Friday, April 8, 2016

Not Exactly Hitting Expectation

First some comment responses.  

Doufous said in part:

since you say you have $350 per month to add to the poker roll.....Where is all that money from the past 6 months? There is your $2000 bankroll, but it has vanished. I think if you were really committed, you would have built the roll through the means you originally set forth in addition to online grinding.

I'll be honest I spent the last few months more concerned with having fun.  Grabbing the profits spending it as fast as I get them.  I won't lie about it that's exactly what's been going on.  More concerned with getting out with the night crowds at times then what I should be doing.  I'm hoping that I've got that out of me and I can focus on what I need to do.  

xdex said:

Flush, I think your heart is not in it anymore and the $200 will be gone before you know it. If you really want $2000 why not take a part-time job for few months? Maybe something that pays cash instead of working for a big company.

Even if the leg which put me on disability was able to do that previously since I had the near-death hospitalization with a massive clot in the lung and consequently the killing of part of that right lung my stamina for a lot of things is lessened.  I'm still in recovery mode according to my doctor and it will take a long long time.  My heart is in what I want to be doing, but sometimes my impulses of getting out and having fun in this adults playground I live in gets the better of me. 

Memphis MOJO said:

You pride yourself on your discipline, but it definitely sounds like it's slipping.

You're absolutely right Mojo that's exactly what I've been allowing to happen. That was part of the point of the last post is realizing what I've been doing, realizing the time that I've been wasting and hopefully getting back on track and doing what I need to do.

Pokerdogg said:

I am not a hater and not going to rake you over the coal. I do have a comment and a question though. You could have figured out the estimated earnings of $10/day before you made the last switch. I know the 25% ROI is a guesstimate, but it is as good a guess as any at this point and you probably had the same figure in mind before March. My question is about the stats on your blog. It shows the tournament results since March 2016. Why aren't you including all tournament results since you started on this site? The more samples, the closer to the true ROI the numbers will be. 
Good luck as usual.

No, Mr. Dogg, I have never looked at you as a hater.  I have looked at you as somebody that always seems to know what he's talking about and I try to absorb your comments specifically as much as I can because of the surface they seem consistently intelligent and insightful.
I had deleted the tournanent stats on the blog and then would start fresh and if I switched back or what not I wourld track it fresh.  I did check PokerProLabs and this is what they have on me for tournament play at   I have posted the screenshot below.  My ROI during my PokerStars days in which I play there for six or seven years playing hundreds and hundreds of tournaments was a 24% ROI so I figured 25% because of my track record seems extraordinarily reasonable.  If you'll notice on the PokerProLabs screenshot I am exceeding that on, but nobody can keep an ROI like that in MTTs so it is quite obvious to me that my sample size for MTTs on is far far too small.  As you may or may not know cash game play is impossible to track because of the lack of hand histories, but when I played them previously I made $450 or so at $10NL in just over 50,000 hands and I believe I was pretty much break even at $20NL albeit in a much smaller amount of hands played, 10,000-15,000 hands if memory serves.  

So April 7th, 2016, day 1 on the return to the $10NL tables with a $200 bankroll, 20 full buy ins.  My daily goals are 2000 hands, a 10bb/100 earn rate, and $20 in earnings.  Day one was not as successful as I would have liked.  I did in fact meet expectations in volume, however I did not exactly meet expectations in earnings.  It wasn't an overly swingy day as the worst I was in the course of the day was a single buyin down and the best that I was relatively early in the session was approximately $24 up, but variance being what it is the session was pretty much like a yo-yo and when it was all said and done I played 2007 hands for a total profit of $8.94 and a 4.45bb/100 earn rate.  Ughhh an absolutely pathetic performance, but it was just one of those days where nothing spectacular was happening.  Never lost a full stack during the course of the session but a couple of times I lost a majority of my stack and I also stacked some short stacks 3 of 4 times, but other than that the session was pretty boring.

That's a wrap up for tonight.  Will be playing another 2,000 hand session on Friday, taking Saturday off to go hang out with a friend, and then back at it again on Sunday.  Hopefully Friday's session will be better than tonight, but you know what they say, the smallest win is better than any loss.  So with that said I will say take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.  

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