Saturday, February 20, 2016

Looking For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There has been a lot of table talk on the $20 tables, and not by me, but by my varied opponents, and the overall general consensus is that there are a lot of setups going on at the $20NL tables.  I have been seeing constant example after constant example of the most outrageous happenings over the last 10,000+ hands or so where I'm almost starting to believe them, but I cannot even begin to fathom a company like Caesars doing anything that stupid.  Obviously I'm going through a bad section of variance, but what concerns me is if this is the type of talk that is going on at the online tables it could cause maybe several players to give it up and thus reduce the already limited player pool. I am so hoping that does not happen.

I made a couple of decisions based on availability and one of them is that $20NL will be the highest I go online.  It was 5 p.m. yesterday, what would be considered prime time, and there was just a single $50NL table being played or at least a full table.  From what I can see the best availability is the tables below $50NL and if I can start turning some profits at $20NL I can get back on track towards my $10k goal.  Yesterday was just complete sickness as somebody with a T7s calls my 3 bet preflop when I have AA and not only do they flopped two sevens, they hit the 4th one on the turn for good measure.  I flopped a set of tens and get beat.  I flopped a set of fives, opponent flops 2 pair kings and jacks, & a jack on the turn gives us both of the full house.  These three examples alone added up to four buyins down.  By some miracle I ended the session only $17 down at the $20 tables and another just under $7 down at the $10 tables.  

Today is Sunday February 21st and I will be starting my session at noon playing till 10 p.m. if I make it that long. Yesterday I only made it about 7 hours before I just completely felt like crashing and I had to stop the session which at the time I was picking up buyins from what I was down and really hated ending play, but I figured if I tried to play tired that $17 loss that I took the $20 tables was very likely to turn back into a two or three buyin loss so I figured it was best just to call it a night.  If $20 tables are my highest and if we assume from this point on I will have earnings of 8bb/100, yeah I know don't even say it lol, but if we could assume such a thing, it is still going to take 256 days grinding the online cash tables to get to that $10k.  I am obviously going to be hopefully utilizing some live tournament profits to add to my bankroll to get further towards that $10k number, also if Alan still wants to do the staking there will be assumedly my portion of winning sessions therein to add to the bankroll so there's a lot of things on tap, but nothing before the 3rd as I am taking this time to grind online and recover from my recent hospitalization. 

I am hoping that 10 hours will be enough to get 200p hands played if I can grind uninterrupted.  That 2000 hands is a good basis to shoot for and I'm actually thinking of playing until I have 2000 hands played and also I am going to do my best beginning today not to mix levels, playing $20 tables only.  I just do not like mixing levels, I cannot stand it.  I'm also going to add two tournaments and only two tournaments a day to my daily play schedule.  The 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. $3 deepstack rebuy which will cost me $8.46 each assuming I make it through the rebuy period.  I need something to try to counter when I'm running bad at cash games and also it would be nice if I could build something up whereas the tournament bankroll could pay for my WSOP entry but I'm not putting much stock into that.  If I can put together a tournament bankroll through profits and earnings then I will replace the 4 p.m. $3 rebuy with the 4:45 p.m. $20 Deepstack, but that's way down the road.  I have really been flipping back and forth on whether to play tournaments online whether to not play them, but quite frankly this downswing that I'm in has simply made me realize that I need something to try to counteract the difficult times and I feel just playing a couple of day will not hurt too much financially and in the long run could really help things when I am struggling.

Well that wraps up this for now.  I have just started my session today starting out with the $3 rebuy and right now there's only a single $20NL table active but as the afternoon progresses that will improve.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. best way to take breaks from grinding and losing is to mix in a little BJ

  2. Man, you have to get off this bullshit rigged crap that you always bring up. Tons of people on all sites who are losing talk about the site is rigged on EVERY single site I have ever played since online poker has started (the players talked a lot about rigged play at the live tables also). The real thing you have to be on the watch for is partner/team play online which is totally real, but again you likely will not run into it or have it affect you.

    They have a 1000 page thread on twoplustwo where they dump all the posts where people talk about rigged sites. You just have to get your mind off that aspect of the game as a reason you are losing, it is either variance or a leak in your game or a combination of the two, but not rigged.

  3. I said it was Tabletalk P&G I also stated that I cannot fathom Caesars doing something that stupid I further said I simply hope this kind of table talk will not diminish the player pool no where did I say I think this is what's going on