Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Recap / February Goals

A reminder of what the goals that I wanted to accomplish for January were. 

January Goals
30,000 hands played.
$240 in table earnings
8bb/100 overall earn rate at $10NL
6bb/100 overall earn rate at $20NL
$30 in converted points to dollars

My earnings goal for cash games was accomplished as was the earn rate goal for $10NL.  I was hoping to make $240 and table earnings at the cash games in total was $355.17.   Missed my earn rate for $20NL slightly as my goal was 6 BB / / 100 in my actual room rate was only 5.3, but considering the final session of the month at $20NL was a $22 loss and the fact that that one session knocked three or four points off my bb/100 I can live with that slight failure.  I definitely surpassed the points to cash goal. 

February Goals

Days Played:::::::::::::  23
Hands::::::::::::::::::::::  40,000
$20NL Earn Rate::::::  8bb/100
$20NL Earnings::::::::  $480
Tournament Earnings:  $120
Bonus Money::::::::::::  $100
Rakeback::::::::::::::::::  $72
APPs::::::::::::::::::::::::  1200

You will notice that there is not an earnings goal for $10NL and the reason for that is very simple.  One of my ultimate goals for the month of February is to not have to drop back down to $10NL.  I have over $682 in the cash game bankroll and therefore I am going to put myself, starting tomorrow, on a full 14 buyin stop loss.  The absolute worst case scenario is that were I to lose those 14 buyins that still leaves me $400 in the cash game bankroll to grind it back up at $10NL, but so far the worst downswing I've had is 10 full buyins and hopefully I won't see anything along those lines in February. 

That about sums up the goals for February. I am looking for total earnings for February of s minimum of $772 with $600 of that coming from the cash game and tournament tables.   I'm going to have to keep track of my tournaments because since I expect $100 in promotional money that's going to be added to the tournament bankroll I'm going to have to keep a separate tally of the tournaments that I'm playing in and that $120 in earnings is based on only the $3 Rebuys as these are the only tournament that I will allow myself to play during the month of February.  I have created a new page tab at the top of the blog right next to the $10NL and $20NL that which if you click on the latter two shows my totals of earnings, hands played, and earn rate for each individual month.  Unfortunately I had to stop listing the daily totals because it was not allowing me enough space and also as each month goes by it will be way too many tabs at the top of the blog so what I will do is I will list each day individually and then erase it and put in the monthly total  at the end of the month.  I have also added a tournament tab so if you want to keep track of my tournament progress for February all you have to do is click on that tab at the top.  That $120 goal in tournament earnings actually only comes out to an ROI of between 20%-21% which should be achievable as I don't think I'm setting the bar to high on that.   

February will actually be a testing ground for tournaments, because if I do better than expected I am going to rethink saving the money in March, April, and May for Colossus ll in the 2016 WSOP and just buy in through tournament earnings over the course of the next three months so depending on how well I do in tournaments in February is definitely going to determine how I pay the $565 entry fee into Colossus ll.   Paying for it through tournament earnings over the next three months would be the best case scenario and that would give me the extra money I have left over each month to get in some live tournament play at The Golden Nugget and also Treasure Island would be a possibility.   Another possibility would also be tournaments at the Mirage, but I need to get my hands on a tournament blind structure sheet from the Mirage as they don't list theirs online.  If it's anything like the blind structure that they have at the Flamingo or Ballys it is absolutely not an option, but the 2 already mentioned are strong possibilities.  Most likely it would be The Golden Nuggett.  

My goal is to play 23 days during the month of February in which this is leap year so it has 29 days total.  That means I am only going to be able to take six days off during the month.  I have plans on spending a couple of days with my friend Melanie next weekend as we are working on the data entry aspect of the project I have referred to in previous posts.  I am also taking Thursday off and hopefully playing in the Linq tournament with Joe (Man In Black)  Tomorrow will probably be a full day of Poker, but there's no guarantees as I need to go to the store and do some food shopping.  Misty is taking Jan to work for a 9 o'clock start so that should work out really well if I can grab a ride with her and she'll stop at the store for me like she always does, and if everything goes right, I should be back in time for the 12 p.m. $3 rebuy. 

I ended January losing $22 and change at the $20NL tables, but it could have been so much worse.  It damn near turned into that meltdown that I spoke of yesterday where I was down almost $90 at one point when I made a pretty nice grinding come back.  I was down $45 very quick in early in the session when my AA vs QQ and we were all-in on the flop and a queen hit the turn.  There was another bad beat that I took within the same parameters with my higher pair getting beat by a lower pair.  I was able to grind that back to just a couple of dollars from even when things went very bad very quickly.  I raised with AA and a nutcase to the my right decides to go all-in and obviously I snap call.  He has AK and flops a gunshot and hits it on the turn.  There were at least two more hands that would be considered realistic bad beats and several hands where I was getting a raise of such huge amounts that I damn well knew my flopped top pair awesome kicker was just no good and before you know down $2 was down approximately $90.  The funny thing is the hand that started the turn around was 34o.  I received a 34o in the big blind on one of my tables and there were no raise so I was able to check my option. Flop comes A25.  I fired out a flop bet simply for value and the opponent to my left had flopped 2 pair aces and deuces and he went all in and I ended up with a double up on the table.  I also doubled up a $30 stack on a different table a little later on when I called a raise with KQ.  I flopped top pair, turned two pair, ended up shoving, and my opponent tanked for a good long while before finally making the call and flipped over AA.  Fortunately for me the board did not to pair with a non king or queen.  I got it as close as to only $10 down when it seemed that the tables have reversed course once again and I just decided, you know that's enough for today, I ended my session an hour early and that was that.  I also went 0 for 3 in the rebuys for today.

So I end January with a total bankroll of $806.86, total earnings and bonuses for the month of January of $303.45.  Obviously there were losses in tournaments, but that 2nd place finish really bailed me out.  Hopefully earnings and bonuses for February will be a minimum of $772 which if it is that I will end February with a bankroll of $1,500 and possibly begin March at $50NL, but we will see how things progress.  

My roommates after Wednesday are going to owe me $350 and I will be getting repaid as usual in small increments. I am putting $250 back into the bankroll that I borrowed from, but because I'm getting paid in small increments it won't be available immediately but it'll be coming.  I am going to play that tournament with Joe that I mentioned earlier with the money I have left over and after cigarettes are bought and the money order is paid for and then with the money they pay me back I will put $250 back into my bankroll, pay for my phone, and it's not like I'm going to be going out too much this month as the grind takes top priority.  So that's it for tonight.  Overall January was decent enough with earnings and bonuses of over $300, but the earn rates are somewhat disconcerting to me.  Hopefully I will be able to improve on that during the month of February.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

$50NL Within Sight

I see it off in the distance, if it were a city I would be seeing the skyline as I drive closer and closer towards the outskirts of it. This city is called the $50NL tables.  Its like driving down road in the desert.  You can see the skyline of the city you're driving towards, it's still a bit away, but you can see it, and every moment that you're driving you're getting closer and closer to it.  It fills your body with a form of adrenaline and anticipation. That's what it feels like right now as my bankroll climbs higher and I feel like I'm driving towards $50NL. I will need $1,000 in the cash game bankroll before I can add a single table and test the waters and ending tonight I am less than $300 away from that.
As you know yesterday I decided that the creation of a cash game bankroll and a separate tournament bankroll was vital. I utilized the earnings that I had made at the cash games to be the base of my cash game bankroll so when I started this morning I had a little over $650 in that cash game bankroll which meant I had over 30 buyins for $20NL.  Even though $350 of my bankroll is missing and is being paid back eventually, the fact of the matter is with $650 in the cash game bankroll I only had $50 to fiddle around with at $20NL.  Even though my available bankroll was $450 and not the $600, the fact of the matter is I was pretty much on a 2.5 buyin stop loss anyway.  It didn't matter what the available was, I could only lose 50 bucks before I would force myself to drop back down which is a far cry from the 10 buyin stop loss I stated I wanted, but the fact of the matter is I wanted to play the higher stake exclusively.  Even if it means I can only play 2 tables for a little for part of the day I do not like mixing stakes and decided that I would not do so in the future.  

I started the day at $10NL and played a little less than 300 hands and lost $1.60, but I was comfortable even with the loss that I was coming out of this little struggle I have been going through on cash games for a few days now.  It almost seemed to be fate as the tables that I was on started falling apart and so I closed them out logged the session, took a break, and then fired up the two available $20NL tables when I resumed my session.  One of the reasons I wanted to play the session was I knew that I would get a few extra APP points playing at $20NL rather than $10NL and although it's only an increase of one in the multiplier for WSOP points if I make platinum status, every little bit helps.  The other reason is fairly obvious.  Double the stakes can most definitely mean higher profits.  The session started out very well and quite quickly I was up 2 full buyins and then I ran into some trouble.  Namely JJ vs AA all in on the flop.  He was an unknown and I should have assumed he had a pair higher than me, but I didn't and I paid for it.  Lost a few more hands and all of a sudden that $40 profit was a $13 loss at my lowest point, but I grinded on knowing the cards would switch back and they did and when it was all said and done I played just under 1100 hands for a $52 profit bumping up my cash game bankroll to $705 which means I am now on a five buyin stop loss going into tomorrow.  By the way there seems to be some confusion when I say $10NL, $20NL, or $50NL.  Those amounts mean the maximum buyin for the table. $10NL has blinds of $0.05 and $0.10, $20NL has blinds of $0.10 and $0.20, and $50NL has blinds of $0.25 and $0.50.  Just wanted to throw that out there for anybody that was unsure because I have had more than one person ask me about that.

