Monday, May 2, 2016

April Recap / The Start Of May And Monthly Plans

So on April 17th I cleaned out my account in the following day started playing free rolls then some $1 tournaments, then got $20 from the limit leaderboard promotion, play some more tournaments, took some Chances with some limit cash games, got another $50 from the following week's limit leaderboard promotion and, yada, yada, yada, end April with the bankroll going from $0 on the 18th to $196 to end the month and that includes two and a half days in the hospital so all in all very satisfied.  

One of the things that I did well at was the limit Omaha H/L cash game and relatively well playing a PLO8 cash game.  I was poking around WSOP and came actoss some PLO8 SNGs.  Trying to find something that maybe I could add to go along with the MTTs.  I made $196 starting from the 18th to the 30th of the month and from MTTs only ended up making $24 so as you can tell from those numbers a major part of the money came from other avenues.  I was poking around the SNGs and spotted some 6 Max Omaha H/L SNGs. These pay the top 2 spots and in the space of 14 SNG's over 2 days I made just under $32 just from those alone.  It took me over 10 days to make $24 from MTTs.  I saw a definite possibility here.  I ran like fire with the $5 ones in the money in 5 out of 6 with 2 wins and 3 seconds with earnings of $34.13.  The problem is they can be slow to load especially the $5 and $10 ones.  The $1 ones are more prevalent, but lets face it, not much money to be made.  In the $1 ones I went 6 for 7 with 2 wins and 4 seconds for earnings of $7.72 and I did not cash in the lone $10 SNG for total earnings from these of $31.85. 

So what's in store for May.  Well to be honest I'm not really sure.  It might make more financial sense to grind the PLO8 SNGs and perhaps some PLO8 cash games.  From what I can tell they usually have a $10 PLO8 going sometimes a $20 PLO8 and occasionally, but I'm not sure on this, maybe two tables of $10 PLO8.  I could try mixing the cash games with the SNGs and then as the bankroll increases past $220 start playing the $20 MTTs which was always my base plan anyway, but completely abandoning the $1 and $2 MTTs is an option as they are not really producing all that much money.  This definitely has definite possibility and potential and keeps with the original plan of playing $20 MTTs when the bankroll hit certain $20 increments above $200.  

I'm finding PLO8 to be almost easy.  It seems to me, although my experience is not great in this game, that it's a game that you pretty much play for the nuts and I might be completely nitty in these things, but at least at the beginning so far has paid off.  Some of the hands and situations that I see my opponents chasing and going after borders on insanity in my opinion.  Calling huge bets with just the low draw, albeit the nut low draw, but they're calling these huge bets in hopes they can win half a pot which they don't yet have and virtually no chance at a scoop is absolutely ludicrous to me.  It's also amazing how often people will put in large sums of money and/or chips depending on the game you're playing when they don't even have the nut low or the nut high when the amounts that their opponents are betting makes it obvious they have the nuts one way or the other and in numerous cases both ends.  Maybe my nitty play for the nuts approach, at least until it gets heads up or three way, is why I've done well.  I'm still testing the waters on these games, but so far so good.
I had a very late start to begin the month of May.  I really wasn't motivated to do anything this morning and into this afternoon, but this afternoon I finally got out to do a little bit of grocery shopping and then did not even fire up my laptop until about 730pm well into the 645pm $10p nightly freeroll.  When I play freerolls these days I jump into them towards the end of late registration.  Worked out good enough I suppose as I finished in the top 9 for a $1.60 return which is laughable I know, but free money you can never laugh at I suppose.

I abandoned playing any $1 or $2 MTTs, but from about 730pm all the way up to 11 p.m. when the SNGs pretty much died out there was not a single $5 or $10 SNG to be had for PLO8.  I instead had to settle on playing 6 of the $1 variety.  Ran into some situations where I kept getting counterfeited, but I also think I was loosening up my starting hands just slightly and that did not work out too well as I went 0-4.  Buckled down and ended up finishing second in the final two that I played on the evening.  With a loss of a couple of bucks there, but with the freeroll cash and a dollar in rakeback I was actually ahead a few cents on the day.

