Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Biggest Comeback Ever

I pretty much get accused of being overly capricious when it comes to my poker by some of my readers.  Doing a certain thing and then changing my mind and doing something else, but the way I look at it I am simply searching out what is going to be best for me and what I am going to find the most enjoyment from.   If I come up with an idea I try it out and then sometimes I will rethink it and realize that my decision was incorrect.  Is it better to be capricious or is it better to continue doing something  that was an incorrect decision to start with . If I have the choice I will continue to be accused of being capricious  and live with that happily. 

I was thinking of revamping my tournament schedule after falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon the other day and was considering getting a later start and dropping the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. tournaments completely, but then I realized those two specific tournaments are the ones that I have had the three deepest runs in and as such they absolutely should not be tossed aside.  After taking a day to think about it I am also playing the 7:30 p.m. $3 rebuy even though it has an 85 minute rebuy time even though I originally said I was dropping it.  After not playing it for a couple of days I realized that an extra 30 minutes isn't really going to matter in the grand scheme of things and I really can't ignore the payout amounts that are offered in that tournament  so I have put the 7:30 p.m. $3 rebuy tournament back into my schedule.

I was out and about taking care of certain things on Monday and into Tuesday and one of those things was picking up another $50 withdrawal off my poker account.  I had no choice as I was completely out of food.  God I hate the end of the month, and I now owe my online poker account $150 and that will be replaced this coming Friday just a few days away.  When I got back to the house it was just before 4 p.m. so I immediately jumped into the 4 p.m. $3 Deepstack Rebuy and was knocked out of the tournament in the first five minutes.  As you know I when I'm knocked out that's it for me and I did not rebuy and I simply move on to the next tournament.  As I entered action today my total earnings since being back on were in the neighborhood of $155 so I decided that I would utilize those winnings for some higher-priced tournaments.  The 4:45 p.m. $20 deep stack was one of them and I finished four spots shy of the money when some jerk who was being overly aggressive shoved with AJs and I snap called his ass with AK and the donk flops a 3 outer jack.  So damn frustrating, but it's part of the game and it happens.

The last tournament of the night that I ended up playing in was the $5 Rebuy and $20 Knockout which I did not cash in and the $20 knockout.  Nothing happened good in the rebuy.  The $20 Knockout is a $10 buy-in with a $10 bounty. This was without a doubt the biggest comeback I have ever managed in all the years of playing poker. After the first five hands of the tournament I had 150 chips left.

Let's face the facts when you only have a 150 chips pretty much any two cards will do and you just gotta hope for the best it's a thousand to one shot but here's a few screenshots of how it happened.  

The very next hand.  Had nothing to lose and fortunately for me this fool thought going all-in to isolate with his holdings was a good idea 

 The very next hand after the 79 and all fold to me and I shove getting one caller.

 A little while later.  River saved my ass.

Starting to get more comfortable

From that point on it was chippin up as best I could.  Top 8 got paid and when we hit the final table I was in 8th, but just barely.  As usual on a final table my opponents started getting very insistent with their hands.  I sat back,  Waiting for the right moments and when it was said and done a 4th place finish for $62.79 and another $40 for 4 knockouts. 

Total earnings in 7 days of online tournaments, 46 tournaments played in total $206.87.   Just under 25% of the way to $2k.  All I can do is keep bringing my A game to the table and hope I can continue on this same path.  My schedule is based on having 100 ABIs so for tomorrow The 4pm $3 rebuy is replaced with the $20 Deepstack, but the $5 rebuy and $20 Knockout tonight was a one time try and not planning on playing it unless I have a good score during the day then I will add the $20 Knockout at the last minute tomorrow evening.  That's all for now.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Runner Up In The Rebuy

The 9 a.m. $3 rebuy had 77 players enter it on Sunday morning and when it was all said and done I ended up finishing in second place for $110 return.  It was the only cash in the seven tournaments played on Sunday my first day back after a three-day hiatus, but that cash, albeit the only one, made for a day's profit of $70 and that included playing in a $20 deep stack in which I ran absolutely card dead in.

Shout out to my buddy Joseph who railed me on that tournament for 5 solid hours.  As he pointed out towards the end of the tournament that $110 was all based on one card and that card was a deuce.  After my initial buy-in and single rebuy to start with a double stack if I lose all my chips I'm done with that tournament and I move on to the next one.  I'm not one of those people that will rebuy again.  During the rebuy period there was a situation where I had QQ and there were a couple of limpers so I raise pot size plus an additional big blind and end up getting one caller.  The flop came H62 and we were all in on the flop and it turned out this fool called my preflop raise with J6s and flopped top two, but the turn was another 2 giving me a higher 2 pair and then just for good measure the river was a 2 also.  If it wasn't for that 2 on the turn my tournament would have been over so that, with some other decent play along the way, was a $110 card.