I damn near had another final table appearance tonight in the larger field 7:30 p.m. $3 Deepstack Rebuy $800 Gtd tournament.  170 runners I ended up finishing in 10th place for $26 and change.  It seems that I have come out of my bad streak that I was in even though today wasn't a great deal of tournament profit overall.  It also made me realize that the frustration that I have been experiencing when I'm constantly getting two and three outed to be kicked out of tournaments, when you think about it, is not that unusual.  Look at it this way 80%-90% of the time when I am all-in in a hand I am going in ahead.  That's the type of player I am.  I don't play junk, I don't push moderate holdings unless I absolutely have to, and so if that is in fact the case where I am the one ahead in the hand it only makes sense that it's going to take a 2 or 3 outer to beat me and when you think about it doesn't matter if you're getting knocked out of the tournament by a two outer or a 15 outer, either way you're out of the tournament and have not cashed in it so the next time I get frustrated about being knocked out by a two outer I'm going to try to keep this in mind.  

As I will be most likely exclusively playing $20NL barring a meltdown tomorrow that means that $10NL for January is wrapped up.  My results for January to be honest are somewhat indecisive.  I doubled my volume, but made less money.  For December I earned $274.62 in 15,692 hands, but in January I only made $267.90 in 30,538 hands for an earn rate for the month of 8bb/100.  I'm not sure what to think of this overall.  I had a 17.5bb/100 earn rate in December and I didn't think it was sustainable so things may have simply evened out to where they should be.  Overall at $10NL I have an earn rate of nearly 12bb/100 in over 46,000 hands and I think that's pretty respectable.  I will have the totals for January at $20NL in my next entry which will be tomorrow because I need to do some March goals.

I got some live poker on tap next week.  Me and my friend Joe aka "Man In Black" on Thursday will be meeting up either downtown or on the Strip to play in one of the nighttime tournaments.  It could be the Linq or it could be the Golden Nugget.  The Linq has an 8 p.m. $45 tournament with 15 minute blinds which I'm not crazy about, but would definitely try it out, and the Golden Nugget has a 10 p.m. $45 tournament.  The problem with both these places is the tournaments don't always go off as scheduled because of a lack of interest.  If that's the case we'll probably just hang out for awhile and chill, probably talk poker strategy, nothing unusual there, as the first time him and I met in person about 10 days ago or so, we spent a good portion of an hour and a half talking about bankroll management, cash game grinding and tournament selection.  

Well that's all for tonight.  I should hit platinum status tomorrow and since I got over 1000 APP points this month, within the next few days $40 should be added to my online account directly and another $60 in bonus should also be added into my bonus account to be cleared.  This $100 will be added to the tournament bankroll.  Take care everyone, I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start, and I'll see you at the tables.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Tournament Cash

An extremely short posting as I am absolutely exhaustedand  I need to grab some sleep.  Cash games I'm still struggling at and ended up losing $16 in 1600 hands today, but on the opposite side I ended up taking 2nd place for a little over $145 in the 4 p.m. $3 rebuy.  That puts the total bankroll up near $800 and it puts the available in the neighborhood of $441.  I'm so tired I can't even remember what the amounts are without looking and I don't feel up to looking right now.  2 days left to go to make platinum status and less than 100 points needed.  If I decide to play $20NL a little earlier than planned because my available bankroll is not $600 at this moment in time it is only $441, platinum status will not be an issue.   If I stay with $10NL over the next couple of days it's going to be close whether or not I make it.  Since I get paid in 5 days and $250 is being returned to the bankroll I could in  fact play $20NL tomorrow without too many worries however I'm not sure doing that while going through a struggle is the best idea in the world.  That's all for now, time for sleep.  Take care of everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Downswing That Might Not Be Officially One

Although I did play one 9 a.m. tournament on Wednesday I quickly realized that is not going to be the norm.  Playing till midnight or thereafter and trying to get just a few hours sleep and be up at 8:30am is not going to happen so I decided that as of Thursday I would skip the 9 a.m. and simply play the other three $3 rebuys throughout the day.  On Wednesday I did play all four and was completely exhausted all day, even the caffeine pills, although they helped, weren't giving me the usual boost that they ordinarily do.  

Thursday morning the alarm once again went off at 8:30 a.m. because I had forgot to change it, but I simply turn it off and went back to sleep not getting up till 11 a.m.  Grabbed a shower, a mountain dew, and got on the tables just a little after 12 and by 12:30 was a half hour deep into the 12 p.m. and on a $10NL table, a $20NL table and on the waiting list of a second $10NL table.

How many tables and with what bankroll to play $20NL has been a constant dilemma for me, but after adding just a single table over the last few days and utilizing a very restrictive stop loss I have decided that doing it in this manner is something which I absolutely positively hate.  Having one table of $20NL with a couple of buyins as the stop loss is not something that I want.  If I'm going to have a stop loss it's got to be at least 10, just to get through the swings that do happen from time to time I mean it is unavoidable.  Therefore there will be no more of this a single table of $20NL and if there's going to be a single table of anything that will be the lower stake and that will only be if it's a case where there are only three tables of 20 in all available, I don't have a tournament going and just want or need something to fill in that 4th spot and 10 buyins is going to be the stop loss.   This will begin when I have an available bankroll of $600, or 30 buyins which as I've stated before, for whatever reason, seems to be my magic comfort zone number. This should happen on or about February 3rd.

Since I am allowing myself a 10 buyin stop loss for the $20NL tables that means should I lose exactly 10 buyins in would bring the bankroll back to $400 which would give me 40 buyins at the $10NL tables to get back up to that $600 mark again, but the problem is that if I am utilizing a single bankroll for both cash games and tournaments which I have started playing on a steady basis then that is going to be an issue because if I want $400 to be my drop down point back to $10NL if needed I could find myself down to a $400 bankroll, nut tournament losses would be included in that.  It would mean that I could find myself at a $400 bankroll but have not utilized my full 10 buyin stop loss.   The bottom line is I am seeing the absolutely need for a separate cash game bankroll and tournament bankroll, but how to get a tournament bankroll is the question. 

Right now as of this posting I have earned at $10NL $560.55 and I have earned at $20NL $109.95 so earnings at the cash games is at a grand total of $670.50.  I feel every dime of those hard won, long grinding hours of earnings, those constant hours of grinding, need to stay right where they are in the cash game bankroll.  Since I have a total bankroll of $684.80 it mean at this particular point I have a tournament bankroll of $14.30.  What to do about this slight dilemma?  The solution is pretty obvious to me.  I feel that every dime of my cash game earnings should be dedicated to cash games and everything else can be added to my tournament bankroll and all of this will start the beginning of February because I have indeed earned 1000 points for the January promotion and I spoke about in a previous post and with those thousand points this should get me $100.  It will be separated into $40 being added to my account immediately and the other $60 will be in my bonus account and with the amount of points that I am getting on a daily basis these days, I should be able to clear that $60 within 2-3 weeks at the very most.  The two or three dollars a day that I get in rakeback, also better known as WSOP conversion points, can also be added to my tournament bankroll, as can any bonus money earned in any future reload bonuses that I take part in, any future promotion money I earn can be added, and finally if need be I can take some money from my monthly personal money and add it to my tournament bankroll and once I am showing a solid profit in these tournaments I can then withdraw that starting money back out again.   So starting February 1st, in just a few days, I will be utilizing separate bankrolls for cash game and tournament play.

The last two days saw me on the cash tables go into what I can only call a downswing, but it's so quirky and covered so few hands I honestly don't know if it's truly a downswing or simple cash game variance to be completely honest.  You will recall the last downswing cost me 10 buyins at $10NL, a total of $100 in 8300 hands. I consider that to be a downswing in its truest form, however I found myself down  approximately $85 or so within a 2500 hand span.  I called it a downswing on Twitter, but thinking about it I'm not sure what to call it because within the next 500 hands I had picked up in the neighborhood of $50 of it just like that.  If this is simple variance it would have to be intense variance the likes of which I have not experienced previously in such a short number of hands.  I mean I saw this coming as for the previous 3weeks when it comes to poker on cash tables I had the Midas touch where no matter what I did it turned into gold.  I mean seriously, beginning on January 5th to and including January 26th covers a span of 22 days.  7 of those days I did not play poker at all so that means 15 days that I played poker and $425 in cash game earnings.  That is absolutely insanity.  Nobody can earn that much money in that short amount of time grinding cash games for nickels and dimes, it's not possible, but yeah that's what I did over those 15 days of poker playing.  I would have bet large sums of money against the possibility that anybody could make $400 over the course of 15 days playing for dimes, and yet I did it.  Of course this is just another lesson in an ongoing slew of lessons that I am learning about cash games in general and they surprise me at every turn.  I mean I only made the transition December 12th and so logically I'm going to be learning more and more and more and more about what is and is not possible in cash games, but as Han Solo said in the movie The Empire Strikes Back "You know sometimes I surprise even myself."  We will leave out the part where Princess Leia told him "That doesn't sound too hard." 

I began keeping track of my tournaments on the right hand side of the blog starting yesterday when I realized that I totally needed to cut down on costs.  The money lost in tournaments previously I simply put in my miscellaneous earnings and I feel that by cutting down these costs and keeping things reasonable and especially with me now going to be having separate bankrolls for each is serious +EV.  Tournaments in general continue to drive me insane.  Constant 2 and 3 outers are knocking me out of almost every single tournament that I get knocked out of.  The only bright spot was a 4th place finish in the 12 p.m. $3 rebuy for a $56.23 return.  For the two days that I have been tracking these things I am only 1 for 7 which is hideous at best and I am continuing to get knocked out by two and three outers.  It's not that I need luck in these tournaments all I need to avoid is getting unlucky and so far that has not happened.  Even in the one that I finished 4th in which I was disappointed in myself that I didn't win the whole damn thing, but I was doing really well stack was over $33,000 in chips and lost two thirds of it when I got beat by, you guessed it, a 2 outer.  Paying blinds and antes knocked me down to $8000 in chips with blinds of $250/$500 plus antes and somehow, through guile, sure will, tenacity, and a few moves here and there, I actually got that stack back above 30 grand and at one point up over $200,000 at the final table. Don't even ask me how. 

