Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bypassing $20NL

After a $37 profit yesterday I followed that with a $43 profit at $20NL and then came to the decision to completely bypass this level.   Here's a screenshot I took at approximately 3 p.m. this afternoon.

As you can see you the $10 tables had 6 full tables going and the $50 tables had 4 full, but the $20 tables absolutely deserted.  These tables have been sporadic at best and I have seen it go from three or four full tables and ten minutes later only one table going and only seven people playing on that.  I think it was just the previous I said that the $20 tables were going to be the highest I will go but with the lack of participation in the player pool I'm going to have to adjust that to make the $50 tables as the high point, but what I'm going to do is simply grind the $10 tables until I have the bankroll for the $50s.  Certainly I have seen my share of struggles at this level anyway, but it definitely feels good to be leaving it showing a profit although not as much as I would have liked it to have been nonetheless I end my time at the $20 tables with a profit of just over three buyins. 

I'm not sure why the lack of participation at the $20 tables unless the tabletalk that I indicated previously is affecting the player pool.  It would not make sense if this is in fact the case, for the so-called set ups to be happening at one level but not the other two, but human beings being what they are, sometimes logical thinking is not prevalent in the decision making process.  I also want to make it clear, as there seems to have been some confusion from a recent post, but I in no way shape or form think believe or otherwise embellish the thought that WSOP is rigged in anyway. I just wanted to clear that up. Do I go through hideous variance yes, but those two outers also work for me as they work against me its just right now they're working against me. 

Making the jump from $10 tables to the $50 tables is going to provide a certain amount of problems the very least of which is that the stakes are going to be 5 times higher.  This is going to make when I try the new level a stop loss extremely important and at the same time very low.  As an example if I went in to $50NL with a 10 buyin stop loss and ran into a downswing like I did at $20NL you are talking $500 in losses that would have to be recouped at stakes five times lower. On the very forefront of it you can see that it would take a decent amount of time to get that kind of money back at stakes five times lower than what you lost it at so therefore when I am rolled for $50NL the stop loss is going to have to be no more than two buyins which would be $100 and even at that I would have to recoup ten full buyins  at the lower level. This is going to be an dicey situation with nothing in the middle to fall back on, but as I see it there are no real other possibilities.  Just what that bankroll will be is up in the air.  Since its only a 2 buyin stop loss I am going to be able to play $50NL with a bankroll far less than ordinarily required.  I'm thinking in the range of $600.  Even if I dropped the two buyins at $50NL, I would still be dropping back to the $10 tables with 50 full buyins in my bankroll.  However, this goes without saying that it needs to be $600 available to me and since I am still in the process of paying the bankroll back money borrowed from there and since I base my bankroll on my cash game earnings less the tournament losses that I started playing yesterday, I still have a ways to go before I have that money put back.  Bankroll $538 and available acct ballance $285 so I still owe $253 to my bankroll.  My roommates owe me $135 still and I have another $10 in bonuses coming plus an estimated $25 in rakeback and $80 from my money I get in March and I will be caught up. 

I have come to the realization that it's not my recent sickness that is causing me to crash early, well I guess that could be part of it but the fact of the matter is that I am crashing after 6 to 7 hours of playing and that is unacceptable.  I have no choice but to take the blood pressure risk and get back on the caffeine on a daily basis.  Yes, I know it's jacks my blood pressure up to 155 / 115, yes I know that in the grand scheme of things not healthy, but I cannot achieve my goals in a realistic amount of time without the added help.  When I was in the hospital they did a heart ultrasound on me and the cardiologist himself said that my heart was in fine shape so I'm thinking that my heart is able to accept the higher blood pressure.

There has been certain concerns of late by my readers and friends in general that I am forsaking my health in lieu of the grind and to a great extent that may be true.  The recent hospitalization has made me realize that I do have to keep doctors appointments whether or not they interfere in the daily grind, but the fact of the matter is that while many of you may see that I am simply grinding the micro stakes what I think you fail to understand is its micro stakes now, but the ultimate goal is not micro stakes but $300 buyins in a live setting.  I guess in a live setting that might be considered micro stakes I don't know, but with the ability to make $15 or $20 an hour or more I'll be extraordinarily happy with that.  Some feel I am focusing too much on my goals to the exclusion of all else.  Now I don't recall if I mentioned it before, but what I'm doing is no different than the young man or young woman going through medical school and as an intern they have to work 24 hour straight shifts.  Trust me they are not doing it on pure will power, but they are doing it for a greater greater good to achieve their goal which would be becoming a doctor.  Granted my goal is not so grandiose, I'm a simple poker player that wants to play live professionally but they both have an ultimate goal they both have something that they want to achieve and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.  Whether the poker player or a doctor or an office worker trying to work his way up to be the CEO one day it really doesn't matter the what it only matters that drive within.   Do I push myself too hard? Absolutely.  Will I stop pushing myself so hard anytime soon? Absolutely not.  I will achieve my dreams, I will achieve my goals or I will die trying, but either way it's going to be one hell of a ride.