A slight change to the tournament schedule. I prefer a rebuy with only approximately a 1 hour rebuy time.  I believe I do better in them and thus far I have with two top-five finishes in the rebuys that only have a 55 minute rebuy timeframe compared to going 1 for 4 with a 15th Place cash in the tournament that has a 85 minute rebuy time.  So with that said I'm dropping the 7:30pm rebuy.    On the right side of the blog you will see the updated tournament schedule, but this tournament schedule could change from day-to-day.  The $20 deep stack is a prime example which could be eliminated one day and back the next as I want my BR/ABI ratio to be as close to 100 as possible so with that said prepare for changes from day to day in that tournament schedule.  I will be playing that $20 Deepstack tomorrow as the current total bankroll gives me a BR/ABI ratio of 97.  As the bankroll increases I will be adding the 9:30 p.m. $5 rebuy which only has a 55-minute rebuy time and further down the road possibly a $10 rebuy that only has a 55-minute rebuy time.  Eventually I hope to drop the $1 tournaments altogether and possibly the $2 ones as well but for now they are a necessity. 

That's about all for now.  Still checking Craigslist for a place to move to in case its needed on Friday.  My roommates were warned I was not going to be able to front any money and I'm told they are on target, but I'll need to see it.  As I always purchase the money order for the rent this won't change, but they will need to give me the $355 up front before any money order  purchase is made.  If all goes as planned out out of the $820 I'll pull trom thw ATM on Friday $315 will go for my share of household expenses, $300 is set aside for the Golden Nugget, $100 back to the online acct, $50 for my phone and the remaining $55 for transportation expenses and miscellaneous expenses.  Things could get extraordinarily tight, but nothing says that the entire $300 set aside for the Golden Nugget is going to be spent.  Obviously a winning session and a portion of it is back in my pocket, a really great night and all of that $330 is or even if I were to not cash in the tournament and also have a losing sessionat $2/$4 if I lost say 50 of $60 then over $100 is back in my pocket so we will just see how things go.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The First 4 Days Back Online And A Friendship Destroyed

So it took me a few days to kind of iron out an online schedule for myself and decide just which tournaments I wanted to play in, which my current online bankroll could afford, and so forth and so on.  The first day back online was a rough one and it amazes me how many more bad beats you get online than you do live and before anybody says anything about being dealt more hands I'm talking individual tournaments.  It was absolutely ridiculous on that first day.   The first day back online I played 9 tournaments and proceeded to have AA cracked by KK, I got 2 outed, and I had two opponents into 2 different tournaments call an all-in with nothing but a flush draw and of course hit it.  That first day was extraordinarily frustrating to say the least and the only positive note from it was that I did manage a 16th place in the 730pm $800 Gtd $3 deepstack rebuy which cut the losses in half of what they would have been.  

Day 2 I ended up playing eight tournaments and also in two of them I ended up flopping a set and losing, but I was able to win the 11am $2 rebuy which was worth an $85 return and then a 36 player $1 tournament which was worth only $13, but for the two-day total it put me at earnings of $60 and after day two I was 17% towards my goal of $2,000.  

Day 3 was a day where I did not get as many tournaments played as I do not get started until 4 in the afternoon.  I won a small $1 MTT and made a total profit of one penny lmao.  Up a little over $57 at that point.  

Day 4 was strange from the get go.   First off, the 11 a.m. $2 rebuy was actually cancelled.  In all the time that I've been on WSOP I have never seen that one not go off and usually it gets 50, 60, or 70 players but today they just did not have enough interest in it to send it off and you only need four players signed up by start time to get it to go off.  The 130pm $2 MTT was also cancelled which is something I had not seen before.  The 215pm $1 MTT I kind of screwed up on when it did not seem like it was going to be enough players to make it worth my while.  I like playing tournaments that have at least 30 or more players and will on occasion accept over 25 but there were only only six or seven people entered at start time and I didn't think it would be worth my while and the damned tournament ended up getting 36 runners.  Go figure.   All in all day 4 was a decent day.v I had four final tables although one of those final tables was a non-cash.  I pulled a  4th in the 9 a.m. $3 deepstack rebuy for nearly $48 and I took 1st and 3rd in two separate $1 MTTs for a return of just under $18 for a total profit for the day of a little over $43 and profits for the four days since I got back to playing online of $101.17. 