Finally, a personal update. I taken steps of insistence one might say and told my roommate Misty I am not covering any portion of the rent for anybody that is capable of working.  That means her daughter Cathy who lost her job recently.   Misty is unable to work because of a medical issue and I am fine with paying three ways even though there are 4 of us here.  I would do this for any friend, but there is no way I'm covering any portion of the rent for somebody who does not have a medical reason they cannot work.  Furthermore she blew her chance for the next at least week or two for half the jobs possible in this town because she decided smoking weed on the patio was something she wanted to do so any job offer that comes with a drug test its going to be a no go.  Especially under these circumstances I'm not covering for anybody else.  This coming February I will be purchasing the money order for the rent, I will deduct my $300 plus $20 that was given to me already and Jan will be paying me half of her tips until the entire $350 that I am owed is paid.  This is not an unusual situation, this happens every month, but it's not usually $350.  She also gets paid on the 5th and I should get a lump sum of at least $100 out of that and Jan is good for it, she has never screwed me over and as soon as she walks in the door from her job as a server, every single time hands me half of whatever she earned in tips that day.

I have decided to make some changes in regards to my own personal well being as well. Beginning in February I am going to attempt, you see I use the word attempt, to make some healthy changes to my life style.  I certainly do not want to make Lightning36 three for three in his predictions about poker players having strokes lol.  On a serious note I am quite touched by Lightning and everybody else that has shown a concern for my well being health wise. Yes I know I am an insane lunatic when it comes to the grind and quite often i don't concern myself with anything else but the grind, but I need to, I know that. My changes will come in food choices. I am going to be having less processed foods, more salads, tuna fish, things of that nature. I'm not going totally healthy, starting out slowly, but hopefully it will bring more positive changes.  I am also not starting poker til noon each day and if the tournaments are finished by 10pm I am done for the day.  Have not decided whether or not to toss in the 830pm $5 Rebuy since I'm not playing the 9am one.  It does not go off every night tonight a prime example.  It needs a minimum of 8 to start and does not always get it.

That's all for now.  Alarm set for 11am and we will see how the cash games go.  $10NL only until at least the 3rd, or one hell of a tournament deep run streak.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tournament Cost Reassessment

Since January 12th I've played in 24 tournaments on WSOP and I have only cashed once finishing in 10th place when ten were paid.  On the surface one might think that obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I checked the final hands on every single one of those 24 and this is what has happened to get me knocked out of these tournaments. 
Lost to a 2 outer 3 times
Losr to a 3 outer twice
Flop a set and lose 3 times
Hit trips and lose
Flop two pair and lose
Beat by runner runner flush
To say that I am running ice, ice cold would be the ultimate understatement.  It's almost like the Poker Gods are trying to send me a message.  It's like they're saying "you're trying to rush things and we're not going to allow it"  Ok I know there's probably no such thing as Poker Gods, but I can't come up with any other explanations.  Before I made the switch to cash games predominantly I played in many many tournaments over the years and I cannot ever remember running that badly over the space of two dozen tournaments.  The problem is these aren't $1 and $2 tournaments, these things are costing me $20 a pop.  I was going to play in the $20 Midnight Mayhem tonight, but after getting knocked out of the $3 Rebuy which I jumped into as a last minute decision and got knocked out by a 2 outer I might add, I unregistered from the midnight tournament.  I just couldn't see throwing another $20 away.

The problem is I enjoy the mix of playing tournaments and as any of my longer term readers know I never surrender, but what I do is reanalyze, reassess, and reapproach.  In this particular case there is no new approach to how I play because let's face it, the way I get knocked out of tournaments there's not a damn thing I could do about it, but in reanalyzing the situation I have decided to eliminate the $20 tournaments and play smaller ones at least for the time being.  I will switch back to the rebuys because something that I realized was rebuys weren't giving me a problem as I thought they were because my opponents we getting chance after chance.  I was completely wrong about that.  95% of the time I make it well past the rebuy period.  So obviously that's not having a negative effect.  Before I change my mind on the midnight l tournament I was fully prepared to spend $40 today and in future days and by playing the all four of the $3 tournaments my total tournament cost will be a maximum of $5.73 each totalling only $22.92 each day.  When I snap out of this ice cold run and the bankroll is considerably higher I will bring back the $20 Deepstack into the daily play mix.   Definitely not giving up on tournaments, but I am taking steps to reduce the cost and try to play through this rough streak.

Cash games on the other hand are rolling along. Another winning day in cash games again today picking up over 2 buyins at $10NL and an additional buyin at $20NL, a total cash game profit of just under $50.   Only played 10 hours as just after midnight I just completely felt drained and decided to call it a night a couple hours earlier than planned, but even with only 10 hours since my roommates are accessing my time less and less since I pretty much let them know I need to be left alone during the daily grind in those 10 hours I got in over 2,000 hands.  Tomorrow I start at 9am and play to midnight, but I'm going to try to take breaks in between the tournaments.  For instance while I'm grinding and playing say the noon tournament and suppose I get knocked out of it at 3 p.m. then I will take an hour break until the 4 p.m. tournament starts.  I think, reasonably speaking, that's the only way I'm going to be able to run 15 hours on a daily basis.  I can attend to my poker studies while I am playing  because I'm either listening to music or listening to Voyager episodes on Netflix so during the course of the grind I can also be listening to a poker podcast and videos so that I can get a reasonable amount of sleep each night.  So once again that wraps up a blog entry.  With reduced cost and tournaments the bank roll should go back to a steady rise.   Take care everyone and as always, I'll see you at the tables.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Run For Platinum Status

With 7 days left to go in the month and 340 points needed for platinum status I stepped up the grind to 12 hours and decided that I am going to continue with a minimum 12 hours for the foreseeable future.   Cash games continue to be a profit maker, but tournaments thus far have not produced earnings.  

Once again I did not cash in the $20 Deepstack and how I'm losing these things is driving me crazy.  I am 0 for 4 and in one of them I flopped two pair and lost to get knocked out and yesterday I flopped a set and lost and that's how I got knocked out of that one.  The over $500 for 1st place is the only thing that keeps me playing them, and since I'm going to attempt to run my sessions from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. I'm thinking of including The Midnight tournament once again which I've only played once.  It only has a 2k starting stack and I previously said with the lowest. I feel a bit rushed, but the fact of the matter is I'm in no different position than anybody else playing that tournament and if I have an advantage going in then it's pretty -EV not to be playing them although it will bring my tournament entry fees up to $40 a day. 

12 hours a day.  Some of you are probably thinking.  "He's completely lost his ever lovin mind!"  Yeah, you could be right about that lol.  Or perhaps some readers may be thinking  "There's no way he can keep a schedule like that."   You would be wrong on that one.  I've run 10 hours somewhat steady and 12 hours from time to time so 12 hours steady is nothing.  I will admit it takes its toll on the body.  I keep myself hopped up on so much caffeine I sometimes have higher levels in me than in a coffee factory.   Oh by the way my roommate Misty is convinced me taking caffeine is the same as being on speed lmao.  No joke she actually came out and said that.  The other thing that may be going through the minds of my readers is "There's no way he's pulling this kind of insanity just to get to some platinum status."  On this you would be correct.  90% of the reason behind this is directly related to my night on the Strip this past Thursday.  Playing at The Flamingo in that game spurred something inside me into overdrive more than it had already been.  Playing live, the sights, sounds, and smells of being on the Strip, the chips in my hand, the real cards, I want it and I crave it more than I can explain.  I want it and I want it to begin as soon as humanly possible and I'm willing to put my body through hell to get there.  Limited sleep, racing heart rates, rising blood pressure, these are just part of the side effects that come with the life I've chosen and and hopefully I don't give myself a stroke during the process.  I am 48 and these things are a realistic danger, but avoiding that I will be able to accomplish what I want and need to.  Nothing will stop me.  Besides, the possibility that pushing myself to the extremes that it could kill me is a possibility but unimportant.  I've been on borrowed time for years.  To be totally honest a big part of me  feels like I should have died when my wife did 5 years ago.  That's how much we truly loved each other and she was without a doubt my soulmate.  Add to that during my lifetime I should have been dead 3 times over including 2 comas, one less than 24 hours and one that lasted 10 days.  Anything I have now is a bonus so live fast, die young, and leave a good lookin corpse baby!!!

Claude commented on my last post about how he felt that I was chasing losses and that he thought he saw a pattern that on sessions where I played less hands I had better winning sessions and when I played sessions that had larger amounts of hands I have more losses.  We commented back and forth and I wanted to address that in this entry.   Nobody likes to end the session on a losing note, however I am not one to chase losses.  I can't say I've never done this I think we probably all have at one time or another, but as far as my sessions go they have a certain starting time and a certain ending time and the only reason I will play longer than my scheduled ending time is if I'm running extraordinarily hot and the tables are extraordinarily juicy other than that when quitting time comes around my poker is done for the day.   Anytime that I have days where I'm at the house grinding, but I seem to have played less hands than is typical for me that means that my roommate was definitely interrupting the session well more than one occasion because she needed help with something or she wanted me to go with her to run an errand to keep a company or any one of a hundred other different reasons.  I have had to put a stop to that to a certain extent.  Today was a prime example.  Cathy's car has been giving her fits and she's had to jump it more than once while they try to figure out the exact issue and Misty wanted to give her daughter's car a jump start and she asked me if I would attach the jumper cables on the battery because it made her a little nervous.  She asked this while I was in the first rebuy tournament today and I told her straight up I'm in the tournament I can't do it right now if you wait till five of when the tournament is on a break and then I'll help you.  I don't think she was overly thrilled with having to wait, but just because she does not see poker as important I'm having to take more and more of an attitude of oh well your opinion on this particular point is of little concern and I'm going to continue to do what I need to do and if that means I can't jump up instantly when you need something it's something she's going to have to get used to.

