Thursday, March 17, 2016

Getting Through The Rest Of March

Well I'm hoping to get through the rest of March without having to stop playing, but if I do I'm going to have to get back on the winning ways.  After starting 2 for 6, I'm currently on a 6 tournament losing streak.  It all started with that last cash the last very last hand when my AJ went all-in pre-flop against A3 and my opponent flopped a 3 giving me second place money, a net return of $50 for that tournament.  Since then anything that can go wrong has gone wrong.  I go in with the best hand and constantly losing, flopping a set and losing, all-in getting called by a draw and the draw hitting, that type of thing.

I had to adjust my initial starting balance as money turned out to be needed for some last half of the month expenses.  Food and other assorted expenses, so I go into tomorrow starting March with $120, $380 to be added on the 1st for a $500 start.  Current profit after a 2 for 12 start is $25 for a current 21%ROI.  I decided to go with $500. Instead of a $600 start because I feel with 2 table tournaments 50 buyins should be more than enough.
Money will be tight for April, May, and June with very little spending money available as my bankroll is untouchable for obvious reasons, but with that said everything is still on track for the Colossus.  For April when I take $315 as my household share, add $380 to the bankroll, and another $90 for remaining expenses that leaves me only $40 leftover and to be quite honest I'm not sure if that entire 40 is not going to go for cigarettes because I'm not quite yet ready to quit.  May and June I will be stashing $300 away for Colossus so I'll have a few more dollars left available, but still not much, but come July extra money will become more prevalent.

With money being so tight it's really going to depend on just what I have left in this bankroll at the end of March where I decide what to add come April 1st.  Let me give you an example.  if I continue on this bad run and find that I need to stop playing and so more money is available until April then of course the entire $380 will be utilized, but let's say I went a hot streak and at the end of March I'm sitting on say $500, well that would be 50 buyins and I will procede with that not adding anything in April.  If I have $400 at the end of March  I will simply add $100 to it instead of the full $380.  50x ins is the magic number I want to start April weather and playing in March was getting an early jump on things if I could.  I didn't realize things would get so tight and I also didn't realize I would have extra expenses in the last half of March, but life is what it is so depending on how much i have at the end of March will depend on how much I add to it come Aprul 1st.

Have not been at the Plaza for the last 3 days as I came down with a head cold although a rather minor one, but I did not want to get other players sick so I took a few days off, got a lot of sleep, a lot of NyQuil and come tomorrow morning on Friday I'm ready to get back at it.  I find three tournaments a day is pretty much my limit, but that's not so unusual considering that if you figure tournaments take two to three hours I'm looking at 6-9 hour days playing tournaments so it kind of makes sense.  There may be some days I might be a up for a forth one but it'll be determined on a day-by-day basis and even for me to play a fourth tournament in a day the bankroll would have to be above that magic $500, 50 buyin mark in order for me to invest in slightly higher priced tournaments.

That's going to be a wrap up for now.  Can't wait to get back at it tomorrow and I'm just hoping I can turn this around really fast.  I have 14 buyins available to me and as long as I can run on a somewhat normal basis I should be okay.  Let's hope in this six tournament skid ends starting tomorrow.  Until next time take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. didnt u say at one point some time ago, u gave a notice to move out in 60-90 days? i guess this didnt go thru?

  2. It's amazing your making profit what seems like exclusively tournaments. I need to play more live tournys only 3 so far this year for me no cashes live. Thanks for the follow on twitter. I've been meaning to read more of your blogs. Vegas breeds some interesting grinders, and in with a few different life swings I would have been there myself. Fri and Sat are huge cash game days here I'd bet it's the same in Vegas. I have to play cash to pay for my tournament play. Now if only I could stop dipping into the roll to pay for real life expenses! Quit smoking, it saved me 2k a year. Grind on