I had to do two withdrawals totalling $100 off the WSOP account and the reason for that is when I put the $286 on I had spent the rest of the money that I had on me on various things, but the fact of the matter is I realized I am just not ready to quit smoking.  Maybe I'll be ready next month, but I kind of doubt it.  also realized I was going to run a little short on food towards the end of the month so I need to pick up a few extra groceries to get me through. This $100 will be returned to the online roll on the 1st of April. I don't know if I will actually make a deposit back on WSOP or I will just stash it aside somewhere that I have not decided yet.

The once close friendship with my roommate "Misty" has been destroyed permanently.  I have never run into a more ungrateful creature in my life and we had a big blow up today and there is nothing that she can say or do that will ever repair this.  Later on in the day I gave Cathy, the youngest daughter, who is actually the leas and basically head of the household amongst the three of them my 60-day notice and she immediately talked me out of it.  The two daughters have not exactly been thrilled with their mother of late and as Cathy pointed out to me Misty's hardly here anymore so what does it matter.  Bottom line she didn't want me to leave and talked me into staying which I am for because of the financial aspect of it too and besides that me and the daughters get along just fine but as far as Misty goes unless this apartment is on fire I have no intentions of speaking to that woman unless absolutely necessary.

The whole thing stemmed from the fact that since it did not appear to me that my roommates were doing anything to prepare themselves for the rent being due I started looking on Craigslist.  Cathy came out  and found out my concerns and the fact that I was preparing myself for a possible move because I had told Misty a month prior that I would not be able to front them any more money because I just have too many things going on in the next few months and if they weren't going to have their part of the rent which was due in just over a week I was preparing myself for departure.  Cathy started running down some numbers and assured me that it should not be a problem and when I mentioned about them paying the cable bill Misty said to me well if we have to go without the internet for a week or two oh well.  Not oh well this is part of my livelihood after all or at least building towards it and I was not about to accept that and I reminded her that I had already previously paid my part of said cable bill because I'm pretty much always paid up in advance and since they were planning on paying it on the 22nd I decided that I would just give them my portion on the 3rd. Misty looks at me and says well you haven't paid your share of the cable yet you're not doing that till the 3rd.

After all the help that I had given her over the last 6 months, how I paid half the monthly expenses three times without asking for a dime of that back, all the loans, back probably another $500 that was just given to help out not to be paid back just because she was my so-called bestie as she always called me and then to say something like that to me.  Putting aside the financial aspect of it all the help that I've given her over the last six months while she deals with her shoulder injury and she's going to say that to me?  I went through the roof and I told her straight out she was an ingrate and after everything I have done for her she was going to sit there and nickel and dime me??  I told her I was done with her for good.  As far as I'm concerned she is nothing but an ungrateful nickel chasing user and I will not have anything more to do with her.  The real sad part about it is when I explain this to the youngest daughter Cathy she completely agreed that her mother was totally wrong.   I asked her if she was sure that you want me to stay at one of her mother didn't want to stay here because of the way things are between us and she just looked at me and said I am head of the household I make those decisions. 

Well that's all for now.  Taking Friday off and hanging out with my friend Michelle.  Will be back at it tomorrow and then Saturday most likely.  Friday the 1st will be a day/night at The Golden Nugget with a tournament followed by a $2/$4 session that evening.  Can't wait for the 1st to get here and then on Saturday the 2nd I want to try the 10am tournament at Green Valley Ranch.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

A Comment Resonse

Pokerdogg said in part:

We can debate whether 2/4 limit is beatable or not, but it really doesn't matter because you will believe what you believe, and only you can prove it for yourself. I hope you will keep good records and see in the long run how you do, I for one would love to be proven wrong. 

I use an app called Poker Income and many months back I paid the $10 for this app so I have the full version.  I was using this app to keep track of my tournaments at the Plaza and will continue to do so to keep track of my $2/$4 games beginning with the most recent session at the Nugget.

I am confused about one thing though, you did this whole calculation about how much you need to play 2/4, 3/6, etc. Then a few paragraphs later, you already plan to take the $400 expected in April and spend it on higher buyin tournaments and also cash games.

