Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Struggle To Start Off 2016

2016 started off as a struggle to say the least.  Almost from the very beginning of the session things seem to go bad and get moderately worse to the tune of over 5 buyins down, I believe the worst was down $52 after about 800 hands.  At first I seemed to yoyo going down 2 buyins and then recouping that to be at break even status just to go down 2 buyins again and that increased to a 5 buyin defecit.  It's the third time I've been down 5 buyins in a session and this time the main cause was getting two outted  and having somebody flop set over set on me at least a total of 5 or 6 times.  In those first 800-900 hands the phrase "Are you fucking kidding me??" was uttered by me more than once and aloud I might add lol.  When I could feel myself getting frustrated over this continual frustrating results I would sit out of my tables go have a cigarette just to make sure my head stayed clear. Always knowing hands will come my way eventually sooner or later I don't want to take any chances of letting frustration get the better of me so even if it's just for a few minutes I feel it's best to step away from the tables, smoke that cigarette make sure that I've got control of my emotions and then return to the tables.  I know I play low stakes and I know $50 is nothing in the grand scheme of things, but poker is such a competitive sport that when you lose in a competition no matter what the amount of money, it can frustrate anyone and I want to make sure I am always playing correct poker and not emotional poker so stepping away from the tables is best for me.

I ended up playing just shy of 1800 hands today and once I passed a thousand hands things seem to improve as I picked up two and a half of those buyins back, seemed to fluctuate between 2.5 buyins and three buyins down and towards the end things really picked up and when it was all said and done after nearly 1800 hands I showed a loss of $4 for the day on the tables.  I was quite satisfied with that as a $4 loss is better than a $52 loss any day of the week.  The bankroll actually increased by $9 today as I cleared a $10 bonus and earn $3 in CPs.

Looks like I will be earning $100 in promotional money at the end of this month.  WSOP is having a January promotion called DIY.  For those above copper plus status if you get 1000 APPs during the course of the month it's worth $100, $40 will be immediately put into cash into the account and $60 will be bonus that I will have two months to clear.  According to my calculations, with my volume I put it in, I should be able to clear that $60 in about 3 weeks.   They also list an amount that you will get for 1500 APPs and the only question is are they standard amounts where 1000 APPs will get this amount of money and 1500 will get this amount of money or will there be fractional money given if I earn 1200 APPs during the month.  This I am not sure about and I could easily email support and ask them, but what the hell, I guess I will just be surprised at the end of the month, but since they list it in those increments I'm thinking that wherher I get 1000 or 1499 APPs its still going to be worth that same $100. 

That's the update for today.  I did a hand review after the struggle session and found that I could find no errors that I made.  It was just one of those struggle sessions that the only explanation is that's poker.  This does put me in a mini downswing or slump at the $10NL tables as that is approximately 1.5 to 2 buyins down in the last nearly 3,000 hands or so, but I'm not even sure that can be called a downswing as much as its called simple variance.  So that will be all for tonight.  Take care, a very happy, safe, and prosperous new year to all of you, and I'll see you at the tables.

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