Friday, March 11, 2016

The First Six

Well so far I have played six of the $10 rebuy tournaments at the Plaza and I have cashed in two of them, a first-place out of 13 players worth $90 which I reported about previously and last night I went one for two with a second-place finish out of 21 for a $62 return less a couple of bucks for the desk guy.  So far so good the first six tournaments have produced total net profits of $85.

My roommate got a check in the mail which was a reimbursement and l paid me off the money they owed me.  Because of that I have been able to start March with a starting bankroll of $200 plus the $85 in earnings that puts me at $285 as of this posting.  Provided there are no long-term cold streaks it should be more than enough to get me through the rest of this month and as soon as April 1st hits I add the other $400 to this bankroll for the total starting bankroll of $600.  Being up $85 as I am right now I more than anything want to take those winnings and play the $65 tournament over at the Mirage, and ordinarily that's exactly what I would do as that is the plan.  The Plaza tournament profits are the basis for playing in slightly larger tournaments, but until I have that total $600 start to jump into a higher tournament at this point would be foolish and completely lacking discipline.

Because I'm on permanent disability I qualify for half price bus fares but in order for RTC to qualify me for this they needed a note from my doctor.  I had to undergo an ultrasound on both legs yesterday which was nothing but a thrill a second let me tell you, and then went over to my doctor's office and got the note.  I bring it over to RTC and they tell me it's not sufficient.  Why you may wonder.  Because he did not use the word permanent in the letter he wrote.  Really???  Are you fkn serious??  Actually RTC wanted to have a time frame of how long I would be disabled.  I explained to them that I was on permanent disability and they said "Well your doctor needs to put the work permanent in the letter."  God they can be such assholes.  They did give me the reduced fare for the next 90 days, took my picture for the reduced fare ID and the whole bit and it expires in 90 days and I'll have to get another note from my doctor for them but this time it has to have the word permanent in it.  I understand they have their procedures, but really it just seems a little bit silly to me.  I bought a 2 week pass for $17 and when I get paid on the 1st I will buy a full 30 day pass for $34. 

Today Begins the weekend and ordinarily I would want to get all three tournaments of the $10 rebuy variety played, but the fact of the matter is I'm going to try to open a bank account here in Las Vegas as I really don't like carrying too much cash on me especially when I am taking buses sometimes somewhat late at night.  It would just be a lot safer and quite frankly the intelligent thing to do to keep the majority of the money stashed in the bank especially when I add the other $400 to this bankroll, I really don't want to be carrying around $600+ on me.  I'm hoping all goes smoothly as a little over five years ago I had a situation arise with a bank and I'm not sure if I'm still on that check system list or not, but I will find out tomorrow morning.  I'm going to forgo the 10:30 a.m. tournament in order to open this bank account if they let me and hit the 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. then on Sunday try to get all three in. 

I must say it is rather fatiguing these long hours even though I'm only playing two to three tournaments a day and I know the fatigue is coming from the fact that I am still healing from the sickness that hit me and hospitalized me. I feel the stamina coming back little by little but I also have days where it seems like I've taken a step or two back.  My doctor tells me it will come back but it's going to take a long while  and when it comes to this  I am somewhat impatient.  The fortunate thing for me is the fact that I am playing poker so there's not a lot of physical activity going on, but yet I still find myself overall fatigued by the time the end of the day hits which I guess is not totally unusual because when I play all three of the $10 rebuys in a day I get started out of the apartment around 8:30am and some nights don't return home til nearly 10 p.m. so no matter what you're doing, no matter how many breaks or how long the breaks are, it still makes for a long day and since I'm still recovering I guess it's only natural that by the end of the day I'm absolutely exhausted.

Anybody that follows me on Twitter may have seen the interaction between me and somebody who calls himself 3dollarbag.  Anybody that writes a blog like I do is going to generate haters for whatever reason and for some reason this person has something seriously against me.  He's been like this ever since I decided I was playing Colossus in June and I guess he does not think that somebody in my financial situation has the right to do what they want with their own money.  He even made a snide comment telling me to make sure I don't have a medical emergency at the tables.  You know it seems to me it takes a very low form of life to make snide comments because somebody is sick.  It's not something I would ever do to another human being, but I have to remember there are some very evil vile people in the world and this person has now been blocked and will stay blocked.  I'm not sure if this twitter person and someone else  who when they comment  go straight to spam are the same person or not  or if I simply have to people that hate my guts  for really invalid reasons.  I personally think it's pretty pathetic that somebody has nothing better to do then troll somebody with nothing positive to say or take shots at somebody because of a sickness.  Someone like that is just completely classless and needs to crawl back under the rock they slithered out from.

Well that's all for now.  At the bank to yry and open the account then off to the Plaza.  Hope to be at the Plaza by 1:30pm because when you register for these tournaments a half hour early you get an extra $500 in chips.  I know in the grand scheme of things $500 extra chips doesn't really mean too much but hey every little bit helps.  So as always take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. In regards to 3 dollar douchebag, just ignore him. I personally find it funny that he blows untold amount of money of his drugs a month which have no ROI, then someone like you who is making an investment and has a chance of a return in the Colossus. Also who even says you are gonna pay the full $565?

  2. ignore 3 dollar, hes been a troll forever, on my own blog. im not sure if problems with check systems ever go away. its supposed to in 7 yrs, and mine was in 2003 so is done long ago. the bank got paid back the $300 or so within 6 months back in 2003 and all was well. but when i tried to open up with wells fargo while in SD, they wouldnt give me the regular acct and had me open a special account because of it where u dont get checks and cant make transfers with other banks. it shouldnt no longer be a factor at all.