Well let's face some reality.  Tournaments online, even the $3 deep stack rebuys, assuming a 25% ROI, is only about $125 in earnings a month and would take a fair amount of time to get up to that magic $2,000 mark I now seek.  The money from April for instance will be used for at least one or two Golden Nugget tournaments at a cost of $65 each and a $2/$4 cash session where $200 will be reserved for this.   The reason for playing these is pretty simple as I believe that these choices is going to be the best way to get that $2,000 as fast as possible.  I suppose it could be said that saving that money and adding it to the bankroll might be a more safer approach, but since I have a lot of confidence in both of my limit cash game skills and my tournament skills I believe investing that $330 is the best way to get me to my current goal as fast as possible.   Another possibility is the Friday night $125 tournament at The Orleans.  I pull a top 3 finish in that and I've got I got the two grand in one shot. 

You change directions more often than TBC changes his pants.Worse yet, you change the stats you keep (from what we can see here) almost as often.

You have to remember that the transition to cash games was an experiment.  I didn't know whether I would like it, I didn't know if it was something that I would want to do long term, I didn't know if it was something that I would want to take the chance of financial risk upon and that's why I tried that transition online because of the lower amounts such as $0.05/$0.10 blinds.  At first I enjoyed it, but I think a large part of that was due to it being something new to me and I realized after a couple of months it was just something I did not want to do.  I ended up earning over $450 in those cash games online so I have no real complaints.  For some reason at that time playing limit cash games  didn't even dawn on me so at the time it seemed like I had two choices No Limit cash or tournaments.  I erased the statistics from online when I started playing at the Plaza because as far as I was concerned I was never returning to online play again.  I never fathomed that the Plaza which had seemed to have increased the amount of Interest their tournaments we're generating recently compared to when I played there previously was going to shut down on me and force me back to online.  I was broadsided by that one and never even considered that possibility.  As I explained to that creature lucky b I wasn't considering limit cash games as a possible full time venture until I played that session at the Golden Nugget and no unlike what he may believe it didn't have anything to do with the nice profit I pulled and it had everything to do with the enjoyment, and I'll be honest the limited financial risk.  Sure no limit players may make more than me, but we each define success to our own standards. just because no limit players may make $25 an hour and maybe the best I can hope for is $16 an hour playing $4/$8 limit games if that's good enough for me then isn't that what it's really all about??

Speaking of stats, I have a hard time understanding how you can have 80% winning sessions in 2/4 limit assuming it is a normally raked game.

It's not like I was playing every day or every week, but the times that I did get to play at Chumash Casino I would play $2/$4 I had many many many winning sessions when I did so.  80% is a rough estimation.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Poker Room Closed At The Plaza

The company that owns the electronic tables at The Plaza sold them to another company based in another state and therefore they cannot get licensed to operate those tables in the state of Nevada.  Friday night was the last tournaments at the Plaza.  I talked to the poker room manager and asked him if there was any chance that at some point the poker room could be reopened and he told me absolutely not.  The big question that was going through my mind was what the hell do I do now, what are my options, and what specific goals will I have within those options, and how do I go about accomplishing them.  

It was really depressing to me because on my current bankroll the Plaza was really my only option.  I don't have the bankroll for anything else in Las Vegas in a live setting so what I did was I left the plaza with about $200 on me and I decided to drown my sorrows in a little $2/$4 limit game at the Golden Nugget.  Sat in with $100 and two and a half hours later cashed out for $291.  A nice $191 profit in 2.5 hours.  As of about 2am Saturday morning my live play March earnings were a total of $286.  The cash game was $191 and $95 in tournaments.  The final numbers on the tournaments were 3 for 15, $95 in earnings, and a 57% ROI.  

The limit cash game that I played in I enjoyed so much playing.  I always love it when I get the chance to play a limit game session and  while I'm a good tournament player limit cash games is something that I have always loved and this goes back to my days in California when I was married and would go up to Chumash Casino as often as possible and play in the $2/$4 game up there and occasionally the $3/$6 game.  In those games back then I had easily an 80% winning session percentage, of course it wasn't done on a daily basis, but still.  It made me start thinking about what I needed to do, what I needed to focus on and what plan was I really going to go with since the Plaza has been shut off for me.  Let's face it, my choices are extremely limited and I realized no matter what the end goal is I have no choice but to return to the online grind.  What would be my ultimate goals with the online grind. How much of a bankroll will I need to work up to and for what.  Would it be $6,500 so that I could have 100 buyins for the $65 tournaments, or maybe, just maybe, there's been something staring me in the face the whole time and I just didn't see it until now.  Or maybe I let other people's opinion ductate my decisions more than it should have.  Time to retake control. 
I definitely could continue with the full-time tournament plan because I'm a damn good tournament player but the $2/$4 session last night made me realize just how much I absolutely love those limit games. These people are loose, they are passive, and the chips are flying.  6 to a flop, people calling down with pocket twos, I mean it can't get better than that.  This is no surprise to my readers because I posted on my blog before about how much I enjoy these games and every time I have I always get a dozen different people telling me the rake can't be beat at $2/$4.  The rake can't be beat at $3/$6 and it has to be $4/$8 before you can beat the rake in a live limit game.  Guess what people I'm here to tell you that you are dead wrong.  

