Sunday, February 14, 2016

Near Death

That's what the doctor said when they got me here in the hospital after being taken out of my apartment by ambulance.  Massive blood clot in the right lung which has in fact killed a part of the right lung, part of it is dead, but he didn't tell me what percentage so I get the feeling it's a small percentage.  So many other smaller clots in the right lung they couldn't count them all on the CT scan.  DVT blood clot in the right leg. The healing process is going to take a long time.  I think I'm getting discharged today so most of the healing process will be at home.  A lot of rest which fortunately for me can include a lot of grinding, but my times running around the Strip are definitely put on hold for now, however as soon as I get out of here the grind will continue, I shall not be stopped. 

The game has changed for me somewhat.  I'm going to be on a blood thinner for the rest of my life, no more canceling doctors appointments so that the grind is not interrupted, it will affect my volume at times, but this is a very real life and death situation we're talking about, I have no choice.   Until my next post, take care everyone, and I will see you at the tables.


  1. Good luck with everything FD - this is why it is important to get regular checkups at the Dr.

    Get better!

  2. Sir, we don't know each other. We've never met. I obviously have no personal knowledge of your circumstances; although I've learned a bit of your history from the web; and I've read your recent tweets, and this post. My impression is that your priorities are off. My unsolicited advice: it's time to prioritize your health over grinding micro stakes. I suspect this is an obvious statement. But I'll say it nonetheless, because when someone goes through what you've just gone through, and their reaction is to focus on playing poker, something is amiss. Your immediate efforts should be on doing everything in your power to get healthy. (1) Follow up with necessary medical treatment. (2) I don't know what your diet is, but be honest with yourself. Can you / should you be eating healthier? (3) Stop smoking. Stop smoking. Stop smoking. (4) Figure out whether you can begin some sort of exercise. Here, particularly, I have no idea what, if anything, you are capable of. Can you go for a walk? If so, start small, and build up. If you can't, is this something that can be addressed through physical therapy or otherwise. You have the time to devote to your well-being. Use it. I'm sure it's not easy; maybe it's impossible. Only you know. But if you approach your health with the same effort and enthusiasm you do on-line poker, perhaps you can make improvements. I

    Again, I don't know you; and perhaps my impression is totally off-base. But your internet presence gives the impression of someone ignoring his issues rather than determining how to address them. As cliche as it is, without your health, you truly have nothing.

    I wish you well.


  3. +1 to what P3 said. Have you asked your doctor about online grinding and its effect on blood clots? I know sitting in a plane for long flights can cause blood clots, can't help but wonder if playing online poker for long hours can contribute to blood clots as well.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  4. I had DVT in my leg in 2007 and PE in 2009. I am on blood thinners for the rest of my life as well.

    I hope you can take xarelto, it is very expensive if you don't have insurance but does not have regular blood testing like warfarin. whichever you are on make sure you take it every day and if you need blood testing get it done when you are told.

    This is a very manageable condition if you follow your doctor's instructions.

  5. AJMC ‏@AJMC_Journal

    Sitting for long stretches is so bad for health it is being called "the new smoking"

    1. I am waiting with my wife at the ER, convinced her to get her foot xrayed after being stepped on by her horse. Noticed the intake room has this adjustable keyboard/monitor stand that adjusts to either sitting or standing. Really cool.

  6. Apparently you have a death wish. All these health issues and you can not make the commitment to even stop smoking to save your life? Much less the other changes that need to be made to live a decent life. Hope something can get through to you before it is too late.

  7. Quit smoking and drinking energy drinks, nothing but trouble. Wish you the best FD.

  8. The standing keyboard/monitory suggestion is spot on. But it does not have to be a costly adjustable set-up which might be price-prohibitive. If you are using a laptop it is easy enough to simply stack a couple of cardboard boxes to get right standing height. Take care of yourself!