So I head into today beginning at 2pm.   I think this could be the time frame I'm looking for.  Enough intoxicated players and if the tables fall off I can always fire up a $20NL if needed.  That's a wrap.  Today's session just underway so will report back later.  Take care everyone and I'll see at the tables.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Great Night Out

Although I wish I could say last night on the Strip was a profitable one I have to say I had an absolute blast hanging out on the Strip last night.  Played in the cash game over at the Flamingo since the Linq didn't have a game going as of 8 p.m. and I only had two thirds of a full buyin which only lasted for a couple of hours, but that really didn't matter to me because last night was not about profits and losses last night was about getting away from the online grind for a day and just enjoying myself and having fun. 

I ended up meeting up with a cousin of mine who is in town as part of a business trip that brought him to Vegas and from here will have him going to Vietnam and Malaysia.  We had not seen each other in over 20 years, but like many people these days we keep in touch through Facebook.  We spent a couple hours together over at New York New York having a few drinks, playing some video poker at the bar, catching up, swapping stories, and it was just so absolutely awesome more than mere words can express.  I found out that he makes the trip to Las Vegas twice a year and will be back again in August and so we will definitely be meeting up again.  I guess that's the thing about family it doesn't matter if you haven't seen them in 20 hours or 20 years the love you have for your cousins or whatever family member it may be is always there.  Cousins are really the only family I have left as I'm pretty much alone in the world so it made being able to see him again that much better.

I also ended up meeting a fellow poker player from my Twitter last night which was a very pleasant experience.  I'm not sure whether he wants his real name used or not so I'm going to call him Johnny.  We hung out for over an hour on the Linq promenade and we're talking about all sorts of things obviously including poker.  It was really great to meet him and I hope we have the opportunity to hang out in the future. 

Over at the Flamingo I ended up buying in for $220 and lost that two-thirds of a full buyin.  Lost one hand when I flopped the absolute nut straight and the board ended up two pairing and my opponent had a full house.  I only ended up losing about  $60 in that hand which I felt was pretty damn good poker playing in that kind of a situation.  The majority of it was lost when I raised preflop with an AJs and got 3 bet preflop but not an overly large amount which I called.  This particular player in seat 4 was a guy in his thirties and from what I could tell was there with his father and another young man who I'm assuming was his brother and if not his brother then probably a good friend but the way they bickered back and forth about hands I would have to assume they were brothers.  He was the type of player that had to explain to other players why they should not have called and what his entire thought process was throughout the entire hand and had taken a couple of beats and I really felt that he was tilting.  The flop came Jxx and he fired a continuation bet which I snap called.  He checked back the turn as did I because at that point I was not entirely sure if my read was correct and he was tilting or if he really did have a hand.  He was not the type of player to play garbage hands but he seemed to be the type of player to play a naked AK very strongly and when he checked the turn I was more and more thinking along the lines that he did have AK.  The river was a harmless card and he fired out a $45 bet. The jack was still the highest card on the board so I had top pair top kicker and his bet compared to the pot size was more than reasonable for me to call, but unfortunately he did have pocket queens on this occasion.  Overall I don't think I played the hand poorly although I'm sure that it could be said that I should have simply folded to the three bet preflop.  Had he had fired out on the turn I would have folded at that point, but hey that's poker.  I enjoyed my time that I was there playing live and it made me more determined than ever to get the hours in, to get the volume in and get to my final goal, so that I can be doing this live on a daily basis. 

As far as the Flamingo poker room itself goes not bad overall.  10 handed and a $5 maximum rake including their  jackpot drop.  However not being experienced in live no limit cash  play I'm not sure if this is something standard for the Flamingo or if the dealer made an error because in the limit games that I've played they always wait till there's $10 in the pot and then they take a dollar for the rake and every time an additional $10 goes in the dealer takes another dollar but there was one hand where we had three going to the flop, I was not part of the hand and there was $6 in the pot going to the flop and I saw this dealer take out $3 for the rake leaving $3 in the pot. I'm not sure if this is standard in a No Limit cash game but if it's not and this is simply something that the Flamingo does I will not be returning there anytime soon for a cash game.

As for the bankroll financial situation I ended up withdrawing $350 in total and that $350 needs to be paid back to the bankroll.  I will be doing so over the course of 2 months.  In  February I will pay back $250 to my bankroll and then in March I will pay back the final $100.  I will not be doing any withdraws for the foreseeable future nor will I be having any nights out on the strip in the foreseeable future because March April and May I will be saving $200 a month for buying into Colossus II in the WSOP in June so if I borrowed from bankroll during those months no way to pay it back and I am not just going to frivolously spend any part of my bankroll unless I can in fact pay it back so it looks like I will be on one hell of a serious grind and not too socially active until at least June. 

Next 2 days off as I am going to be with my friend "Melanie" and come hell or high water we will finish the project we have been working on this weekend.  Available bankroll ending tonight $322.  I really wish there was a second tournament I could add to my daily play schedule and I even thought about revisiting the rebuy tournaments, but it's just not something that I want to do.  The only other option for me is the bounty tournament but with the $2k starting stack it's not something I'm interested in.  Unfortunately the only tournaments available to me that meet the standards that I have set forth of the type I want to play is the 4:45 p.m. $20 Deepstack that I play, a $25 tournament held on Saturday only, a $50 one on Sundays, and the weekly $200 tournament and needless to say I'm not quite rolled for the last one mentioned, however the other two are definite possibilities starting in February since they are only a once a week expenditure.  So far I am 0 for 3 in the $20 Deepstack, but I have no worries about that one as I have come damn close to the money in two of them and considering that first place pays in the neighborhood and sometimes exceeds $500 I've several opportunities and it only takes the first deep run to put me and keep me in the green with them.  

So that's a wrap up for tonight.  Just a small profit at $10NL today, less that a full buyin, but another profit session which I'm happy about.  I have also accomplished the goals that I set for January as tonight's session put me over 30,000 cash game hands played, in excess of $240 in cash game earnings, and I have exceeded my rakeback goal.  Still have 7 playing days left to make platinum status, but not sure I'm going to be able to accomplish that with the time I have left so it's going to be close.  With that it's time for some sleep.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One Tournament A Day

The initial $200 withdraw that I made in order to play in the live cash game on Thursday I have added an additional $100 withdrawal to that. a cousin that I have not seen and probably 25 years is in town and we will be meeting up to catch up a little bit maybe have drinks or something someplace and so I needed the extra money for that. It should be said that bankroll will be paid back this $300 out of my extra money left over, but I may not be able to pay the whole thing back in February as I might only be able to pay back 200 to $250 out of it. However, since I anticipate earning $100 from the January promotion I'm not too concerned about it.

Did a little trial run with the $20 tournaments today playing in three of them, not cashing in any, and while $60 in tournament fees may seem a little excessive for my available bankroll which started today at $365, I played a specific three trying to get the feel of them to see what I liked about them, what I didn't, and to narrow down what I want to play on a daily basis.  When it's all said and done the only tournament that I am going to be playing on a daily basis is the 4:45 p.m. $700 GTD Deepstack.  Although I lost $60 in tournaments today the day was still profitable as I was once again rolling over the tables at $10NL to the tune of earnings just under 6 buyins and with the $3 and CPs in today ended with an available bankroll of $337, with another $300 owed for a grand total, yes I know I don't have the grand total at this moment in time, but it's still a grand total of $677. 
The $20 tournaments are definitely a different world.  This is to be expected compared to a rebuy of course, but I'm talking about the smaller buyin non rebuy tournaments.  Pretty much in the lower buyins if somebody to limps and you raise in position, even eight times the big blind in the smaller buyin tournaments folding is not an option for those players.  The same is not said for the $20 tournaments.  I found that out during the ones that I played.  Whereas in the smaller buyin tournament you raise in position you're still going to have 4 or 5 callers, but in the higher buyin, a lot of times you're going to pick up the dead money already out there or at most have one caller.  Now I'm not saying that I am doing this with garbage as whether cash games or tournaments I have certain standards of starting hands before I will pull certain maneuvers, but suffice it to say that there are certain hands that definitely play heads up much better than they do multiway and if you can utilize those hands in a positional raise you're going to pick up a certain amount of chips throughout the entire tournament which can only help you in the long run.  

It is without a doubt that I need the tournaments with the highest starting amount of chips as I really did not like the almost rushed feeling of the tournaments that only started with $2k.  I wanted to give them a try and I did, but this is why I know that the deep stack with the $4k starting stack is definitely the one for me each day.  Apparently there is also a special $25 Deepstack tournament held on Saturday only which I would like to take part in although I won't be able to do it this weekend as I will be going back to Melanie's house this weekend to finish up that project that we thought we would finish this weekend, but NFL football got in the way of our accomplishing any work lol.  Other than those two the only other ones I see are the the $50 buyin and the $200 buyin on Sundays and needless to say I need a damn sight more money in my online account then I currently have to even think of playing those.