As far as I'm concerned anyone that thinks that the rake can't be beat at $2/$4 is not playing it correctly. Limit cash games take their own expertise and you have to play extraordinarily tight and a complete focus on pot odds.  I got news for you if you are winning 70% of your showdowns then you certainly are not affected by the rake.  The session at the Golden Nugget is a prime example.  Every decision that I made was focused on specified hand selection, pot odds in each and every situation, and utilizing the dynamics of the table and instituting this into actual playing.  The result was somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 an hour.  Now no one can deny I had an extraordinarily good session and also no one can deny that those kind of results are not going to be maintained, but I am firmly convinced that the old adage of one big bet per hour over the long-term is ridiculous.  I can easily see two to three big bets per hour  being made consistently over the long term.  Do I love playing tournaments hell yeah.   Will I continue playing tournaments, hell yeah, but I have decided that the mainstay of my full-time liveplay will be limit cash games where I will be able to take part in the possibility of bad beat jackpots, high hand bonuses, quad and straight flush binuses freerolls for hours played, and hourly comps that only cash game players can have get.  And hang on for this one, but I actually enjoyed playing the limit cash game even more than playing in a tournament.  I know no one ever thought I would say that, hell I never thought I would say that, but it is absolutely true.  I love playing tournaments, but I found out I love playing limit cash games just a little bit more.  Maybe I knew but I just forgot how much.  

My close friend who I have referred to as "Melanie" in this blog has told me as far as she is concerned there is no need to give her an alias.  This friend that I have mentioned so many times is in fact Michelle better known as 9ontheturn to those of you that follow her on Twitter.  Getting out of the Golden Nugget last night at 2 a.m. and knowing I was going to Harrah's the following afternoon instead of going all the way back to the north side I availed myself to her always gracious hospitality and headed over to her place and crashed on her couch overnight.  We kicked back and chilled for a little while, got a delivery order from a restaurant at about 4am and I didn't even end up falling asleep until 6 in the morning.  I left her place Saturday afternoon went down to Harrah's and deposited the $286 that I have earned in live play during the month of March on WSOP and between the online grind, playing limit games live, and live tournaments, I plan on turning this into a full-time bankroll for grinding limit cash games and still being able to play the live tournaments from time to time.  It goes without saying that on WSOP I will be grinding nothing but tournaments as limit cash games are a ghost town at the very best on that site.  How much I need for this endeavor is a matter of opinion.  The old adage always was 300 big bets for a limit bankroll but as usual, always wanting an extra little cushion for my full-time live play I have decided to go with 500 big bets or in this case $2,000.  That's all I need to start grinding $2/$4 live on a daily basis $2,000.  Earnings from the live limit games will be utilized to work my way up to $3/$6 games at say the Mirage for instance and then to work the bankroll up enough for $4/$8 live limit games at the Bellagio.  $3,000 would be required for the $3/$6 game and $4,000 would be required for the $4/$8 game and if I'm right about two big bets per hour being definitely achievable over the long term I would be looking at $16 an hour playing $4/$8, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, first things first.   $2,000 for full-time live $2/$4 limit cash games.   

These turn of events definitely put a different spin on April.  Instead of needing to add the nearly $400 that I was going to add to the bankroll, instead I can now utilize that extra money for some live play. One of the tournaments that I will try will be the $45 tournament at Green Valley Ranch, definitely a $65 tournament at the Golden Nugget as I love that blind structure, and I definitely foresee a cash game session mixed into that also at the Golden Nugget.   I may possibly play the Friday night $125 tournament at The Orleans but I am not totally certain on that.  It seems all dark clouds have silver lining as long as you look for it.

