Saturday, January 23, 2016

Great Night Out

Although I wish I could say last night on the Strip was a profitable one I have to say I had an absolute blast hanging out on the Strip last night.  Played in the cash game over at the Flamingo since the Linq didn't have a game going as of 8 p.m. and I only had two thirds of a full buyin which only lasted for a couple of hours, but that really didn't matter to me because last night was not about profits and losses last night was about getting away from the online grind for a day and just enjoying myself and having fun. 

I ended up meeting up with a cousin of mine who is in town as part of a business trip that brought him to Vegas and from here will have him going to Vietnam and Malaysia.  We had not seen each other in over 20 years, but like many people these days we keep in touch through Facebook.  We spent a couple hours together over at New York New York having a few drinks, playing some video poker at the bar, catching up, swapping stories, and it was just so absolutely awesome more than mere words can express.  I found out that he makes the trip to Las Vegas twice a year and will be back again in August and so we will definitely be meeting up again.  I guess that's the thing about family it doesn't matter if you haven't seen them in 20 hours or 20 years the love you have for your cousins or whatever family member it may be is always there.  Cousins are really the only family I have left as I'm pretty much alone in the world so it made being able to see him again that much better.

I also ended up meeting a fellow poker player from my Twitter last night which was a very pleasant experience.  I'm not sure whether he wants his real name used or not so I'm going to call him Johnny.  We hung out for over an hour on the Linq promenade and we're talking about all sorts of things obviously including poker.  It was really great to meet him and I hope we have the opportunity to hang out in the future. 

Over at the Flamingo I ended up buying in for $220 and lost that two-thirds of a full buyin.  Lost one hand when I flopped the absolute nut straight and the board ended up two pairing and my opponent had a full house.  I only ended up losing about  $60 in that hand which I felt was pretty damn good poker playing in that kind of a situation.  The majority of it was lost when I raised preflop with an AJs and got 3 bet preflop but not an overly large amount which I called.  This particular player in seat 4 was a guy in his thirties and from what I could tell was there with his father and another young man who I'm assuming was his brother and if not his brother then probably a good friend but the way they bickered back and forth about hands I would have to assume they were brothers.  He was the type of player that had to explain to other players why they should not have called and what his entire thought process was throughout the entire hand and had taken a couple of beats and I really felt that he was tilting.  The flop came Jxx and he fired a continuation bet which I snap called.  He checked back the turn as did I because at that point I was not entirely sure if my read was correct and he was tilting or if he really did have a hand.  He was not the type of player to play garbage hands but he seemed to be the type of player to play a naked AK very strongly and when he checked the turn I was more and more thinking along the lines that he did have AK.  The river was a harmless card and he fired out a $45 bet. The jack was still the highest card on the board so I had top pair top kicker and his bet compared to the pot size was more than reasonable for me to call, but unfortunately he did have pocket queens on this occasion.  Overall I don't think I played the hand poorly although I'm sure that it could be said that I should have simply folded to the three bet preflop.  Had he had fired out on the turn I would have folded at that point, but hey that's poker.  I enjoyed my time that I was there playing live and it made me more determined than ever to get the hours in, to get the volume in and get to my final goal, so that I can be doing this live on a daily basis. 

As far as the Flamingo poker room itself goes not bad overall.  10 handed and a $5 maximum rake including their  jackpot drop.  However not being experienced in live no limit cash  play I'm not sure if this is something standard for the Flamingo or if the dealer made an error because in the limit games that I've played they always wait till there's $10 in the pot and then they take a dollar for the rake and every time an additional $10 goes in the dealer takes another dollar but there was one hand where we had three going to the flop, I was not part of the hand and there was $6 in the pot going to the flop and I saw this dealer take out $3 for the rake leaving $3 in the pot. I'm not sure if this is standard in a No Limit cash game but if it's not and this is simply something that the Flamingo does I will not be returning there anytime soon for a cash game.

As for the bankroll financial situation I ended up withdrawing $350 in total and that $350 needs to be paid back to the bankroll.  I will be doing so over the course of 2 months.  In  February I will pay back $250 to my bankroll and then in March I will pay back the final $100.  I will not be doing any withdraws for the foreseeable future nor will I be having any nights out on the strip in the foreseeable future because March April and May I will be saving $200 a month for buying into Colossus II in the WSOP in June so if I borrowed from bankroll during those months no way to pay it back and I am not just going to frivolously spend any part of my bankroll unless I can in fact pay it back so it looks like I will be on one hell of a serious grind and not too socially active until at least June. 

Next 2 days off as I am going to be with my friend "Melanie" and come hell or high water we will finish the project we have been working on this weekend.  Available bankroll ending tonight $322.  I really wish there was a second tournament I could add to my daily play schedule and I even thought about revisiting the rebuy tournaments, but it's just not something that I want to do.  The only other option for me is the bounty tournament but with the $2k starting stack it's not something I'm interested in.  Unfortunately the only tournaments available to me that meet the standards that I have set forth of the type I want to play is the 4:45 p.m. $20 Deepstack that I play, a $25 tournament held on Saturday only, a $50 one on Sundays, and the weekly $200 tournament and needless to say I'm not quite rolled for the last one mentioned, however the other two are definite possibilities starting in February since they are only a once a week expenditure.  So far I am 0 for 3 in the $20 Deepstack, but I have no worries about that one as I have come damn close to the money in two of them and considering that first place pays in the neighborhood and sometimes exceeds $500 I've several opportunities and it only takes the first deep run to put me and keep me in the green with them.  

