Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another Miracle Comeback

I started February with a loss at the cash tables and went 0 for 3 in the $3 rebuys.  The loss on that cash tables with my second straight one at $20NL, but it was my also 2nd straight miracle comeback.   Obviously I am using the word miracle someone liberally, but while on the 31st of January I was down close to $90 and end up losing only just under $23, today went even worse.  After about 1850 hands played I was down about $109, just under 5.5 buyins.  The thing I need to get used to is the higher amounts involved and not let those higher amounts effect me emotionally, but sometimes that's easier said than done.  Whereas before a 4 or 5 buyin deficit would only be about $40 or $50 now it can exceed $100 like it did tonight.  I need to look at things as buyins rather than dollars, but again that's easier said than done.

The session endef up going from a little after noon to just after 12:30 a.m.  I realize that I needed to play past 10 p.m. because in order to get my 40,000 hands over 23 playing days I need to average 1800 hands a day.  As I was approaching 10 p.m. I was unsure if I would get 1800 in.  I decided I would play til midnight and I knew that would guarantee me getting in the needed amount. There's just something about after 9pm because the tables turn into something loose and crazy and absolutely insane at times.  Most of the time I stopped at 10pm, but these tables get so crazy I really need to push it and stay on them til after 12am on a daily basis.

Well that's all I have for tonight, nothing exciting happening except for the comeback.  It's obviously a struggle streak and hopefully it breaks beginning tomorrow so I can get back on track to increasing profits and getting my earn rate up to something respectable, but of course just over 12,000 hands have been played and that's going to fluctuate the earn rate for a while longer.  The reason  I focus so much on that is because it's the only real  solid indication I have  of my performance at each level and not only do I need the bank roll for higher limits I need to be highly proficient and successful in the level that I am currently playing at. The current circumstances let's say all of a sudden I have $1,000 to add to my cash game bankroll right here and right now, I would not make the step up to $50NL because quite frankly, at this point, I have not yet proved myself at $20NL.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Hey man great to see you back crushing the nl20 field its really cool man. What happened to the tournaments you played before february though I can't find them? I see your cash results but no tournaments. I couldn't find your misc: heading either that used to be on the right hand side? Do you have any advice on stepping from NL10 to NL20? Great blog bro

  2. Hey Claude I eliminated all the previous tournaments, took the miscellaneous and all the money above what was earned in cash games and put it in the separate tournament bankroll but that's all about to change. I seem to be getting away from what my primary focus should be in that is cash games and also I'm trying to find a way to be able to have a few rewards from all these long hours I'm putting in. All this will be touched upon in my next entry