As for the online grind I will get my day started at 11am.  I will play in the $2 Rebuy, $3 rebuys that are at noon, 4 p.m., and 7:30 p.m.  I will also play the 1:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. $2 MTT and I will toss in the 2:15, 5:15, 6:15 $1 MTTs.  That is 8 tournaments a day which I feel is completely sufficient.   The $1 and $2 MTTs are not really going to be money-makers they will simply counteract the time it may take me to get some deep runs in the $3 rebuys.  The $3 rebuy is where the real earnings will come from online.  As far as the rebuys go I have $286 which if I were to pay the buyin and do the immediate rebuy to start with a double stack for a total cost of $5.73, even if we round that up to $6 a $286 bankroll gives me a little over 45 buyins, but as I said the $1 and $2 mtts will be used to counteract the cost of those buyins.  I do not intend on adding on under any circumstances in these tournaments.  Running the figures in comparing the additional cost as a percentage to the total cost of the tournament even though it adds 45 big blinds to the stack at the first break comparing cost percentage to that of the additional big blinds added it does not add up to a +EV action and in fact by not doing so over the course of say 20 tournaments is equivelant to 9 buyins with immediate rebuy.  Like everything in poker it's all a cost vs reward equation.  

It's now 3 a.m. Sunday morning and my first tournament will be at noon so definitely time to get some sleep.  $2,000 seems so much more realistic and closer than $10,000 or even $5,000.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind this is the way to go and with the $286 that I already earned I'm damn near already 15% of the way there to that goal.  That's all for now.  Some may totally agree with the direction I have chosen and others will have a lot to say on the negative side of it and that's okay.  We all have opinions and usually nothing will change those opinions, but for me this is definitely the way to go.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Getting Through The Rest Of March

Well I'm hoping to get through the rest of March without having to stop playing, but if I do I'm going to have to get back on the winning ways.  After starting 2 for 6, I'm currently on a 6 tournament losing streak.  It all started with that last cash the last very last hand when my AJ went all-in pre-flop against A3 and my opponent flopped a 3 giving me second place money, a net return of $50 for that tournament.  Since then anything that can go wrong has gone wrong.  I go in with the best hand and constantly losing, flopping a set and losing, all-in getting called by a draw and the draw hitting, that type of thing.

I had to adjust my initial starting balance as money turned out to be needed for some last half of the month expenses.  Food and other assorted expenses, so I go into tomorrow starting March with $120, $380 to be added on the 1st for a $500 start.  Current profit after a 2 for 12 start is $25 for a current 21%ROI.  I decided to go with $500. Instead of a $600 start because I feel with 2 table tournaments 50 buyins should be more than enough.
Money will be tight for April, May, and June with very little spending money available as my bankroll is untouchable for obvious reasons, but with that said everything is still on track for the Colossus.  For April when I take $315 as my household share, add $380 to the bankroll, and another $90 for remaining expenses that leaves me only $40 leftover and to be quite honest I'm not sure if that entire 40 is not going to go for cigarettes because I'm not quite yet ready to quit.  May and June I will be stashing $300 away for Colossus so I'll have a few more dollars left available, but still not much, but come July extra money will become more prevalent.

With money being so tight it's really going to depend on just what I have left in this bankroll at the end of March where I decide what to add come April 1st.  Let me give you an example.  if I continue on this bad run and find that I need to stop playing and so more money is available until April then of course the entire $380 will be utilized, but let's say I went a hot streak and at the end of March I'm sitting on say $500, well that would be 50 buyins and I will procede with that not adding anything in April.  If I have $400 at the end of March  I will simply add $100 to it instead of the full $380.  50x ins is the magic number I want to start April weather and playing in March was getting an early jump on things if I could.  I didn't realize things would get so tight and I also didn't realize I would have extra expenses in the last half of March, but life is what it is so depending on how much i have at the end of March will depend on how much I add to it come Aprul 1st.

Have not been at the Plaza for the last 3 days as I came down with a head cold although a rather minor one, but I did not want to get other players sick so I took a few days off, got a lot of sleep, a lot of NyQuil and come tomorrow morning on Friday I'm ready to get back at it.  I find three tournaments a day is pretty much my limit, but that's not so unusual considering that if you figure tournaments take two to three hours I'm looking at 6-9 hour days playing tournaments so it kind of makes sense.  There may be some days I might be a up for a forth one but it'll be determined on a day-by-day basis and even for me to play a fourth tournament in a day the bankroll would have to be above that magic $500, 50 buyin mark in order for me to invest in slightly higher priced tournaments.

That's going to be a wrap up for now.  Can't wait to get back at it tomorrow and I'm just hoping I can turn this around really fast.  I have 14 buyins available to me and as long as I can run on a somewhat normal basis I should be okay.  Let's hope in this six tournament skid ends starting tomorrow.  Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The First Six

Well so far I have played six of the $10 rebuy tournaments at the Plaza and I have cashed in two of them, a first-place out of 13 players worth $90 which I reported about previously and last night I went one for two with a second-place finish out of 21 for a $62 return less a couple of bucks for the desk guy.  So far so good the first six tournaments have produced total net profits of $85.

