Saturday, April 9, 2016

Getting Nowhere Fast But Potential On The Horizon

Two days, just over 4,000 hands played, and earnings of $1.09.  The only thing I can say is that it's better than a full-fledged downswing.  Haven't really been going through too many bad beats it's more so more annoying things which I guess in of themselves could be considered bad beats.  As an example during today's session with a 2345 on the board and me holding the 6 on two different occasions the river was a 6 so instead of me taking down a fairly nice pot it ended up being chopped between me and my opponent who by the way did not have a 6.  A couple of flushes beaten by a higher flushes, lost with a set at least twice and when you add all that up together it could have easily been a lot worse than the $7.85 that I lost today so I guess in some ways I should feel fortunate, however it is a little frustrating knowing that you you're bringing your absolute A game every second and it not being paid off at least in the short term.  If I didn't have the ability to lay down big hands when needed it would have been a lot worse so I'm pretty proud of myself on that.  Case in point was a hand where I flopped a set of sevens and by the time the river hit there was three clubs on the board and three cards to the straight.  I believe it was something along the lines of a nine, queen, king and when the opponent on my left bet the river and another opponent then raised this river bet a little more than double I knew that my set was garbage and laid it down as fast as I could click the mouse button and sure enough one of the opponents had the flush and the other opponent had the straight.

Looks like I'll be taking the weekend off from online poker.  Should be heading over to my friend's house tomorrow will probably crash on the couch overnight like I usually do when I hang out with her and then on Sunday I may be playing at the Strat under a stake from "Alan".  Through an email he let me know that his invitation of the stake is still open and I decided to take him up on it for Sunday.  I have to email him Sunday morning to make sure it's a go, but right now it looks like it very well may be.  When we email back and forth "Alan" always tells me the offer is open anytime I want and the more I think about it the more I realize I should be taking him up on his offer more often.  Not that I have made a great amount of money doing it so far but at least I have shown a $70 profit after the three times that he has staked me.  I lost $65 the first two sessions $30 on the first session and $35 in the second session but ended up winning a $135 on the third session.  As long as I can be making money doing this it would be insane not to do it as often as he is willing.  Obviously he is the man providing the funds for this so as often as he wants it to happen I should accept this opportunity each and every time it is presented to me.   These stakes to the no limit cash game, provided I can make earnings from it could get me to my $2k goal a lot faster.  

Another thing that is also looks like it may be happening is that another friend of mine is offering to stake me to a $100 buyin this upcoming week in a $2/$4 limit game.  The idea from this is to turn that $100 into $200 then take the $100 in earnings which would be $50 a piece as he would get his initial investment back and then use that $100 and stake me to a session of the $50NL tables on  This too also has the potential of getting me to the $2k bankroll faster and quicker. 

Assuming I do in fact play in the No Limit cash game for those of you that follow me on Twitter I will attempt to to make update tweets during the session.  That's a wrap up for tonight.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. If you can get staked for 1/2 nlhe cash games, I think it is a no brainer to do that instead of grinding 10NL online. For the sake of argument say you get fully staked, with 50/50 split on profit with makeup, and let's say you can make $20/hr. Say you play 40 hours a week, that is only 5 weeks to get your $2000. Even after travel and food expenses, this is the quickest way to make your bankroll, with zero risk.

    If Alan has the money to bankroll you, and you can work out reasonable terms, it can be a win win situation. WEC probably has lots of good suggestions in this regard. If I was in your shoes, I will try to get a deal where the staker puts up 100% of bankroll, the deal ends when the total profit reaches $4000 split 50/50. The staker commits to a staking bankroll, say $2000. If you loss it all, then the deal is over at staker's discretion. There are lots of other details to work out, this is where WEC or others experienced in staking arrangements can be very helpful.

    Best of luck.

  2. I lost $65 the first two sessions $30 on the first session and $35 in the second session but ended up winning a $135 on the third session.

    That's the sign of a good player: When you lose it's way less than when you win.