It was relatively late, past 1 a.m. and I noticed that the $10 PLO8 table was still going.  I decided to jump in and played till almost 4:30 a.m. when the table finally fell apart and ended up winning just over a full buyin so I ended the day with a bankroll of a little over $207.  Another $13 and I can take a crack at a $20 tournament which has the potential return of hundreds of dollars all in one shot.  It's nearly 4:30 a.m. and it's definitely time for me to grab some sleep.  Gonna specifically try the PLO8 SNGs and also grind the $10 PLO8 tables to try to get that bankroll to $220 by 4:45 p.m. so I can jump in the $20 Deepstack, but I will not do it with one dime less than $220 in the bankroll. Discipline has returned to this poker player. 

That's all for now.  I have a lot of things going on Tuesday the 3rd so I will not be putting in a full day on that day.  Going to get a haircut since it's touching the collar before people especially little old ladies and little old men walk up behind me and say excuse me ma'am like they always seem to do every time I let my hair grow long LOL.  Need to put that $50 that I had to withdraw back onto the WSOP account and perhaps, just perhaps, a quick trip to Walmart.  Take care everyone and I'll see you at the tables.


  1. Broooo, you said in one of your last post you are not changing what you play
    2. Under no circumstances change whatever approach is decided on. There are no exceptions and no excuses.
    You have gone from NLH MTT's to FLO8 cash, to PLO8 sngs to PLO8 cash in 2 days.
    3. Days off from the grind must be limited to important issues. A friend in need, if I'm sick with a cold or flu, tiredness and fatigue, or being hospitalized is about the only reasons that I can think of not to be grinding. "I just don't feel like playing today" is heretofore unacceptable.
    You only played some yesterday and will only be playing half today
    Stick to your rules dude ! ! ! ! !!!!
    What games you planning on playing at the wSOP they will have almost everything over the summer I bet?

  2. Claude I am sticking to the MTTs but hopefully just the $20 ones. I had not previously even considered SNGs and I made more from those in the first two days playing them than I did in 10 days of grinding MTTs so it would be insane not to add that to the mix and a single PLO8 cash game can't hurt anything. I'm not abandoning MTTs just adding some other things to go with it to hopefully get to my goal faster.

    As far as yesterday if I don't feel mentally sharp then playing poker is just stupid and I am putting in a full day today, but I'm putting in a partial day tomorrow. There are things that I do have to take care of like paying my rent, putting the money that I borrowed from my online bankroll back, personal things like getting a haircut and maybe getting my phone card, life does happen.

  3. you got to be true to yourself homy, you are changing the goal posts already. You really have an excuse for everything. In 2 days time are you going to tell us it's been staring you in the face the whole time, you need to switch to backgammon ?!?

  4. Im looking to make money in as quick a time as possible. I will be the first one to admit that I was foolish not to explore the SNGs before now but since I have discovered their earnings potential I obviously am not going to ignore it. I am not abandoning MTTs by any stretch of the imagination. The $20 MTTs is what's going to get me to the ultimate $2k goal, I've said that from the start, but if in the process I find an altetnative form of tournament play, in this case SNGs, that I can incorporate into my daily schedule, and will get me there faster and provide higher earning amounts, and I dont grab every edge and advantage at my disposal I might as well quit the game and take up the suggesred backgammon.

  5. you have played like 10 sngs and decided there is a lot of money potential in it. Sample size is tiny dog. and you always quit as soon as you have 1 or 2 losing sessions. So if you are playing them now that's it you are sticking with them. If you are not then what in the name of the easter bunny's fluffy white cock was the point in putting up your number 1) rule about cloggy flip flopping between different types of poker.

  6. This is pointless. You say I'm switching but I maintain I am simply adding on to. I think this is a case where we can agree to disagree, but as far as sample size you are absolutely right the sample size is low but it is possible that perhaps I possess a natural talent in this game that I was not previously aware of. It's also possible that the players are just that bad and my edge in the game itself is enough for what I accomplished in the first couple of days. I know this. That as of right now as of this moment in this ever-changing circumstance of a game called poker that the SNG's will get me to the $20 MTTs faster that the $1 and $2 MTTs and that's what I'm after. As far as the plo8 cash games they seem not existant in the early afternoon at least at the $10 level and I'm not jumping into a $20 game so perhaps they will be a late-night excursion after the SNGs and MTTs are completed. Sit back and see where this road takes me. By the way I laughed my ass off over your little white bunny comnent. That was fkn hilarious!!!