Sunday, April 10, 2016

Breaking Out Of The Break Even Run

The first 4000 hands since I returned to the online cash tables or what might also be be called my "Return To Discipline" as I am determined to focus on my work at the poker tables and not running around drinking like a sailor on leave and spending money like it's water every time I get a few bucks turned out to be a return to those cash tables without much excitement. In the first two sessions covering just over 4000 hands I made a total of $1.09.  It was obvious to me that to get up to my goal earn rate it was going to take an elongated climb with a start like that, or so I thought.  Today's session I completely broke through this run of mediocrity to the tune of earnings of nearly 1000 big blinds, over 9.7 full buyins.  2025 hands and earnings of $97.34, easily my single best session ever. 

It looked like it was going to be a another either small win or small loss session.  Within the first 1200 hands I saw me go up about $13 and then I was down about $14 for the session.  After 1180 hands I was showing a $5 profit.  Over the next 800 hands I earned over 9 buyins.  Absolutely insane.  No way I could have predicted something like that.  A definite nice way to finish things off before taking Sunday off and returning to the online tables on Monday. 

Along with a nice profit I also achieved Silver status on WSOP which means I will be getting my version of rakeback starting on Monday.  With Silver status every APP point I earn at the tables is worth 4 WSOP points and every 100 WSOP points is worth $1.  What all this adds up to is at this moment in time since I roughly average approximately 40 points a day at the level I play that's a $1.60 a day in points to cash transfer.  Just to make it easier I'm just going to always refer to this as rakeback even if it really isn't officially, it's my version of it.  It will take me approximately 5 days to reach Gold status and the day following that I will be earning roughly $2 a day in rakeback.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but once I hit gold status if I play an average of 25 days a month that's an additional $50 a month added to the bankroll without me having to do anything except play poker on a daily basis which is what I'm doing and every extra dollar can come in handy.  I made 200 points this month so far and the next 200 points will get me to Gold status.  I got a slightly late start so I don't think there's any way possible I can make Platinum Status as I would need to earn 1000 more points this month and that won't happen at $10NL.  The APP to WSOP point rate is 4x for Silver, 5x for Gold, and 6x for Platinum.  So as a Gold status 40 APP points a day equals 200 WSOP points and $1 for every 100 WSOP equals $2 a day in rakeback. 

With the increase in bankroll I'm already thinking of the next level that being $20NL which was a limit I was going to completely avoid entirely and simply stick with $10NL the entire way.  I will admit part of it of the reasoning behind it was because of what I observed the last time I was playing these online cash games.  I'm not trying to start any conspiracy theories about the site and it could have been simple variance, but the fact of the matter is I saw a lot of players using the words "set up" at that level the last time I was playing these No Limit cash games.   These were not losing players, these were solid consistent winning players.  I'm not going to say definitely yes and I'm not going to say definitely no all I am saying is that this seems to be the general consensus within the player pool.   $20NL obviously has the potential benefits of more money being earned, more points being earned for rakeback and getting to my $2k goal that much faster, but I do have reservations I will admit this.  My last experience on them was break even for 10,000 hands.  First of all I'm not even going to touch those tables and till I have at least a $400 bankroll which is 20 full buyins for them and I will be taking it extraordinarily slow.  If I do decide to play $20NL when the time comes it would be done with just a single buyin stop loss and if a buyin was lost on those tables then that $20 would have to be recouped at the $10 tables before I try it again.  I am not going to double my stakes and run into a 5 Buy in downswing I will not allow that to happen. Once I  have earned 5 buyins then I can add a second $20 table and a 2 buyin stop loss and so forth and so on.  I plan on taking no unnecessary chances.

Well that's all for now.  No doubt about it it was a fantastic day on the online tables and tomorrow I may be playing on a stake as I have to confirm that in the morning, but either way I'm taking tomorrow off from the online tables and will get right back at it on Monday.  So far getting in 2000 hands a day seems to take around nine or ten hours depending on how long of a dinner break I take which is better than having to grind 12 full hours which gets somewhat tiring.  I feel the fatigue after 9 or 10 hours so the timing is working well.  If I get started by noon and I am usually done by 10 p.m.  Until next time, take care everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. I'll be in Las Vegas a month from now. Gotta make sure we play one session or one tournament together.

  2. Look forward to meeting you lightning. Tournament sounds great to me. The 7 p.m. $65 at the Golden Nugget has a great structure or if you prefer to stay on the Strip there's the $65 one at the Mirage at 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday. What dates will you be here and where are you staying?

  3. Bankroll increase by 50% in one day is outstanding!

  4. Lightning36- do u have exact dates yet?