My roommate got a check in the mail which was a reimbursement and l paid me off the money they owed me.  Because of that I have been able to start March with a starting bankroll of $200 plus the $85 in earnings that puts me at $285 as of this posting.  Provided there are no long-term cold streaks it should be more than enough to get me through the rest of this month and as soon as April 1st hits I add the other $400 to this bankroll for the total starting bankroll of $600.  Being up $85 as I am right now I more than anything want to take those winnings and play the $65 tournament over at the Mirage, and ordinarily that's exactly what I would do as that is the plan.  The Plaza tournament profits are the basis for playing in slightly larger tournaments, but until I have that total $600 start to jump into a higher tournament at this point would be foolish and completely lacking discipline.

Because I'm on permanent disability I qualify for half price bus fares but in order for RTC to qualify me for this they needed a note from my doctor.  I had to undergo an ultrasound on both legs yesterday which was nothing but a thrill a second let me tell you, and then went over to my doctor's office and got the note.  I bring it over to RTC and they tell me it's not sufficient.  Why you may wonder.  Because he did not use the word permanent in the letter he wrote.  Really???  Are you fkn serious??  Actually RTC wanted to have a time frame of how long I would be disabled.  I explained to them that I was on permanent disability and they said "Well your doctor needs to put the work permanent in the letter."  God they can be such assholes.  They did give me the reduced fare for the next 90 days, took my picture for the reduced fare ID and the whole bit and it expires in 90 days and I'll have to get another note from my doctor for them but this time it has to have the word permanent in it.  I understand they have their procedures, but really it just seems a little bit silly to me.  I bought a 2 week pass for $17 and when I get paid on the 1st I will buy a full 30 day pass for $34. 

Today Begins the weekend and ordinarily I would want to get all three tournaments of the $10 rebuy variety played, but the fact of the matter is I'm going to try to open a bank account here in Las Vegas as I really don't like carrying too much cash on me especially when I am taking buses sometimes somewhat late at night.  It would just be a lot safer and quite frankly the intelligent thing to do to keep the majority of the money stashed in the bank especially when I add the other $400 to this bankroll, I really don't want to be carrying around $600+ on me.  I'm hoping all goes smoothly as a little over five years ago I had a situation arise with a bank and I'm not sure if I'm still on that check system list or not, but I will find out tomorrow morning.  I'm going to forgo the 10:30 a.m. tournament in order to open this bank account if they let me and hit the 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. then on Sunday try to get all three in. 

I must say it is rather fatiguing these long hours even though I'm only playing two to three tournaments a day and I know the fatigue is coming from the fact that I am still healing from the sickness that hit me and hospitalized me. I feel the stamina coming back little by little but I also have days where it seems like I've taken a step or two back.  My doctor tells me it will come back but it's going to take a long while  and when it comes to this  I am somewhat impatient.  The fortunate thing for me is the fact that I am playing poker so there's not a lot of physical activity going on, but yet I still find myself overall fatigued by the time the end of the day hits which I guess is not totally unusual because when I play all three of the $10 rebuys in a day I get started out of the apartment around 8:30am and some nights don't return home til nearly 10 p.m. so no matter what you're doing, no matter how many breaks or how long the breaks are, it still makes for a long day and since I'm still recovering I guess it's only natural that by the end of the day I'm absolutely exhausted.

Anybody that follows me on Twitter may have seen the interaction between me and somebody who calls himself 3dollarbag.  Anybody that writes a blog like I do is going to generate haters for whatever reason and for some reason this person has something seriously against me.  He's been like this ever since I decided I was playing Colossus in June and I guess he does not think that somebody in my financial situation has the right to do what they want with their own money.  He even made a snide comment telling me to make sure I don't have a medical emergency at the tables.  You know it seems to me it takes a very low form of life to make snide comments because somebody is sick.  It's not something I would ever do to another human being, but I have to remember there are some very evil vile people in the world and this person has now been blocked and will stay blocked.  I'm not sure if this twitter person and someone else  who when they comment  go straight to spam are the same person or not  or if I simply have to people that hate my guts  for really invalid reasons.  I personally think it's pretty pathetic that somebody has nothing better to do then troll somebody with nothing positive to say or take shots at somebody because of a sickness.  Someone like that is just completely classless and needs to crawl back under the rock they slithered out from.

