Thursday, January 7, 2016

Coming Out Of It Hopefully

I was hoping that tonight's session which ended a little after 2a.m. was going to be the beginnings of me coming out of this damn downswing.  Things started off by two opponents going runner runner full house on me within the first few hundred hands or so and I was down another 2.6 buyins which brought the downswing at that point to 8300 hands and down 10 buyins, a full $100.  Things started getting better, I started scratching and climbing and was up 2 full buyins when I got slammed pretty hard and took a 3 buyin downward spiral in just a few hands.  I seemed to hover down about $10 and then it started taking off again and when it was all said and done I went from down $26 to $32 in profit in 1690 hands for the session which was an increase of nearly 6 full buyins all in one session.  It took me eight days to drop $100 and three quarters of a session to regain nearly $60 of it so all in all it was a pretty damn good night.   

However a single session of profits alone is bot am indication of whether or not I was coming out of it.  Granted a nearly 6 buyin increase from down $26 to a session profit of +$32 could be a definite indication in of itself the things have changed, but I would would feel more comfortable with at least two straight profit sessions of something somewhat significant to know for sure,  but of course in this crazy game nothing is ever for sure. 

So Wednesday night began at 5 as did Tuesday.  Today would be going till 3 a.m. at the bare minimum.   Only 435 hands played in the first 4 hours as I was doing a few other things here and there and was down $2.  Getback on the tables by 9pm for the final 6 hour run and less than 300 hands later I'm down 5 fkn buyins.  WTF!!!  Did I enter the Bermuda freaking Triangle or what.  QQ vs Villain's QJ and Villain hitting trips was just one of the reasons for the freefall not to mention both AA and KK going down in flames so intense it made the Hindenburg look like a campfire outing.  200 hands later I pickup over 2 buyins back, 100 hands later another buyin won back, 200 hands after that 2 more buyins won and after 1140 hands played I'm sitting at a $2 profit for the session.  It was just about 12:30 a.m. and there was still yet two and a half hours to go in this insanity. 

I picked up another buyin and a half, but the $10NL tables didn't have the usual mix of aggros and donks and they tightened up more secure than Fort Knox.  I mean I'm talking getting a walk in the big blind type thing.  I decided it wasn't worth it so I booked the small profit and decided to call it a night earlier than planned.  1336 hands and earnings of $15.95 which is back to back winning sessions, but quite honestly tonight I thought, much like my AA and KK hands and the Hindenburg itself, I was sure I was going down in flames tonight.  So does that mean the downswing is  over?  Damned if I know.  When a session goes like this one did, as far as I'm concerned, it's anybody's guess.

I ended up in the emergency room last weekend with a dog bite.  I had spent a few days at my friend Melanie's house and she has a cat who naturally I play with and pet while I'm there and we think possibly the smell of the cat is a reason one of the dogs here at the house decided to clamp down on my right hand drawing blood.  The worst part of this is this dog has not had its shots, but I am showing no ill signs.   I ended up in the ER because it seemed to be taking forever to heal and I was in considerable pain after 6 days, so the ER doctor gave me a prescription of antibiotics and prescription Motrin which of course I still have not yet filled.

We are now a household of 4.  A few days back Ray and I got in a toe to toe, nose to nose confrontation at 3 a.m.  In his state at the time, drunk off his skull he started talking shit about Misty and Jan and this household.  This is someone that these people considered family and he's going to turn on them and talk trash about people I care deeply for??   Oh hell no, not with me here you won't.  He is very fortunate the front door does not have his full body indentation slammed into it.  After all that went down Misty had enough of this and told him that his significant other was not welcome over here for now because of the excessive drinking that goes on when those two get together.  He immediately gave his 60 day notice, but then decided to up and leave the next day stiffing us for the two and a half months it took him to get working.  Just a few days before all this I had covered the rent and Jan is paying me her portion back as she always does and Ray was to pay me the $124 I covered for him until he got paid, but he decided that he was leaving immediately and stiffed me for it.  Jan and I decided to split that cost so she added another $60 to what she owes me and is currently paying me back.  Good riddance to that no good son of a bitch.  He has absolutely no concept of what loyalty is and I mean toward Misty, Jan and, Cathy who have known and treated him like family for years.  People like that make me sick to my stomache. 

So with the nearly $16 in earnings and another $3 in CPs I end the night with a little over $538.  If I continue with some winning sessions I am inching closer towards that magic $600 number and a run at $20NL.  By the way it seems that I shouldn't have any problems getting four tables running of $20NL when the time comes.  I guess there were less tables than usual active on the site around New Years Eve time because I have noticed that since the first of the year those tables are just as abundant as the $10NL tables so I should not have to mix my stakes when I make the jump up again.  That's going to do it for now.  Tomorrow I'm going to get started at 4pm and play til 2am.  I'm trying to find just the right hours to put in. If I go too far into the wee hours of the morning the tables start breaking apart.  I like putting in the 9 or 10 hour days so I am thinking that ending it actually 2 a.m. might be the perfect scenario.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. I love your bankroll management and discipline! You are the opposite of Tony!