Just a quick update for tonight.  I ended up taking an extra day off this past weekend and currently have 430 points to go to make it to platinum status.  Not sure if I'm going to be able to do it or not by the time the end of the month gets here, but I will definitely make the thousand points that I need for the $100 for the January promotion.  Still trying to figure out just what I want to play and can play as the tables seemed to fall apart early tonight, just after 1 a.m., so I'm thinking of trying a 2-12 grind and see how that goes.  Trying to iron down what specific hours I'm going to play is driving me up the wall because sometimes it almost seems as the conditions change from day to day, but I've never seen the tables collapse before midnight and a 10 hour grind I think is more than sufficient.  I should get the volume in as I'm only playing a single tournament each day and as long as my roomies leave me the hell alone and let me do what I need to do, then getting in 1500-2000 hands it at the cash tables per day should not be an issue.  Also decided that the $20NL tables I am simply adding them one at a time each time starting with 20 buyins and each time I have an additional five buyins for the level add one more table.  The only problem is sometimes you have nights like tonight where it made sense to stay on the $10 tables because all four of the $20NL tables the highest see the flop percentage they had was like 18% or 19%.  Hideously tight so for the most part I stayed on the $10 tables and made 6buyins in the process so all in all not a bad trade off.  Take care everyone's and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Tournament Approach

I adjusting my tournament approach and beginning Monday, I will no longer be playing any rebuys of any kind.  After playing 9 of these I realized that players that keep getting another chance over and over and over again, it's only logical and natural that sooner or later they're going to be successful what they're trying to accomplish.  I find that the rebuys are less than poker and more like bingo.  Quite honestly I should have realized it before I even started playing them, but I really didn't stop to think about it and I did want to give them a try. 

So beginning Monday I will be playing the 4:45 p.m. $20 deep stack.  This tournament, like all the others, has 10 minute blinds and starts with $4,000 in chips instead of $2,000.   There are no rebuys, no re-entries, and there are no add-ons.  It's a tournament where once you're out of chips you're gone and it has I believe a $700 or $800 guaranteed prize pool and it also gets less than 100 players I'm pretty sure, but I have to double check that on Monday.   Almost all of the tournaments $20 and under are rebuys and there are only three from what I've seen, not counting the $1 and $2 garbage tournaments, that are not.  At midnight there is an $800 Gtd, that is a $20 buyin, but only has a $2000 starting chip stack.  There is the 4:45 p.m. Deepstack which I've already mentioned that I will be playing, and at 9:30 there is a $20 bounty tournament with $10 going to the prize pool and a $10 bounty on everybody.  I ended up playing that night but did not cash as my AA was all-in preflop against JJ and the jacks flopped a set.   This also has a $2,000 starting chip stack and although I played it this evening just to try it out and see what it was like it's not something that I want to play in the future.  

My tournament style although aggressive, is a considerably conservative approach and I find that longer blind levels and higher starting stacks work best for me. Now all the tournaments have 10 minute blind levels and there is nothing to be done about that, but playing a tournament that has twice the starting stack as the other non rebuy ones is definitely the tournament I should be playing.  $20 sounds like a lot of money for somebody with my bankroll, but in actuality my tournament cost will go down unless I decide to play that midnight tournament which I do not see that happening with only a $2,000 starting chip stack so instead of spending $25 to $26 on 3 tournaments each day I'll be spending only $20 on a single tournament per day.  I think overall it will be +EV for me.

I ended up losing about $14 in two rebuy tournaments today and another $20 in that bounty tournament and I still only lost about $12 today which all things considered is not too bad.  I decided to group the rebuys and that single bounty tournament as miscellaneous over on the right hand side of the blog.  I really hate seeing it in red and I'm utilizing another miscellaneous form of poker to try to get that back in the green eventually and I began that tonight.  After my regular session was over I decided to play some PLO8, $0.05 and $0.10 blinds, with a maximum buyin of $10.  Table didn't last all that long as I didn't even start playing in that game until after midnight and I lost a few dollars and then there was just me and one other person at the table and I decided that I would play some heads up.  On one particular hand I ended up losing the rest of my $7 stack and immediately bought in for another $10 as I felt I had an edge on this rather aggressive player.  So now I'm in for $20 and I let him take the lead as he constantly did, doing a lot of check calling because I knew he would bet and the times that he checked which was a rarity all I had to do was fire out and the pot was mine.  After was all said and done I ended up a little over $10 against this particular player and I was able to reduce my miscellaneous losses by $10 and change.  Sooner or later I'll get that miscellaneous category back into the green and out of the red.

Now for something my readers may consider just a little bit silly, but after I was done with the PLO8, I noticed my total bankroll was $666 and change.  Long time readers will know I tend to be somewhat superstitious and there was no way on gods green earth I was going to end the night with a bankroll like that so I saw a $1 headsup SNG Super Turbo and jump in that fast. I did not care about the dollar.  I was either going to win a dollar or lose a dollar and my opponent ended up beating me so I ended the night with $665 well worth taking a loss in order to avoid the bad luck of 666.  Yeah I know what some of you are thinking, but there are certain things I am just not going to be able to sleep with and having a bankroll of three 6s is one of them lol.

I ended up making about $10 in the cash game at $10NL and lost about 2 or 3 dollars at $20NL.  That puts me at over 4000 big blinds earned or 40 buyins in earnings at $10NL and it covers around 32,000 hands.  I guess I can say that I have proven myself completely at that level now so now its just proving myself at the next level, $20NL but the problem is I'm not rolled high enough with the $200 missing from the bankroll to play $20NL exclusively.  For that I want 30 buyins or $600 and until that $200 is replaced back into the online account or be readily available for a deposit at a moment's notice I have to consider my bankroll to be what is actually available and ending tonight that's $465.  It's enough to play a single $20 NL table if I'm in a tournament or even two tables in a four tabling situation, but that's the most I should be doing at this point.

So that's going to end things for this weekend.  I'll be back at it on Monday and I'm going to be playing from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.  I tried doing from 12 to 12 but that's just not giving me enough sleep and although I have the caffeine pills it's causing my body to crash every 4-5 days.  Besides, the later I start in the day the less interruptions I get from my roommates.  So Monday I will be back at it again and until then, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

On Fire At The Cash Tables

Hide the fire extinguishers, keep them as far away from me as possible, because I am absolutely ablaze at the cash tables.  In the last two days I have seen the highest monetary earnings thus far since I made the transition to cash games.  $146 in earnings in the last 2221 hands.  If we look back since I broke a downswing and it broke on January 5th, since then and including the 5th, I had one losing day, one break even day, I took 2 days off, and played a total of 8 days and in that time, the last 8 sessions I show earnings of $213 covering 13331 hands in a mix of $10NL and $20NL, $164 of those earnings coming at $10NL and $49 coming from $20NL. 

Tournaments on the other hand are starting out extremely slow and cold as I'm either running into bad beats or I'm running into unfortunate situations where I have a really good hand, but unfortunately my opponent has a better one such as the case of me having a straight on a paired board but lo and behold my opponent has the full house.  I've only seen one minimum cash for $16.99 when I finishrd 10th in one of the tournaments that paid out 10 spots so I just barely made it by the skin of my teeth.  However, tournaments on WSOP pay in the 10% range unlike most sites that pay off 15% so in this case I expect my ITM percentage to be lower, but hopefully over the long run, my ROI percentage should be higher.

Tomorrow will be the last day of poker until Monday.  I'm going to be over Melanie's house this weekend so that we can hopefully finish up the project that we were working on last weekend.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I will be grinding online as usual and I will be taking Thursday off from the online grind as that's the night I am going to play a cash session with just a single buyim over at the Linq.  I will be playing on a 1/3 stake and will be sitting in with $200 of my own money and my staker, who shall remain nameless, but is not the gentleman who emailed me, will be providing the other $100 and we will split the profits, if any, on a 67%/33% basis.  I feel that sitting 300 big blinds deep hopefully I will be able to at least have some maneuverability.  I am excited and admittedly nervous about playing in my first live no limit cash game, but I am also hugely looking forward to it and it also brings up the question of what happens should I find myself extraodinarily successful on Thursday night.  What would be the options??  What should i do, and what will I do??

Supposing I ended up winning $600 in profit during that game and let us say after my staker was given his $200 share of those profits that would leave me $400 plus my original $200 that I put into it.  If something like that happened what would be the best course of action.  There are a few possibilities the first of which that the original $200 would be returned to the online bankroll, not necessarily deposited online immediately, but held in reserve for the next to reload opportunity.  I could then take the $400 and try playing another session at the Linq to hopefully continue with the earnings, I could utilize that extra $400 for the online bankroll which would put me up over $1,000 and close to being able to add some $50NL tables.  I could use my share of the profits to set up a completely separate tournament bankroll so that I keep my cash and tournament bankrolls completely seperate from one another.  I could take some of the money and play live tournaments to see if we couldn't increase this bankroll on a lump sum fashion.  Maybe a couple of $125s, maybe some $75 tournaments at Treasure Island, or perhaps the $100 tournament over at Caesars.  I know I'm getting way ahead of myself but it is kind of fun to think about the possibilities. 

Well that's going to be a wrap up for today.  I got a late start today and I'm going to be getting a late start tomorrow, but I have no choice.  I've got to do laundry tomorrow, so like today, I probably won't be on the tables until after 2 p.m. possibly as late as 4 p.m.  Take care everyone.   Let's just hope this hot run continues and I wish any of my readers a hot run in their own right as long as you're not at the same table as me lol, and as always, I'll see you at the tables.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tournament Play Added

First let's start off with a comment response. 

