Monday, January 11, 2016

Extending Sessions

I entered today's play with a bankroll of just over $575 giving me another $25 needed to step up for a 5 buyin stop loss run at $20NL.  I got started a little after 2 p.m. today if you notice that's a little earlier than my usual 4 p.m. start and there is a reason behind that which I will get to shortly.  As I hopped on the 4 tables of $10NL I had that $25 that I needed in just a little over an hour which brought up a temporary dilemma.  Should I abandon the $10NL tables and go to $20NL considering I now had the bankroll that I said I needed and wanted to do just that, or because I was running so hot should I stay put right where I was.  It was only a temporary dilemma because after a few minutes after I tweeted this very question looking for opinions in which Miss Alaska Gal was kind enough to offer her input, the four $10NL tables that I was on started disintegrating and falling apart.  So much for that, on to $20NL. 

What a wacky swinging wild session it was.  There were only two $20NL tables so I ran two $20NL and two $10NL tables.  I was as high as $680 in my account balance from there dropped all the way down to $517 and when it was all said and done I finished just about dead even, a $0.17 increase plus $5 in CPs.  I've never seen such a wild session, but I was also, later on, three and four tabling $20NL and since the stakes are doubled the money is doubled and the dollar amount swings are going to be higher and its something that I'm going to have to get used to when I'm grinding $20NL steady, which is not going to be anytime soon.  I ended up earning $41 at $10NL,  and I lost $41 at $20NL. 

At the $20 NL tables I in fact dropped about 6 buyins in a horrendous stretch when all of a sudden anything and everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  I'm talking flopping the absolute nut straight just to get beat by a full house, donks chasing down second pair and hitting trips on turns and rivers hapoened multiple times, and second barrel continuation bets that are getting raised left and right having to let the hand go, but of course probably putting $4-$6 into the pot at that point.  If that only happened 10 times you're talking losses of 2-3 full buyins just under those circumstances.  Then like the calm after the storm it stopped and I was able to grind on and get 3 of those buyins back only taking the $41 loss.  However, my resultS at $20NL after this session do not look so good, but of course even though I'm only showing an earn rate of a little over 1bb/100, I also have less than 4000 hands played.  Too small of a sample size to mean anything at this point, but I have had my share of struggles in the hands that I have played at $20NL and currently only show a profit of a little over $11 at that level.

The reason behind the early start today is because quite simply and quite frankly I have decided to increase my daily play schedule from 10 to 14 hours, but there is a very valid reason for this.  I am attempting to gain platinum status in January and as mentioned in the previous entry I took a couple of days off this past weekend and hang out and work on a project with my friend Melanie.  We did not quite finished the project and will be working on it again next weekend where I'm going to be taking a couple of more days off.  It got me thinking that I really like taking a day or two off each week from my grind, but at the same time I don't want to miss out on potential volume, gaining APP points to get me to that platinum level which will give me APPs to  WSOP points at the rate of 6x which, long story short, if I can get platinum status and maintain it getting a minimum of 1200 APPs a month that is a  guaranteed $72 a month back in converted wsop points to cash.  At my current stake that is over 7 buyins given to me each month. There is no way I am going to miss out on that.  So with that said, since I do enjoy taking a day or two off I need to make up for those two days and so beginning with tomorrow's session it will be a 14 hour grinda minimum of 5 days a week.  There will be weeks I do it 7 days a week, others I play 6 days a week, and others only 5, but beginning tomorrow or the following day I will be starting my poker at 12 noon and play until 2 a.m. 

I will be returning strictly to the $10NL tables only as I have put in a wirhdraw for $200 for some live poker action on the 21st or 22nd.  If the withdrawal is processed before noon tomorrow, I will take tomorrow off or at least part of tomorrow off and go and pick up the money so I have it on me, and not let my roommates know I have it lol.  This leaves me $380 online, lower than $600 needed for $20NL.  The 6 buyin swing that I experienced at $20NL today is making me rethink my approach to that level and those tables.  I've had a 6 buyin swing at $10NL before and I've had 3 or 4 five buyin swings so the swing of 6 I took at $20NL is of no real concern to me, but if I am only giving myself a 5 buyin stop loss if I hit one of those swings I have no recourse except to drop down.  On the other hand if I increase that to say 10 and I end up dropping 10 buyins which I did during my downswing at $10NL, I would have grind a full $200 at $10NL just to get back.  All things considered I will simply take my chances and go with the 5 buyin stop loss.  At least if that is lost it's only $100 I have to get back and hell sometimes I can do that in less than a week if I hit a hot streak.  I will be grinding $10NL for the foreseeable future at least until I see what happens in the live game.  If I end up winning money in that it will be put back into the bankroll.  I can either keep it out seperate or wait for the next reload bonus and make a deposit then.    

Even though it's not my first choice of tournament type I have decided to incorporate two tournaments a day into my gameplay.  Both $3 rebuys one at 12 p.m. and one at 4 p.m.  Both of these get less than 100 people, and the rebuy period is only 55 minutes unlike the 85 minutes at the $800 guarantee at 7:30 which gets in excess of 170 entrants.  This will be done on a day by day basis.  If the bankroll drops a little too much I will have to suspend them, starting the next time I play a full 14 hour session I will be adding those to my daily poker schedule.  I think it's important to keep the tournament skills sharp along with the cash game skills however the cash games will take top priority depending on the bankroll amount.   However, large chunks of money being instantly added into the bankroll that tournaments can provide can not be ignored not to mention I want to be playing some sort of toutnament hopefully on a daily basis between now and June and as my bankroll is now healthy enough to afford the $8.73 providing I survive the first hour and do im fact get the add-on, now is the correct time to incorporate them in.  That's a wrap for now.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. Hi Flushdraw, are you sure 14 hours sessions are a good idea? Even if you can do it for a few days, you are risking burnout with that kind of sustained effort. The best way to rack up more points is to play higher stakes, which coincidentally brings me to my second comment. Why are you withdrawing money at this point? This is just like a startup company, you need to keep the profit in the company, reinvest it so that it can grow. The quicker you can move up in stakes, the more money you can make and the easier it is to achieve Platinum or whatever level you are working towards. My best advice is (if you can afford to do it), keep the money in the online BR, keep grinding and move up to 20nl as soon as you can. You have the ability to add to your online BR each month, why do you use that money for your live poker BR instead? GL as always.