So that's a wrap up for tonight.  Just a small profit at $10NL today, less that a full buyin, but another profit session which I'm happy about.  I have also accomplished the goals that I set for January as tonight's session put me over 30,000 cash game hands played, in excess of $240 in cash game earnings, and I have exceeded my rakeback goal.  Still have 7 playing days left to make platinum status, but not sure I'm going to be able to accomplish that with the time I have left so it's going to be close.  With that it's time for some sleep.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Nice work with the blog bro and it must have felt great getting on the strip, chips in your hand, tossing the cards and letting them fall where they may.

    Have you thought of depositing on another site and having a split bankroll one for cash and one for tournaments? I think this could be a good idea is you are going to mix and blend games.

    Looking through your results I can see a pattern. Being poker players its not too difficult for us to spot patterns, that’s kinda what we do with cards. All your losses you put in a lot more hands than when you win on average.

    For example


    01/04/2016: / $10NL / 2698 Hands / ($34)

    01/12/2016: / $10NL / 2230 Hands / ($21)

    01/03/2016: / $10NL / 1980 Hands / ($14)

    01/11/2016: / $10NL / 0477 Hands / $41

    01/11/2016: / $20NL / 1757 Hands / ($41)


    01/13/2016: / $10NL / 0537 Hands / $45

    01/13/2016: / $20NL / 0512 Hands / $20

    01/14/2016: / $10NL / 0541 Hands / $17

    01/14/2016: / $20NL / 0631 Hands / $64

    01/15/2016: / $10NL / 0410 Hands / $11

    01/15/2016: / $20NL / 0680 Hands / ($3)

    You are categorically chasing your losses or maybe you just yawn more when you are up 1 buyin???

    I hope you sort this problem out bro because I love reading your blog

  2. I think what you're trying to say is that the more hands I play the worse I am doing but if you look on it as a whole that's not correct. In January for example I've had 12 sessions at $10NL where I have played 1000 hands or more and I have shown a profit in 7 of those 12 sessions. If you check December my record for winning sessions is even better. When it comes to cash games I don't think anyone can point out a deficiency as my earnings in $10 No Limit are in excess of $500 with a 14bb/100 earn rate and although my sample size at $20NL is not sufficient to make any determinations thus far at that level my earn rate is over 9bb/100 so when it comes to cash games there is no way possible I can see anyone could say that I have a leak anywhere.

    I'm very happy you enjoy my blog and fear not it will not be ending anytime soon because as far as I'm concerned I keep striving further and further ahead and further and further towards the ultimate $10k goal.

    1. I don't think thats quite what Claude was saying. How many winning sessions vs losing ones you have in January under 1000 hands?

      Nice win rates, but everyone has leaks, just a matter of how many and how big. Keep working on them and you will do even better. Good luck.

  3. Johnny? lol. Call me Mr Cash....just kidding. It was a pleasure to meet up with you. We definitely have to do it again very soon. And BTW feel free to use ManInBlack or Joseph whenever you want. I have nothing to hide..

  4. You missed the point bro, what I was talking about is what Pokerdogg said. When you are losing you play longer sessions in order to get the money back. When you are winning you quit your session early. This is chasing your losses and is a serious flaw in your game. I thought you would know this playing NL10, I don’t want to see you back playing the freerolls bro

  5. Ahhh Claude I see what you mean, but what you may or may not be realizing is those $10 and $20 tables were played simultaneously on the 13th, 14th, and 15th so each of the three days that you point out where I had wins where it appears there was a short amount of hands played each one of those sessions went over a thousand hands because I was splitting the stakes with two tables of each going. That 2 day run that I had on the 13th and 14th was just simply obscene by any measure. I mean over 11 buyins up in under 2300 hands is insane lol. Was nice while it lasted.

    1. Bro bro that’s the point. When you are winning you quit the session early, rough average of 1000 hands for the day. When you are losing and having a bad session, you are not quitting till at least over 2000 hands average. That’s a big jump of 50% more volume chasing the losses. The monkey comes out of the sleeve there. This is a really really big leak in your game.

      Even in some of the small wins you have hit like 12/20/15: / $10NL / 1982 Hands / $5 lets be honest, this went this long because you were losing you got winner and then quit the session.

      I am not saying you are doing this all the time, but most of the time. Do you see the pattern?

      Love your work brother

  6. Those days were normal 10 hour days and I guarantee you the reason I got only 1000 hands in was because my roommate was interupting my session more than usual those days either needing help with something, dragging me around on errands to keep her company or any of 100 other reasons she comes up with lol.