Pokerdogg said: 

Hi Flushdraw, are you sure 14 hours sessions are a good idea? Even if you can do it for a few days, you are risking burnout with that kind of sustained effort. The best way to rack up more points is to play higher stakes, which coincidentally brings me to my second comment. Why are you withdrawing money at this point? This is just like a startup company, you need to keep the profit in the company, reinvest it so that it can grow. The quicker you can move up in stakes, the more money you can make and the easier it is to achieve Platinum or whatever level you are working towards. My best advice is (if you can afford to do it), keep the money in the online BR, keep grinding and move up to 20nl as soon as you can. You have the ability to add to your online BR each month, why do you use that money for your live poker BR instead? GL as always

As usual Pokerdogg all valid questions deserving of straightforward answers which I will do my best to provide as you are always a welcome commenter to this blog.  First off the 14 hour sessions.  Absolutely without a doubt not even a question.  I'm doing 10 hour sessions as it is and an extra 4 hours is nothing for the simple reason that I take whatever breaks that I feel like taking throughout the day.  Sometimes a break is an hour sometimes a break is 30 minutes to have a little dinner sometimes its several 5 minute breaks throughout the day to go grab a cigarette, but no matter how you look at it whatever breaks I feel I want or need I take so even though it is 14 hours from noon to 2 a.m. it's definitely not straight through. 

On to your second question as to why I am withdrawing money.  You are entirely correct that I shouldn't because as you stated this is like a startup company and I need to keep reinvesting the profits, but this was a special occasion.  Somebody I have communicated with on Twitter, a fellow poker player, is visiting Las Vegas this month and we were planning on meeting in person for the first time and playing some live poker as well.  As much as I am trying to grind up the bankroll I also am trying to be able to interact socially and since I plan on playing a live cash session I decided to utilize the bankroll for that purpose. If I show a profit in a live session then I will return that money plus  my profit to the bankroll of course and if I lose it's a choice I was going to make on a special occasion.  I doubt I will be meeting this person as they seemed to have  taken my joking offensively and have since unfollowed me on Twitter, but I still plan on playing in that live cash session anyway and possibly be meeting up with somebody else from my Twitter that doesn't currently hate me  lol.  Also I have not reported this yet, but half that buyin may be a stake.  I received a private email message from a gentleman who reads my blog and offered me a $100 stake to a $1/$2 live cash game.   I emailed him back a counter offer saying that I felt we should take his $100 dollars and add $100 of mine and play in the $1/$1  game at the Linq sitting in a game 200 big blinds deep which has definite more expected value then sitting in 50 big blinds deep.

As for using my personal money for live bankroll.  As you are aware my ultimate goal is. $10k so that I can grind the live $1/$2 cash games with 30 buyins.  According to my calculations grinding it up exclusively online will take approximately 2 years.  I do not want to be grinding online when I live in Las Vegas for the next two years so the only logical choice in my mind is to continue grinding online yes, but also utilize the extra money I have each month in an attempt to boost at bankroll in a quicker fashion by playing tournaments such as the $125 buyin tournament at Aria or the Friday night $125 tournament at New Orleans or if I want you get more tournaments played the $75 $1k guaranteed over at Treasure Island.  As for the next few months I am nit going to be able to put any of my own personal money towards my bankroll even if I wanted to because March, April, and May I need to save $200 a month for me to buy my way into the Colossus in the 2016 World Series of Poker which I don't care what anybody says, I don't care what my haters are messaging me and saying to me, there is no way I am nit playing in that tournament.  I have the opportunity, granted on the the most inexpensive tournament they offer, but the opportunity to realize a dream that I have had since I started playing poker in 2004 and that's to play in the WSOP and there is no way I'm not going to play in it. 

So onto today.   I decided after some thought that i would play all three $3 rebuy deepstacks.  There is actually  a 4th each day, but its at 9am and I do need to sleep at least occasionally.  I mean, let's face it, caffeine pills, which I am loaded up on, can only go so far.  The tournaments today went absolutely horrendous.  It's bad enough going 0 for 3, but when you flop set over set and your opponent hits a one outer for quads on the turn to knock you out of one of them and then you flop set over set only on the wrong end of it and no one outer saves your ass to knock you out of a second one, it pretty much sucks lol.

Since I have decided to add 3 tournaments a day which is a cost of over $25 in entry fees I realized I had to come up or reorganize my bankroll management approach to both be able to play the tournaments, add $20NL to the mix quicker, if for no other reason than so my tournament costs are not 2.5 buyins of my current level, and at the same time figure out a bankroll management system that will prevent any real damage should I find myself running cold in one form of poker or the other, or both.  In thinking about this and what the best approach would be I realize that the magic number for Me seems to be 30.  30 buyins is what I want to have to go full time live.  30 buyins was the bankroll recommended to me by a highly respected poker coach for my multi-tabling online play so for whatever reason 30 seems to be my magic number so that's the number I'm going to go with meaning that should my available bankroll fall to 30 buyins or less I will eliminate the tournaments temporarily.  Provided it is above that magic number of 30 buyins for $10NL, I will play the tournaments each day and I will mix two tables of $10NL and 2 tables $20NL.  So for my purposes as long as I can keep the available bankroll above $300 then I can continue on, but should it fall to $300 or lower it is an exclusive $10NL grind until I can get it back up there again.

Today was not a great day as I lost all three tournaments I played in with no cashes at all and I ended up losing in the neighborhood of $14 in the cash games dropping 2 buyins at $10NL and making a small $6 profit at $20NL, adding in the $3 in CPs earned today I ended with an available bankroll of $344 so that means tomorrow I can at least start out with the noon tournament and we will see what exactly the available bankroll is at 4 p.m. to see if I will be able to play that because I will be grinding two tables of $10NL & 1 table $20NL while I play that tournament.  

The $200 withdrawal that I made I am going to call that a loan.  After reading Pokerdogg's comment I realized his comment about treating this like a start up company and reinvesting the profits was entirely on the money and hit home with me and while I will play the live cash game, I realize that what I have managed to accomplish online I need to utilize that for online.  I had not planned on adding any personal money to my online account balance anyway and working strictly with the profits and bonuses I have earned thus far, so therefore the money I have left over each month will be utilized for live play and since the $200 I withdrew is being utilized for live play the money I have left over each month needs to pay for it so with that said when I get paid in February, should I lose the $200 that I have withdrawn, I will pay that back to my bankroll.  Any live play will come out of my monthly money and the money I have earned online will stay exclusively for that.  I should have about $350 available to me after I pay my bills on February 3rd so paying the $200 back to the online bankroll will not be an issue if it is needed.  Since that $200 is not currently available for my online play I can not utilize that in my decision making about what I play at this time and have to go off on the basis of what's in the account right now $344.  I know the no limit live cash game will be my first one here in Vegas, I also know that many of my readers probably expect me to go down in flames, but you never know I just may surprise you.

I'm doing pretty well on my goals for January with the slight exception of earnings at the cash tables. I did not realize that I was going to be playing tournaments when I wrote the January goals so those cannot be considered but I did say I wanted to make $240 at the cash tables and so far this month I'm at about $27 in profits at those cash tables which is not even coming close so hopefully we can step things up in the correct direction on that.  One of my goals was to earn $30 in rewards or CPs for the month and I am already at $28 so that is definitely going to be surpassed and the other goal was to play 30,000 cash hands and after the first 12 days I have played a little over 18,000 so that should be surpassed as well.  

I only ended up playing 12 hours today and I found it was not necessary to grind for 14 hours after all.  I got in over 2500 cash hands played today and as long as my roommates leave me alone and don't keep interrupting my session with help requests help with this and that or want me to go for a ride with them or go to the store with them or whatever than 12 hours will be completely sufficient.  The problem is especially Misty does not consider what I do important so she doesn't think twice about interrupting the session and case in point tonight she wanted me to do something, I just looked at her and said "are you serious" for I was in the middle of tournament at the time not to mention I had 3 cash games going so her daughter Jan volunteered because I got news for you I was not about to go anywhere.  Soon I am simply going to tell them from 12-12 I am simply unavailable if it is not a life or death situation.

Need to grab some sleep as I have an errand to take care of.  Need to be up at 7am if I'm going to make it back by noon so hopefully I will be able to take care of my errand without any interruption in the day's session.  Take care everyone, good night, sleep well, and as always I'll see you at the tables. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Extending Sessions

I entered today's play with a bankroll of just over $575 giving me another $25 needed to step up for a 5 buyin stop loss run at $20NL.  I got started a little after 2 p.m. today if you notice that's a little earlier than my usual 4 p.m. start and there is a reason behind that which I will get to shortly.  As I hopped on the 4 tables of $10NL I had that $25 that I needed in just a little over an hour which brought up a temporary dilemma.  Should I abandon the $10NL tables and go to $20NL considering I now had the bankroll that I said I needed and wanted to do just that, or because I was running so hot should I stay put right where I was.  It was only a temporary dilemma because after a few minutes after I tweeted this very question looking for opinions in which Miss Alaska Gal was kind enough to offer her input, the four $10NL tables that I was on started disintegrating and falling apart.  So much for that, on to $20NL. 

What a wacky swinging wild session it was.  There were only two $20NL tables so I ran two $20NL and two $10NL tables.  I was as high as $680 in my account balance from there dropped all the way down to $517 and when it was all said and done I finished just about dead even, a $0.17 increase plus $5 in CPs.  I've never seen such a wild session, but I was also, later on, three and four tabling $20NL and since the stakes are doubled the money is doubled and the dollar amount swings are going to be higher and its something that I'm going to have to get used to when I'm grinding $20NL steady, which is not going to be anytime soon.  I ended up earning $41 at $10NL,  and I lost $41 at $20NL. 

