Monday, February 29, 2016

Full Time Live Play Begins in April

I am switching off the online tables to full time live play beginning in April.  As you are aware each month,  I end up paying the rent and my roommates pay me back in small increments.  Counting what they owe me at this very moment plus what they will owe me on the 3rd comes to a total of $400.  I have informed them of my plans and they have told me that paying back the $400 over the course of March should not be a problem and in addition me not being able to front the rent money in April should not be a problem so with the $400 they owe me plus the $100 I have online which hopefully over the course of March will increase a little bit plus another $300 that I can add to this pot in the beginning of April I should have a total bankroll of approximately $800. 

The Plaza downtown, the one with the electronic tables, has somewhat recently changed their tournament offerings to three $10 rebuys per day, a $25 tournament 6 nights a week, and a $35 bounty tournanent on Thursday night.  If we disregard the $35 tournament that would be $55 for 4 tournaments a day which is an ABI of $14 and with a $800 bankroll and an ABI of $14 that is over 50 buyins for full time live tournament play.

Now this does come with certain apprehensions the very least of which I do not particularly like electronic tables however, as a friend pointed out to me, electronic tables are not exactly like playing online because even on an electronic table you still do have the ability to get reads on your opponents as there are actually live people playing there at the same table with you.  The $10 rebuy tournament in of itself is also questionable at best.  Let me explain how they work this.  If say 16 people enter the tournament and each pay $10 the thing is $0 of it goes to the prize pool yet the prize pool is automatically guaranteed at $150.   The bottom line is generally speaking in that $10 tournament they usually pay out three spots at approximately $75 for first, $45 for 2nd, and $30 for the third  and looking online at a $10 sit and go as an example the prize amounts are comperable.  Anything over 15 rebuys and add-ons would be added to the prize pool as well so on the surface it seems a little iffy but when you dig into it a little bit it's not so bad besides it's the cheapest offering in town let's face it and Ave playing live means I have to restart things at the bottom rung of the latter so be it. I'm willing to put my time in so that I can work my way up.

As for online I withdrew all except $100 and will use that to play only $1 and $2 MTTs for the month of March.  This is as much to give me something to do in March as it is to earn profit, but any profit that I do make will be added to that $800 figure.  Rebuys are not going to be played as for whatever reason I seem to have the worst beats in rebuys and I'm talking after the rebuy period is over and also  just from the couple of days that I did play it was quite obvious to me that the $1 and $2 tournaments is going to be the best way to add to that $800 figure.  You can see the schedule over on the right, but it should be noted that not all those $1 tournaments go off as planned and I don't like to play with field size less than 20 so not every single one of the $1 ones will be played every single day, but a majority of them will be.

There are many positive aspects the least of which is it will get me out of this apartment.  More walking and general exercise even if it's only walking over to Mermaids and back for a deep fried Twinkie lol, but I think you know what I mean.  As a matter of fact I may even decide just to play the $10 Rebuys until I build the money up and if that's the case then I'm looking at 80 buyins with that $800 and I would be playing two to three tournaments a day as sometimes the 10:30 a.m. one does not always get enough people to send it off.   Then there's the part of not spending every waking moment with those you live with.  Friends ate great, but a little separation especially from people so vastly unlike minded regarding poker as I am is only a good thing.

I also will not deny the allure of the casino, just about any casino itself. The live music, the partying, hell pick a night on Fremont Street and you can party till the wee hours of the morning.  It's all part of the aspect of Las Vegas although I do realize that I need to be extraordinarily careful and don't let the aspect of the adult playground consume me too much. 

So when will this online grinding begin.  At this point it looks like Saturday.  Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment at 7 a.m. and if I get out of there fast enough then I will head to the strip to pick up my withdrawal and then head to the Plaza to to play three $10 rebuys  before heading home.  I will not be playing the $25 tournament at 8 p.m. as I'm going to have to get up slightly early on Thursday which is a good thing because I would like to be at the Plaza by 10:30 a.m. on that day as well.  Thursday I will play two of the $10 rebuys if they're available and I'm going to be meeting up with Joe aka Man In Black by 2 p.m. at the Plaza.  On tap that night will be the $65 tournament at the Mirage. On Friday, if I wish, "Alan" has already told me that he would be interested in staking me to another cash game session at the Strat and I will probably be taking him up on that, returning sometime Friday evening back to my place and then start the next day at 11:15 a.m. grinding the MTTs online.

To say that I am excited and adrenaline-filled to begin this would be a complete understatement.  Yes it may be little $10 tournaments, but it will be away from here, it will be offline with actual people around me, perhaps new friends to be made and even with their electronic tables I am looking forward to it more than I can tell you because I will have an appropriate bankroll for it.  That wraps up this entry and you are caught up to date on what's in the near future.  Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Thats great you're going back to live again. You always gave off that vibe like you are a vegas rounder, going casino to casino sniffing out the value and quietly withdrawing back into the shadows waiting for the next tourist sucker to sit down.

    Would you say the Plaza is one of your particular haunts? It sounds like a cool place to meet dames and party. Why don't you just start now, you can just owe your bankroll a few hundred or so its not like it isn't coming

    How will you get reads on the electronic tables though won't they be wearing shades? Have you thought of doing a vlog or at least take a load of pictures? I always find it cool to see Vegas from the pro's perspective good luck on your journey bro

  2. Claude the issue is money. Tomorrow essentially I am lending my roommates about $350 plus paying my portion of the rent of $320 that's only going to leave me about $125 left over out of my disability payment that plus the money I withdrew even if I wasn't playing the Mirage tournament tomorrow would only give me about 17 buyins when you figure in expenses.

    I cannot be considered a pro yet. A pro is somebody who makes his living off of Poker I am a full time poker player trying to build up a bankroll so that I will make my living off of Poker but I will try to take more snapshots for the blog. I'm going to be playing the plaza today and tomorrow plus the Mirage tournament tomorrow, Friday a syaked cash game session and possibly some more tournaments at the Plaza who knows maybe I can kick start this early.

  3. Hey, probably better for you health wise to play live just seeing fun people instead of grinding in a chair staring at a screen. The whole social aspect lifts your sports and keeps you alive. Just take it slow so we can continue to read your exploits instead of the taste of hospital food