Yesterday was pretty much a break even day as I won at the $20 tables and lost at the $10 tables also finished out of the money in the two tournaments that I played.  I found I was able to play the 2 tournaments the non rebuys as they don't seem to go as long. Today I'm also going to mix in the $20 deep stack.  This is not something I'm going to be able to play on a daily basis it will completely be bankroll dependent but as I have an excess of $500 in my bankroll I can risk it for today.  What tomorrow brings we'll find out tomorrow.  That's all for now.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Been following/rooting for you.
    First comment I've posted. Here it is, 'Check your ego at the door when you sign into the $10 tables.' Sounds harsh and is certainly not personal to you but, EVERY player (in my exp.) who goes down in stakes feel entitled.
    I know you only from this blog, have seen your discipline, do not think it will apply to you, but,keep it in mind.
    I want to see you reach your goal.
    Love reading your blog,

  2. You want to risk your health for the sake of playing 10NL? really

    At least risk your health playing 200NL :)

  3. You don't need to worry about NL20, why don't you just play 1 or 2 tables with NL50 and see how it goes. If you are competent at 1/2 live NL50 will be absolutely nothing to you, why not give it a try? Gonna be a long time to make 10k at NL10 probably years and $2 tournaments wont do it either time to run good bro!!!

  4. P&G: you say I'm risking my health for $10NL but you're not seeing long term aspect of this. $10NL today, $50NL maybe in a week or two, $1/$2 and higher live for a lifetime. That's what is worth the risk.

    Claude: as soon as I have $600 available which means my bankroll is paid back what is owed I will be grinding $50NL which according to my calculations should be within the next couple of weeks. The $2 tournaments are only being played too hopefully grind some profits to play the $20 deep stack regularly which pay in excess of $500 up top at times that's the ultimate tournament goal and possibly using tournament profits to pay my WSOP entry in June.

  5. what I'm doing is no different than the young man or young woman going through medical school and as an intern they have to work 24 hour straight shifts.

    Those people are younger and much healthier than you are.

  6. Come on Mojo. Didn't you know I'm 21 forever lol

  7. FD, why don't you take a nap when you are tired instead of caffeine pills? There is nothing wrong with playing multiple sessions a day. You will be sharper, and healthier. GL

    1. +1. The human brain is not good at focussing on tasks for 10 hours straight (with minor breaks in between). When I play live, I stand up and stretch every 20 mins or so, go for a little walk every hour or so and miss a hand, and every few hours, sit out for an orbit or two and take a longer walk.

      Also, a really solid diet of vegetables with olive oil, fruits, good grains and nuts helps a lot with overall energy. I drink several cups of coffee during the day but do it at a slower pace so I’m never hit by a truly massive amount of caffeine all at once.

      I believe firmly that keeping your overall health up as high as it can be will give you greater focus at the table, increase overall happiness and help with high level decision-making.

      Flushh, consider coffee over caffeine pills. It’s cheaper, and offers other health benefits as well.

  8. Flushh, just thought that I’d mention that when you get to the point where you can play live, you will demolish it. 2NL online is actually good practice for $1-2 live. You could easily make more than $20/hour. Just be ready for the same kind of boneheaded calls and all-ins. People will limp 84s from UTG+1 and call a $14 raise with it. I had a guy call my $40 cutoff 3bet with 53o from BB, and when he flopped two pair, he was bragging that the biggest raise he ever called with trash was $55. OK, NH, I’ll just wait until that money flows back my way.

    Depending on the rake but assuming $5 total ($4+1 bonus fund), you could grind out $1-2 live with just $4-5k. I think the worst run bad caused me to drop 5 buyins. Where I play, you can buy in for the biggest stack at any table.

    Last, you may want to try meditation. There are a few podcasts on iTunes that discuss the mindset advantage in poker and a lot of recent studies regarding meditation+exercise. Just 30 mins per day really helps.

    Also, if you feel like you’re starting to get tired, you could probably perform better and make more overall by closing one table. There are numerous studies that show that IQ drops around 10pts from multitasking.

    1. I second the meditation + exercise suggestion. It doesn't have to be cardio-type exercise either. Going for walks is fine. I know it sounds like a girl thing, but yoga works for me.