Friday, December 18, 2015

The High Ride Continues

Another great session tonight, over $47 in profits, nearly five buyins up at the tables in less than 1200 hands.   Add to that the $10 bonus that I cleared gives me a grand total for the night off +$57 not counting change.   Bankroll since the 12th when I had $180 has now surpassed $406.  Profit of $10 and L are in excess of $165 so in just under 5000 hands I have earned over $165, over 16.5 buyins, another $60 in bonus as I ended up finishing 11th on the APP leaderboard not the 5th I was hoping for, in fact I lost a few spots as those above me did put in a solid grind, but nonetheless it was worth an additional $50.  Wednesday and Thursday started the new week for that and I did not play either of those days so I have a bit of making up to do to be able to hit the top 15 and score another $50 on Tuesday when week 3 ends.  I have $70 in bonuses left to clear which I will not come close, but I will definitely clear 2 of them for an additional $20 before the month ends, and possibly a third for an additional $10.  I currently have $4.42 in convertible points for cash which from now on I will just refer to them as CPs for convertible points.  These are points that I can convert at anytime so in essence it actually is part of the actual bank roll since a simple click puts it in my account so with that said bankroll is actually $411 at this moment.  I seem to run $1 in convertible points for every 1000 and played. so, if in January I play 40000 hands, under current circumstances that would be worth $40, but in very short time as a matter of fact I think by the end of play tomorrow I will be gold status and therefore beginning the conversion rate of APPs to wsop points of 5x, but for my purposes I am still going to figure on $1 per 1000 hands played that way if it happens to be a little extra at the end of the month so much the better.

This winning streak then I am on has really thrown me for a loop to be completely honest.  Yes, I am focusing on the game like I never have in my life, I am taking more notes than ever before, I am avoiding distractions like I never have before, but at the same time I know that there is no way in the world, that alone, can explain an earn rate in excess of 34 big blinds for every 100 hands played.  It is absolute insanity.  I didn't think it was possible to win that much in cash games.  Obviously I'm running on a major heater right now, in fact I'm on fire, but it makes me wonder that although obviously I'm on a heater, if the fact that I am laying down big hands when necessary, getting away from draws when I should because I'm really reading my opponents is that adding to the current good fortunes as well.  Is this 50% a heater and 50% my improved play by simply paying attention?  I have no idea.  I will say that since I have started really buckling down and focusing on the game large swings have not happened.  The worst I've been down at any one point is a buyin and a half and whereas before going up 3 buyins I could turn around and be down 5, but that hasn't even come close. The worst thing I've seen so far is a two buyin downward swing within a session.  So far anyway, things have been absolutely great, but it appears in brings bit of an issue to deal with and I'm going to get some opinions from you readers as to what I should do.

Let's do some assumptions here. let's assume that I don't run into any major down swings are disasters between here and Tuesday and let's for the resume is that in that time I am able to clear another $20 in bonus and finish in the top 15 in the apt leaderboard for an additional $50 plus profits. The bottom line is that you going to bring me to $500 in the bank roll if all of these things transcribe as soon. With that said, what should I do. I recall in a previous entry saying something along the lines of I should play 50,000 hands of $10 an hour before I can say I have proven myself in it, but I'm going to be honest if I've got a $500 bank Hall, enough of a role for a 10 by and try and $20 an hour, it's going to be extremely difficult for me not to be adding $20 and out tables and grinding that. I will be honest I want to do what's best for me in my ongoing education as a poker player so I put it out to you experienced players. should i which of the following should I do?

1. As soon as the bankroll reaches $500 no matter how many hands have bern played at $10NL, make the jump to $20NL on a 10 buyin stop loss.

2. No matter what the bankroll amount is whether it's $500 or $5,000, do not budge an inch until I have played at least 50,000 hands at $10NL.

3. 50000 hands is not necessarily needed to prove oneself and it can be done with a different amount.  If you choose this option please tell me the amount of hands you feel is necessary.  

Tonight's session was great and I did not want to quit, but at about 8:30 I started yawning and I knew I needed to stop right then and there as much as I didn't want to.  I will be getting my January disability payment on the 31st of December as it turns out and I will I need to get to Walmart and get a bottle of caffeine pills to keep me going through these longer sessions that I want to play.  I want to get a minimum of 1500 hands in a day and obviously I'm not going to be able to do that without a little caffeine assistance.  I've been starting at 2pm and from what I can tell it's going to take playing from 2pm to 10pm or 2pm to 11pm or 2pm to 12am depending how many breaks I take during the day to get those 1500 hands in but this yawning at 8:30 or 9 o'clock is not getting me the volume that I want, but after that disaster I suffered I refused to play tired or sleepy so it looks like I will be elevating the blood pressure and the heart rate to 180 a minute to get through these sessions starting in January.  I know it's not the best idea of the world, but the way I look at it it's all part of this business part of the poker life.  As poker players we do what we have to do. 

So that's all for today.  Going to watch at least one more poker video today this part of my poker studies before I go to sleep and hopefully get at least 8 hours sleep so I can run 1500 hands tomorrow.  Take care, have a great night everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

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