At the $20 NL tables I in fact dropped about 6 buyins in a horrendous stretch when all of a sudden anything and everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  I'm talking flopping the absolute nut straight just to get beat by a full house, donks chasing down second pair and hitting trips on turns and rivers hapoened multiple times, and second barrel continuation bets that are getting raised left and right having to let the hand go, but of course probably putting $4-$6 into the pot at that point.  If that only happened 10 times you're talking losses of 2-3 full buyins just under those circumstances.  Then like the calm after the storm it stopped and I was able to grind on and get 3 of those buyins back only taking the $41 loss.  However, my resultS at $20NL after this session do not look so good, but of course even though I'm only showing an earn rate of a little over 1bb/100, I also have less than 4000 hands played.  Too small of a sample size to mean anything at this point, but I have had my share of struggles in the hands that I have played at $20NL and currently only show a profit of a little over $11 at that level.

The reason behind the early start today is because quite simply and quite frankly I have decided to increase my daily play schedule from 10 to 14 hours, but there is a very valid reason for this.  I am attempting to gain platinum status in January and as mentioned in the previous entry I took a couple of days off this past weekend and hang out and work on a project with my friend Melanie.  We did not quite finished the project and will be working on it again next weekend where I'm going to be taking a couple of more days off.  It got me thinking that I really like taking a day or two off each week from my grind, but at the same time I don't want to miss out on potential volume, gaining APP points to get me to that platinum level which will give me APPs to  WSOP points at the rate of 6x which, long story short, if I can get platinum status and maintain it getting a minimum of 1200 APPs a month that is a  guaranteed $72 a month back in converted wsop points to cash.  At my current stake that is over 7 buyins given to me each month. There is no way I am going to miss out on that.  So with that said, since I do enjoy taking a day or two off I need to make up for those two days and so beginning with tomorrow's session it will be a 14 hour grinda minimum of 5 days a week.  There will be weeks I do it 7 days a week, others I play 6 days a week, and others only 5, but beginning tomorrow or the following day I will be starting my poker at 12 noon and play until 2 a.m. 

I will be returning strictly to the $10NL tables only as I have put in a wirhdraw for $200 for some live poker action on the 21st or 22nd.  If the withdrawal is processed before noon tomorrow, I will take tomorrow off or at least part of tomorrow off and go and pick up the money so I have it on me, and not let my roommates know I have it lol.  This leaves me $380 online, lower than $600 needed for $20NL.  The 6 buyin swing that I experienced at $20NL today is making me rethink my approach to that level and those tables.  I've had a 6 buyin swing at $10NL before and I've had 3 or 4 five buyin swings so the swing of 6 I took at $20NL is of no real concern to me, but if I am only giving myself a 5 buyin stop loss if I hit one of those swings I have no recourse except to drop down.  On the other hand if I increase that to say 10 and I end up dropping 10 buyins which I did during my downswing at $10NL, I would have grind a full $200 at $10NL just to get back.  All things considered I will simply take my chances and go with the 5 buyin stop loss.  At least if that is lost it's only $100 I have to get back and hell sometimes I can do that in less than a week if I hit a hot streak.  I will be grinding $10NL for the foreseeable future at least until I see what happens in the live game.  If I end up winning money in that it will be put back into the bankroll.  I can either keep it out seperate or wait for the next reload bonus and make a deposit then.    

Even though it's not my first choice of tournament type I have decided to incorporate two tournaments a day into my gameplay.  Both $3 rebuys one at 12 p.m. and one at 4 p.m.  Both of these get less than 100 people, and the rebuy period is only 55 minutes unlike the 85 minutes at the $800 guarantee at 7:30 which gets in excess of 170 entrants.  This will be done on a day by day basis.  If the bankroll drops a little too much I will have to suspend them, starting the next time I play a full 14 hour session I will be adding those to my daily poker schedule.  I think it's important to keep the tournament skills sharp along with the cash game skills however the cash games will take top priority depending on the bankroll amount.   However, large chunks of money being instantly added into the bankroll that tournaments can provide can not be ignored not to mention I want to be playing some sort of toutnament hopefully on a daily basis between now and June and as my bankroll is now healthy enough to afford the $8.73 providing I survive the first hour and do im fact get the add-on, now is the correct time to incorporate them in.  That's a wrap for now.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Reports About Various Subjects

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome back.  I have a few different reports to make regarding poker, life, disability, gambling winnings, income, and well lets just get started.

First and foremost, as you all know I am on permanent disability.  This is called SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance.   This is for people that have a permanent disability or are retired.  There is another form of social security which is a some type of federal program called SSI which I am not on.  Doing some research via google and getting information from at least 3 different websites including lawyers, I found out that gambling winnings do not go against Social Security permanent disability or SSDI.  They are not counted as earned income so I can continue to grind, make as much as I want each month, and not lose my social security disability payments each month.  Now here's where things get a little tricky.  if you have in excess of $2,000 in cash in the bank you can then be penalized.  So let's say that in February I go over to the Orleans on a Friday night and play in their deep stack $125 tournament that they have every Friday night.   Let's say that I end up winning it and let's say 1st place is worth $4,000.  No, my disability will not be affected by that however if I take those gambling winnings and put them in my checking account my disability will be affected by that.  Really???  Are you people serious??  It kind of makes you just shake your head doesn't it.  Yes, you can go out and win money, but don't put it in the bank or we will penalize you for it, but we won't penalize you if you keep it in your pocket, put it in a trusted friends bank account, or in a safety deposit box.  Even though they don't come out with these exact words that's pretty much what they're saying.  Yeah ok fine whatever lol.  If you didn't know what a catch 22 was before now this is a prime example of one.

Tax season or tax time is upcoming and since I play on a US regulated site and no longer play on an offshore site where you didn't really have to worry about it previously because they didn't have social security numbers like this one does, it is somewhat prudent that I report my winnings on this years taxes.  My total earnings for December were $503 so when I fill out my income tax I will be putting that down in the other income section.  Pain in the ass is I'm going to have to fill out the 1040 form instead of the 1040ez just because I had what they consider "gambling winnings", but as I said since I play on a US regulated sute better safe than sorry.  I do not ever in my lifetime want to hear the word audit when it comes to the IRS.  You know the IRS, those guys and gals with absolutely no sense of humor and the personality of your average cactus plant.

I have one less Twitter follower.  Today I took the very rare action of blocking someone.  It seems that because I'm on disability, certain people don't think that I should be playing in the WSOP.  I guess because my medical condition does not allow me to work because if I did so in the profession that I had become accustomed to amputation of my leg was not just a possibility but almost a certainty, but because of that this person feels that since I'm on disability I don't have the right to play in the WSOP tournament.  They had the colossal nerve to compare me to TBC.  I get $826 a month, beginning next month my rent is $300 a month, my expenses for cell phone, cigarettes, food, and miscellaneous items let's say $176 a month and when you add that up it comes to $476 a month leaving me $350 per month left over.  I guess I'm some sort of second class citizen where I have to justify how I spend that money that's left over to someone on Twitter that does not even know me personally.  I don't think so in fact I know that is not going to happen.  Just because I'm on disability it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to pay my bills have some money left over and enjoy my life does it?.  The WSOP event that I'm going to enter will cost me $565.   So out of my $350 I have left over each month I can save $200 a month for 3 months and have my entry fee that way which is exactly what I plan on doing.  This person kind of hurt my feelings because it took me awhile to get used to the fact that I couldn't work.  It wasn't a choice and when someone tells you you can't do something it's very difficult to accept, but for my medical well being I had no choice but to accept it.  Even working in retail as I used to, I would be making a helluva lot more than $826 a month let me tell you and wouldn't have to keep such a close eye on my leg condition to make sure is not getting worse, to make sure open wounds are happening, and if they do worrying about how much pain it's going to involve, will infection set in that will force them to take my leg this time.  I got news for you being on disability is not a free ride it's a very stressful ride.  I worked all my life and a medical condition required me to accept circumstances as they are, but I have a real talent for poker so why shouldn't I utilize that talent to make my life situation better and to live my life in the happiest way I can just like everyone else in the world wants to.

The poker session today went a little over 1400 hands for a profit of less than $8.  I was 4 buyins down real early within the first 400 hands and I was able to dig out of that hole in approximately the next 400 hands, but after that I basically wallowed in mediocrity and could get nothing going today of substance.  Bankroll to end of the day is at $575 with the small profit and a couple of dollars in converted points.

I am considering throwing in a single tournament each day to be played.  I will not play rebuys however, but I want to play a deep stack with a guaranteed prize pool.  10 minute blind levels is not my favorite, but considering its online it's the equivalent of 20 minutes live.  The good news is I found just such a tournament on this site.  A deep stack freezeout which is not a rebuy.  The bad news is its a $20 buy in, but I feel I do need to be playing tournaments if for nothing else but to keep myself fresh for the WSOP and although the two are probably as opposite as day and night it will keep me fresh in the tournament aspect of poker.  That $20 tournament starts everyday at 4:45 p.m.  I have decided I am going to do it, but with $575 in the bankroll now may not be the correct time, but when would be the correct time is the question.  

I'm thinking of waiting until I'm at $50NL before attempting any of these.  The problem is I will not be playing $50 no limit until the bankroll reaches $1,250.  Damn that seems so far away and a deep run in one of these $20 tournaments could really rocket things along, but since I am technically still playing $10NL playing something that has a total cost of two full buyins seems like insanity to me.  Playing something that costs one full buyin is an improvement but I don't feel would be the best choice.  However a tournament that cost less than a half a buyin seems much more logical and so even though it still seems like its way off in the distance I will start playing that $20 tournament each day once the bankroll reaches $1,250.  Because the stakes are more than double $20NL, in order to give myself a 5 buyin shot at $50NL and if I were to lose be able to drop down with 50 buyins at $20NL as if the same plan I am currently doing with the $10NL and $20NL tables, I will be able to make that move to $50NL with a bankroll of $1,250 instead of having to wait for $1,500.  It does seem like it's a long way off, but it gives me something to work towards.