Well that's all for now.  At the bank to yry and open the account then off to the Plaza.  Hope to be at the Plaza by 1:30pm because when you register for these tournaments a half hour early you get an extra $500 in chips.  I know in the grand scheme of things $500 extra chips doesn't really mean too much but hey every little bit helps.  So as always take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trying To Get A Jump On April

Ironing out the details of what will be happening, how much of a bankroll I'll be starting with, and various other details.  First off the bankroll.  I'm looking at $600.  I will be playing three $10 rebuys per day only to start and with $600 that starts me out with 60 buyins.  That should be more than enough for tournaments that I have never seen get more than three tables and most of the time the $10 tournaments only have two tables.  As of April 1st I will have the full $600 start between what my roommates owe me and money I'm putting into it on the 1st of April. 

With $67 put towards that $600, I decided to try to get a jump start on things.  I went to the Plaza today with the intention of playing two of the $10 tournaments, the one at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. . The 2 p.m. had 18 entries with the top two getting paid and I finished 5th.  Thr 5 p.m. had 13 players, the top two getting paid, and there was no chop and I won it outright for a $90 return.  Tossed the guy at the desk a $5 tip and that $67 that I started today with is now at $132.  Any profits that I make during this month will be added to the total of $600.  As an exanple if I were to earn $200 at these tournaments this month it does not mean I'm only going to put $400 towards a start for a total of $600, instead I would still be putting the original $600 into this and with the $200 in earnings as an example, would be starting April with $800.  I'm heading back tomorrow to play the three $10 Rebuy tournaments.

I cashed out WSOP for good.  I couldn't stand playing the $1 and $2 tournaments playing for $15 for first place it was driving me insane and boring me out of my freaking skull.  I also emailed Alan and told him I would no longer be playing under his stake in the cash games anymore.  I played 3 times and what I can say about cash games is that to me sitting around watching paint dry has more kicks than playing in a cash game.  Same hlunds all the time, pretty straight forward, to me there was no excitement to it, no ultimate competition the way a tournament has.  Guess I'm just a natural born tournament player.  It did not have that rush or adrenaline for me that tournaments do.  I am glad to say that my final session that I did play under the stake was a $136 win so I was able to show a profit over the three sessions and did not lose any of my staker's money and in fact made him a few dollars and also thanked him very much for the opportunity. 

Now lets be serious about these $10 tournaments.  At a 20%-30% ROI playing 25 days a month, I'm only looking at earnings between $150-$225 a month.  That's not what this is about.  This is about those profits giving me the opportunity to play higher tournaments.  The $65s at Mirage, the $65s and $75s at Treasure Island, and The $55s at Harrahs.  These tournaments, some of which pay in excess of $500 for 1st is where the real earnings will come from.  Where the bankroll building will give me the opportunity to start playing $55-$75 tournaments steady, climbing the ladder to playing $125s steady and so on.  I am being adamant that I am only playing or will play the tournaments that are best for me financially and by this I'm talking juice.  Sure it would be so easy to cut across to the Golden Nugget and play that $45 tournament but that thing has a 33% juice to it.  $45 and they're charging $15 for their fee.   Now compare that to the $65 tournament at the Mirage they also charge $15 for the fee for only 23%.  Same exact fee amount, comparable blind stricture, higher starting stack, abd higher payouts.  The choice is clear.  I will only take shots at the higher priced tournaments when my bankroll is above that $600 mark. $600 will be the base bankroll. And I will only play tournaments that have a juice under 30%.  28% might still be a little iffy, but it's acceptable at this time. 

It is so awesome socializing with the other players even though these are electronic tables.  In the first tournament I played today this lady and I became fast friends as I taught her how to use the electronic tables.  During the course of the tournament she got a drink I had never seen before called a Colorado Bulldog.  She insisted that I take a sip of her drink and oh my God it was awesome.  I ended up having three more. There was one guy on that table directly across from me, an African American gentleman in his late fifties I would say, and I have never seen anybody take so long to make a simple decision every single hand.  OMG was driving me nuts.   In the second tournament, the one that I won, was an awesome awesome table as we were all laughing and joking with one another even when people were getting knocked out.  It was just the socialization aspect of it was just so awesome I absolutely loved every second of it.

That's all for now. Time to get some sleep so I can be back for the first tournament of the day at 10:30 a.m.  Sorry for the delay in posting but I've just been trying to figure everything out and at the same time trying to continue to heal the best I can which is coming along slow but sure.  Friday I will not be playing at the Plaza as I've got a doctors appointment at 2 p.m. for an ultrasound on my left leg.  They want to check the veins that caused the Venous Stasis condition which initially put me on disability and see just what we're dealing with.  So until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.