Sunday, January 31, 2016

$50NL Within Sight

I see it off in the distance, if it were a city I would be seeing the skyline as I drive closer and closer towards the outskirts of it. This city is called the $50NL tables.  Its like driving down road in the desert.  You can see the skyline of the city you're driving towards, it's still a bit away, but you can see it, and every moment that you're driving you're getting closer and closer to it.  It fills your body with a form of adrenaline and anticipation. That's what it feels like right now as my bankroll climbs higher and I feel like I'm driving towards $50NL. I will need $1,000 in the cash game bankroll before I can add a single table and test the waters and ending tonight I am less than $300 away from that.
As you know yesterday I decided that the creation of a cash game bankroll and a separate tournament bankroll was vital. I utilized the earnings that I had made at the cash games to be the base of my cash game bankroll so when I started this morning I had a little over $650 in that cash game bankroll which meant I had over 30 buyins for $20NL.  Even though $350 of my bankroll is missing and is being paid back eventually, the fact of the matter is with $650 in the cash game bankroll I only had $50 to fiddle around with at $20NL.  Even though my available bankroll was $450 and not the $600, the fact of the matter is I was pretty much on a 2.5 buyin stop loss anyway.  It didn't matter what the available was, I could only lose 50 bucks before I would force myself to drop back down which is a far cry from the 10 buyin stop loss I stated I wanted, but the fact of the matter is I wanted to play the higher stake exclusively.  Even if it means I can only play 2 tables for a little for part of the day I do not like mixing stakes and decided that I would not do so in the future.  

I started the day at $10NL and played a little less than 300 hands and lost $1.60, but I was comfortable even with the loss that I was coming out of this little struggle I have been going through on cash games for a few days now.  It almost seemed to be fate as the tables that I was on started falling apart and so I closed them out logged the session, took a break, and then fired up the two available $20NL tables when I resumed my session.  One of the reasons I wanted to play the session was I knew that I would get a few extra APP points playing at $20NL rather than $10NL and although it's only an increase of one in the multiplier for WSOP points if I make platinum status, every little bit helps.  The other reason is fairly obvious.  Double the stakes can most definitely mean higher profits.  The session started out very well and quite quickly I was up 2 full buyins and then I ran into some trouble.  Namely JJ vs AA all in on the flop.  He was an unknown and I should have assumed he had a pair higher than me, but I didn't and I paid for it.  Lost a few more hands and all of a sudden that $40 profit was a $13 loss at my lowest point, but I grinded on knowing the cards would switch back and they did and when it was all said and done I played just under 1100 hands for a $52 profit bumping up my cash game bankroll to $705 which means I am now on a five buyin stop loss going into tomorrow.  By the way there seems to be some confusion when I say $10NL, $20NL, or $50NL.  Those amounts mean the maximum buyin for the table. $10NL has blinds of $0.05 and $0.10, $20NL has blinds of $0.10 and $0.20, and $50NL has blinds of $0.25 and $0.50.  Just wanted to throw that out there for anybody that was unsure because I have had more than one person ask me about that.

I damn near had another final table appearance tonight in the larger field 7:30 p.m. $3 Deepstack Rebuy $800 Gtd tournament.  170 runners I ended up finishing in 10th place for $26 and change.  It seems that I have come out of my bad streak that I was in even though today wasn't a great deal of tournament profit overall.  It also made me realize that the frustration that I have been experiencing when I'm constantly getting two and three outed to be kicked out of tournaments, when you think about it, is not that unusual.  Look at it this way 80%-90% of the time when I am all-in in a hand I am going in ahead.  That's the type of player I am.  I don't play junk, I don't push moderate holdings unless I absolutely have to, and so if that is in fact the case where I am the one ahead in the hand it only makes sense that it's going to take a 2 or 3 outer to beat me and when you think about it doesn't matter if you're getting knocked out of the tournament by a two outer or a 15 outer, either way you're out of the tournament and have not cashed in it so the next time I get frustrated about being knocked out by a two outer I'm going to try to keep this in mind.  

As I will be most likely exclusively playing $20NL barring a meltdown tomorrow that means that $10NL for January is wrapped up.  My results for January to be honest are somewhat indecisive.  I doubled my volume, but made less money.  For December I earned $274.62 in 15,692 hands, but in January I only made $267.90 in 30,538 hands for an earn rate for the month of 8bb/100.  I'm not sure what to think of this overall.  I had a 17.5bb/100 earn rate in December and I didn't think it was sustainable so things may have simply evened out to where they should be.  Overall at $10NL I have an earn rate of nearly 12bb/100 in over 46,000 hands and I think that's pretty respectable.  I will have the totals for January at $20NL in my next entry which will be tomorrow because I need to do some March goals.

I got some live poker on tap next week.  Me and my friend Joe aka "Man In Black" on Thursday will be meeting up either downtown or on the Strip to play in one of the nighttime tournaments.  It could be the Linq or it could be the Golden Nugget.  The Linq has an 8 p.m. $45 tournament with 15 minute blinds which I'm not crazy about, but would definitely try it out, and the Golden Nugget has a 10 p.m. $45 tournament.  The problem with both these places is the tournaments don't always go off as scheduled because of a lack of interest.  If that's the case we'll probably just hang out for awhile and chill, probably talk poker strategy, nothing unusual there, as the first time him and I met in person about 10 days ago or so, we spent a good portion of an hour and a half talking about bankroll management, cash game grinding and tournament selection.  

Well that's all for tonight.  I should hit platinum status tomorrow and since I got over 1000 APP points this month, within the next few days $40 should be added to my online account directly and another $60 in bonus should also be added into my bonus account to be cleared.  This $100 will be added to the tournament bankroll.  Take care everyone, I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start, and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. the re@l problem with the $45 tourneys is the $15 took out, (only $30 is left in the prize pools)