decisions that's the most important thing, but I will admit it does get frustrating at times, but whereas previously I would let the frustration to get to me, to make me to try to push edges that weren't really there, since December 12th that no longer happens.  I know the hands will be coming my way I just have to wait for the real deal to arrive.  It started to and after 890 hands I had picked up 2 buyins back and after 1036 hands I was only down $19 and then it seems I had a great deal of card deadness as I fluctuated from about $19 down to $32 down and from draws that went nowhere, missed flops, that sort of thing and then just before 11 o'clock it switch back yet again.  When I ended things for the evening I had reclaimed a couple more buyins in the previous 35 minutes and finished down a little under $11 for the session.  I ended up cleaning a $10 bonus so the actual bankroll did not change hardly at all just a few cents, but it was my first loss in eight sessions.

Earnings are $206 in the first 10,084 hands since "The Awakening".  Damn I like that term lol.  Even with the last two days my earn rate is still 20.4bb/100 and quite frankly I expect that to go down even further.  At 20.4, I am in the earn rate area of what "Black Rain" calls the elite cash game players and while I feel that I am a good player there is no way in the world I am elite by any stretch of the imagination.  If I can run it at 8bb/100 I will be an extraordinarily happy person, but if that is what I will end up running at, I still have a few losses headed my way.   I've only played 10,000 hands and the numbers are still fluctuating wildly depending on how the session comes out so at this point nothing can be determined. The only thing I can do is to continue learning, continue studying, and continue bringing my "A" game to the table at all times.

Speaking of that "A" game, even when I do that, invariably I will still make errors from time to time.  Let's look at yesterday first.  It was a $5 profit, but by my calculations I may have made potentially in excess of $29 in errors which could have made that $5 profit a profit in excess of 3 buyins.  $29 covering only 3 hands.  Damn when I do something I don't nickel and dime it do I, lol.  Let's have your thoughts.

1st Hand:

I raised this hand to 50 cents UTG and got two callers.  3/4 flop continuation bet called by Villain and the other folded.  On the turn I fired 3/4 yet again and was called.  I checked the river to entice a bet from Villain and got more than I bargained for.

If you will notice this particular Villain is color coded blue, which in my system means he is a donk or a bad player.  Donks to me are not wild and insane insted they are players that make poor decisions, but usually with half decent cards.  They callpot size bets with gutshots, they stack off with top pair, call 3 barrels with 2nd or sometimes even 3rd pair that sort of thing.  The notes I had on him previously were that he cold called a preflopraise and a preflop 3bet with A5o.

Can we ever be good here??  What's your play?

 2nd Hand:

I had raised this preflop being in  late position and BAM!!! we flop a strasight, but not likingthe two hearts I came out firing.  When the 2nd 8 hits my second bullet is raised, but with an open ended straight flush draw I cannot see me folding even with the paired board.

What did he raise that turn with??  Trip 8s with a gutshot??  Did he flop a set and turned a boat?   Was it a freaky thing where he too has T9s perhaps in hearts.  Do you make this call?  Does the fact that I only have about $6 left and am getting near 4-1 make a difference?  What if I had $10 and were getting just over 2-1??  Thoughts??

3rd Hand

Hmmmm a 3 bet,but less than 2x.  Are you calling oris the fact that it's a 3 bet to my UTG preflop raise enough to getyou to fold?

So I called the 3bet preflop and the Villain who had cold called me shoves the flop.  WTF!!  Top pair and an openender, but my entire stack save 5 cents and the odds aren't great, but still.............

And a couple hands from today. 

1st Hand:

I 3 bet him preflop.  A touch light perhaps, but he had folded to my preflop 3 bet previously.  What's your move, call or fold??  Even if he has a set I still have a lot of outs.  Is it worth it??

2nd Hand:

 Naturally I had raised preflop and this very wet very draw heavy board comes out and naturally Villain donk bets me.  But how do you react to it with that board texture?

I simply called his flop bet hoping my call would slow this boy down, but the turn did not exactly do me any favors.  Ughhh.  No notes on him either.  Grrrr.  I called.  Just how many ways have I completely screwed up in this hand so far??

Have we gone too far to turn back now or is every dollar we save an extra dollar in our bankroll.  With him firing time three is there any way we are good here??

So that's it for tonight.  A couple of videos from Poker Bank and then I will call it a night.  Tomorrow is the final day of week 3 in the APP leaderboard.  This morning I had moved into the top 30 and I ended up earning 41 points today.  Can tell there will be no $50 top 15 finish this week, but even a top 30 finish will help.  I will go over these hands posted in a couple of days for anyone that has any input.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. That 3rd hand from the 1st group (KQ) - good example of where it pays to know how villain has been playing (seeing many flops, many 3 bets, c-bets, etc)... Things we were talking about...

  2. I still stand by my suggestion about building the bankroll for $1/2 NL. Get it up to a couple of buy-ins, then look me up in mid-February so I have a chance to snatch it away!