Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Recap / February Goals

A reminder of what the goals that I wanted to accomplish for January were. 

January Goals
30,000 hands played.
$240 in table earnings
8bb/100 overall earn rate at $10NL
6bb/100 overall earn rate at $20NL
$30 in converted points to dollars

My earnings goal for cash games was accomplished as was the earn rate goal for $10NL.  I was hoping to make $240 and table earnings at the cash games in total was $355.17.   Missed my earn rate for $20NL slightly as my goal was 6 BB / / 100 in my actual room rate was only 5.3, but considering the final session of the month at $20NL was a $22 loss and the fact that that one session knocked three or four points off my bb/100 I can live with that slight failure.  I definitely surpassed the points to cash goal. 

February Goals

Days Played:::::::::::::  23
Hands::::::::::::::::::::::  40,000
$20NL Earn Rate::::::  8bb/100
$20NL Earnings::::::::  $480
Tournament Earnings:  $120
Bonus Money::::::::::::  $100
Rakeback::::::::::::::::::  $72
APPs::::::::::::::::::::::::  1200

You will notice that there is not an earnings goal for $10NL and the reason for that is very simple.  One of my ultimate goals for the month of February is to not have to drop back down to $10NL.  I have over $682 in the cash game bankroll and therefore I am going to put myself, starting tomorrow, on a full 14 buyin stop loss.  The absolute worst case scenario is that were I to lose those 14 buyins that still leaves me $400 in the cash game bankroll to grind it back up at $10NL, but so far the worst downswing I've had is 10 full buyins and hopefully I won't see anything along those lines in February. 

That about sums up the goals for February. I am looking for total earnings for February of s minimum of $772 with $600 of that coming from the cash game and tournament tables.   I'm going to have to keep track of my tournaments because since I expect $100 in promotional money that's going to be added to the tournament bankroll I'm going to have to keep a separate tally of the tournaments that I'm playing in and that $120 in earnings is based on only the $3 Rebuys as these are the only tournament that I will allow myself to play during the month of February.  I have created a new page tab at the top of the blog right next to the $10NL and $20NL that which if you click on the latter two shows my totals of earnings, hands played, and earn rate for each individual month.  Unfortunately I had to stop listing the daily totals because it was not allowing me enough space and also as each month goes by it will be way too many tabs at the top of the blog so what I will do is I will list each day individually and then erase it and put in the monthly total  at the end of the month.  I have also added a tournament tab so if you want to keep track of my tournament progress for February all you have to do is click on that tab at the top.  That $120 goal in tournament earnings actually only comes out to an ROI of between 20%-21% which should be achievable as I don't think I'm setting the bar to high on that.   

February will actually be a testing ground for tournaments, because if I do better than expected I am going to rethink saving the money in March, April, and May for Colossus ll in the 2016 WSOP and just buy in through tournament earnings over the course of the next three months so depending on how well I do in tournaments in February is definitely going to determine how I pay the $565 entry fee into Colossus ll.   Paying for it through tournament earnings over the next three months would be the best case scenario and that would give me the extra money I have left over each month to get in some live tournament play at The Golden Nugget and also Treasure Island would be a possibility.   Another possibility would also be tournaments at the Mirage, but I need to get my hands on a tournament blind structure sheet from the Mirage as they don't list theirs online.  If it's anything like the blind structure that they have at the Flamingo or Ballys it is absolutely not an option, but the 2 already mentioned are strong possibilities.  Most likely it would be The Golden Nuggett.  

My goal is to play 23 days during the month of February in which this is leap year so it has 29 days total.  That means I am only going to be able to take six days off during the month.  I have plans on spending a couple of days with my friend Melanie next weekend as we are working on the data entry aspect of the project I have referred to in previous posts.  I am also taking Thursday off and hopefully playing in the Linq tournament with Joe (Man In Black)  Tomorrow will probably be a full day of Poker, but there's no guarantees as I need to go to the store and do some food shopping.  Misty is taking Jan to work for a 9 o'clock start so that should work out really well if I can grab a ride with her and she'll stop at the store for me like she always does, and if everything goes right, I should be back in time for the 12 p.m. $3 rebuy. 

I ended January losing $22 and change at the $20NL tables, but it could have been so much worse.  It damn near turned into that meltdown that I spoke of yesterday where I was down almost $90 at one point when I made a pretty nice grinding come back.  I was down $45 very quick in early in the session when my AA vs QQ and we were all-in on the flop and a queen hit the turn.  There was another bad beat that I took within the same parameters with my higher pair getting beat by a lower pair.  I was able to grind that back to just a couple of dollars from even when things went very bad very quickly.  I raised with AA and a nutcase to the my right decides to go all-in and obviously I snap call.  He has AK and flops a gunshot and hits it on the turn.  There were at least two more hands that would be considered realistic bad beats and several hands where I was getting a raise of such huge amounts that I damn well knew my flopped top pair awesome kicker was just no good and before you know down $2 was down approximately $90.  The funny thing is the hand that started the turn around was 34o.  I received a 34o in the big blind on one of my tables and there were no raise so I was able to check my option. Flop comes A25.  I fired out a flop bet simply for value and the opponent to my left had flopped 2 pair aces and deuces and he went all in and I ended up with a double up on the table.  I also doubled up a $30 stack on a different table a little later on when I called a raise with KQ.  I flopped top pair, turned two pair, ended up shoving, and my opponent tanked for a good long while before finally making the call and flipped over AA.  Fortunately for me the board did not to pair with a non king or queen.  I got it as close as to only $10 down when it seemed that the tables have reversed course once again and I just decided, you know that's enough for today, I ended my session an hour early and that was that.  I also went 0 for 3 in the rebuys for today.

So I end January with a total bankroll of $806.86, total earnings and bonuses for the month of January of $303.45.  Obviously there were losses in tournaments, but that 2nd place finish really bailed me out.  Hopefully earnings and bonuses for February will be a minimum of $772 which if it is that I will end February with a bankroll of $1,500 and possibly begin March at $50NL, but we will see how things progress.  

My roommates after Wednesday are going to owe me $350 and I will be getting repaid as usual in small increments. I am putting $250 back into the bankroll that I borrowed from, but because I'm getting paid in small increments it won't be available immediately but it'll be coming.  I am going to play that tournament with Joe that I mentioned earlier with the money I have left over and after cigarettes are bought and the money order is paid for and then with the money they pay me back I will put $250 back into my bankroll, pay for my phone, and it's not like I'm going to be going out too much this month as the grind takes top priority.  So that's it for tonight.  Overall January was decent enough with earnings and bonuses of over $300, but the earn rates are somewhat disconcerting to me.  Hopefully I will be able to improve on that during the month of February.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

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  1. Congrats on moving up to 20nl. Hope you achieve your goals and run well in February. A question about the win goal for tournaments though. As you know, tournaments have very high variance compared to cash games, and since you only play a few tournaments a day, your actual results for a month's tournament play most likely is going to be widely different from your expected value. It may be counter productive to have a win goal in this case.