Friday, January 8, 2016

3000 Big Blinds Earned

I have hit a milestone or at least it's a milestone to me.  After tonight's play in which I played 1835 hands for a $25 profit, that brought me to over $308 in earnings at $10NL and thus I have now earned over 3000 big blinds at this level.  It may or may not be significant to many players that have grinded cash games for years, but to me, just making the transition to cash games, it's a pretty special feeling of accomplishment.  Yes, I know it's only $10NL, and yes I know I have a long way to go to prove myself totally, but for right now I'm enjoying the moment.

Right now I feel like I am firing on all cylinders.  There's been so many times where as I watched a hand play out, as I was taking part in it, seeing what the bet sizing was, seeing if they were checking behind on later streets, and then stating what my opponent had and so many times being right on target or within the range I have predicted.  I have never been able to do that before aside from the normal "oh he's probably on a flush draw", or "he obviously has a full house" type of thing, but then again I have never paid as close attention to the games I have been involved in as I have since I made the transition to cash games.  I have never before focused on my opponents as much as I have in the last 25 or 26 days.  I feel like I'm running on 12 cylinders in an 8-cylinder engine and I feel like I'm flying higher than I ever have been before.

Speaking of flying high that condition will continue because in June,  I will be playing in my first WSOP tournament.   Just to be in the same casino with the greatest of the great to say nothing of the same room is a feeling I can't even put into words.  I will be playing event #2, "The Collusus" the $565 buyin event which this year will have a $7m guaranteed prize pool and guaranteed one million dollars to the winner.  To say I am excited and even though it's approximately 6 months away, giddy as a school kid, would be on an understatement to the extreme.  This will be my first WSOP.  I'm playing in the least expensive event and it'll probably have 25,000 players or more in it, but all that doesn't matter.  I will be taking part in the biggest series of tournament events in the world, and there's nothing in the world that could possibly bring me down off of this cloud  9 feeling I have about all of it. 

I'm coming to the realization when you multitable online poker swings within the session are a normal happenstance.  I don't know if the same holds true for $1/$1, $1/$2, and $1/$3 live no limit cash game sessions, but from the videos that I watch of the Trooper I'm going to assume the answer is yes as many times in his videos he'll say he was down $300 and then came back to win $200 or he was in the game for $700 and ended up $100 for the session.  For some reason when I made the switch to cash games I was under the impression if you're going to have a bad session it's simply going to be a slow progression downward and if you're going to have a good session it's a slow progression upward, but the fact of the matter is in poker and especially in the amount of hands I play and I think that's paramount more than anything else, if we looked at it as a graph it would look like a mountain range.  Up down, up down, up down, up down, up down and for me by the time 2 a.m. rolls around you just hope you happen to be in an upward area.  Silly me thinking something like poker could ever be so uniformed.  What was I thinking?

I'm going to be taking this weekend off as I am going to my friend Melanie's house to help her work on a project.  I always enjoy being able to spend time with my friend and I'm sure that I will get some hands played while I'm over there as we will not be working on this project 24/7, but for Saturday and Sunday I will not be putting in my full allotment of hands, but it will be nice to take a couple of days off.  Bankroll is at $565 and I'm only $35 little dollars away from that magic $600 number.  I will be putting in a full 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. schedule tomorrow or later today depending on how you look at things, and if I continue running pretty well I could hit that $600 figure, but we will simply wait and see what happens.

Sometimes I need a reality check and one area that I need a reality check is when I feel disappointment towards a winning session.  I'm my own worst critic in nything I do.  Now we know that any winning session even just a dollar in the green is better than any losing session, but sometimes if I only win $18 as n example, I feel like I didn't do well enough, but then I have to remind myself my goal for an earn rate 8bb/100.  The fact that I'm running at 11.2 right now is immaterial to what my actual goal is and with that said if I base it on 1500 hands a day, 8bb/100 would be a daily profit of $12.  Just a small profit of $12 for every 1500 hands played and I have obtained my 8bb/100 goal so instead of being disappointed because I only won $18 or I only won $15, I need to realize and give myself a little more credit that as long as I played my A game, I did a good job. 

That's going to wrap things up for today.  I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome upcoming weekend and until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. There's nothing in poker quite like playing the WSOP. I hope it works out for you -- you'll love it.

  2. So why all the detail about so many things, but not the how/why/when/where as to how you will be playing the WSOP? :)

  3. ic you broke it out in the next installment, that you will be playing The Colossus on your own dime, etc

  4. Poker & Gambling 24/7: I guess it was my error I really didn't think there was any need to, but since you asked obviously I was incorrect. The why I think that's pretty obvious. I'm sure it's almost every poker player's dream to play in the World Series. It doesn't matter whether I cash or not just being there, being part of something so grandiose will be a dream come true and let's face it I would love to win a bracelet, to be able to say I'm a World Series champion would bring me feelings I can't even begin to describe and hell the money wiuld be nice also. As to the how, I simply plan on using the extra money that I have left over each month and save $200 in March, April, and May so that I will have my buy in. if I weren't doing this I would simply be utilizing it for tournaments elsewhere such as a Friday night $125 tournament at the Orleans or possibly a few of $75 tournaments over at Treasure Island. The when will be June 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. As I understand it those are the 3 day ones for The Colossus which day I will be playing I have no clue at this point. The where will be over at the Rio where they hold the World Series every year. As far as I know that has not changed unless because Colossus is so big they hold it someplace else that I don't know avout as I have never actually been inside the Rio yet, but since they do hold the Main Event there each year the room must be massive.