Thursday, March 24, 2016

The First 4 Days Back Online And A Friendship Destroyed

So it took me a few days to kind of iron out an online schedule for myself and decide just which tournaments I wanted to play in, which my current online bankroll could afford, and so forth and so on.  The first day back online was a rough one and it amazes me how many more bad beats you get online than you do live and before anybody says anything about being dealt more hands I'm talking individual tournaments.  It was absolutely ridiculous on that first day.   The first day back online I played 9 tournaments and proceeded to have AA cracked by KK, I got 2 outed, and I had two opponents into 2 different tournaments call an all-in with nothing but a flush draw and of course hit it.  That first day was extraordinarily frustrating to say the least and the only positive note from it was that I did manage a 16th place in the 730pm $800 Gtd $3 deepstack rebuy which cut the losses in half of what they would have been.  

Day 2 I ended up playing eight tournaments and also in two of them I ended up flopping a set and losing, but I was able to win the 11am $2 rebuy which was worth an $85 return and then a 36 player $1 tournament which was worth only $13, but for the two-day total it put me at earnings of $60 and after day two I was 17% towards my goal of $2,000.  

Day 3 was a day where I did not get as many tournaments played as I do not get started until 4 in the afternoon.  I won a small $1 MTT and made a total profit of one penny lmao.  Up a little over $57 at that point.  

Day 4 was strange from the get go.   First off, the 11 a.m. $2 rebuy was actually cancelled.  In all the time that I've been on WSOP I have never seen that one not go off and usually it gets 50, 60, or 70 players but today they just did not have enough interest in it to send it off and you only need four players signed up by start time to get it to go off.  The 130pm $2 MTT was also cancelled which is something I had not seen before.  The 215pm $1 MTT I kind of screwed up on when it did not seem like it was going to be enough players to make it worth my while.  I like playing tournaments that have at least 30 or more players and will on occasion accept over 25 but there were only only six or seven people entered at start time and I didn't think it would be worth my while and the damned tournament ended up getting 36 runners.  Go figure.   All in all day 4 was a decent day.v I had four final tables although one of those final tables was a non-cash.  I pulled a  4th in the 9 a.m. $3 deepstack rebuy for nearly $48 and I took 1st and 3rd in two separate $1 MTTs for a return of just under $18 for a total profit for the day of a little over $43 and profits for the four days since I got back to playing online of $101.17. 

I had to do two withdrawals totalling $100 off the WSOP account and the reason for that is when I put the $286 on I had spent the rest of the money that I had on me on various things, but the fact of the matter is I realized I am just not ready to quit smoking.  Maybe I'll be ready next month, but I kind of doubt it.  also realized I was going to run a little short on food towards the end of the month so I need to pick up a few extra groceries to get me through. This $100 will be returned to the online roll on the 1st of April. I don't know if I will actually make a deposit back on WSOP or I will just stash it aside somewhere that I have not decided yet.

The once close friendship with my roommate "Misty" has been destroyed permanently.  I have never run into a more ungrateful creature in my life and we had a big blow up today and there is nothing that she can say or do that will ever repair this.  Later on in the day I gave Cathy, the youngest daughter, who is actually the leas and basically head of the household amongst the three of them my 60-day notice and she immediately talked me out of it.  The two daughters have not exactly been thrilled with their mother of late and as Cathy pointed out to me Misty's hardly here anymore so what does it matter.  Bottom line she didn't want me to leave and talked me into staying which I am for because of the financial aspect of it too and besides that me and the daughters get along just fine but as far as Misty goes unless this apartment is on fire I have no intentions of speaking to that woman unless absolutely necessary.

The whole thing stemmed from the fact that since it did not appear to me that my roommates were doing anything to prepare themselves for the rent being due I started looking on Craigslist.  Cathy came out  and found out my concerns and the fact that I was preparing myself for a possible move because I had told Misty a month prior that I would not be able to front them any more money because I just have too many things going on in the next few months and if they weren't going to have their part of the rent which was due in just over a week I was preparing myself for departure.  Cathy started running down some numbers and assured me that it should not be a problem and when I mentioned about them paying the cable bill Misty said to me well if we have to go without the internet for a week or two oh well.  Not oh well this is part of my livelihood after all or at least building towards it and I was not about to accept that and I reminded her that I had already previously paid my part of said cable bill because I'm pretty much always paid up in advance and since they were planning on paying it on the 22nd I decided that I would just give them my portion on the 3rd. Misty looks at me and says well you haven't paid your share of the cable yet you're not doing that till the 3rd.

After all the help that I had given her over the last 6 months, how I paid half the monthly expenses three times without asking for a dime of that back, all the loans, back probably another $500 that was just given to help out not to be paid back just because she was my so-called bestie as she always called me and then to say something like that to me.  Putting aside the financial aspect of it all the help that I've given her over the last six months while she deals with her shoulder injury and she's going to say that to me?  I went through the roof and I told her straight out she was an ingrate and after everything I have done for her she was going to sit there and nickel and dime me??  I told her I was done with her for good.  As far as I'm concerned she is nothing but an ungrateful nickel chasing user and I will not have anything more to do with her.  The real sad part about it is when I explain this to the youngest daughter Cathy she completely agreed that her mother was totally wrong.   I asked her if she was sure that you want me to stay at one of her mother didn't want to stay here because of the way things are between us and she just looked at me and said I am head of the household I make those decisions. 

Well that's all for now.  Taking Friday off and hanging out with my friend Michelle.  Will be back at it tomorrow and then Saturday most likely.  Friday the 1st will be a day/night at The Golden Nugget with a tournament followed by a $2/$4 session that evening.  Can't wait for the 1st to get here and then on Saturday the 2nd I want to try the 10am tournament at Green Valley Ranch.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables. 

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