Monday, January 25, 2016

The Run For Platinum Status

With 7 days left to go in the month and 340 points needed for platinum status I stepped up the grind to 12 hours and decided that I am going to continue with a minimum 12 hours for the foreseeable future.   Cash games continue to be a profit maker, but tournaments thus far have not produced earnings.  

Once again I did not cash in the $20 Deepstack and how I'm losing these things is driving me crazy.  I am 0 for 4 and in one of them I flopped two pair and lost to get knocked out and yesterday I flopped a set and lost and that's how I got knocked out of that one.  The over $500 for 1st place is the only thing that keeps me playing them, and since I'm going to attempt to run my sessions from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. I'm thinking of including The Midnight tournament once again which I've only played once.  It only has a 2k starting stack and I previously said with the lowest. I feel a bit rushed, but the fact of the matter is I'm in no different position than anybody else playing that tournament and if I have an advantage going in then it's pretty -EV not to be playing them although it will bring my tournament entry fees up to $40 a day. 

12 hours a day.  Some of you are probably thinking.  "He's completely lost his ever lovin mind!"  Yeah, you could be right about that lol.  Or perhaps some readers may be thinking  "There's no way he can keep a schedule like that."   You would be wrong on that one.  I've run 10 hours somewhat steady and 12 hours from time to time so 12 hours steady is nothing.  I will admit it takes its toll on the body.  I keep myself hopped up on so much caffeine I sometimes have higher levels in me than in a coffee factory.   Oh by the way my roommate Misty is convinced me taking caffeine is the same as being on speed lmao.  No joke she actually came out and said that.  The other thing that may be going through the minds of my readers is "There's no way he's pulling this kind of insanity just to get to some platinum status."  On this you would be correct.  90% of the reason behind this is directly related to my night on the Strip this past Thursday.  Playing at The Flamingo in that game spurred something inside me into overdrive more than it had already been.  Playing live, the sights, sounds, and smells of being on the Strip, the chips in my hand, the real cards, I want it and I crave it more than I can explain.  I want it and I want it to begin as soon as humanly possible and I'm willing to put my body through hell to get there.  Limited sleep, racing heart rates, rising blood pressure, these are just part of the side effects that come with the life I've chosen and and hopefully I don't give myself a stroke during the process.  I am 48 and these things are a realistic danger, but avoiding that I will be able to accomplish what I want and need to.  Nothing will stop me.  Besides, the possibility that pushing myself to the extremes that it could kill me is a possibility but unimportant.  I've been on borrowed time for years.  To be totally honest a big part of me  feels like I should have died when my wife did 5 years ago.  That's how much we truly loved each other and she was without a doubt my soulmate.  Add to that during my lifetime I should have been dead 3 times over including 2 comas, one less than 24 hours and one that lasted 10 days.  Anything I have now is a bonus so live fast, die young, and leave a good lookin corpse baby!!!

Claude commented on my last post about how he felt that I was chasing losses and that he thought he saw a pattern that on sessions where I played less hands I had better winning sessions and when I played sessions that had larger amounts of hands I have more losses.  We commented back and forth and I wanted to address that in this entry.   Nobody likes to end the session on a losing note, however I am not one to chase losses.  I can't say I've never done this I think we probably all have at one time or another, but as far as my sessions go they have a certain starting time and a certain ending time and the only reason I will play longer than my scheduled ending time is if I'm running extraordinarily hot and the tables are extraordinarily juicy other than that when quitting time comes around my poker is done for the day.   Anytime that I have days where I'm at the house grinding, but I seem to have played less hands than is typical for me that means that my roommate was definitely interrupting the session well more than one occasion because she needed help with something or she wanted me to go with her to run an errand to keep a company or any one of a hundred other different reasons.  I have had to put a stop to that to a certain extent.  Today was a prime example.  Cathy's car has been giving her fits and she's had to jump it more than once while they try to figure out the exact issue and Misty wanted to give her daughter's car a jump start and she asked me if I would attach the jumper cables on the battery because it made her a little nervous.  She asked this while I was in the first rebuy tournament today and I told her straight up I'm in the tournament I can't do it right now if you wait till five of when the tournament is on a break and then I'll help you.  I don't think she was overly thrilled with having to wait, but just because she does not see poker as important I'm having to take more and more of an attitude of oh well your opinion on this particular point is of little concern and I'm going to continue to do what I need to do and if that means I can't jump up instantly when you need something it's something she's going to have to get used to.

So I head into today beginning at 2pm.   I think this could be the time frame I'm looking for.  Enough intoxicated players and if the tables fall off I can always fire up a $20NL if needed.  That's a wrap.  Today's session just underway so will report back later.  Take care everyone and I'll see at the tables.


  1. I know it does little good to say this, but I'll say it anyway: take better care of yourself. I always thought it was funny to joke about having a stroke or heart attack but never thought I would have one because ... well, it just wouldn't happen to me. But it did. 48 years old, health issues, lack of exercise, overweight, stress, chemical abuse. Don't kid yourself. It is coming. It is just a matter of when. Save your gambling for the virtual tables.

    Health rant over. Good luck.

  2. i used to put in 15+ hour sessions in Butte MT. online.

  3. Lightning you can rant on my blog anytime you want lol. The fact of the matter is I know you're right. The caffeine is probably got a lot of do with the rising blood pressure and accelerated heart rate and Lord knows I don't eat right, but I've already made a decision I'm going to try to start eating healthier beginning next month when I do my monthly food shopping. More salads, more stir fry and rice that sort of thing and try to cut down on the sodium. I tend to eat a lot of frozen dinners and they are loaded with sodium so I'm going to make definite attempts to improve that. As for the caffeine and the grind if anything it's getting increased. Already I'm up to about 800 milligrams of caffeine a day just to get me through but it's all for the greater good. Some people may consider me obsessed with reaching my goals, but this is something I want more than anything else in the world right now.

  4. I am two for two in predicting blogger strokes and heart attacks. Don't keep my record perfect.