Sunday, February 7, 2016

On The Strip

Had an awesome day and night on the strip.  Always love it when I'm able to go and hang down there and Thursday was absolutely no different.  First off took Wednesday and Thursday off from the online grind.  Wednesday I was up all night and Misty picked me up at around 7:30am so we could go get the money order for the rent, but instead of going back to the apartment and to sleep, I ended up accompanying her on some errands that she needed to run and by the time I got back home it was 2 in the afternoon and I went right to sleep pretty much for the most part slept all the way in till 7 o'clock the next morning. 

Thursday was the day I had planned on taking off anyway and I met up with "Alan", who wanted to meet me in person and give me some insights on life and poker in general and I found or talk to be personally enriching and fulfilling.  His personal story he relayed to me was definitely intriging and fascinating.  We met down at the Stratosphere and he was kind enough to buy me lunch at the buffet and after talking during lunch Alan decided to stake me for a $200 buyin into a $1/$2 live cash game at the Stratosphere.   He also played at the same table and we ended up playing for about 4 hours and at the end of the four hours I ended up down $30 of which I gave him the $170 left from the stake back with my personal apology for losing $30, but he was completely adamant the apology was completely unnecessary and told me he liked what he saw of my poker playing and also told me that whenever I'm ready to play another session he is willing to stake me once again.  All I have to do is email him and tell him what day I want to make another run at it.  I find it almost overwhelming that a complete stranger is trying to help me this way and I am so completely appreciative and want to do nothing more than to be able to be successful for him in these endeavours. 

From the Stratosphere I headed over to grab a quick bite to eat in a food court located between Harrah's and Casino Royale.  Had some Panda Express and it was absolutely delicious, but during the course of the night I found out for my digestive system personally having Chinese food and a shake from Ghirardelli's is probably not the best idea in the world lol.  After a quick dinner I met up with "Man In Black" and we had planned on playing the 8pm tournament at the Linq.  It was a small turnout, only 10 entrants with reentries for the first hour and I know one of the players reentered and I think possibly two players may have.  Since they had ten players they were paying out two spots, 1st place paying $214 and 2nd place $144.  I played a great tournament, only had one misstep when I called the an all-in from a short stack who had about 4500 and at this point I had in excess of 12000 and I called him with 77 and it turned out he had 99.  Few hands after that I reraised with AK in position and the original raiser went all in which I snap called him having him easily covered andhe turned over AJ.  No Jack showed up and I was good.  The very next hand I get dealt AA, end up all in preflop with an opponent who had AK.  The AA held up and I knocked out another opponent.  We got down to three players and we decided to take $25 from each of the two payout spots to give to whoever was going to be on the bubble so that they would get their buyin back plus $5.  My opponent knocked out the 3rd place player and there was only two of us left.  This still left $310 in the prize pool and me and my remaining opponent had virtually identical chip stacks so we decided to simply chop it for $155 each.

I grinded Friday but have not yet updated the actual amounts, but it was a loss in excess of $70.  The downswing continues, but shows signs of coming out of it.  Down 5 buyins at $20NL so in excess of $100 I rebounded somewhat finishing down 2 buyins or so at those tables. 11 o'clock at night and there was only one table of $20NL available and I realized that if I wanted to get some volume in I had no choice, but to fire up some $10 tables and the downswing continued on those tables as well dropping over three buyins, but at least it was cheaper.  I'm hoping and feeling that I'm coming out of this really soon.  Like all downswings it has its bad beats and it has it's unfortunate situations like turning 2 pair only to find out that your opponent had flopped top and bottom pair aces and fives.  Three of you all in when you have top set, somebody putting their entire stack in on a draw and hitting the not just the straight, not just the flush, but the straight flush.  You just shake your head and say really???  That however is the essence of a downswing, these things happen and I'm hoping I saw signs of me coming out of it when I hit a monster Draw finally the first one that I've hit in I can't remember how long in one hand, a few other hands hold up and you hit a four outer when we were all in on the turn and I had queens and nines, my opponent flopped a set of eights, but I hit a 9 on the river which gave him a full house but gave me a higher one. Things of this nature are sometimes are a sign that you're coming out of it.  Even during the afternoon there is usually only  $20NL tables and I realize when I get back to grinding on Monday I'm going to have no choice but to include $10 tables into the mix. Definitely not my first choice, but it's something that I have to do to get in the wanted volume and points each day. 

I'll know exact figures as soon as I update the numbers but I believe that puts my total cash game profits in the $530 neighborhood and if that is in fact correct I'm looking at only another 6 and a half buyins in my stop loss before I'm forced back down to $10NL.  Hopefully Monday things will get back to a long profit climb.   I am taking this weekend off and hanging out with my friend Melanie watching the Superbowl on Sunday.  I am probably the worst sports better in the world which is why I don't bet on sports much, but I have a feeling that this is going to be the biggest slaughter in Super Bowl history and I think the Panthers are going to absolutely pound the Broncos into submission, but we shall see what happens.

That's all for now. Back to the grind on Monday and hopefully profits start returning really fast.  Last thing in the world I want to have to do is drop back down to the $10 tables full time, but if that's what bankroll forces me to do then I am more than willing to do it.  It will be a minor setback, but nothing that cannot be overcome.  If it turns out I need to recoup and regroup then so be it, but let's hope it doesn't come to that. Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Yes, congrats on the tourney cash. What I'm interested in (and I believe would make a good post) is a write-up on your live 4-hour 1/2 NL session at the Strat. Your thoughts on it, differences between online and live thru your eyes, your preference, hands you were involved in, etc...

  2. If you change Panthers with Broncos and vice versa, your post will sound pretty darn cool. lol

  3. Lmao Lightning the reason you see why I am not a sports bettor full time........ Or part time....... Or even occasionally. However with that said I do believe I could easily qualify for the award of worst sports picker / bettor / selector of all time and for all eternity lol

  4. Love Alan. Played with him and he told me his story too. It's interesting how when your back is against the wall, it is very motivating.