Saturday, April 16, 2016

A 3000 Hand Session

I got back to the online grind today and prior to the start I had been trying to figure out what is the best start time.  In the limited sessions I've had so far the best session that I've had is when I started at 1 p.m. and as I was able to take advantage of some of the more spewy players that you get after 9pm then I realized something.  So far I've been playing 2000 hands and when I hit that I stopped playing for the day which is not a bad idea on the surface, but then the thought occurred to me what if I could take advantage of both worlds.  Get started at 11am and play to 11pm thus getting a couple of hours during that "spewy time" as I call it.  It is a 12 our grind in which I always allow myself a dinner break, but the good part about it is that I will get in more than 2000 hands a day and instead of focusing on the amount of hands I'm playing it would simply be a certain start time a certain end time.  This is exactly what I plan on doing when I am playing the live limit games on a daily basis and I'm quite sure those sessions will go 12 hours as well, so why not implement that now.  My sessions usually run 9 or 10 hours and an extra 2 or 3 hours shouldn't matter and as a matter of fact would give me the opportunity to take an extra break if I wanted to so going into today's action that's exactly what I decided to do.  If I felt fatigued and tired I would simply pop a caffeine pill as I definitely did want to get a couple of hours played during that "spewy time" because although the variance during that time is definitely increased as opposed to other times during the day and early evening it can definitely pay some very high dividends.

So today's session I saw myself set a personal record for volume. Roughly 12 hours maybe a little less and 3086 hands played.  I have never before played that many hands in a single session.  Thing started out very well as within the first 800 hands played I was up 4.6 buyins, a nice $46.  I knew it really didn't mean anything except that I had gotten a quick positive start because even in a 2000 hand session I know how variance shows itself throughout and I kinda had a feeling that if I did pull the full 12 hours that I might come close to hitting 3000 hands so if 2000 hands had variance throughout I could only imagine what an extra thousand hands would include.
As great as the first 800 hands went the following 800 hands were atrocious.  In those following 800 hands I went from a $46 profit to down $26 for the session a $73 downswing in a single session or 7.3 buyins.  It is the nature of multi-tabling, but let me tell you something it can be both depressing and frustrating at the same time.  That's the thing about a session like three 3000 hands.  You can go through a complete downswing and come out of it all in the same session.
So 1610 hands in I'm down $26 for the session and 1000 hands later I was up $7.  It was a recovery of 3.3 buyins and things were improving and just 150 hands later I was up $24 for the session which was a full five buyin increase and when it was all said and done just under 300 hands later I ended the night up $27.76 which was exactly to earnings expectation of 9bb/100.

Some readers in the past have expressed concern that longer sessions generate worse results and I was quite happy to see, although I knew that was not accurate, but I was happy to see it with my own eyes today that had I stopped at 2,000 hands like I normally have been it would have been a losing situation but because I put those extra thousand hands in today it turned into a day of profit.  It's kind of funny I played five sessions now and when you add four of them together I'm winning less than a dollar in about nine thousand hands and then there's one 2000 hand session where I won $97. It's just funny how it runs sometimes.  Poker is such a crazy game.   The reason longer sessions do not affect me adversely is because if I get tired or fatigued I will call it a night, but quite frankly the caffeine pills this morning got me through the entire day.   The only fatigue I felt was the last half-hour so all in all the 12 hour such an experiment was a success.

My earn rate which I originally thought would be 10 has been reduced to 9.  My style of play, combined with the stakes I'm playing, and the player pool I'm up against, 9bb/100 seems to be what is me expectation.  It's what it was over the first 50,00p hands played and it continues to be that or actually just a smidgen under that, over the first 11,000 hands that I've played this time around and I'm quite satisfied with 9bb/100 because especially with the increased hands per day it will easily get me in excess of 60,000 hands a month and quite possibly over 70,000, but even if we base things on the lower amount of 60,000 hands, the proven earn rate of 9bb/100 and 60 APPs per session that equals $540 in earnings and $60 in rakeback for total earnings of $600 a month.   Add the $200 I started the switch back to nl cash games with and that's my $2k in 3 months and this is based on only 20 days played each month.  Now, I got a slightly late start for the month of April but still should get a minimum 40,000 hands played for the month of April.  So April should be $360 in earnings, another $35 in rakeback and this is all based on play at $10NL.  If I can show success at $20NL it will go even faster, but worse case scenario is I am grinding $2/$4 live limit games with a $2,000 bankroll no later than August 1st, 2016.

The staked session I played at the Mirage with "Alan" on Thursday was absolutely horrendous.  I ended up losing two full $200 buyins.  This will be the end of any further No Limit cash game stakes.  It was one of those games where you got some fat head aggro who at the same time was a complete luckbox.  The kind of guy that would call a raise with Q4o and Flop 2 pair, raise with garbage and turn 2 pair, that sort of thing, completely disgusting.  He would continuation bet flop and turn and I had several draws against him and every single one of the draws died a lonely death.  The loss of the second buy-in came when I had flopped a set of tens, was all in on the turn and the guy next to me ends up getting a straight but at least it wasn't the fathead luckbox.  Not much of a consolation but nonetheless I'm glad it wasn't him.   It was just one of those sessions that nothing could go right for me or "Alan" for that matter.  Obviously no limit cash games, even though I am grinding those online to build up the bankroll I want for full time limit play, these No Limit cash games still are not my complete comfort zone area.  Yes, I can play them and play them well, but I'm much more adept, much more comfortable, and no doubt much more successful in limit games.  As a matter of fact I already know that Alan does not want to further pursue any sort of stake, but even if he did I would tell him don't put me in the $1/$2 No Limit game.  If he were going to risk future $200 buyins it would be much more intelligent to put me into a limit game, but as we all know those profits come more slowly.  I was extraordinary apologetic for the session, but in the email Alan told me not to beat myself up as in which the way I lost the second buyin there's not a lot I could do over a situation like that which made me feel a little bit better, but I am still reeling from the fact that I lost.  If it were my own money I wouldn't give a damn, but when it belongs to somebody else, when I'm playing for someone else it really affects me deeply with more remorse and regret than I would have if it was my own money being risked.  Some people may think that's foolish, but that's simply the way I am. 

That's all for now.  Total earnings just under 10 full buyins in the first 11,00p hands so it's a so far so good kind of situation.  Alarm set for 10 a.m. so I can get right back at it tomorrow.  Still trying to juggle finances to see if I can sneak in a live $2/$4 session when I get paid in a couple of weeks, still crunching numbers so we'll see if that's going to be feasible.  Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.

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