That will wrap up things for today.  I will not be grinding cash games as I am going to be hanging out my friend Melanie and playing short session does not fit me very well as you can see especially recently I'm dropping multiple buyins very quick and early and if I can't play a full session of cash games it's probably not a good idea to play a partial session because I can be down 3 buyins in the first hundred hands and not be able to give myself the opportunity to rebound.   Besides I've been grinding everyday for about 2 weeks now and to be quite honest as much as I love poker I'm looking forward to taking a couple of days off so I will be back at it for a full shift on Monday, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.     In the meantime take care everyone, have a great and awesome weekend, and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, January 8, 2016

3000 Big Blinds Earned

I have hit a milestone or at least it's a milestone to me.  After tonight's play in which I played 1835 hands for a $25 profit, that brought me to over $308 in earnings at $10NL and thus I have now earned over 3000 big blinds at this level.  It may or may not be significant to many players that have grinded cash games for years, but to me, just making the transition to cash games, it's a pretty special feeling of accomplishment.  Yes, I know it's only $10NL, and yes I know I have a long way to go to prove myself totally, but for right now I'm enjoying the moment.

Right now I feel like I am firing on all cylinders.  There's been so many times where as I watched a hand play out, as I was taking part in it, seeing what the bet sizing was, seeing if they were checking behind on later streets, and then stating what my opponent had and so many times being right on target or within the range I have predicted.  I have never been able to do that before aside from the normal "oh he's probably on a flush draw", or "he obviously has a full house" type of thing, but then again I have never paid as close attention to the games I have been involved in as I have since I made the transition to cash games.  I have never before focused on my opponents as much as I have in the last 25 or 26 days.  I feel like I'm running on 12 cylinders in an 8-cylinder engine and I feel like I'm flying higher than I ever have been before.

Speaking of flying high that condition will continue because in June,  I will be playing in my first WSOP tournament.   Just to be in the same casino with the greatest of the great to say nothing of the same room is a feeling I can't even put into words.  I will be playing event #2, "The Collusus" the $565 buyin event which this year will have a $7m guaranteed prize pool and guaranteed one million dollars to the winner.  To say I am excited and even though it's approximately 6 months away, giddy as a school kid, would be on an understatement to the extreme.  This will be my first WSOP.  I'm playing in the least expensive event and it'll probably have 25,000 players or more in it, but all that doesn't matter.  I will be taking part in the biggest series of tournament events in the world, and there's nothing in the world that could possibly bring me down off of this cloud  9 feeling I have about all of it. 

I'm coming to the realization when you multitable online poker swings within the session are a normal happenstance.  I don't know if the same holds true for $1/$1, $1/$2, and $1/$3 live no limit cash game sessions, but from the videos that I watch of the Trooper I'm going to assume the answer is yes as many times in his videos he'll say he was down $300 and then came back to win $200 or he was in the game for $700 and ended up $100 for the session.  For some reason when I made the switch to cash games I was under the impression if you're going to have a bad session it's simply going to be a slow progression downward and if you're going to have a good session it's a slow progression upward, but the fact of the matter is in poker and especially in the amount of hands I play and I think that's paramount more than anything else, if we looked at it as a graph it would look like a mountain range.  Up down, up down, up down, up down, up down and for me by the time 2 a.m. rolls around you just hope you happen to be in an upward area.  Silly me thinking something like poker could ever be so uniformed.  What was I thinking?

I'm going to be taking this weekend off as I am going to my friend Melanie's house to help her work on a project.  I always enjoy being able to spend time with my friend and I'm sure that I will get some hands played while I'm over there as we will not be working on this project 24/7, but for Saturday and Sunday I will not be putting in my full allotment of hands, but it will be nice to take a couple of days off.  Bankroll is at $565 and I'm only $35 little dollars away from that magic $600 number.  I will be putting in a full 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. schedule tomorrow or later today depending on how you look at things, and if I continue running pretty well I could hit that $600 figure, but we will simply wait and see what happens.

Sometimes I need a reality check and one area that I need a reality check is when I feel disappointment towards a winning session.  I'm my own worst critic in nything I do.  Now we know that any winning session even just a dollar in the green is better than any losing session, but sometimes if I only win $18 as n example, I feel like I didn't do well enough, but then I have to remind myself my goal for an earn rate 8bb/100.  The fact that I'm running at 11.2 right now is immaterial to what my actual goal is and with that said if I base it on 1500 hands a day, 8bb/100 would be a daily profit of $12.  Just a small profit of $12 for every 1500 hands played and I have obtained my 8bb/100 goal so instead of being disappointed because I only won $18 or I only won $15, I need to realize and give myself a little more credit that as long as I played my A game, I did a good job. 

That's going to wrap things up for today.  I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome upcoming weekend and until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Coming Out Of It Hopefully

I was hoping that tonight's session which ended a little after 2a.m. was going to be the beginnings of me coming out of this damn downswing.  Things started off by two opponents going runner runner full house on me within the first few hundred hands or so and I was down another 2.6 buyins which brought the downswing at that point to 8300 hands and down 10 buyins, a full $100.  Things started getting better, I started scratching and climbing and was up 2 full buyins when I got slammed pretty hard and took a 3 buyin downward spiral in just a few hands.  I seemed to hover down about $10 and then it started taking off again and when it was all said and done I went from down $26 to $32 in profit in 1690 hands for the session which was an increase of nearly 6 full buyins all in one session.  It took me eight days to drop $100 and three quarters of a session to regain nearly $60 of it so all in all it was a pretty damn good night.   

However a single session of profits alone is bot am indication of whether or not I was coming out of it.  Granted a nearly 6 buyin increase from down $26 to a session profit of +$32 could be a definite indication in of itself the things have changed, but I would would feel more comfortable with at least two straight profit sessions of something somewhat significant to know for sure,  but of course in this crazy game nothing is ever for sure. 

So Wednesday night began at 5 as did Tuesday.  Today would be going till 3 a.m. at the bare minimum.   Only 435 hands played in the first 4 hours as I was doing a few other things here and there and was down $2.  Getback on the tables by 9pm for the final 6 hour run and less than 300 hands later I'm down 5 fkn buyins.  WTF!!!  Did I enter the Bermuda freaking Triangle or what.  QQ vs Villain's QJ and Villain hitting trips was just one of the reasons for the freefall not to mention both AA and KK going down in flames so intense it made the Hindenburg look like a campfire outing.  200 hands later I pickup over 2 buyins back, 100 hands later another buyin won back, 200 hands after that 2 more buyins won and after 1140 hands played I'm sitting at a $2 profit for the session.  It was just about 12:30 a.m. and there was still yet two and a half hours to go in this insanity. 

I picked up another buyin and a half, but the $10NL tables didn't have the usual mix of aggros and donks and they tightened up more secure than Fort Knox.  I mean I'm talking getting a walk in the big blind type thing.  I decided it wasn't worth it so I booked the small profit and decided to call it a night earlier than planned.  1336 hands and earnings of $15.95 which is back to back winning sessions, but quite honestly tonight I thought, much like my AA and KK hands and the Hindenburg itself, I was sure I was going down in flames tonight.  So does that mean the downswing is  over?  Damned if I know.  When a session goes like this one did, as far as I'm concerned, it's anybody's guess.

I ended up in the emergency room last weekend with a dog bite.  I had spent a few days at my friend Melanie's house and she has a cat who naturally I play with and pet while I'm there and we think possibly the smell of the cat is a reason one of the dogs here at the house decided to clamp down on my right hand drawing blood.  The worst part of this is this dog has not had its shots, but I am showing no ill signs.   I ended up in the ER because it seemed to be taking forever to heal and I was in considerable pain after 6 days, so the ER doctor gave me a prescription of antibiotics and prescription Motrin which of course I still have not yet filled.

We are now a household of 4.  A few days back Ray and I got in a toe to toe, nose to nose confrontation at 3 a.m.  In his state at the time, drunk off his skull he started talking shit about Misty and Jan and this household.  This is someone that these people considered family and he's going to turn on them and talk trash about people I care deeply for??   Oh hell no, not with me here you won't.  He is very fortunate the front door does not have his full body indentation slammed into it.  After all that went down Misty had enough of this and told him that his significant other was not welcome over here for now because of the excessive drinking that goes on when those two get together.  He immediately gave his 60 day notice, but then decided to up and leave the next day stiffing us for the two and a half months it took him to get working.  Just a few days before all this I had covered the rent and Jan is paying me her portion back as she always does and Ray was to pay me the $124 I covered for him until he got paid, but he decided that he was leaving immediately and stiffed me for it.  Jan and I decided to split that cost so she added another $60 to what she owes me and is currently paying me back.  Good riddance to that no good son of a bitch.  He has absolutely no concept of what loyalty is and I mean toward Misty, Jan and, Cathy who have known and treated him like family for years.  People like that make me sick to my stomache. 

So with the nearly $16 in earnings and another $3 in CPs I end the night with a little over $538.  If I continue with some winning sessions I am inching closer towards that magic $600 number and a run at $20NL.  By the way it seems that I shouldn't have any problems getting four tables running of $20NL when the time comes.  I guess there were less tables than usual active on the site around New Years Eve time because I have noticed that since the first of the year those tables are just as abundant as the $10NL tables so I should not have to mix my stakes when I make the jump up again.  That's going to do it for now.  Tomorrow I'm going to get started at 4pm and play til 2am.  I'm trying to find just the right hours to put in. If I go too far into the wee hours of the morning the tables start breaking apart.  I like putting in the 9 or 10 hour days so I am thinking that ending it actually 2 a.m. might be the perfect scenario.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.